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Joanna Ordway (Davis)

Псевдоним: "Corliss"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
Смерть: Умер в Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Место погребения: Massachusetts, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Thomas Davis, of Haverhill и Christian Davis
Жена George Corliss и James Ordway
Мать Mary Neff; Anne Robie; John Corliss; Joanna Dow; Martha Corliss и ещё 4
Сестра John Davis и Joseph Davis

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Ближайшие родственники

About Joanna Ordway

'Reference: ancestry.com:

Joanna Davis

Found 10 Records, 1 Photos and 13,300,803 Family Trees

Born in Massachusetts, USA on 1625 to Thomas Davis and Christian Coffin.

Joanna married George Corliss and had 9 children.

She passed away on 1700 in Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

Family Members


Thomas Davis 1587-1683

Christian Coffin 1604-1688


George Corliss 1620-1686


Huldah Corliss 1651-1708

Mary Corliss 1646-1720

John Corliss 1647-1748

Joanna Corliss 1650-173

Martha Corliss 1652-1697

Deborah Corliss 1648-1703

Ann Corliss 1657-1691

George Corliss 1659-1750

Sarah Corliss 1663-1737

Joanna Davis was born about 1624 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.  Her parents were Thomas DAVIS and Christian COFFIN (SIC: Coffer)

She emigrated with her parents on April 05, 1635  on the ship “James” After her husband George Corliss died, she married James Ordway on 4 Oct 1687 in Haverhill.  Joanna died 12 Jan 192/93 in Haverhill.

From Miner Descent:

"On October 26, 1645, at Haverhill, Massachusetts, George Corliss was united in marriage to Joanna Davis. There is evidence to show that she was either sister or daughter of Thomas Davis, a sawyer, of Marlborough, England, who came over in the “James and William,” in April, 1635. The Corliss marriage was the second in town, and there is a tradition in the family that at the time it occurred the bridegroom was possessed of a pair of silk breeches of such generous proportions that his wife afterward converted them into a gown for herself. There is no further record of Joanna Corliss after the settlement of her husband’s estate, unless she contracted a second marriage. The county records show that on October 4, 1687 “Johannah Corley” married James Ordway, at Newbury, Massachusetts."


Seen as a daughter of James Davis of Haverhill. However neither she nor any Corliss children are referenced in his will.


  • http://minerdescent.com/2010/06/04/george-corliss/
  • ______________________________
  • DAVIS, Joanna
  • b. ABT 1624 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
  • d. BEF 12 JAN 1692/3 Haverhill, Essex, Mass.
  • Parents:
  • Father: Davis, Thomas
  • Mother: Coffin, Christina
  • Family:
  • Marriage: 26 OCT 1645 Haverhill, Essex, Mass.
  • Spouse: CORLISS, George
  • b. ABT 1617 Exeter, England
  • d. 19 OCT 1686 Haverhill, Essex, Mass.
  • Children:
    • CORLISS, Mary
    • CORLISS, John
    • CORLISS, Joanna
    • CORLISS, Martha
    • CORLISS, Deborah
    • CORLISS, Ann
    • CORLISS, Huldah
    • CORLISS, Sarah
  • Family:
  • Marriage: 4 OCT 1687 Haverhill, Essex, Mass.
  • Spouse:ORDWAY, James
  • From: http://www.genealogyofnewengland.com/f_11.htm#102
  • __________________________
  • Joanna Davis1
  • F, #119339, b. circa 1624, d. 17 April 1688
  • Father Thomas Davis1 b. c 1603, d. 27 Jul 1683
  • Mother Christian Bellsire (Belcher)1 b. c 1601, d. 4 Apr 1688
  • Joanna Davis was born circa 1624 at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.1 She married George Corless on 26 October 1645 at Haverhill, Essex, MA.1 Joanna Davis died on 17 April 1688 at Haverhill, Essex, MA.1
  • Family George Corless b. c 1617, d. 19 Oct 1686
  • Children
    • Anne Corless+1 b. 8 Nov 1657, d. Jun 1691
    • Sarah Corless+1 b. 23 Feb 1663, d. 1695
  • Citations
  • 1.[S61] Unknown author, Family Group Sheets, Family History Archives, SLC.
  • From: http://our-royal-titled-noble-and-commoner-ancestors.com/p3974.htm#i119339
  • __________________________
  • Joanna Davis Corliss
  • Birth: 1624 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
  • Death: Apr. 17, 1688 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
  • Family links:
  • Spouse:
  • George Corliss (1617 - 1686)*
  • Children:
    • Sarah Corliss Ayer (1663 - ____)*
  • Burial: Haverhill City Cemetery Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
  • From: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=119242592
  • ______________________
  • Genealogical record of the Corliss family of America; included ... some of the families connected by intermarriage: ... Neff, Hutchins, Ladd, etc. ... (1875)
  • https://archive.org/details/genealogicalreco00corl
  • https://archive.org/stream/genealogicalreco00corl#page/n16/mode/1up
  • Pg.3
  • 1. GEORGE CORLISS* married, Oct. 26, 1645, at Haverhill, Mass., —
  • 2. JOANNA DAVIS, sister (crossed out in pencil & added "daughter") of Thomas Davis, of Marlborough, England, who was b. ___ , d. ___.
    • Residence : Haverhill, Mass.
    • Occupation : Fanner.
  • Children :
    • CORLISS.
    • (77) 3. Mary, Sept. 6, 1646, d. Oct. 22, 1722.
    • (10) 4. John, Mar. 4, 1648, d. Feb. 17, 1698.
    • (85) 5. Joanna, Apr. 28, 1650, d. Oct. 29, 1734.
    • (94) 6. Martha, June 2, 1652, d. ___ .
    • (106) 7. Deborah, June 6, 1655, d. ___ .
    • (116) 8. Ann, Nov. 8, 1657, d. June __ , 1691.
    • (124) 9. Huldah, Nov. 18, 1661, d. ___ .
    • (127) 10. Sarah. Feb. 23, 1663, d. ___ .
  • 4. JOHN CORLISS(f) married, Dec. 17, 1684, —
  • 11. MARY WILFORD, (+), of Haverhill, Mass., dau. of Gilbert Wilford, b. Nov. 18, 1667, d. ___ .
    • Residence : Haverhill, Mass.
    • Occupation : Farmer, — soldier.
  • Children: .... etc.
    • * See Personal Sketches. (f) Ibid. (+) Mary [Wilford] Corliss married, second, William Whittaker, and had,- Rachel, Nov. 4, 1703; Susannah, Jan. 13, 1705.
  • https://archive.org/stream/genealogicalreco00corl#page/201/mode/1up
  • Pg.201
    • GEORGE CORLISS. (1.)
  • The family records show that George Corliss, the founder of our family in America, was born in the county of Devonshire, England, about the year 1617, and that he came to this country in 1639, and settled, in that year, at Newbury, Mass., but soon after moved to Haverhill, Mass., where he resided until his death in 1686. The original tract of land on which he settled in 1640, and on which he had built a log house in 1647, was in what is known as the "West Parish" of the town, and the farm is now known as "Poplar Lawn," and has never been out of the posession of his direct descendants. He was the first settler in that part of the town.
  • The "New England Historical and Genealogical Register," Vol. 14, 1860. page 337, states that about the year 1635, the custom of registering the names of emigrants from England to America, which had been in vogue, was changed, so that only the number of persons carried in each vessel was recorded. This, doubtless, accounts for the fact that no record can be obtained of the name of the vessel in which George Corliss came across the Atlantic.
  • In several instances, in searching old family records, the name of Thomas Corliss, of Devonshire, England, appears as the father of George Corliss ; but no other source yet searched gives the same or any other information on this point.
  • It is said, and is on record, that George Corliss left England on account of religious persecution ; but it is much more probable that he came over, as thousands of young men did, to build a home in the new colony.
  • On the 26th of October, 1645, George Corliss was married, at Haverhill, Mass., to Joanna Davis (2), who, some of the old records show, came from Wales; but, from the fact that in his will he speaks of his "brother
  • https://archive.org/stream/genealogicalreco00corl#page/202/mode/1up
  • Pg.202
  • Davies by law," referring to a piece of land which he owned which had once belonged to Davis ; and that, in the inventory of his effects, mention is made of the same land as once owned by Thomas Davis, it is fair to presume that his wife was the sister of Thomas, above, who was from Marlborough. England, a sawyer, who came over in the "James and William," in April. 1635.* This was the second marriage in the town. There is a tradition in the family, to the etfect that, at the time of his marriage, George Corliss was possessed of a pair of silk breeches of such generous proportions that his wile afterwards converted them into a dress for herself. There is no further record of Joanna Corliss after the estate was settled at the death of her husband, in 1686, unless it was she who married, Oct. 4th, 1687, as "Johannah Corley," James Ordway, at Newbury, Mass., as shown in county records of births, deaths, and marriages.
  • In "Savage's Genealogical Dictionary," Boston, Mass., 1860, p. 457, appears the following :
    • "George Corless or Corliss. Haverhill. 1645 — had wife Joane. His daughter Mary married. Jan. 23d, 1665, William Neff, who died in 1689, and eight years after she was taken prisoner by Indians and partook in the heroic act of Mrs. Dustin, and died Oct. 22d, 1722. Another, daughter married Thomas Eastman : another married Samuel Ladd ; and Huldah (another daughter) probably, married Nov. 5th, 1679, Samuel Kingsbury. Descendants of the sixth generation still live on his farm. John, of Haverhill (probably a son of the preceeding) , took the oath of allegience Nov. 28, 1667, and perpetuated the farm I suppose."
  • "Chase's History of Haverhill, Mass.," 1861, besides many other mentions of his name, has the following :
    • "George Corliss came from England to Newbury about the year 1639, being at the time about twenty-two years of age. He is believed to be the first one of the name who
    • * Since the above was wrilten, information has been received that tends to throw a doubt on this matter, and makes it possible that Joanna Davis was a daughter of Thomas Davis, instead of his sister. To preserve it, and enable others to solve the matter, the substance of the information, which came from Mr. Henry J. Cross, of Salem, Mass., a descendant of Ann Corliss .and John Robie, is given as follows:
    • In George Corliss' will, he speaks of the land "I recovered of my brother Davis by law." This land, Mr. Cross concludes, was that recovered by George Corliss from Joseph Davis (a son of Thomas), whom he sued in the Norfolk Courts for a debt, a part of which was for a years wages of George Corliss' son John. The verdict, rendered after the death of Joseph Davis, was in favor of George Corliss, and an execution was granted May 1st, 1673.
    • In 1723, John Corliss, grandson of George Corliss, and a "great-grandson of Thomas Davis," was appointed administrator of Thomas Davis' estate, "de bonis non."
  • https://archive.org/stream/genealogicalreco00corl#page/203/mode/1up
  • Pg.203
  • came to this country, and the ancestor of most, if not all of that name in New England, he married Joanna Davis Oct. 19, 1645, by whom he had one son and seven daughters. George Corliss was an enterprising and industrious man, and well qualified to take a prominent part in the settlement of a new town. He settled in the West Parish, on the farm of the late Ephraim Corliss (482), now owned by his son Charles (1180), who is of the seventh generation from the original grantee, and at his death was possessed of a large landed property. He owned most of the land on both sides of the old 'Spicket Path,' as it was then called, for a distance of more than three miles." Opposite page 60 of that work is a view of the old Corliss farm, or, as it is now known, "Poplar Lawn," which has been reproduced in this volume.
  • In a pamphlet called " Report of Centennial Proceedings at Orford, N. H., Sept. 7th, 1865," is given the same information contained in "Chase's History of Haverhill," and it also refers to the division of George Corliss' property among his children, and gives other matters of interest to the family, all of which are embodied in various parts of this book. .... etc.
  • The will of George Corliss, reproduced below, .... etc.
  • _____________________________
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Хронология Joanna Ordway

Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
Marlborough, Wiltshire, Eng
Marlborough, Wiltshire, Eng
Marlborough, Wiltshire, Eng
Возраст 3
Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
28 сентября 1646
Возраст 22
Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
8 ноября 1647
Возраст 23
Haverhill,, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
4 марта 1648
Возраст 24
Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts Colony