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Erchanger I, duke of Swabia MP (c.865 - 917)

He was a missus dominicus in Swabia, and Duke of Swabia (915-917). "The Ahalolfings or Alaholfings were a noble family of Alemannia in the Early Middle Ages. The family rose in the Carolingian Empi...

12/22/2008 6/1/2014

Berthold I, count palatine in Swabia MP (c.838 - 896)

"Count Bethold I Pfalzgraf in Schwaben"

Berthold I aka Erchanger. His wife was probably a daughter of Etichonen Erchanger (the Younger) († 864), Count of Alsace, but some sources say she was Gisela of the East Franks (* 840, † 891). Source: ...

3/12/2007 5/29/2014

Duke Theotar MP (c.590 - 682)

from" Birth: unknown, France Death: unknown Birth:590 Death:682 Family links: Children: Alberic von Aquitanien d'Austrasia* Hugues Mayor of the Palace d'Austrasia* Calcu...

7/4/2007 10/26/2013

Theodo III, duke of the Bavarians MP (c.523 - 565)

"Theo", "Theodon"


10/11/2008 10/24/2013

Willigarde of Bavaria MP (bef.670 - 732)

"Guilgarda", "Willigarde of Bavaria", "Wiligarde de Agilofinges", "//", "van Beieren", "of", "de", "Bavaria", "of the Bavarians", "de Baviere", "Hilligarde", "Guilgarda (Guilgarde) de Worms", "D'Herbauges"

genealogy still continues backwards from here at this site. Sharon Doubell Another tradition has Willigarde as a daughter of Chrodobertus II , ruler of Neustria (western France). Pedigree Resourc...

3/8/2007 9/6/2013

Theodelinda, queen of the Lombards MP (c.565 - c.625)

"Theodelinde", "Queen of the Lombards"

8/22/2007 8/27/2013

Duke Fara MP (c.610 - 641)

Duke Fara (c610-641) was an opponent of Siegbert III . FARA (-killed in battle 641). Dux in Austrasia. Fredegar records that "Faram filio Chrodoaldo" rebelled against King Sigebert, helped by Radulf ...

6/2/2007 8/16/2013

Raginpert, king of the Lombards MP (b. - 702)

"Raginpert", "Raghinpert", "Reginbert", "Reginpert"

Reginbert 1: King of the Lombards in Italy (r 700) Prologue Garibald I: duke of Lower Bavaria (584-92). Born ca: 540, and died 592. married to the Princess Waldrade of Waccho I , king of Lombardy (...

6/19/2008 6/15/2013

Aripert II, king of the Lombards MP (deceased)

"Aripert ou Aribert ou Ansprand II de Turin - de Lombardie", "17th King of the Lombards"

Aripert II di Lombardia, King of the Lombards Aripert II (also spelled Aribert) was the king of the Lombards from 701 to 712. Duke of Turin and son of King Raginpert, and thus a scion of the Bavari...

3/27/2008 6/15/2013

Godeperto, king of the Lombards MP (deceased)

"Godepert dei Longobardi"

Born : Før 0662 Born : Før 0662 Born : Før 0662 Godepert (also Gundipert, Godebert, Godipert, Godpert, Gotebert, Gotbert, Gotpert, Gosbert, or Gottbert) was king of the Lombards (crowned 661), eldest s...

3/27/2008 6/15/2013

Aripert I, king of the Lombards MP (c.590 - c.661)

- Aripert I (also spelled Aribert) was king of the Lombards (653-661) in Italy. He was the son of Gundoald, duke of Asti, who had crossed the Alps from Bavaria with his sister Theodelinda. As a rel...

3/27/2008 6/15/2013

Theodo I, duke of Bavaria MP (c.602 - c.670)

"Theo; Theodon;", "Theodo I", "Herzog von Bayern", "Theodon I De Baviere"

Theodo I , Duke of Bavaria (c630-c670), but sometimes called Theodo IV . HIs ancestry is speculative. (Stewart Baldwin, soc.genealogy.medieval , May 18, 2012). Supposed son of Garibald II, Duke of Ba...

6/12/2007 4/17/2013

Theodebert of the Bavarians MP (c.500 - 535)

"Theodebert", "Theudebert"

10/28/2008 4/16/2013

Agivald, duke of the Bavarians MP (c.503 - c.537)

"Agivald Meldorum", "Agivald de Baviere", "Agivald /von Bavaria/"

Agivald DE BAVIÈRE7,538 was born about 515 in Bavaria, Germany. #Générale# Noble Franc Agilofingien. OCCU ... SOUR e/greenged.html rank Nobelman from Agilolfing blood. - al...

2/8/2007 4/16/2013

Tassilo I, duke of the Bavarians MP (c.560 - c.610)

"Tassilon", "Tossilo", "Tassilo", "Herzog der Bayern"

He was Duke of the Bavarians (591-595), and co-Duke of the Bavarians (595- 609). Wagner thinks that he might have been the son of Duke Garibald I and his wife, Walderada of the Lombards. Other authorit...

7/9/2007 4/16/2013

Garibald II, duke of the Bavarians MP (c.585 - 660)

"Garibald II", "Herzog der Bayern"

He was co-Duke of the Bavarians (609-630), and sole Duke of the Bavarians (630-640). Styrde 611-660 Garibald II (Även Garibaldus Från dynastin i Agilolfinger var cirka 610-630 hertig av Bayern. ...

7/9/2007 4/16/2013

Romilda MP (c.560 - aft.610)

"Romhilde", "Romilda", "Romilde", "Romliac"

- Romilda or Ramhilde (died 611), was a Duchess consort of Friuli by marriage to Duke Gisulf II of Friuli. She served as regent of Friuli in 611, during the invasion of the Pannonian Avars. Romilda was...

8/5/2007 4/16/2013

Agilulf, duke of the Bavarians MP (c.470 - c.512)

"Agiluf", "Agiulf"

Brother-in-law of Cloderic ) Agilulf (Sueben) Agilulf (* um 420; † um 482) war ein Fürst der Sueben und Quaden . Er war vermutlich der Sohn des donau-suebischen Fürsten Hunimund Filius Hermanar...

6/1/2007 3/24/2013

Theodo I, duke of the Bavarians MP (c.465 - c.512)

"Theodon der Bayern"

The early dukes of Bavaria, who emerged under the suzerainty of the Frankish kings in the 6th Century, belonged to the family of the Agilolfings who chose Ratisbon (Regensburg, Bavaria, at the conf...

8/22/2007 3/24/2013

Theodo II, duke of the Bavarians (c.470 - c.537)

"Theo", "Theodon"

Perhaps father of ... der Bayern , the wife of Chloderic the Parricide. Birth 0470 Died 0537 Father Theodon I De Bavière, duke of Bavaria, b. 0436, of Bavaria, Bayern, Germany , d. 0511 (~ 75 yea...

8/22/2007 3/24/2013

--- of the Bavarians MP (c.485 - 512)

The wife of Chloderic the Parricide was an Agilolfing, and a kinswoman of Saint Clothilde, the Burgundian Queen of Clovis the Great. Her ancestry is unknown. She has been speculated as a daughter of:...

3/5/2007 3/24/2013

Gertrudis of the Bavarians MP (c.555 - 649)

"Gertrude", "the Old", "Gertrudis of the Bavarians", "Gertrude de Baviere", "Gertrudis"

Her identity is part of the complex question about the reconstruction of the Arnulfing dynasty. Eckhardt noted that the children of Saint Itta and Pépin of Landen have the Agilolfing names Grimoald, Ge...

2/8/2007 1/19/2013

Aldager I, King of the Bavarians MP (c.415 - 508)


The Bavarians ("men from Bohemia") were not originally an historic tribe, like the Goths, Saxons, Vandals and Svear, but a confederation like the Alemanni ("all men") and the Franks ("the free").

5/21/2008 4/2/2012

Gondoald, count of Meaux MP (c.524 - d.)

"Gondebald", "Gondoald", "Gundoald"

12/5/2007 4/2/2012

Gundoald I, duke of Asti MP (c.565 - 616)

"Gundoald", "Gundwald"

Gundoald or Gundwald (c.565–616) was a Bavarian nobleman of the Agilolfing family, a son of Duke Garibald I and Walderada, and the Duke of Asti from sometime around 589. When Childébert of Metz broke...

9/7/2007 4/2/2012

Garibald I, duke of the Bavarians MP (c.525 - c.596)

"Garibaldi", "Garibaldo", "Garibald I. Agolfing", "Duke of Bayaria", "Herzog von Bayern", "Garibald", "Herzog der Bayern"

- Garibaldo married Valdrada in 555, daughter of Wacho, king of the Lombards, widow of Frankish king Thibaut, divorced wife of his great-uncle and successor Clotaire I. She gives birth: probably ...

2/8/2007 4/2/2012

Guntruda von Bayern MP (c.662 - c.744)

"Guntrud", "Guntrude"

"At this time king Liutprand ... took in marriage Guntrut, the daughter of Teutpert, duke of the Bavarians with whom he had lived in exile, and from her he begot one daughter only." (Paul the Deacon, H...

6/12/2007 4/1/2012

Swanachilde of the Bavarians MP (b. - 741)

"Suanhilde", "Sunihilde", "Swanchilde", "Sonichilde", "Svanilde", "Swanahilde", "Swanachild", "Svanhild", "Sonichilde (Duchess of Nanks)", "Martel"

Sunihilde Swanhilde Dutchess of Nank Sonichilde Her ancestry is uncertain. The Royal Frankish Annals calls her a niece of Odilo, Duke of the Bavarians. Sir Anthony Wagner identifies her as a daughter...

6/12/2007 4/1/2012

Hugobert, Duke of Bavaria MP (c.657 - c.735)

"Hucbert", "Hugbert"

6/12/2007 4/1/2012

Tassilo II, duke of Bavaria MP (c.690 - c.719)

From Wikepedia: Tassilo II (died c.719) was a ruler in southern Germany. He was the son, probably third, of Theodo of Bavaria and Folchaid. Sometime before 715, Theodo divided his duchy and associa...

9/10/2011 4/1/2012

Pilitrud von Bayern (c.706 - d.)

"Piltrude", "Pilltrude"

6/19/2008 4/1/2012

Ita MP (c.635 - c.660)

"Uda", "Ita"

Parents unknown. Paulus Diaconus records that "Grimuald" had "Romualdum filium et duas filias" by "captiva puella, sed tamen nobili…Ita" --- Uta de Bavaria (auch Ita; 7. Jhd.) war eine bairis...

4/1/2012 4/1/2012

Duke Chrodoald MP (c.585 - bef.626)

"Garibaldi", ""the nimble-tongued""

Chrodoald (?-625/6) was a Lombard duke, but not the son of King Agilulf. He was one of the leading men of the Agilolfings. MedLands CHRODOALD, son of --- (-murdered [625/26]). Fredegar records that...

6/21/2007 4/1/2012

Lantpert, duke of Bavaria MP (c.636 - c.680)

"Lambert", "Landbert", "Landfried"

According to the Vita Hamhrammi by Arbeo, bishop of Freising, Lantpert is the murderer of the Saint Emmeram [1]. Emmeram had been a guest of the ducal court for three years, where he was known for hi...

3/25/2011 4/1/2012

Theodo II, duke of Bavaria MP (c.625 - 716)

"Theodo", "Theodo V", "Theodo II", "Theodon", "Théodon", "Herzog von Bayern"

His ancestry is unknown, although he is often called a son of Theodo I . (Stewart Baldwin, soc.genealogy.medieval , May 18, 2012). Analysis by Ben Angel Ben M. Angel notes: The main event that seem...

4/12/2007 3/31/2012

Theudebert II, duke of Bavaria MP (c.685 - c.719)

"Theodebert", "Theudebert", "Theotpert", "Theodo", "Agilofing"

historical [modern] placenames: birth & death - Duchy of Bavaria, Kingdom of the Franks [Free State of Bavaria, Germany] The Duchy of Bavaria was, from the sixth through the eighth century, a frontie...

6/12/2007 3/31/2012