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1841 Census The Bourne, Farnham, Surrey, England

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  • Willie Thorne (1954 - 2020)
    Willie Thorne was an English professional snooker player. He won one ranking title, the 1985 Classic. He also reached the final of the 1985 UK Championship, losing 16–14 to Steve Davis after leading 13...
  • Thomas Hack (c.1772 - 1852)
  • Sarah Hack (c.1799 - 1882)
  • Thomas Hack (1796 - 1878)
  • Jane Vanner (1833 - 1906)

1841 Census The Bourne, Farnham, Surrey, England

There are three Bournes - Upper, Middle and Lower – which come together as The Bourne, and the prefix is important local people. The area lies either side of the Bourne stream which starts its life as a Hampshire outflow from Lodge Pond in Alice Holt Forest, then runs along the floor of The Bourne valley before entering the river Wey at Moor Park. It has a short life but the stream has given its name to a beautiful locality and a very fine descriptive writer. George Sturt, wheelwright and countryman, used George Bourne as his nom de plume and anyone who reads his books and knows The Bourne can identify the area of the late 19th century.

The purpose of this project is to record those profiles on Geni who also appear on the 1841 census. This may then make seeing the links between families in this small area more apparent.

Names in Blue bold are profiles on Geni

Alphabetical order of surnames:


Avenell - Emma, Mary, Mary, George, Thomas, James


Baker - Lucy, John, Lucy, Hannah, Eliza, Charlotte,

Barnard - William, James, Daniel, Mary, Hannah, Jane, Emanuel, Harriett,

Baigent - Thomas

Bateman - Harriett, John, Daniel, Elizabeth, Danniel

Binfield - Mark,Mary,George, Mark,Rose,Mary, Ruth, Joseph,Ann,Eliza, Joseph

Blake - Thomas,

Bolen - Harriett, Sarah, William, Charles, Elizabeth, Elizabeth,

Boxall - William, Jane, Ann, Mary, Sarah, Henry, Daniel, Lucy, George,

Bryant - William, William, Joseph, Hannah, Hannah, Kitty, Henry


Chennell - William, John, Sarah, Martha, Stephen, Harriett, Ann, Charles,

Child - Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas, Emma, Elizabeth, Henrey, Charles,

Clark - Charles, Harriett, Daniel, Eliza, Jane, James, Daniel, Lucy, Harriett,

Clarke - Daniel, Lucy, Harriett, Charles,Harriett, Daniel, Eliza, Jane, James,

Coles - William

Collins - Lucy, William, Mary, Sarah, William,

Cranham - Sophia, Charles, Emma, Jane, Caroline, William, Sarah, Sophia, Elizabeth, Jane, John, James, William, Mary, Eliza, John, Mary, George, Stephen, James, Lucy, Ann, Harriett, Charles, Hannah, Mary, George, James, Elizabeth, James, Charlotte, James, Charles, James, Harriett,

Crawte - Stephen, Charlotte, Charles, Stephen, , Emma, William, Ann, Ann, John


Daniels - Daniel, James, Eliza, Fanny, Harriett, John, Jonathan, William, Hannah, William, Elizabeth,

Downs - Caroline, George, Ann, Margaret, Eliza, Henry,


Edwards - Emma, Thomas, Sarah, Mary,Maria, Mary, Lucey,


Falkner - Letitia, Thomas

Fry - John, Caroline, Moses, Ann, John, Mary, Stephen, John, Martha, Ann, Harriett, Frederick, Mary, Hannah, Charles, Sarah, Stephen, Rose, Stephen, Thomas,Lucy, George, Harriett, William, James, Charles, Edmond, Robert, Nathaniel, Timothy, James, Stephen, William, Sarah, Mary, Daniel, Emma, Esther, Samuel, Henry, Elizabeth, George, Frederick, Lucy, Charlotte, Charlotte, Thomas, Ellen, Charlotte, Harriett, Catherine, WIlliam, Sarah, Elizabeth, Francis,


Gadd - Mary,

Gardener - Thomas, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth, Stephen, Mary, Charles, Ann, Stephen, William, Hannah, William, John, Charles,

Gilliam - George, George, Mary, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Lucy,



Hack - Thomas, John, Hannah, William, Jane, Mary, SarahRichard, Charlotte, John, ', John, John, Eliza, Ann, John, Lucy,, William, Caroline, Richard, Harriett, Sarah, Sarah, Henry, Mary, Elizabeth, William, Ann, James, Jane, Ellen, Sarah, John, George, Mary, Richard, Harriett, James, John, Sarah, Thomas, Hannah, Thomas, Richard, Elizabeth, , James,, Charlotte, James, Jane, Joseph, Hannah,

Hammond - Sarah, William, John, Ann, Charlotte, Sarah, Charlotte,

Heckman - Charles, Catherine, Henry, Hannah, Charlotte,

Hewitt - John, Henry, Fanny, James, George, Ann,

Holdaway - Eliza,

Hole - Henry, Mary, Jane, George, George, Emma,

Hurt - Henry, Robert, Robert, Caroline,


Inwood - Elizabeth,


Jones - William, Thomas, James, Susannah, Mehatabel, Ann, William, William

Jonning - Jane, Henry, George, Elizabeth, William, Henry, Elizabeth, John


Keens - Sarah

King - Caroline, William, George,

Knight - Thomas, John, Emma, Mary, John, Ann, Daniel, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, Sarah, Clara, Jane, George, George, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, William


Lamport - Ellen, William, James,

Lawrence - Mary, Jane, John, Jane, John,

Leveland - George, Mary,

Lickfold - Edward, Elizabeth, Henry, William, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, Sarah,

Little - Charles, Thomas, Harriet, Sarah, Ruth, Thomas, Joseph, Sophia, Letty, Thomas,

Logan - William,

Loveland - Elizabeth, Mehatabel, Charlotte, Charles, Martha, Anna,


Mansey - William,

Mitchell - Hannah, Charlotte, William, Mary, Elizabeth,


Nash - Charlotte, Robert, Charlotte, Hannah, Richard, Richard,


Othen - Elizabeth, Charles, Charles, George,


Palmer - Joseph, Charles, Arthur, Mary,

Pannell - Thomas, Hannah, Jane, William, Charles,

Parratt - Daniel, David, Joseph, James, John, James, Moses, James, John, Jane, Elizabeth, David, Mary, Harriett, Maria, Harriett, Hannah, David,

Pharo - Reuben, Reuben, Caroline, Charlotte, Hannah,

Poulter - Louisa, Jane, William, Eliza, Emma, John,

Punter - Hannah, Geo.,


Quennell - Maria, George, Sarah, George, Lucy, John, John, Sarah, Sarah, Elizabeth, Richard,


Rogers - James, John, John, Maria, James, Daniel, Maria, Charlotte, George, Hannah,


Searl - James, Mary, Mary, Jane, James

Searle - William, Samuel,

Simmonds - Mary, Eliza, Thomas, Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, William, Mary, William, Thomas,

Skeats - Robert,

Spiers - Sarah

Stapely - William, Stephen, Sarah, Ann, Charlotte, Maria, Emma, Eliza, John, Mary, William, Jane, Henry, Eliza, Louisa, James, Stephen,

Stock - William, George, Eliza,


Tinson - Samuel, Elizabeth, James, Butler, Charlotte, Maria, Sarah,

Trimmer - James, Daniel, William, Marcy,

Trusler - Sarah, Jane, James, Charlotte, Emily, Thomas, Charles, George, Sarah, Stephen, Lucy, Thomas, Thomas, Edmund,


Usher - William


Wells - William, Jane, James, George, William, Ann, James, George, Jane,

Wilkinson - Charles, Maria, Richard, John, Elizabeth, Henry, Robert, Lucy, Lucy, James, Robert, Henry,

Winter - Caroline,

Wright - Henry, John, Edward, Emma, Mary, Harriett, Hannah, Parker,


Young - James, Emma,

Census order to show neighbours

NB Pages separated by lines where uncertain if they follow in sequence or not

Where there's someone of a different name or the relationship isn't usual, the age has been added for that person

Where the person is probably the child of the head but is for example 20 they are still classed as 'child

Lower Bourne

  • Jones (Thomas & Mehatabel & Harriett Hack, 13 & Thomas Blake, 20)
  • Boxall (Henry Lucy & 3 children)
  • Palmer (Joseph Mary & 2 children & William Searle, 12)
  • Jones (William Susannah & William, 20)
  • Hack (John Charlotte & 4 children)
  • Jones (James Ann & Caroline WInter, 10)

Gravel Hill

  • Little (Thomas Sarah & 5 children)
  • Falkner (Thomas Letitia)
  • Nash (Richard Charlotte & 4 children)
  • Stapley (Sarah,70 & William, 40)

Lower Bourn

  • Trusler (Thomas Sarah & 5 children)
  • Cranham (James Sophia & 4 children)
  • Lamport (William Ellen & 1 child & Ellen Fry, 60)
  • Lawrence (John Jane & 3 children & Stephen Fry, 20 & Charlotte Hack 13)
  • Fry (Stephen Elizabeth & 7 children)
  • Clarke (Daniel Lucy & 1 child)
  • Stapely (John & Mary & 2 children & Samuel Searle, 15)
  • Rogers (James Maria & 5 children)
  • Hack (John Sarah & 3 children)
  • Cranham (William Jane & 1 child & Mary Mainer
  • Binfield (Joseph Ann & 2 children)
  • Binfield (Mark Mary & 5 children)
  • Logan (William) School master
  • Wells (George Ann & 3 children)
  • Hurt (Robert Hannah & 4 children)
  • Baker (John Hannah & 4 children)
  • Gardener (Charles Mary & 3 children)
  • Gardener (William Elizabeth & 5 children)
  • Gardener (Thomas & Mary)
  • Hack (Thomas & Thomas, Sarah & 5 children & Sarah,30)
  • Hack (Richard Hannah Thomas)
  • Hack (John Sarah & 5 children)
  • Hack (William, Hannah, 15)
  • Fry (James & Harriett)
  • Fry (James Ann & 6 children)
  • Fry (John Ann & 2 children 20)
  • Mitchell (Hannah, William Mary & 2 children & John Hack,12)
  • Fry (George Catherine & 5 children)
  • Fry (William Mary & 2 children)