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Henry "The Puritan" Way, III

生日 (94)
出生地 Allington, Bridport, (Dorchester), Dorset, , England
逝世 1667年5月24日 (94)
Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
葬于 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA

Henry Way, of Allington & BridportEdith Way之子
Joanna SmithElizabeth Way的丈夫
Aaron I Way; Hannah Wilkins; James Way; Henry Way, IV; Samuel Way另外8个之父
Thamsy WayThomas Way的兄弟

Occupation: Congregationalist minister, fisherman, came on good ship "Mary & John" in 1630
管理员 Erin Spiceland

About Henry "The Puritan" Way, III

Henry Way is the Way, Emigrant, who came from England on the good ship "Mary and John", in 1630. Henry was born in 1583 and died in 1667. He married Elizabeth B ........... One record says they had one child, Samuel, and later records say two more, Elizabeth and Richard and also that they had three sons.

Henry Way, at Dorchester in Massachusetts, was a pioneer in the fishing business which later became the economic strength of New England. He is reputed to have saved three shipwrecked men. He also fought off Indians who attacked his boats.

Source: "Way family history" - author - Mary Elizabeth Way, published 1974/76 that is available through interlibrary loan. It is a history of Way's from Nantucket.

"Henry Way, called "The Puritan", is the first of the name to come to Colonial America and become a land owner and homemaker. He came to Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony from Bridport in the Parish of Allington, County Dorset, England, on the Mary and John. The intending emigrants assembled at Plymouth and set sail Saturday, March 20, arriving at Nantasket, May 30, 1630.

Henry Way is listed among the passengers on the Mary and john, with six in his party. In addition to his wife, Elizabeth, he had five others with him. Although their names do not appear on any passenger list, it is assumed the five were his children. Later records indicate these children were in and around Dorchester in the years following. Their identity is also supported by the baptismal records secured from St. Mary's Parish records. Bridport.

Henry Way carried on a fishing business from Dorchester and his boat saved the lives of three shipwrecked men off the coast, July 26, 1631.

He was admitted to the church at Dorchester, March 5, 1643."

Book at the DAR library in Washington entitled, The Way Family.

"Came from Bristol England with Roger Williams February 8, 1631 to Dorchester, Mass. Henry Way and Elizabeth came to America in 1630 on the MARY AND JOHN, and carried on a

fishing business. His boat saved three shipwrecked men off the coast on 26 Jul 1631. Two of his boats were lost in 1643, however, 5 men were killed by Indians and two others by drowning.

Henry was from Bridport, Dorsetshire, EN, and his first residence was Dorchester. He was a merchant and was admitted to the second church at Dorchester on 5 May 1643. He could sign his

name, and he pledged to support the Dorchester schoolmaster on 7 Feb 1641/2. He held the office of Fieldviewer on 24 Dec 1645. He was probably related in some degree to George Way, who had many business interests in New England and who made a brief visit to Dorchester."

Sources: American Genealogist, V 60 pgs 3-5, and V 61 pgs 241-250; Gen Dict of 1st Settlers of NE, by Savage, V 4 pgs 439-441; Pioneers of MA, by Pope, pg 483; Gen. of Henry R. Way, (LDS); LDS film 0000251; LDS ancestral file; The Way Family, by Mary E. Way; Came Mary and John; The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to NE 1620-1633, V3 by Robert Charles Anderson

This is the same Way family that followed the Rev. Lord to SC and then went to St. John's

Parish in Ga. and started the Midway Congregational church there. Aaron and his family went to SC after they were successful in ridding Salem of the Rev. Parrish who espoused the Witchcraft frenzy.

"A" List

Our "A" List of those who were CERTAIN or HIGHLY PROBABLE passengers aboard the ship the Mary and John 1630. However, we have attempted to compile a new list of possible passengers and then rate them as follows:

WAY, HENRY a. 47 Bridport, Dorset

Elizabeth Batchelar, second wife a. 43 Bridport, Dorset

Henry Way Jr., son 19 Bridport, Dorset

Aaron Way, son 16 Bridport, Dorset

George Way, son a. 15 Bridport, Dorset

Hanna Way, daughter 15 Bridport, Dorset

Susanna Way, daughter 9 Bridport, Dorset

Richard Way, son 5 Bridport, Dorset

History of the Town of Dorchester, Massachusetts. (2017). Google Books. Retrieved 11 March 2017, from page 91

Henry Way arrived from Bristol in company with Roger Williams, February 8, 1631, in the Lyon, Capt. Pierce. He lost a son overboard on the passage. Was named with the first recorded grantees of land in Dorchester, 1633. His three sons bom in England, George, Richard and Aaron, lived in Dorchester. By the church record it appears he lived where "Capt. Breck's cyder mills" afterwards stood. He died in 1667, aged 84 years. His wife Elizabeth died 23 (4) 1665, aged 84.


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Allington, Bridport, (Dorchester), Dorset, , England
Arlington, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England
Dorset, England
Bridport, Dorset, England, United Kingdom
Devon, Dorset, , England
Devon, Dorset, , England
Allington, Bridport, Dorset, England
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