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Adelaide del Vasto, signora di Savona MP (1074 - 1118)

"Adelasia", "Azalaïs", "Adeliza"

I've been sorting out a bunch of commonly mis-merged 11th c Adeliza/Adelaides/Alices and similar names. Keep this list for reference! The correct spouses *should* be: -Adeliza Fitz Osulf m. Robert de...

9/11/2007 4/16/2013

Ada Harlow MP (1714 - 1746)

1/8/2009 1/12/2012

Adelicia de Belmeis, Lady Ashby la Zouche MP (c.1150 - 1190)

"Alice", "Adelicia", "Adeleza", "de Belmeis", "de Beaumez", "Adeline"

Eventual sole heiress of Philip (I) de Belmeis, of Tong in Shropshire. ================================================= Alan La ZOUCHE Born: ABT 1157, Harringworth, Northampton, England

3/22/2007 1/12/2012

Lady Ann Hopton MP (1645 - 1694)

"Ann Hopton Jones", "Anne Hopton Morgan", "Elizabeth Gwyn", "Gwynn"

Ann Hopton was NOT a spouse of Sir James Morgan, 4th Baronet of Llantarnam. Ref: Stewart Baldwin citation of primary records See also Community Tree for Ann's lineage -- albeit n...

2/17/2007 1/12/2012

Alice Higginbotham, Lady MP (c.1585 - 1666)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Oct 4 2016, 22:34:21 UTC

8/27/2008 1/12/2012

From: Lords of Cany-Caniel Gilbert de Falaise Gilbert de Falaise Le premier seigneur de Cany dont nous trouvions le nom est un normand, GILBERT DE FALAISE, seigneur de Cany, lequel donna, vers ...

11/18/2007 1/12/2012

Alice Nusum Higginbotham MP (c.1620 - c.1740)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Oct 4 2016, 22:30:18 UTC

5/28/2007 1/12/2012

Adeline Hugh I de Beaumont MP (c.980 - 996)

"Mrs-Hugh I De /MONTFORT/"

From FMG - SEIGNEURS de MONTFORT-sur-RISLE (GAND) : HUGUES van Gent, son of GILBERT van Gent & his wife Alix de Montfort-sur-Risle (-after [1147]). Guillaume de Jumièges names "Hugues le quatrième" a...

8/29/2007 1/17/2011

Adelais de Basse-Lotharingie MP (975 - 1012)

"Princess Of France /Adelaide/"

Adelais of Lower Lotharingia Daughter of CHARLES Duke of Lower Lotharingia and ADELAIS de Troyes ... ADELAIS (-after 1012). Richer records that "Karolum…cum uxore Adelaide et filio Ludovico, et fil...

10/3/2008 1/9/2011

Adelisa d'Aubigny MP (deceased)

Daughter of Nele d'Aubigny of Cainhoe and Amicia de Ferrers ADELISA de Albini . She, her husband and their son Hugh made a grant to Thetford priory, mentioned in a confirmation charter of King Henry ...

12/27/2010 12/27/2010

Theodrate d'Italie MP (800 - 836)

"Adelaide of Lombardy / Tetrada", "Theodrada", "Theodrate"

=====We have alternative to some extent data source: Father Pepin IV, King of Italy b. Apr 773, d. 8 Jul 810 Mother Gundora (Gondres, Theress, Chrothais) Charts Some Descendants of Charlemagne ...

10/20/2007 12/25/2010

Adelaida de Barcelona MP (928 - 955)

10/17/2008 12/25/2010

Adeltrude MP (774 - 852)

"Alpais?", "Aupais?"

Adeltrude, daughter of Charlemagne & Gersuinda Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details Sharon's Temporary Note: Jan 2011 - cf confusion about which Aupais married Count Begue. Discussion ...

7/5/2007 12/25/2010

Adalhaid MP (c.773 - 774)

"Adelaid", "Adeleidis"

Adalhaid daughter of Charlemagne & Hildegard Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details (774), who was born whilst her parents were on campaign in Italy. She was sent back to Francia, but di...

7/5/2007 12/24/2010

Adélaide of the Franks MP (792 - 846)

"Aenis", "Adelaide \ Aenis /de France/", "Adelaide- -Adelheid //", "Adelheid //", "(Elfide); Adelaide de Perthois"

Adelaide d'Aquitaine F, #103201 Last Edited=13 Jul 2005 Adelaide d'Aquitaine is the daughter of Louis I, Roi de France and Irmengard of Hesbain. Forrás / Source: Ben M. Angel notes: The Foundat...

2/7/2007 12/24/2010

Aélis de Beaumont-sur-Oise MP (c.1045 - 1091)

"Adélaïde", "Adeliza de Beaumont", "Adelaide d'Estouteville; Adelaide de Beaumont; Adeliza", "Alice", "Beatrix", "Adelise", "Aélis"

ADELISE [Aelis] de Beaumont , daughter of IVO Comte de Beaumont & his first wife Judith --- ([before 1045]-Rouen 11 Jul 1091, bur Saint-Evroul[310]). She is named as wife of Hugues by Orderic Vitalis, ...

7/5/2007 12/15/2010

Ada de Ramerupt, dame de Montdidier-Roucy MP (1045 - 1121)

"Ade", "Ida", "Ada", "Adèle"

10/8/2008 12/14/2010

Adélaïde Agnes de Ramerupt, dame de Montdidier MP (1035 - 1068)

"Alix de Montdidier"

4/24/2008 12/14/2010

Adelheid de Louvain MP (1145 - d.)

7/4/2008 12/14/2010

Adelheid von Sulzbach MP (c.1146 - 1197)

10/24/2007 12/14/2010

Adelaide Countess of Finningen and Passau MP (1050 - 1110)

"von Lechsgemünd"

See for more information, speculative research of Rob Salzman ( of Wolfratshausen (d. 11 January/12 January 1126) was the second wife of Berengar II, Count of Sulzbach. Slightly different dates for h...

2/11/2008 12/14/2010

Aénor de Saint-Valéry MP (1192 - 1251)

"(Leonore; Aenor de) /ST. VALERY/"

Robert III of Dreux From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1210 he married Aénor of Saint-Valéry (1192-1250) and they had several children, including Yolande of Dreux (1212-1248), who married Hug...

11/5/2007 12/12/2010

Agnes de Gant MP (c.1131 - 1155)

Agnes De Gaunt (b. 1118, d. 1155) Agnes De Gaunt (daughter of Walter De Gaunt and Matilda De Brittany)197 was born 1118 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England197, and died 1155 in Somersetshire, Englan...

7/25/2007 12/7/2010

Adila (Ada/Ade) de Ponthieu (d'Amiens) MP (c.1050 - c.1066)

"Ada de Ponthieu", "Ada d'Amiens", "Ade de Ponthieu", "Ade d'Amiens", "Ada de Amiens"

ADILA [Ada], daughter of ---. Adila (Ada) parentage unknown married Guy de Ponthieu Issue: Enguerrand, Agnes, Ida and Mathilde From FMG Medlands: [Guy de Ponthieu] m secondly ADILA [Ada], dau...

11/24/2007 12/7/2010

Hadwide (Hedwig) de Houchin MP (c.985 - d.)

Hadwide de CHATILLON [Parents] 1, 2 was born 1018 in Chatillon-sur-Seine, Cote d'Or, France. She married Roger de St. POL on 1035 in Saint Pol, Artois, France. They had the following children: ...

5/9/2008 12/7/2010

4/10/2007 12/7/2010

Adelina of Holland MP (c.990 - 1052)

"Adelina van Holland", "Adelheid de Gand", "Adela of Holland"

Adelaide first married Baudouin II, Count of Boulogne, who mas killed in battle by Enguerrand I, Count of Ponthieu. Adelaide was then married to Enguerrand. Adelaide van Holland b. circa 985 Al...

4/11/2007 12/7/2010

1/20/2008 12/5/2010

Aelis de Roucy MP (1005 - 1066)

1/20/2008 12/5/2010

Adèle, comtesse de Bar-sur-Aube MP (1012 - 1053)

"Adele /De Bar-Sur-Aube/", "Adele of /Bar-Sur-Aube/"

Adèle (Aelis) de Bar-sur-Aube, Comtesse de Bar-sur-Aube married four times. According to FMG Medieval Lands database : as daughter of Nocher III : AELIS (-11 Sep 1053) . The Acta Sanctorum ...

7/24/2007 12/3/2010

adelais de savmer MP (c.963 - d.)

5/10/2009 12/2/2010

Adeline Ade d'Anjou MP (1015 - 1060)

"Anne", "Ade"

7/3/2008 12/2/2010

Ida of Leuven MP (1062 - 1139)

"Ida", "Ide", "Adelaide", "Alix", "Alex", "of Louvain", "of Leuven", "Also called Yde de Louvain and Ida of Leuven"

Baldwin II, Count of Hainaut From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Family He married Ida of Leuven (a daughter of Count Henry II of Leuven and sister of Godfrey I of Leuven, Duke of Lower Lothari...

2/28/2007 12/2/2010

Adélaïde de Brabant MP (c.1090 - 1158)

"de Hainault"

Adelaide of Leuven From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Adelaide of Leuven (died c. 1158) was the wife of Simon I, Duke of Lorraine (1076-1138). She was the daughter of H...

10/31/2007 12/2/2010

Adeline Presles de Beaugency MP (c.1075 - 1125)

"Adelina de Beaugency", "Adelée de Beaugency", "Aelina de Beaugency", "Alix de Beaugency", "Aline de Beaugency"

ADELINE From Medlands: Geoffroy m Adeline, daughter of ---. "Walterii de Meduana…[et] uxor eius Adelina et filius eorum Hamelinus…alter filius Juhellus" consented to a donation by "Ruellonius de ...

7/8/2008 12/1/2010

Adèle de Brionne, comtesse d'Eu MP (1021 - 1040)

"Adela /D' Eu/", "Adela de Normandie"

Adela de Brionne daughter of Gilbert de Brionne, sister of Richard, Baldwin and William de Brionne. Married Neel II de Saint Sauveur, Vicomte du Cotentin. from Charles Cawley, FMG: ADELA ). Her par...

7/31/2007 12/1/2010

Adela (Ela) de Warenne (Plantagenet) (FitzWilliam) MP (c.1164 - c.1220)

"Adela of Warenne", "Ela de Warenne", "Ela", "de Naburn", "FitzWilliam", "Plantagenet"

Adela (Ela) was from Warenne and of the Plantagenet Dynasty, known as Adela Plantagenet de Warenne or as Ela de Warenne. From Medlands: ELA de Warenne ([1162]-after 1220). The primary source whic...

7/18/2007 12/1/2010

9/8/2008 12/1/2010

Berta MP (c.800 - d.)

"Adelaide", "Adelaïs", "Adelheid", "Aelis", "Aélis", "Alpais", "Adélaïs (Adelaide", "Aélis) de Aquitane (des Francs)", "abbesse de Saint-Pierre"

Little is known about Berta/ Adelaide/Berte. She is sometimes confused with Adelaide of Tours, wife of Robert the Strong. Berte was the daughter of Louis I the Pious and first wife Ermengard. Her exa...

2/3/2007 12/1/2010

Adelais de Carcassonne, comtessa consort de Carcassona MP (949 - 1011)

"Adelaide of /Pons/", "Adelaide de Carcassonne (Comminges) (de Melgueil (de Rouergue))"

Adelais ??? (d. after April 1011) Her parentage is unknown. We will follow the lead of the scholarship of the FMG Medieval Lands database rather than arbitrarily making her the daughter of any number...

5/15/2007 12/1/2010

Adélaïs of Paris MP (853 - 901)

"Abdelheid", "Adelahide", "Adelaide", "Adélaïde", "Adelheid von Paris", "Adelajda", "Adalheidis", "Aélis"

Traditionally, she is said to have been the daughter of Begue II of Paris . However, there is some reason to believe that she might have been a daughter of Count-Palatine Adalhard . Adelais , daughte...

2/27/2007 12/1/2010

Adelaida di Susa, Marchese di Turino MP (c.1010 - 1091)

"Adelaide of Susa", "of Savoy", "Herzogin von Schwaben", "marchese di Susa", "Adelheid Margravine Of Susa", "Adelheid", "Adelais", "o Adeline"

Alternative Birth Dates: 1016 and 1034 Adelheid (Adelais) Margravine of Susa born about 1020 Susa, Torino, Italy died 19 December 1091 father: Ulric II (Udal rico) Meginfred Marchese De S...

4/12/2007 12/1/2010

Adélaïde d'Aquitaine, reine des Francs MP (950 - 1004)

"Adélaïde of Poitiers", "Adelheid", "Adele", "Adelaide /Of Guienne/", "Adelaide //", "of Poitou /Adelaide/", "Adelaide of Poitiers", "Adelaide Of /Aquitane/", "Adelais /D' Aquitaine/", "Adelaide of Aquitaine", "Queen Consort of France", "Abdelahide", "Adelaide de Poitiers", "Adb..."

Adélaïde de Poitou d'Aquitaine Parents: Guillaume 'Tête d'étoupe' III d'Aquitaine & Geirlaug Adela de Normandie Spouse: Hugues Capet, Roi de France Children: 1. Gisèle, Countess of Ponthieu(c. ...

1/29/2007 12/1/2010

First wife of, and mother of the children of: Geoffrey de Mandeville (11th century) alternate death dates: 1068 or 1085 ____________________________________________ From Wikipedia, the free enc...

7/27/2007 12/1/2010

Adelais de Châlons MP (c.1060 - 1092)

5/10/2009 12/1/2010

Toda de Provença, comtessa de Besalú MP (c.980 - 1052)

"Adèle de Barcelone"

9/12/2007 12/1/2010

Riquilda de Tolosa, comtessa consort de Barcelona MP (b. - 954)

"Infanta de Toulouse y Condesa Consorte de Barcelona"

RICHILDE, daughter of --- (-after 954). Bofarull states that she is named as wife of Sunyer in 917 in a donation to the monastery of San Cucufáte del Vallés by "los hermanos Ermenardo y Udalardo" but d...

8/24/2007 12/1/2010

Aimilda Aimilda MP (deceased)

7/3/2008 12/1/2010

Adélaïs de Carcassonne MP (905 - 962)

12/22/2007 12/1/2010

Adelinde d'Auvergne MP (c.867 - c.906)

She is named as wife of Acfred in their son's grant to Cluny dated 2 Oct 927, her origin being deduced from his reference to "…avunculis meis Wilelmo et Guarino…" in the same document. "Acfredus" donat...

7/31/2007 12/1/2010

Adeline, comtesse de Meulan MP (c.1014 - 1081)

"Adeline", "Adelise", "Adeliza"

Adeine married Roger de Beaumont circa 1048 or earlier. Adeline of Meulan (ca. 1014-1020 - 1081), daughter of Waleran III, Count de Meulan and Oda de Conteville, and sister and heiress of a childless C...

7/3/2007 12/1/2010

Adelaide or Adeliza de Normandie Not the same as her younger sister Adele. See from Medlands: ADELAIDE [Adelisa] de Normandie ([1055]-7 Dec, 1066 or after). Orderic Vitalis records the betrot...

5/2/2008 12/1/2010

Adela, countess of Blois MP (c.1067 - c.1137)

"Adela of Blois", "Adela of England", "Adela", "Princess of The English", "Adela of Normandy", "Adèle d'Angleterre", "de Normandie", "de Blois", "/Alice/", "Princess of England /Adela/", "Countess of Blois", "Adèle de Blois"

Adela of Normandy Adèle d'Angleterre ou de Normandie ou de Blois (v. 1067[1],[2] – 8 mars 1137[2]), princesse anglaise, fut régente de la principauté de Blois-Chartres, et mère du roi Étienne d'Angle...

3/11/2007 12/1/2010

Matilda was born Adelaide There is confusion about who Adelaide de Angers was. It is possible that it was Mathilda. From Medlands According to Weir[144], she (Matilda) was christened Adelaide but...

5/23/2007 12/1/2010

Sybil Corbet, lady of Alcester, Concubine #5 of Henry I of England MP (1075 - c.1157)

"Lady of Alcester", "Warwickshire", "Concubine #5 of Henry I", "Lucy", "Sybilla /Le Corbet/", "Adela", "Lucia Corbet", "Sibilant Corbeau", "Also known as (Sybilla) (Adela) (Lucy)"

The following from Shows that Sibyl Corbet was probably NOT daughter of Isabel: Mistress (5): ([1110/15]) SIBYL Corbet, daughter of ROBERT Corbet of Alcester, co Warwick & his [first] wife --- (-af...

5/12/2007 12/1/2010

Adelicia of Louvain MP (c.1105 - c.1151)

"Adelicia of Louvain (Leuven", "Löwen)", "Adela", "Aleidis", "Adèle", "Aelis", "Aleliza", "Adelheid van Leuven", "Adelheid of Brabant", "'Fair Maid of Brabant' Adeliza 'Adela' of Louvain", "Adel; Adelicia de Louven; Adelisa; Adelis; Lucy; Adela of Brabant;", "Queen of Englan..."

From Wikipedia (English) : Adeliza of Louvain, sometimes known in England as Adelicia of Louvain, also called Adela and Aleidis; (c. 1103 – 23 April 1151) was Queen of England from 1121 to 1135, as t...

5/9/2007 12/1/2010

Adelaide of Normandy, countess of Aumale MP (c.1029 - c.1090)

"Adelaide", "Aeliz", "Adelais", "Adélaïde", "Adeliza"

Adelaide of Normandy (also called Adelais, Adélaïde, Adèle or Adeliza) (c. 1026 in Calvados, France - c. 1090) was the sister or half-sister of William the Conqueror. She was the daughter of Robert...

5/7/2007 12/1/2010

Adelaide de Soissons MP (c.954 - 1047)


see discussion in Medlands

7/24/2007 12/1/2010

Adalaïs de Gascogne MP (c.1000 - d.)

12/22/2008 12/1/2010

Alix, Comtesse de Lorraine MP (1145 - 1192)


Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He was married twice: Firstly, in 1165, to Alice of Lorraine (1145-1200), daughter of Matthias I, Duke of Lorraine; he repudiated ...

11/5/2007 12/1/2010

Alix FitzRichard de Normandie MP (1021 - 1098)

"Alix De Normandy //", "Alix de Normandy"

Alix de Normandie was the illegitimate daughter of Richard III Duke of Normandy by a concubine whose name has not been recorded for history. Alix married Ranulph I de Bayeux, Vicomte du Bessin , son ...

6/29/2007 12/1/2010

Hâelie de Bourgogne, Ctss. of Burgundy MP (c.1080 - 1141)


(Alix de Bourgogne) (Alice de Bourgogne) (Adélaïde de Bourgogne) Helie of Burgundy seems to get mixed up with a different Alice or Allix of Burgundy. This Helie is the daughter of Odo (Eudes) I of Burg...

2/16/2007 12/1/2010

NN de Beauffou MP (c.1014 - 1115)

"Alix de Beaufour", "Alice"

Daughter of Richard de Beaufour and Wife of Hugues II de Montfort, First Name Uncertain Hatte Blejer: From FMG Medieval Lands Database: Norman Nobility About Hugues II de Montfort Charles Crawley c...

8/29/2007 12/1/2010

Alice or Alix de Vergy, (1182-1252), duchess consort of Burgundy as the second spouse of Eudes III, Duke of Burgundy. She was regent the of Burgundy during the minority of her son 1218-28. She was th...

11/5/2007 12/1/2010

Alice "Alix" de Courtenay MP (c.1160 - 1218)

"Alix", "Alice Taillefer De Valence (De Courtenay)'. Sometimes mistakenly called 'Alice de Chastellerault'", "Alix /De Courtenay/", "Alix de Courtenay"

Descended from the Capet line. Alice of Courtenay, Countess of Angoulême (1160- 12 February 1218)[1] was a French noblewoman of the House of Courtenay. Her father was Peter of Courtenay and her bro...

5/23/2007 12/1/2010

Adélaïde of Maurienne, Queen of France MP (1092 - 1154)

"Adèle de Savoie", "Alix Countess of Savoy", "Adelaide de Maurienne Queen of France", "Adelaide de Savoie", "Adeliza", "Alix Countess Of /Savoy/", "Adelaide of Savoy (or Adelaide of Maurienne)"

And in French: Adelaïde de Savoie, Adèle de Savoie F, b. circa 1092, d. 1 August 1154, #2904 Father Count Humbert II of Savoy2,3 b. circa 1062, d. 14 October 1103 Mother Gisela of Burgundy2...

1/29/2007 12/1/2010

Adélaïs de Beaumont-sur-Vingeanne, dame d'Autrey-lès-Gray MP (c.1120 - d.)

"de Beaumont-sur-Vingeanne"

11/5/2007 12/1/2010

Alix (Adelheid) of Burgundy MP (1233 - 1273)

"Alix Of Burgundy", "Adelaide of Burgundy"

Adélaïs (Alix) de Bourgogne was the daughter of Hugues IV de Bourgogne, Duc de Bourgogne and Yolande de Dreux. She married Henri III de Brabant, Duc de Brabant, son of Henri II, Duc de Brabant and Mari...

6/8/2007 12/1/2010

Alix de Montlhéry MP (1044 - 1097)

"Alice de Montlhéry", "Adélaïs de Montlhéry"

11/13/2008 12/1/2010

Aleydis van Leuven MP (c.1194 - 1261)

"Aleidis", "Alix", "Adélaïs", "Adelheid", "de Louvain"

From ALEIDIS de Brabant (-[1261/67]). The Oude Kronik van Brabant names "Mariam, conthoralem Ottonis Quartus Romanorum imperatoris, Aleydam comitssam Auernie, Margaretam comitissam Gerardi comitis ...

6/12/2007 12/1/2010

5/9/2008 12/1/2010

From Medlands: Geoffroy [III] & his second wife had three children: b) HERVE [III] de Donzy (-1187). Gervais abbé de Saint-Germain d'Auxerre and "Gaufredum Donziacum" reached agreements relating to...

5/21/2008 12/1/2010

Adeliza of Normandy, comtesse de Bourgogne MP (c.1002 - 1037)

"Adeliza", "Alix", "Judith", "Alice", "Alisa", "Adelaide", "Adélaïde", "Adele", "Adela", "Aelis"

Adélaïde de Normandie (Adeliza, Aélis), c.1002 - 1038 Parents: Richard 'le Bon' & Judith de Bretagne Spouse: Renaud de Mâcon, Comte de Bourgogne Children: 1. Guillaume 2. Guy 3. Hugues 4. Fulques ...

3/10/2007 12/1/2010

Alix de France, comtesse de Vexin MP (1160 - c.1213)

"Alys of Vexin", "Alix", "Ctss de Bourges", "Ctss d'Eu", "Dame d’Arques"

Adèle de France (1160-1221) [Medlands] ALIX [Adelaide] de France ([4 Oct] 1160-after Jan 1213). Robert of Torigny records the death in 1160 of "Constantia regina Franciæ" while giving birth to a da...

5/14/2007 12/1/2010

Adèle de Vermandois, comtesse de Vermandois et Valois MP (1065 - 1120)

"Adela", "Adelaide", "Adele", "Adelheid", "Adelle", "Alice", "Alix"

Adelais (Adele) de Vermandois (1065-28 Sept 1120/24) was suo jure Countess of Vermandois and Valois and the last member of the Carolingian dynasty. Daughter of Heribert IV de Vermandois; married Hugues...

6/10/2007 12/1/2010

Adèle de Champagne, reine de France MP (1140 - 1206)

"Alix", "Alice", "Adèle", "Reine de France", "Countess of Champagne", "Adela of Blois", "Адела (Аликс) дьо Блуа-Шампан", "Countess of Champagne /Adele/", "Alix de Champagne", "Queen of France"

Adèle of Champagne (c. 1140 – 4 June 1206), also known as Adelaide and Alix, was the third wife of Louis VII of France and the mother of his only male heir, the future Philip II. She was also the daugh...

5/14/2007 12/1/2010

Adèle de France MP (1009 - 1078)

"Adela Capet", "Adèle of France", "Adela of Flanders", "Adela the Holy or Adela of Messines;", "Aelis", "Adelheid", "Adélaïde", "Alix", "Adela the Holy", "Adela of Messines", "Adelaide of France", "Alix Of France", "the Holy", "Adela", ""the Holy""

Parents: Robert II (the Pious) and Constance d'Arles. Spouses 1. Baudouin V 'le Pieux', Comte de Flandre Children: * Baldwin VI of Flanders, (1030 † 1070) * Matilda of Flanders (1032 † 10...

2/28/2007 12/1/2010

Looking for documentation before I can support naming this person. -Ben. Alternative Data from merges: Alice von Babenberg (de vermandois) b 864 Germany d 915 France or Adelaide Alsace; d Acquitaine;...

6/3/2007 12/1/2010

Aélis de Montdidier-Roucy, [marr. Conon Falcon de La Sarraz, sire de Grandson] MP (c.1050 - c.1114)

"Adele de Montdidier", "Alix"

Aélis de Montdidier-Roucy was born ABT 1049-1050 in France, Picardie, Aisne, Roucy, daughter of Hildouin IV Count of Montdidier 1010 -- 1063 Alix de Roucy abt 1014 -- 1062 She married Foulque...

6/10/2007 12/1/2010

Adele of Vermandois MP (c.910 - 960)

"Alice", "Aleidis", "Adela", "Aelis", "Alix", "Adèle", "Adelheid", "van Vloandern", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern", "Alix de Vermandois", "a Carolingian as well as a Robertian Frankish noblewoman who was the Countess of Flanders", "Adele" - Aleidis van Vermandois.... ; Adela (Adèle, Alix) de Vermandois, wife of Arnoul the Great (the Old) Spouse: Arnulf I 'den Grôotn' van Vloandern (Arnoul 'le Grand' de Flandre) ...

3/3/2007 12/1/2010

Adele comtesse d'Equisheim MP (c.929 - 961)

"Alix", "Countess Of Equisheim /Alice/", "Alice Countess of Equisheim"

ADELA (-961). The Annales Hanoniæ record the death in 961 of "Adela comitissa Montensis…uxor Ragineri comitis"[117], although as this passage follows closely on those dealing with the exploits of "Ra...

4/11/2007 12/1/2010

Adela Van Leuven in de Betuwe MP (c.1023 - 1086)

"Adelaide of Orlamunda Adela of Thuringa", "Countess of Orlamunda", "Alix Of /Beteau/"

Adelaide Adele Adele Countess of Orlamunda de Betowe Gansemond De Lorraine Birth Date 1045 1023 Birth Location Orlamunda,France Picardy,Somme,,France Medlands: Europäisch...

3/31/2007 12/1/2010

Adèle de France MP (c.898 - d.)

"Hildebrande", "Hildebrante", "Liégarde"

The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines refers to "comitis Heriberti gener…Roberti" and in a later passage to the sister of "dux Hugo Cappatus" as the wife of "comitis Heriberti de Peroni, Campan...

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Adelaide de Roucy, comtesse de Montdidier MP (c.1015 - 1062)

"Adela", "Aelis", "Alice", "Adelaide", "Adela de Roucy", "Alix de Rouci", "/Adela/", "Edwige of /Roucy/"

Summary for Adelaide de Roucy Relationships: Parents: Father: Ebles (d. 11 May 1033), Comte de Roucy (997-1033) and Archbishop of Reims (1021-1033) Mother: Beatrix de Hainait (b. after 996, d...

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Unknown (Oda?) du Vexin MP (970 - 1064)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Northern France Nobility: GAUTHIER [II] "le Blanc", son of GAUTHIER [I] Comte d'Amiens & his [first/second] wife [Eva---/Adela ---] (-after 1017)....

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Alix (Adele) de Senlis MP (c.944 - c.983)

"Adele", "Alix", "Adele /Senlis/"

Adèle de Senlis b. circa 944 Adèle de Senlis was born circa 944 at Ile-de-France, France. She married Gautier II "the White", comte de Vexin, Valois, et Amiens, son of Gautier I, comte de Vexin, Va...

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Adèle de Breteuil MP (c.990 - 1051)

The FMG Medieval Lands database positions her as the daughter of Hilduin, Vicomte of Chartres, Comte de Breteuil, and his wife Emmeline. FRANCE.htm ADELA [Alix] de Breteuil (-11 Sep 1051). The prim...

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Alpaïs MP (c.907 - 948)

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Unattributed basic information (at least it has sources): Adèle d'Anjou[1] b. circa 924 Father, Foulques I "le Roux", comte d'Anjou b. 870, d. 942 Mother, Roscille, dame de Loches b. 874 ...

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Adelais of Amboise MP (c.844 - c.890)

"Adelais", "Adele", "Aelinda", "Aelinde", "Alendis", "Rescinde", "Roescinde", "de Amboise", "de Buzancais"

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Franksih Nobility (covering her birth family): Q. FAMILY of HUGUES [DUKE of BURGUNDY] 1. HUGUES . m ---. The name of Hugues's wife is not ...

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Countess Aelis of Soissons MP (c.960 - 1042)

NOBILITY.htm ADELISA Ctss de Soissons, daughter of GUY Comte de Soissons & his wife ---. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified. m NOCHER [II] (-[1...

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Countess Adele de Vermandois, Comtesse de Châlons & de Beaune MP (c.945 - 975)

"Adele de Meaux", "Adelaide de Vermandois", "Aelis de Vermandois", "Adeliza de Chalon"

Adele of Meaux (c. 950-c. 980) Also known as "Adele of Vermandois" she was a daughter of Robert of Vermandois and Adelaide-Werra de Chalon . She married Geoffrey I of Anjou . He also had a wife named...

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Adélaïde NN MP (c.1055 - 1099)

"Adele De /Gournay/"

may have been daughter of Hugues II (III), seigneur de Gournay and Wife of Hugues II de Gournay; however, her parentage is uncertain. Charles Cawley writes: Ives II comte de Beaumont m secondly ADE...

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Adèle de Bezai MP (c.960 - c.964)

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Alix de l'Aigle MP (c.1180 - 1216)

"Eladis de l'Aigle", "Adélaïde de l'Aigle"

Medlands does not recognise Alix as d/o Richard de l'Aigle and Odeline (Edeline).

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Alix FitzRoy MP (c.1099 - 1141)

"Alice", "Aline", "Princess Alix of /England/"

Alix/Alice/Aline fitzRoy (d'Angleterre) From Medlands: ALIX [Aline (-before 1141). Guillaume de Jumièges records one illegitimate daughter of King Henry I as wife of "Matthieu fils de Burchard de...

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Alix de Namur MP (1112 - 1169)

"Aleidis of Namur", "Adelheid"

[edit] Family In 1169 she married Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut, who became her co-ruler. They had the following issue: Isabelle of Hainaut (Valenciennes, April 1170 – 15 March 1190, Paris), married ...

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Alix de Montmorency MP (c.1174 - 1221)


Alix de Montmorency From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alix de Montmorency, died Feb 24, 1220-1221. Her parents were Bouchard III de Montmorency and Countess of Hainaut Laurence. Early life ...

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