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Katherine Anne Jensen Hoffman (1936 - 2018)

"Claudia Arlyne Philippi Hoffman"

1/26/2018 4/17/2019

Blithildis MP (b. - 580)

"of Sassons / Blithilda", "Blithildes", "Blithildis", "Blithilt", "Blithilde", "Bilichilde", "Bilichildis", "Blithildiso", "Britilde", "Briquilda"

Blithildes or Bilichilde (c538-c603). Her ancestry is unknown (Weis, Ancestral Roots 180:5). However, the earliest sources, which tried to connect the Carolingians to the Merovingian dynasty they displ...

1/25/2007 11/21/2013

Saint Beggue of Austrasia MP (613 - 693)

"Bega", "Begga", "Beggue", "Beggule", "Begue", "Beggue /Of Landen/", "St Beggue /Austrasia/", "DE VROME ABDIS", "Saint", ">St. Begga (~620-694)< of Heristal", "Beggule von Heristal", "of Brabant", "Abbess of Andenne", "Saint Beggue of Austrasia", "Saint Beggue / Begga de Landen", "a..."

Saint Begga ( Begue , Begge ) (615-693), daughter of Pepin of Landen, mayor of the palace of Austrasia, and his wife Itta. She built a convent at Andenne sur Meuse. She is venerated as a saint (Septemb...

2/7/2007 5/20/2011

Theodoric III, king of the Franks MP (652 - 690)

"Thierry", "Theuderic", "Theodoric", "/Theodoric/ III", "King of Neustria and Austrasia", "Also known as ‘Theuderich’ ‘Theoderic’ ‘Theodoric’ ‘Thierry’", "(Diederik)", "King Thierry III of the /Franks/", "Theuderic III (or Theuderich", "Theoderic", "or Theodoric; in French"

Theuderic III (or Theuderich, Theoderic, or Theodoric; in French, Thierry) (654 – 691) was the king of Neustria (including Burgundy) on two occasions (673 and 675 – 691) and king of Austrasia from 679 ...

3/17/2007 5/20/2011

Martin de Laon MP (647 - 678)

"Hardrad", "Martin", "Martijn"

He was Count of Laon in the late 7th century. His ancestry is unknown. It has been speculated that he was the husband of Bertrada de Prüm , and father of her children, but this is not confirmed by any ...

2/8/2007 5/20/2011

Saint Leutwinus, Bishop of Trèves MP (c.665 - 722)

"Liutvin", "Leudwinus", "Leutwin", "Leutwinus", "Lievin", "Liéven", "Liutwin", "St. Leutwinus", "Saint Liévin de Trèves", "Santo", "Conde de Paris"

Leudwinus ( St. Leudwinus , Leutwinus , Lievin , Liutwin ) (about 660 - 722), was Count and bishop of Trier, 697-715 or 685-704. His parents were Warinus, Count of Poitiers (638-677) and Kunza of Metz,...

3/8/2007 5/19/2011

Chlotilde of Burgundy MP (c.466 - 545)

"Chlotilde", "of France", "Chrotechildis", "Chlothilde", "St Chrotechilde de Bougogne", "Clotilda", "St.Clotilde", "Sainta Clotilde de Borganha", "Clothilde", "Clotild", "Rotilde or Chroctechildis", "Chlotilde “the Holy” de Bourgogne", "Clothilda", "the Burgundian Queen of Clovis I"

Chlotilde of Burgundy Daughter of Chilpéric II, king of the Burgundians and Carétène or Agrippina de Burgondie Saint Clotilde of Burgundy also known as Clothilde, Clotilda, Clotild, Rotilde or ...

3/8/2007 5/19/2011

Oda, abbess of Amay MP (c.555 - 634)

"Chrodaire", "Chrodoare", "Dode", "Oda", "de Suavian", "de Heristal", "Ode", "Clothilde", "of Savoie", "van Zwaben", "of Swabia"

Sainte Oda, abbesse d'Arnay Oda () "The Sueve" [aka: Saint;A Suevian] She was Abbess of Amay (589 CE). She was a Suevian. (Weis, 190:7). Oda Female Oda||p30539.htm|Duke Bodegisel I|d. 581|p30...

4/10/2007 5/19/2011

Saint Arnoul, Bishop of Metz MP (c.582 - 640)

"Arnoul (St Arnoul) "de Heristal" Bishop of Metz", "Arnulf"

Arnulf (or Arnoul ), Bishop of Metz. Venerated in Roman Catholic Church Feast July 18, Patron Saint of beer brewing, Stammvater und Hausheiliger der Karolinger. His ancestry is uncertain. He was prob...

1/25/2007 5/19/2011

Bodegisel II, duke of Aquitaine MP (c.550 - 584)

"Baudgise", "Baudegisel", "Bodegiesel", "Bodogisel", "Boggis", "Bohggis", "Borogiso", "d'Herstal", "d'Aquitaine", "of Aquitaine", "Duque Gobernador de Aquitania", "van Aquitanie", "Bodegiesel II", "duke of Aquitaine"

Bodegisel II (Borogiso II of Aquitaine, Bodegiesel II, Governor of Aquitaine) was born 565 C.E. in Aquitaine, France. He was the Governor of Aquitaine. He died about 610 C.E. in Carthage, Africa, being...

2/7/2007 5/19/2011

Mundéric, lord of Vitry-en-Perthois MP (c.495 - c.532)

"Munderic", "Mundéric", "de Cologne"

Munderic (c495-c532), Lord of Vitry-en-Parthois. He claimed to be son of Clodéric "the Parricide" but there is room for doubt. He was very young in 509 when his father was killed. He claimed the throne...

2/7/2007 5/19/2011

Mummolin, Mayor of the Palace of Neustria MP (520 - c.566)

"(Nomble)", "Mumolin", "Mummolin des Francs Ripuaires", "Mummolene"

He was perhaps Mayor of the Palace of Neustria. Some sources call him Count of Soissons. He was a son or son-in-law of Mundéric . His wife was probably an unnamed daughter of Mundéric ,His wife...

2/7/2007 5/19/2011

Oda, a Suevian MP (c.562 - d.)

"Oda /Of Saxony/", "Ada of /Swabia/", "Oda Of /Heristal/", "Itite of Gascony", "St. Oda", "St. Chrodoara", "Oda of Herstal", "von Sachsen", "of Saxony", "Oda Of Saxony or Dode de Heristal Of Swabia"

Her parentage is unknown. She was a Suevian. On that basis, many assign her as a daughter of one Duke of Swabia or another. The French Wikipedia page on Arnoald: casts some doubt about the name o...

2/7/2007 5/19/2011

Arnoaldus, Bishop of Metz MP (c.540 - c.611)

"Arnoald", "Arnoaldus", "Arnoldus", "Arnual", "Arnulf", "Arnold", "of Saxony", "van Saksen", "de Saxe", "Bishop of Metz", "Saint Arnoaldus XXVII De Schelde", "evêque de Metz", "Marquis de Schelde", "Arnoald Duc de Suave"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Arnoald, also called Arnoldus or Arnual (ca 560 – ca 611), was a Bishop of Metz between 601 and 609 or 611, the successor of Agilulf, and a Margrave of Schelde. ...

1/25/2007 5/19/2011

Ansegisel de Metz MP (c.602 - c.662)

"Ansigisel", "Ansigue", "Anchises", "Ansegus", "Ansegisel", "Anseguis", "Anségisel", "Ansgise", "Ansigise", "Ansigisen", "Ansegise", "Ansegisel Arnulfien", "Anségisel de Metz", "Arnulfing", "Aldegisel de Neustrie / Ansigisel de Metz", "maire du palais d'Austrasie", "Hausmeier von Aust..."

Ansegisel . He was a Vir inlustris, and domesticus (632-638) for Siegebert III of Austrasia. There is no contemporary evidence that he was Mayor of the Palace. His father was Arnulf, and his mother is ...

1/25/2007 5/19/2011

Charlemagne MP (742 - 814)

"Karolus Magnus", "Karl 1 den store", "Charlemagne", "Carlos Magno", "Karl der Grosse; Charles the Great", "Charles the Great"

Charlemagne (English: Charles the Great, German: Karl der Grosse, French: Charles le Grand, Latin: Carolus Magnus, Dutch: Karel de Grote), King of Neustria (768-771), King of the Franks (771-814), King...

1/25/2007 5/18/2011

Rotrude MP (c.694 - 724)

"Chlotrude", "Chrotrude", "Chrothrud", "Chrothrudis", "Chrotrudis", "Chroutrud", "Hrotrud", "Hortrudis", "Rothaïde", "Rotrou", "Routrou", "Rotruda", "Rotrude", "Rotrudis", "Ruodhaid", "Ruadhoid", "Rotrodis de Treves"

Rotrude , Rotrou or Chrotrudis (c690-724), wife of Charles Martel. Her ancestry is speculative and has been much debated. Various reconstructions make her the daughter of (1) Saint Leutwinus , Bishop o...

2/7/2007 5/18/2011

Charles Martel MP (676 - 741)

"The Hammer", "Maior domus of Austrasia", ""The Hammer"", "Duc de Antrim", "Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia", "The Hammer of God", ""Martel"", "Duke and prince of Franks"

Charles "The Hammer" Martel was the defacto King of the Franks from 737-741 (Officially he was Duke and Prince of the Franks). He was also known as a great general, and is most famous for his vic...

1/25/2007 5/18/2011

NN MP (deceased)

"Gisela?", "Bertrada? Wife of Charibert de Laon"

the name of Charibert's wife is not known. Some suggest it was Gisele Burial: Saint Denis Basilique Saint-Denis Departement de Seine-Saint-Denis Île-de-France, France

6/15/2007 5/18/2011

Charibert, count of Laon MP (bef.696 - 747)

"Canbert", "Caribert", "Charibert", "Claribert", "Haribert", "Hardrad", "Herbert", "Héribert", "Heribert", "Charibert or Heribert De Laon", "count de Laon"

Please provide supporting sources here for assertions like "could be Flore, King of Hungary" or "Hardrade", or listing exact dates when only approximate dates are documented in known sources. Thanks ...

2/8/2007 5/18/2011

Pépin III, King of the Franks MP (c.715 - 768)

"Pepin the Short", "Pepin Caroling the Younger", "King Pepin the Short of the Franks and Mayor of the Palaces of Neustria and Austrasia", "Pâepin le Bref", "Pepin The Short ; Pepin the Younger", "il Breve", "den Lille", "; le Bref", "Pepin III Krótki", "P.....", "Duke of B..."

From the English Wikipedia page on Pepin III The Short: and in French: and in Dutch: and in German: üngere Pepin or Pippin (714 – 24 September 768), called the Short, and often known as Pepin...

1/25/2007 5/18/2011

Bertha Broadfoot of Laon, Queen of the Franks MP (727 - 783)

"Bertha", "de Grote Voet", "au Grand Pied", "de grote voeten"

Info on Find a grave From the English Wikipedia page on Bertrada of Laon Bertrada of Laon , also called Bertha Broadfoot (cf. latin: Regina pede aucae i.e. the queen with the goose-foot), (710/27...

2/8/2007 5/18/2011