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John Johnson, Ancient Planter MP (c.1590 - c.1636)

Buried in Travis Cemetery, Jamestown, Virginia. The following was contributed by Gladys Johnson and Stacey Penman: Occupation: Yeoman (small farmer or freeholder) Property: Abt 1620, Received a gra...

7/31/2007 11/29/2016

William III "Immigrant" Presley MP (1608 - 1657)


When William Presley wrote his will, his son William was of age and his son Peter was not. However, by 1652 when they signed the Oath of Allegiance Peter has reached the age of 21. William Presley’...

6/19/2007 3/17/2016

Will of Stephen Horsey Will of Stephen Horsey Sr., Prerogative Court Record 1635- 1674, (microfilm, Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture at Salisbury University, SR 4396) pp. 458-9 ...

3/3/2009 3/14/2016

On July 3, 1624, Mrs. Dorcas Foster was married at St. Dunstan's Church, in Stepney, London, England to Bartholomew Hoskins of Jamestown, Virginia and London, England. Dorcas Foster was described as a ...

3/26/2008 11/11/2015

Served as a burgess.

7/16/2008 8/15/2015

Matthew Strickland, II MP (1663 - 1730)

May have been born Crosthwaite Parish, Cumbria, England. died Bef. October 25, 1730 in Newport Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA Notes for Matthew M. Strickland, Jr.: A second source gives his birth ...

3/30/2007 8/6/2015

Gabriel Archer was a gentleman and attorney of Warwick, England, sailed from Falmouth, England, 26 March 1602 with the expedition under the command of Bartholomew Gosnold and explored the coast of New ...

11/25/2010 7/28/2015

Richard Bland (August 11, 1665 – April 1720), sometimes known as Richard Bland of Jordan's Point, was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. He was the father of Richard Bland II, the son of Theo...

6/2/2007 7/28/2015

Dr. John Woodson, of Flowerdew Hundred MP (c.1586 - 1644)

"Dr. John Woodson"

John Woodson is listed as head of household and Sarah Woodson is listed as his wife in the muster for Peirseys hundred (Jan. 1, 1624/1625). The same muster also gives their ship (the George ) and their...

4/9/2007 7/26/2015

Anthony Barham MP (1595 - c.1641)

In 1626 Anthony Barham had a patent of 100 acres next to Capt. Nathaniel Basse's on the James River in Isle of Wight, (V.M., 7, p. 218) In March, 1629-1630 he was a member of the House of Burgesses fro...

7/3/2011 7/26/2015

Major Robert Beverley, of Jamestown MP (1641 - 1687)


Robert Beverley Birth: 1641 Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire, England Death: Mar. 15, 1687 Jamestown James City County Virginia, USA Son of Peter Beverly and Susannah Hollis Married 1) Mary ...

11/27/2008 7/22/2015

William Gwaltney MP (1655 - bef.1732)

William Gwaltney (c. 1655-1732) Like his father, William also was primarily a farmer. He did receive some education because it was stipulated in the marriage agreement between Martha and her third husb...

11/20/2007 7/21/2015

John Lightfoot MP (c.1580 - 1628)

JOHN LIGHTFOOT, b. abt. 1580, Eng; d. 1628/19; marr. UNKown; ISSUE: 1. Alice Notes for John & Alice Lightfoot: 1) 21 Jan 1628/29, General Court, probate of nuncupative Will of John Lightfoote (who owne...

1/4/2009 7/14/2015

Richmond Terrell MP (1624 - 1680)

"Richland Terrell", "Richmond Tyrell"

Came to Virginia from Reading, Berkshire, England about 1656, bought lands, also had a grant of 640 acres in New Kent on the west side of the York River, November 28, 1658 and too another grant of land...

6/26/2007 7/2/2015

Lt. Col. Nathaniel West MP (c.1592 - 1623)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Search Results | Print -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nathaniel WEST (AFN: LSF2-S1) Pedi...

12/24/2007 9/24/2014

Two ships John & Francis and Phoenix, collectively known as "the First Supply," left London for the newly established settlement in Virginia.—"Edward Gurgana" was one of those on board the Phoenix. The...

8/24/2008 5/17/2014

Col. John Flood MP (1591 - bef.1658)

"Fludd", "John Fludd"

John Flood Born 18 Mar 1590/91 Brasted, Kent, England Gender Male Died Bef 14 Nov 1658 Surry County, Virginia Family Margaret, widow of William Finch, b. Bef 1600, England Married...

11/5/2007 3/5/2014

Allen Warren, Sr. MP (1662 - 1738)

Updated from MyHeritage Match via daughter Mary Clarke (born Warren) by SmartCopy : Sep 28 2014, 11:01:15 UTC

5/6/2007 6/28/2013

Capt. Thomas Warren MP (1624 - 1670)

Thomas Warren , Gentleman, is thought to have been born at Ripple Court, Kent, England and is thought to have been the same that died in Surry County, Virginia. He came to Virginia in 1640, served as a...

10/12/2009 6/21/2013

There was no such person as Adria Gugurny (sp ?). This has been disproven. If you look in Volume Ii of ADVENTURERS OF PERSON AND PERSON, edition published in honor of the 400th founding of Jamestown by...

6/23/2007 4/9/2013

William Spencer, Ancient Planter MP (c.1560 - 1654)

"Ensign William Spense of Mulberry Island"

Possible date of birth 1576. He had four children: William, Alice, Ann and Elizabeth. Two children survived to adulthood: Elizabeth and Ann. Married Alice [Lightfoot?] and reportedly had a second w...

7/31/2007 4/9/2013

Robert Sweete born Norfolk, Wyndomshire, England. (Alt. dob September 10, 1599.) Late 1500's,, arrived in Elizabeth Cittee VA in 1618 on the Ship Neptune.Was a member of the House of Burgess, listed in...

10/6/2009 3/16/2013

Richard Kingsmill MP (1604 - c.1638)

Served as a representative from James City in the General Assemblies of 1624, 1625, and 1629.

1/2/2009 2/23/2013

Sir Thomas Willoughby b. 1587 England d. bef Apr 1657. parents: Thomas Willoughby b: 1571 in Bore Place, Kent, England & Elizabeth Middleton b: 1575 in Kent, England The name of his wife is unp...

7/18/2007 11/6/2012

Rev. Samuel Maycock, Ancient Planter MP (bef.1594 - 1622)


Upon his arrival in the Virginia colony, Samuel MAYCOCK was made a member of the Council in the first Virginia General Assembly in 1619 by Sir George YEARDLEY and continued in office under Sir Franci...

5/11/2007 9/5/2012

Sarah Pace, Jamestown Orphan MP (c.1621 - 1655)

"Maycox", "Maycocks", "Maycocke"

Sarah Maycock "the Jamestown orphan" Birth: 1621 - Jamestown, James City, Virginia Death: 1655 - , Virginia, USA Parents: Samuel Maycock, Mary Pierce Husband: George Pace AKA: Maycox, Mayco...

5/11/2007 9/5/2012

Thomas Gray, Ancient Planter MP (1595 - 1654)

9/15/2007 4/29/2012

Capt. William Perry of Westover, Ancient Planter MP (1592 - 1637)

"Guilielemus Perrye"

Isabella was widowed in her mid-thirties and quickly remarried her husband’s good friend and neighbor, William Perry. Their remarriage was necessary, as in all frontier communities, for the shelter and...

3/27/2011 2/12/2012

Isabella Menife MP (1589 - 1629)

"Isabella (Smyth) Pace Perry Menife"

a record of May 9, 1625, shows that Isabella, now known as Mistress Perry, testified at a witchcraft trial. from Part Two: On From Jamestown. By Martha Pace Gresham We must talk of Isabella Smy...

5/11/2007 2/12/2012

Richard Pace, Jr., Ancient Planter MP (c.1580 - 1627)


Richard Pace, "Ancient Planter" Parents: Richard Pace, Alice Reade Married: Isabella Smyth ----------------------------------------------------------------- Jamestown was saved by the war...

5/11/2007 2/12/2012

John Price, Ancient Planter MP (c.1584 - c.1628)

John Price was born about 1584 in Brecknock, Wales. He died between 1628 and 1630 at the age of 44 in Virginia. The term "Ancient Planter" is applied to those persons who arrived in Virginia before 161...

7/19/2007 10/4/2011

William Capps (occasionally spelled Capp or Cappes) was born in Norfolk County, England in or around 1575.[1] William married Catherine Jernagin (also spelt Katheryn Jermingham) in Norwich, Norfolk Cou...

5/10/2011 8/18/2011

Capt. William Powell MP (c.1577 - 1623)

William Powell was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1619. Shortly after the massacre in 1622, Sir George Yeardly, Captain William Powell, and Captain Richard Butler each took a company an...

12/31/2007 8/18/2011

Thomas "The Ensign" Savage MP (c.1594 - bef.1633)

"Ensign Thomas Savage Ancient Planter", "Ensign Thomas Savage"

Thomas 'the Ensign' Savage Birth; circa 1594 Possibly OF, Chester, Cheshire , England Death: 1633 (35-43) Savage Neck, Northampton County, Virginia Parents: unknown Spouse: Hannah 'Ann' (Elki...

7/12/2008 8/18/2011

Francis Mason, Jr., Ancient Planter MP (c.1584 - 1648)

"Ancient Planter"

Lt. Francis Mason (1st), Cavalier & Adventurer, and Ancient Planter of Jamestown, Virginia Company. Lt. Francis Mason (1), is the American Patriarch of this genealogy (Torrence & Allied Families) arriv...

7/23/2007 8/17/2011

John Johnson, Jr., of Jamestown MP (c.1623 - 1681)

John Johnson, born about 1590, earned the title of 'Yeoman and Ancient Planter' by arriving in Virginia before 1616, remaining for at least three years, surviving the massacre of 22 March 1622, and r...

7/31/2007 8/17/2011

Capt. William Tucker, of Kiccowtan MP (1589 - bef.1644)

"William Tucker of London merchant"

Capt. William Tucker Birth: 7 Jan 1589 in Cornwall, Engl Christening: 6 Apr 1589 St Nicholas Acons, London, Engl Death: Feb 1643/1644 in Engl Burial: Feb 1643/1644 Engl Father: John Tucker...

7/31/2007 8/17/2011

8/2/2011 8/2/2011

Thomas Garnett, Ancient Planter , (1) was born in 1585, probably in Lancashire, England. He died after 1635 probably in Essex County, Virginia. Parents: not proven (see Family Notes) perhaps Robert G...

7/5/2008 4/30/2011

Capt. Jabez Whitaker MP (1595 - 1626)

(Ancestors Gladys Clifton Wallace) Jabez Whitaker, youngest son of Dr. William A. Whitaker and his second wife, Joan Taylor, was born in Dec 1595, a few days after Dr. William A. Whitaker died. Joa...

3/30/2008 1/27/2011

John Graye Proctor, Ancient Planter MP (1583 - bef.1627)


Additional Curator's Notes It is extremely important when working with the Proctor immigrants to Virginia and Massachusetts to trace the line back to England as well as forward to the Colonies. ALL o...

2/7/2009 1/27/2011

William Richardson, Sr. MP (c.1640 - 1697)

"Preacher William Richardson"

William RICHARDSON , Sr.(son of Robert RICHARDSON and Susannah SMITH) was born on 3 Apr 1640 in Nunwick Hall, Cumberland, England. He was a Quaker - Minister of the West River Meeting in Anne Arundel, ...

3/29/2007 1/16/2011

Anne Clay, Ancient Planter MP (c.1589 - bef.1638)

"Claye", "Not Anne Nichols", "Not Anne Gaskell"

JOHN CLAY (Called "The English Grenadier"), b. ca 1592, probably Monmouthshire, Wales; d. ca 1638, Charles City Co., Va; md. ca 1623, probably at Jamestown to ANNE _____. Who arrived in 1623 on the "AN...

2/18/2007 12/23/2010

Susan Warren MP (1597 - 1673)

She was not the wife of Thomas Warren. "Susan the relict of Robert Greenleafe" married Thomas Markham on 11 July 1636. On 11 July 1637 there is a reference to Susan Markham, relict of Robert Greenleafe...

7/28/2007 12/11/2010

He came to Virginia on the Tryall in August 1610. He made two more trips in 1618 and in 1620. In 1624, he brought his young wife, Susan, aged 23, and their two children, Thomas, aged 3 and Anne, aged 2...

7/28/2007 12/11/2010

Elizabeth Lupo / Chandler MP (bef.1593 - 1635)


Possibly the BEST contender for the 'Elizabeth Bassano' who is listed as married to Albanus Lupo although there is no documented proof of even that she was a Bassano….. However, Albanus' Uncle Joseph...

12/30/2007 12/11/2010

Lieutenant Albiano Lupo MP (c.1579 - bef.1626)

"Albanus Lupo"

From Among the second wave of settlers in 1610, a gentleman by the name of Albiano Lupo arrived in America onboard a ship called The Swan. Predating the Pilgrims by ten years, Albiano, ...

6/28/2008 12/11/2010

No record has been found of Joseph's activities in Virginia between his arrival in 1613 and the muster of Virginia settlers in February 1624/25 in which he is listed at Elizabeth City with his wife E...

8/12/2009 12/10/2010

Jane Jane Flinton MP (c.1576 - aft.1651)

No record has been found of Joseph's activities in Virginia between his arrival in 1613 and the muster of Virginia settlers in February 1624/25 in which he is listed at Elizabeth City with his wife...

8/12/2009 12/10/2010

George Sandys, who served as Jamestown's inaugural resident treasurer from 1621-25, sold his 400 northside acres in James City to Edward Grendon in the 1620s. When Grendon passed away in 1628, he left ...

7/25/2008 12/10/2010

Governor Sir George Yeardley MP (1588 - 1627)

Temperance Flowerdew is documented as a wife of Governor Sir George Yeardley. Alice Bradley and Sarah NN are not. Sir George Yeardley (1587 - 1627) was a plantation owner and three time colonial Go...

5/1/2008 12/7/2010

Temperance West, Lady Yeardley MP (c.1587 - 1628)

"Barrow", "Yeardley", "West"

Temperance (Flowerdew) Yeardley West died intestate in December 1628 (per Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary, by Martha W. McCartney). The three children of Geo...

12/24/2007 12/7/2010

Capt. Thomas Graves, Gent. MP (c.1584 - 1635)

From the Graves Family Association page covering ongoing research into the Graves family history: CAPT. THOMAS GRAVES OF VA, ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS WHAT IS KNOWN: Not only is Capt. Thomas Gr...

3/19/2007 11/30/2010

Unity Croshaw MP (c.1570 - 1624)


Per Tana Anderson (August 11, 2017): There is not a chance that this woman was English. If anything, she was a Pamunkey... This woman's lineage is unknown, but since he lived with the tribes at Werow...

1/20/2007 11/7/2010

Capt. Raleigh Croshaw, Ancient Planter MP (c.1584 - 1667)

"Joseph Crosher / Ralph Croshaw"

Raleigh Croshaw (sometimes spelled Crashaw or Crowshaw) was born in 1584 in Croshaw, Lancashire, England. He was the son of Joseph Croshaw (b.1561). Raleigh came to Jamestown in the Second Supply the...

1/20/2007 11/7/2010

Joseph Cobb MP (c.1588 - 1653)

     No record has been found of Joseph in Virginia between his arrival in 1613 and the muster of Virginia settlers in February 1624/25 in which he is listed at Elizabeth City with his wife Elizabeth, ...

9/16/2007 11/7/2010

John Chandler, Sr. MP (c.1600 - c.1658)

From The Chandler Family Association: The Chandler Family Association John Chandler of Virginia 1600 - 1658 NOTE: This is a biographical sketch. Many more details are to be found in the March...

3/11/2007 11/7/2010

William Burdette MP (1580 - 1643)


11/11/2008 11/7/2010

John L. Brewer, II MP (1614 - 1669)

Was not married to Ann Skinner 4th generation: John Brewer II, married Anne Reade. He settled on the 1000-acre grant of his step-father, Rev. Thomas Butler. He also held his father's plantation "...

1/24/2007 11/7/2010

2/24/2009 11/7/2010

John Box MP (1599 - 1636)

4/10/2007 11/7/2010

Richard Biggs, Ancient Planter MP (c.1583 - bef.1626)

The 1624 Jamestown Muster (Census)[1] taken on January 22, 1624/5, shows Richard Biggs, 41, and his wife Sarah, 35, as residents of West & Sherley hundred (sic)in the corporation Charles Cittie (sic). ...

1/3/2008 11/7/2010

Captain Robert Beheathland MP (c.1580 - 1628)

Robert Beheathland was the son of Richard Beheathland of St Endellion, County Cornwall, probably born between 1580 and 1585. When Richard died sometime before October 1635, his will listed two sons, Ro...

3/20/2007 11/7/2010

Mary Beheathland MP (1586 - 1670)

3/20/2007 11/7/2010

Thomas Bagwell MP (c.1642 - 1690)

10/8/2008 11/7/2010

Henry Bagwell MP (1589 - 1660)

Arrived at Jamestown, VA, in May of 1610 on board the Deliverance, which, along with the Patience, was built with Bermudan cedar and recovered timber from the Sea Venture. The Sea Venture had blown off...

10/8/2008 11/7/2010

William Askew MP (1589 - c.1645)

3/25/2007 11/7/2010

Lt. Col. William Andrews, I MP (1592 - 1654)

---William Andrews, Sr. came to VA in 1617. He was Court Commissioner and Burgess 1633 to 1634 in Accomack County, Va.. He was court justice and Lt. Col in militia 1640 to 1655 in Northampton County, V...

12/7/2008 11/7/2010

Captain James Davies, of the "Virginia" MP (c.1580 - bef.1625)

""Ancient Planter" James Davis", "Capt. Jame Davis", "of the Virgina"

From Captain James Davies of the Virginia : Popham colonist and Jamestown settler : ancestor of many of the Boggesses of Harrison County, West Virginia James Davis, son of Thomas Davis, was born in...

10/6/2007 11/6/2010

Rachel Keyes MP (c.1590 - 1633)

"Ancient Planter", "Rachell"

From Captain James Davies of the Virginia : Popham colonist and Jamestown settler : ancestor of many of the Boggesses of Harrison County, West Virginia James Davis, son of Thomas Davis, was born in...

10/6/2007 11/6/2010

Samuel Jordan, of Jordan's Journey MP (1578 - 1623)

"Samuel "Gentleman" Jordan", "Samuel Silas Jordan", "Samuel Jordan of Jordan's Journey"

Please see the site that Erica Howton discovered on the excavation of Jordan's Point and Jordan's Journey. It is fascinating and shows relics recovered (including possibly Samuel Jordan's bones) relate...

7/23/2007 10/30/2010

Capt. John Clay, Ancient Planter MP (c.1588 - c.1635)

"John Claye", ""The English Grenadier""

Captain John Clay came to Jamestown, Virginia aboard the "Treasurer," in 1613. A soldier in the British army, John gained the rank of Captain by the age of 21 and was sent to Virginia to control proble...

2/18/2007 10/30/2010

Dianna Clarke MP (c.1580 - 1596)

11/8/2008 10/30/2010

Edward Clark, Ancient Planter of Virginia MP (1603 - c.1666)


"After Mary Morton died, John Clarke may have married Sybil Farrar on 18 Apr 1610 in St. Mary Morton, Stepney Parish, London, England. My feeling is that a different John Clark married Sybil." He was...

11/8/2008 10/30/2010

Col. William Claiborne MP (c.1600 - c.1677)

"William Cleybourne", "William Clayborne"

William Claiborne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Secretary of State for the Virginia Colony In office 1626–1634 Parliamentary Commissioner and Secretary of the Virginia Colony In office 1648...

3/15/2007 10/30/2010

Captain John Rolfe, Ancient Planter MP (bef.1585 - bef.1622)

"John Rolfe"

John Rolfe , son of John Rolfe and Dorothea Mason, was born in 1585 in England and died in 1622 in Jamestown Settlement, Virginia. Married (1) Sarah Hacker, died in Bermuda; (2) Pocahontas, died in Eng...

2/23/2007 10/22/2010

Adria Harris MP (c.1604 - 1656)

"Harris; Adria", "Adia", "Audry", "Andria", "Adria", "Audria"

See the "About Me" for Capt. Harris, Sr.'s profile for more info. ************* Andria Gurganey was not the wife of Thomas Harris I just recently was approved as a member of the Jamestowne ...

6/23/2007 10/21/2010

Cecily Reynolds MP (c.1601 - 1660)

"Sisley Greene", "Cicely Bayley", "Cecily Jordan", "Cicily Farrar", "Sisley", "The first southern belle", "Cicely", "Cecily", "Baley", "Farrar", "REYNOLDS", "Jordon", "Jordan"

Cicely Reynolds , born betw 1593 and 1604 in Dorset, England; died 1677 in Farrar's Island, Henrico Co., VA. She was also known as Sisley or Cesley Greene, Reynolds, Farrar, Jordan, Bayley , and Montag...

1/25/2007 10/21/2010

Mary Boulding MP (1590 - 1670)

Mary BOWLING [Parents] was born about 1590. She married Thomas BOULDING III before 1610. They had the following children: M i Thomas BOULDIN was born 1618 in Virginia. M ii William BO...

7/5/2007 10/21/2010

Capt. John Ward, Ancient Planter MP (c.1598 - aft.1623)

"Warde", "Ancient Planter and Mariner"

Charles E. Hatch, Jr. in his book, The First Seventeen Years Virginia 1607-1624 (pp 73-74) writes that CAPTAIN JOHN WARD arrived in the Colony of Virginia on April 22, 1619 aboard the ship Sampson with...

10/28/2007 10/21/2010

John Burrows, Sr. MP (1594 - 1628)

"John Burris", "Burras", "Burrus", "Burroughs"

Information from: The Families of LOU DRAPER & CHARLIE MARTIN of Johnson and Henry Counties, Missouri" by James M McMillen, Arlington, Texas. Published in .pdf format 13 January 2010 THE BURRUS NAME ...

10/11/2008 10/21/2010

Rev. Richard Bucke MP (c.1580 - c.1624)


Richard Bucke was an Anglican minister who came to Jamestown in 1610, performed the marriage ceremony for Pocahontas and John Rolfe in 1614, and in 1619 opened with prayer the first legislative assembl...

10/11/2008 10/21/2010

William Bowlding, Sr. MP (1624 - 1671)


The Bouldin Saga by Katherine Harbury states that the first provable was William l born about 1624-1630 and married Rachael Lewis? from which he later separated. His marriage to Rachael is devoid of su...

7/5/2007 10/20/2010

William Coxe, Ancient Planter MP (c.1598 - 1656)

"Cox", "Cocke", "William Coxe", "Ancient Planter"

William Coxe was born in 1598 in England, and was 12 years old when he came to Virginia in 1610. He arrived in the Godspeed on June 10, 1610, in the party of Thomas West, Third Lord De La Warr. He may ...

8/17/2007 10/20/2010

Thomas Boulding, III MP (1579 - 1655)

Thomas BOULDIN b. 13 Aug 1579, Warwickshire, England, (son of Thomas BOULDING and Elinor ASTON) m. BEFORE 1610, in England, Mary UNKNOWN, US Immigration: 1610, Near or in Jamestown Colony. Thomas d...

7/5/2007 10/20/2010