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Jacqueli Charlene Finley

Immediate Family:

Daughter of Jack Harry Finley and Private

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Immediate Family

About Jacqueli Charlene Finley

Please see documents: for DNA and MRCA Match Confirmations for my lineage - both paternal and maternal

I have created my paternal tree information from my conversations with my father, his legal documentation, primary sources and DNA matches that I have verified through genealogical DNA software programs to matching MRCA's aligning with tree (which I have attached examples as a source here and same goes for my maternal tree) and have not attempted to deceive anyone. Period. Jacqueli'


I am a retired professional Genealogist, APG Member (Association of Professional Genealogists) and have over 37 years of genealogy experience.

My website:

My research on the Parents of Col Richard Lee:


GEDMatch DNA Kit #'s for Jacqueli Finley (I have several Kits because I had DNA tested from several labs):

A598504 Jacqueli Finley

T085103 Jacqueli Finley

T156944 Jacqueli Finley

T422504 Jacqueli Finley

T674682 Jacqueli Finley

Super Kit: NP070205C1

Most common surnames in my family DNA: Richard Lee 1618:Surname List Ady, Allen, Allerton, ALTMAN, Ambrose, Ball, Barnett, Beale, Beckworth, Benton, Bosworth, Bridge, Bryan, BRYAN, Camp, Campbell, CARTER, Combs, Constable, Dickerson, Egerton, Finley, Flint, Gresham, Griffin, Harrison, Hart, Hartsell, Hopkins, Howard, Hubbard, Ingersoll, Ingram, Johnson, Judd, Kendall, Kidd, Kidde, Lea, Lee, LEE, Lee, LEE, Lee, Leigh, Lindsey, Mary, Mauck, Mauk, McBee, McKeever, FELTON, Morgan, Murphy, Murray, Newton, Oney, Owens, Rains, Ritchey, Rochester, Shurbutt, Silk, Sloan, Smith, Steptoe, Taylor, Taliaferro, Westbrooks, White, Wilhelm, Williams, Wilson, Woodruff, Young


DNA Confirmations: (Note: Paternal line PDF docs upload Maternal line in progress 7/4/19)

see below---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: Statements that there is DNA evidence my father Jack Harry FINLEY was born Jack SHAW:

What Y-DNA test? What SHAW males tested? What was the analysis of the DNA and relationships? Where can this be publicly verifiable? What is the SHAW male Y-DNA Haplogroup?

All information in regard to the Y-DNA that supposedly makes my father a SHAW and not his legal name : ie., the testers, the analysis and comparisons need to be made public. Not only is that the right thing to do but the LEGAL thing to do, as it is being stated (as if this is a fact using SHAW Y-DNA as evidence) that my dad was not really Jack Finley but a Jack Shaw - how so?

As my father's brother was adopted about age 3 and used the name Arnold Shaw his entire life yet my father was never adopted and used his Jack Finley name his entire life as that is his legal name as documentation shows (and as he told me as I knew him) as FINLEY - but it is being said that my father's Y-DNA has renamed him a SHAW after his brother's adoptive family … so now he is no longer a FINLEY, as he told me and as his legal documentation and my DNA + MRCA matches to Orbrie Finley and Bertha Lee my dad's legal birth parents show on record(?) ...

A real soap opera has been fabricated.

FACT: I have now been in contact with the family members of the SHAW line in question and I am not a DNA match to them and they have verified that my half brother is not a Y-DNA match to the males I have corresponded with on Ancestry DNA. And the DNA matches outside of immediate family of my father's adopted brother's descendants could be for existing SHAW ancestors of this line (ie - with my father unattached to this SHAW tree but Arnold is, Arnold stands as my 13th cousin - so dna is there but distant as SHAW).

FACT: Johnny SHAW my 1st cousin and son of Arnold SHAW - my dad's brother who had been adopted by the SHAW family is my DNA match confirmed and our confirmed DNA biological grand father is Orbrie Dee Finley - my dad's legal parent - and our DNA confirmed MRCA for FINLEY lineage: and

FACT: The Y-DNA Haplogroup for my half brother Jack Finley, Jr and SHAW is M-R269 which IS the same Haplogroup for my dad's FINLEY lineage and not "ASSIGNED" to SHAW males exclusively - see:

FACT: The 'NEW' grandfather that has been assigned as a parent to my father via his brother Arnold Shaw's parent of [Haley Augustus Gus] who dies in 1968 (on record) not 1929 as my sibling has publicly displayed on tree(s) - knowing that he died in 1968 why would he keep son Arnold and his siblings, yet place my father Jack in an orphanage? That will be interesting to find out why.

FACT: Y-DNA does is never used for paternity as it only can show a 'connection' in a HAPLOGROUP as there is not one surname attached to one Y-DNA Haplogroup. Example: males in Ireland have over 70% are Y-DNA Haplogroup LI1 yet there are thousands of surnames associated with this Haplogroup. Male SHAW testers for the line from John The Pilgrim Shaw (which is Haley Augustus Shaw's line) are not a DNA match to my immediate family - not enough DNA exists to justify this as my paternal grandparent line. Period (per Shaw family members from dna surname group on ancestry). SHAW and FINLEY Y-DNA are M-R269 Rb1 - same.

FACT: the statement being made by same individual that the military told my dad to "Pick a name and that will be your legal name" is ridiculous. If SHAW was my father's birth name then why didn't my dad just use his real name if Jack Shaw was his real name? The story being told was he did not know his 'real' name when he entered the military in 1941 - but that his first wife that he married in 1943 was told by him that his family were Shaw's and Brown's or Browning? Did he have amnesia? None of these 'stories' make any sense.

FACT: Statements that Ruth Beale the director at the orphanage gave my father as his guardian permission to join the military at the age of 13 in 1941 is just absurd - the military would not accept a recruit at such a young age - this was WWII not the Civil War - and in 1941 my father was 20 years old. He did not need guardian permission and there is not any record of this guardianship in any of my fathers military paperwork he gave me or that I have acquired from the military. The 1941 application into the military my father is assigned his military serial ID.

FACT: 1940 Census record shows my father as a laborer on the Pearce family farm in Oil Through Arkansas since 1935 - from age 13 to 18 - which matches HIS residence on his military application and also does not match his 'next of kin' Ruth Beale who HAD BEEN his legal guardian (because he was never adopted and she had been only 'family' he had known) at the children's home in Little Rock Arkansas where he lived from age 5 until age 13. My father told me he had worked on a hog farm prior to the military after he left the orphanage, he is listed as a laborer in the census, how much he was paid and that he resided there since 1935 - all listed on the 1940 Census record. This 1940 Census lists when my father started on the farm - in 1935 - and his wages and occupation - laborer.

FACT: The 1939 Military application for a Jack Finley that is being used is not for my father as the military assigns a "Serial" number to every enlistment unique as your social security number for identification purposes - this serial number does not match my dad's - so belongs to another Jack Finley that joined the Marines as my dad was in the Navy.

FACT: SSA Application states Jack Harry Finley birth parents Orbrie Dee Finely and Bertha Lee. All my father could remember is that his parents had been very young and that his grandparents never came for him or his brother. Social Security Administration confirmed to myself that my father had used his birth certificate when applying for his social security card which is his SSA application record. No explanation has been given why he listed them if they were not his parents because when any person applies for their SSA card they have to prove up what ever they list on their application and that is the law - no one can just fill it out and believe it is just accepted on face value - does not happen because it is a legal documentation proving US citizenship, birth and that parents were citizens also - so is considered a legal validation of parents.

Fact: SSA Application information - SS# - matches SSA Death Index for Jack Harry Finley.

FACT: SSA information - SS# - matches all of my father military records.

FACT: My DNA and the tree I have made from legal documents, DNA and MRCA matches can be verified as well as MRCA matches to all of my dad's Finley and Lee ancestor branches on's Thrulines program, GEDMatch, FTDNA, MyHeritage, and Geni publicly.

Thank you. Jacqueli