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Steven Trangsrud


About Steve Trangsrud

I have tested my DNA at Family Tree DNA: [] including the Big Y

Y Full id: YF02496

yDNA: I1 (M253-->CTS6364-->L22-->Z74-->L287-->L258-->Y8598-->Y17639)

mtDNA: H13a1a1 (my mother tested)

y-Search & mitoSearch ID: F3SKC

maternal yDNA: R1b-P312-DF19

paternal mtDNA: H1s

I am an administrator for the FTDNA Y-Haplogroup I1 Project []

and the Forest-Finn DNA Project.[]

I am a "project collaborator" for the Geni I1 Y-DNA Haplogroup project. []

I have also tested at 23andMe: []