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princess Predslava Sviatopolkovna of Kiev (Rurikid)

Polish: ks. Predzlawa Swiatopołkowna Kijowska (Rurikova), Lithuanian: kun. Predslava iš Kijevo, Russian: кн. Предслава Святополковна Киевская, Hungarian: Predszláva, Spanish: Da. Predslava de Kiev, Croatian: Arpad Predslava Rurik
Birthplace: Polotsk, Kievan Rus (present Ukraine)
Death: 1116 (30-32)
Székesfehérvár, Fejér, Magyarország - Hungary
Place of Burial: Székesfehérvár, Fejér, Magyarország - Hungary
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Grand Prince of Kiev Sviatopolk Michael Iziaslavich, II and princess N of Czechia
Wife of prince Álmos Árpád(házi), Prince of Hungary & Duke of Croatia
Mother of princess Adelaide of Hungary; Bela II "The Blind", king of Hungary; princess Hedwig of Hungary and Elizabeth, princess of Hungary
Sister of Zbyslava of Kiev; Prince of Volynya Yaroslav Ioann Sviatopolkovich and princess Anna Sviatopolkovna
Half sister of Mstislav of Vladimir-Volynsk; Briachislav, prince of Turovsk and Iziaslav, prince of Turovsk

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SVIATOPOLK MIKHAIL Iziaslavich, son of IZIASLAV I Grand Prince of Kiev & his wife Gertrud of Poland (1050-16 Apr 1113). The Primary Chronicle names Svyatopolk son of Iziaslav, recording that his father established him as Prince of Polotsk in 1069 after the death of his brother Mstislav[211]. He was appointed to succeed his brother Mstislav as Prince of Polotsk 1069, but was expelled by his predecessor Prince Vseslav in 1071[212]. He was installed as Prince of Novgorod in 1078 by his uncle Vsevolod Grand Prince of Kiev, but transferred to Turov in 1088, relinquishing the latter in 1093 when he succeeded his uncle as SVIATOPOLK II Grand Prince of Kiev. His possession of Kiev was confirmed in 1097 under the family accord at Liubech, which distributed the various family territories. This was followed by the conference at Uvetichi 30 Aug 1100, at which further distributions were made. After years suffering from raids by the Kuman [Cumans], he made peace in 1101 at Sakov near Pereyaslavl, but carried out the first of a series of counter-offensives against them in 1103[213].

m firstly ---. Baumgarten records this first marriage, citing a secondary source in support[214].

m secondly (1094) --- Kuman princess, daughter of TUGOR Khan of the Kumans (-before 1103). The Primary Chronicle records the marriage in 1094 of Svyatopolk and the daughter of Tugorkan[215].

m thirdly ([1103]%29 BARBARA Komnene, daughter of --- (-1125). Baumgarten cites one secondary source confirming Barbara Komnene as third wife of Grand Prince Sviatopolk II[216]. The Translatio Manus Sancti Stephani, included in Orlieb's Zwiefaltensis Chronicon, records the marriage of "Bolezlai Boloniorum…ducis" and "ex nobilissimis principibus Grecorum filiam suam cuidam tradidit in matrimonium regi Rutenorum", the editor of the compilation consulted identifying "rex Rutenorum" as "Swiatopolk Michael princeps Kiewensis, cuius coniux altera filia aut cognate fuit imperatoris Alexii"[217]. Neither source specifies her parentage. Sturdza refers to her as the daughter of Isaakios Komnenos, brother of Emperor Alexios I, although he does not name her[218]. The primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified.

Mistress (1): ---. The name of the mistress of Grand Prince Sviatopolk II is not known.

Grand Prince Sviatopolk II & his first wife had [four] children:

1. IAROSLAV Sviatopolkovich (-killed in battle May 1123). The Primary Chronicle names Iaroslav, son of Svyatopolk, recording that his father installed him in Vladimir[219]. He was installed as Prince of Volynia in 1100.

- see below, Chapter 4. PRINCES of TUROV and PINSK.

2. ZBISLAVA Sviatopolkovna (-[1109/12]). The Primary Chronicle names Sbyslava, daughter of Svyatopolk when recording that she was taken to Poland 16 Nov 1102 to marry Boleslav[220]. The Chronica principum Polonie records that the mother of "Boleslaus suo primogenito Wladislao filio" was "ex quadam Ruthena nobili"[221]. m ([16 Nov 1102/early 1103]) as his first wife, BOLESŁAW III "Krzywousty/Wrymouth" King of Poland, son of WŁADYSŁAW I HERMAN Prince of Poland & his second wife Judith of Bohemia (20 Aug [1086]-28 Oct 1138).

3. ANNA Sviatopolkovna (-after 1136). Baumgarten records her parentage and marriage, citing a secondary source in support[222]. m SVIATOSLAV Davidovich Prince of Lutsk, son of DAVID Sviatoslavich Prince of Chernigov & his wife Fedosia --- ([1080]-14 Oct 1142 or 1145).

4. PREDSLAVA Sviatopolkovna. The Primary Chronicle names Predslava, daughter of Svyatopolk, when recording that she was taken to Hungary 21 Aug 1104 to marry the king's son[223]. Baumgarten names her husband as Álmos but only cites one secondary source in support[224]. m (21 Aug 1104) ÁLMOS of Hungary, son of GÉZA I King of Hungary & his second wife --- Synadene ([1068]-1129). He rebelled against his brother King Kálmán, declaring himself King of Hungary 1102-1109, but received little support. He was blinded, together with his son, on the orders of his brother King Kálmán and fled to Constantinople[225].

Grand Prince Sviatopolk II & his third wife had three children:

5. BRYACHESLAV Sviatopolkovich (1104-28 Aug 1127). The Primary Chronicle records the birth of Bryachislav, son of Svyatopolk, in 1104[226].

6. IZIASLAV Sviatopolkovich (-23 Dec 1128). Baumgarten names him and cites a primary source in support[227].

7. MARIA Sviatopolkovna (-after 1145). The Translatio Manus Sancti Stephani, included in Orlieb's Zwiefaltensis Chronicon, records that "regi Rutenorum" arranged the marriage of "filiam…ex nobilissimis principibus Grecorum filiam suam" and "cuidam nobilissimorum Boloniæ tyrannorum", but that "Boloniorum princeps…Patricius" wanted to marry her and poisoned her intended husband[228]. Baumgarten names her and her husband, citing a secondary source in support[229]. m ([1118]) PETER Vlast (-1153).

Grand Prince Sviatopolk II had one illegitimate child by Mistress (1):

8. MSTISLAV Sviatopolkovich (-killed in battle 12 Jul 1099). The Primary Chronicle names Mstislav, son of Svyatopolk "by a concubine", recording that his father established him as prince in Vladimir, recording in a later passage that he was killed in Vladimir 12 Jul 1099[230]


Predslava of Kiev (1)

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    Predslava of Kiev was the daughter of Svyatopolk I, Grand Duke of Kiev. (1) She married Almus Arpád, Duke of Croatia, son of Geisa I Arpád, King of Hungary and Synadene Synadenos, in 1104. (1)

Children of Predslava of Kiev and Almus Arpád, Duke of Croatia

-1. Adelheid Arpád+ d. 1140 (1)

-2. Elisabeth Arpád+ d. a 1150 (1)

-3. Béla II Arpád, King of Hungary+ b. c 1109, d. 1141 (1)

Forrás / Source:

Predslava Princess Of Kiev


1. Adelaida, Princess Of HUNGARY b: Abt 1105 in Of, Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary

2. Bela II (Masodik Tak) "The Blind" King Of HUNGARY b: 1108 in Of, Esztergom, Komaron-Esztergom, Hungary

3. Erzsebet Princess Of HUNGARY b: Abt 1128 in Of, Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary

4. Hedvig, Princess Of HUNGARY b: After 1108 in Of, Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary

orosz hercegnő

Hennes mor, som døde før 1094, var datter til den polowsiske Tugor-Khan, og var farens gamle konkubine.

Tekst: Tore Nygaard


N. de Baumgarten: Généalogie et Mariage occidenteaux des Rurikides Russes du Xe au XIII Siècle. Mogens Bugge: Våre forfedre, nr. 1124. Bent og Vidar Billing Hansen: Rosensverdslektens forfedre, side 18.

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Predslava of Kiev's Timeline

Polotsk, Kievan Rus (present Ukraine)
Esztergom, Komárom-Esztergom, Hungary
Esztergom, Komárom-Esztergom, Magyarország - Hungary
Of, Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary
Age 31
Székesfehérvár, Fejér, Magyarország - Hungary
Székesfehérvár, Fejér, Magyarország - Hungary