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99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)

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Bataljon 99 er navnet brukt i Norge for 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate).

The 99th infantry Battalion (Separate) was activated at Camp Ripley, Minnesota on July 19th 1942 as per written instructions by the War Department. This unique elite unit was to consist only of Norwegians and Americans with direct Norwegian descent. Soldiers picked out for this elite unit had to have a working knowledge of the Norwegian language and preferably already knowing how to ski.


Media in Norway


  • "Bataljon 99" by Gerd Nyquist
  • The Canal Drive: The 99th Infantry Battalion and the Liberation of Belgian Limburg, September 1944 by Robert Antoni Pisani


Killed in Action, Home Town, Date and Location

Cpl Peter Aadland, Bristol, MA Co D 26-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Peter Aadland

Pfc Andrew Almklov, New York, NY 18-12-1944 vic Malmedy, Belgium Andrew Almklov

Pvt Trygve Alsaker, Westchester, NY 20-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Trygve Alsaker

Pfc Sigvald Alver, Koochiching, MN Co C 20-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Sigvald Alver

Pvt Arne Andersen, Kings, NY Co B 16-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Arne Andersen

Pfc Einar V. Anderson, Howard, IA 18-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Einar Anderson

Pfc Ingebrigt Arnold Apold, Nassau, NY Co A 19-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Ingebrigt Arnold Apold

Pfc Arne Magne Berg, Ulster, NY 26-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Arne Magne Berg

Pvt Clifton Bernhard Brickson, Grand Forks, ND Co B 15-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Clifton B Brickson

Pvt Gunnar D Danielsen, Bergen, NJ Co B 07-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Gunnar D Danielsen

Cpl Ove A Eftedal, Kootenai, ID HQ Co 16-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Ove A Eftedal

Pfc Sverre Efteland, Big Horn, MT Co B 10-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Sverre Eftedal

Pfc Andrew O. Eilertson, Cook, IL Co B 06-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Andrew O Eilertson

Cpl Carl P Elvegaard, Lehigh, PA HQ Co 29-12-1944 vic Malmedy, Belgium Carl P Elvegaard

Pfc Gustave A Eriksen, Bronx, NY Co C 21-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Gustave A Eriksen

Pfc Gustav I Galschodt, Kings, NY Co D 20-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Gustav I Galschodt

Pfc Albin B Hagen, Todd, MN Co A 25-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Albin B Hagen

Pfc Karl J Heimark, Queens, NY 16-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Karl J Heimark

Cpl William Holt, Queens, NY Co A 27-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France William Holt

Sgt Oliver A Indergaard, Traill, ND Co A/B 10-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Oliver A Indergaard

Pvt Berger Otto Jensen, San Diego, CA Co A 26-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Berger Otto Jensen

Pfc Lloyd A Johansen, Marion, OR Co C 23-02-1945 vic Barneville, France Lloyd A Johansen

Pvt Edwin A Johnson, Winnebago, IA 26-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Edwin A Johnson

Pfc Gunner W Johnson, Hennepin, MN HQ Co 17-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Gunner W Johnson

T/3 John T Johnson, Logan, NE Med Det 06-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium John T Johnson

Pfc Palmer Johnson, Plumas, CA Co D 20-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Palmer Johnson

Pfc Walter E Johnson, Barron, WI HQ Co 20-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Walther E Johnson

Pfc Bjarne T Jorstad, Cook, IL Co D 26-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Bjarne T Jorstad

Pfc Anker B Kristoffersen, New York, NY 03-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Anker B Kristoffersen

Pfc Alden J Lecy, Los Angeles, CA Co C 22-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Alden J Lecy

Pvt George Ligeros, Stearns, MN 17-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium George Ligeros

1Lt Allen L Lindholm, Grand Forks, ND Co D 26-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Allen L Lindholm

Pfc Sigbjørn A Log, Bronx, NY Co B 09-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Sigbjørn A Log

1Lt Hans A Movik, Kings, NY Co B 17-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Hans A Movik

Pfc Magnus A Nataas, Kings NY Co A 10-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Magnus A Nataas

Pvt Hugh J Nelson, Sheboygan, WI 18-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Hugh J Nelson

Pfc Kristian Nilsen, New York, NY Co B 22-12-1944 vic Malmedy, Belgium Kristian Nilsen

Pvt Raymond M Nordin, Grant, MN Co A 18-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Raymond M Nordin

Cpl Milnor S Olson, Traill, ND Co D 05-11-1944 vic Aachen, Germany Milnor S Olson

Pfc Omer E Olson, Grant, MN Co B 10-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Omer E Olson

Pfc Robert A Phillips, Bates, MN 17-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Robert A Phillips

Cpl Orin P Semingson, Dunn, WI Co D 21-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Orin P Semingson

S/Sgt Osmund C Skarning, Hennepin, MN Co A 19-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Osmund Skarning

Pfc Odd Myer Stenvik, Snohomish, WA HQ Co 26-08-1944 vic Elbeuf, France Odd Myer Stenvik

Pvt Olaf K Swendsen, Kings, NY Co A 18-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Olaf K Swendsen

1Lt Merton E Swenson, Hennepin, MN Co B 10-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Merton E Swenson

2Lt Edwin C Terrell, Tarrant, TX Co C 21-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Edwin C Terrell

Pvt Paul P Thomle, Milwaukee, WI 18-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Paul P Thomle

Pvt Thelmer A Thompson, La Crosse, WI Med Det 17-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Thelmer A Thompson

S/Sgt Sigurd O Thorsen, Richmond, VA Co C 12-09-1945 Norway (Jeep Accident) Sigurd O Thorsen

Pfc Bruce E Tompkins, King, WA Co A 28-12-1944 vic Malmedy, Belgium Bruce E Tompkins

2Lt Elmer L Trefren, Caldonia, VT Co C 22-10-1944 vic Wurselen, Germany Elmer L Trefren

Pvt Elmer C Weinrich, Tulsa, OK Co B 09-01-1945 vic Malmedy, Belgium Elmer C Weinrich

Pfc Anton O Wilberg, Cook, IL Co A 17-09-1944 Canal Drive, Belgium Anton O Wilberg

Surviving Soldiers