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Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) KRUGERSDORP Kamp/Camp

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  • Stephanus Petrus Vrey (1879 - 1944)
    Marriage 1904 Bethal Civil Death 1944 Johannesburg Grave at Johannesburg British concentration camp Krugersdorp Added by AR Swanepoel
  • Magdalena Susanna Vrey (1892 - 1963)
    British concentration camp Krugersdorp Added by AR Swanepoel Personal Details Name: Miss Magdalina Vrey Born in camp? No Died in camp? No Gender: female Race: white Marital status: single Nationality:...
  • Johannes Jacobus Vrey (1886 - 1942)
    British concentration camp Krugersdorp Added by AR Swanepoel Personal Details Name: Mr Johannes Jac Vrey Born in camp? No Died in camp? No Gender: male Race: white Marital status: single Nationality: ...
  • Jacoba Johanna Scott (1882 - 1964)
    ABO Concentration Camp British concentration camp Krugersdorp Added by AR Swanepoel Personal Details Name: Miss Jacoba Johanna Vrey Born in camp? No Died in camp? No Gender: female Race: white Mar...
  • Daniël Cornelis Vrey (1878 - 1942)
    Baptism 1878 Potchefstroom Grave at Randfontein British concentration camp Krugersdorp Added by AR Swanepoel Personal Details Name: Mr Daniel Cornelius Vrey Born in camp? No


The object of this project is to provide information about the Krugersdorp ABW Camp and to identify those inmates whose profiles and families are on Geni.

Please add the names and links to the profiles of those who are on Geni who were in the Camp in the list below.

Camp Details
Type: white / black Date closed: 31/10/1902


The origin of the Krugersdorp Cemetery situated in Burgershoop dates back to the origin of the town. It was the only cemetery for town’s people of all colour or creed until 1938 when the cemetery opposite to the Sterkfontein Hospital was established. The main entrance to the Krugersdorp cemetery with guard house and office for the caretaker was erected in 1912 and it forms an integral part of the historical significance of the cemetery. Separate sections in the cemetery for Blacks and Indians away form that of White people reflects the social discrepancies at the time. The cemetery also has a separate section for Jewish citizens, which were still in use until recent years. The Concentration Camp-graves (Anglo-Boer War) was “renovated” in 1944 by local Afrikaner Cultural Groups (Suid-Afrikaanse Vrouefederasie, Krugerdag-Feeskommissie, Reddingsdaadbond, and Helpmekaarbeweging) as it was much neglected at the time. The result of this action was that all the graves are now identical in size and setup, which gives the false impression that it is the graves of children, whilst it is in fact the graves of all the deceased from the concentration camp. A memorial (obelisk) was also erected at the time. The names of the deceased unfortunately are not known due to the non-existence of grave numbers. A wall separates the concentration camp graves from that of the Muslim and Black sections of the cemetery. The group of graves in the Krugersdorp cemetery relates to the White women, children and elderly whom had died in the Krugersdorp Concentration Camp only. Although Krugersdorp also had a concentration camp for black people on the farm Waterval, the exact location of the graves of deceased inhabitants could not yet be found. A possibility exist that deceased of the Black concentration camp could have been buried in the section for Blacks in die the Krugersdorp cemetery, but no document proof to confirm such an assumption could be found as yet. The poor condition of this part of the cemetery also makes it almost impossible to trace graves or to link any of it to specific people. The War Graves Commission re-interned British soldiers who had died in the Anglo Boer War in the vicinity of Krugersdorp in a separate section in the Krugersdorp cemetery, next to the concentration camp section. In the middle of this section stands a memorial with the names of the deceased soldiers. The Krugersdorp cemetery is of social and cultural significance as it holds the graves of important pioneers and families in the history of Krugersdorp. Information on the remaining memorial stones is important records for recording family history as well as the history of early Krugersdorp. The section for Black people lack memorial stones, which will make it difficult for researchers to record the history of the first Black people that settled in Krugersdorp. Compiled by: Dr. Janet du Plooy WEST RAND OFFICE SERVICES Unique ID:26

Survivors of the Krugersdorp Concentration Camp


  • Ackerman, Magdalena Maria (46) and two children
  • Dinah C (16)
  • Frans J (14)
  • Ackerman, Geertruida Anna Magdalena (27) and 2 daughters named:
  • Maryna Adriana Ackerman
  • Hester Susanna Alberts Aged 15
  • Cornelia Susanna Elisabeth Alberts Aunt of the above Sterkfontein farm family.
  • Alberts, Anna Johanna (Mrs) Aged 60 and 3 daughters
  • Alberts, Anna Johanna (19)
  • Alberts, Anna Johanna Breedt (13)
  • Alberts,Sara (11)
  • Alberts,Jan Abram (28) with his wife and daughter.
  • Alberts, Hester Milhelmina, Mrs (20)
  • Alberts, Elizabeth (5 days)
  • Alberts, Hendrik Abraham (42) with wife and 7 children
  • Alberts, Gertruida Johanna, Mrs (39)
  • Alberts, Susanna Elizabeth (15)
  • Alberts,Nico Frans (12)
  • Alberts, Gideon (10)
  • Alberts, Gert Johannes (8)
  • Alberts, Hendrik A C (6)
  • Alberts, Frederik Jacobus (3)
  • Alberts, Maria Louise (1)
  • Louis Jeremias Cornelis Alberts (7)
  • Hester Maria Christina Hermiena Alberts (3)
  • Sarel Francois Marx - Senator 6/9/1902-30/9/1902
  • Alberts, Jan Abraham (28)
  • Hester Wilhelmina Alberts Mev
  • Louis Jeremias Cornelis Alberts (28) 11/7/1902-22/81902
  • Alexander,Alec (42) from Roodeport, Krugersdorp 29/10/1901-20/1/1902
  • Alexander, Jacomina Jacoba (30) with daughter
  • Alexander, Jacomina Jacoba (6) from Heuningklip, Krugersdorp (19/7/1901-12/9/1902)
  • Albrie, Petrus Lukas Albertus (46) and 7 children
  • Algren,Cornelius (23) 3/4/1901 - Illegible 12/2/1901
  • Anderson, Peter (42) with wife and 2 sons from Olifantshoek, Rustenburg
  • Anderson,Maria Charlotta (33)
  • Anderson, Pieter Lucas Hendrik (2) died on 19/9/1901 of measels.
  • Anderson, Hans Christiaan (2 months) died at the age of 5 years 6 months of 15/12/1901 of convulsions.
  • Aletta Catharina Appelgryn 1870 - 1913
  • Appelgryn, Andries Cornelius (38) with wife. Arrived 8/7/1902 -10/8/1902
  • came from Blaaubank, Krugersdorp
  • Appelgryn, Jeanette Christina (Mrs) (31), wife of Andries Cornelius and 4 children
  • Arlois, Nester (66) Came from Rietfontein,Krugersdorp with wife and 5 children.
  • Armstong, Christoffel Stephen (35) with wife and 3 Children
  • Armstrong, Jacoba FW - died in camp at age 31 of measels on 17/10/1901 Wife of Christoffel Stephen










  • Camp history: 18/7/1901-2/7/1902
  • Farm history:Sterkfontein, Krugersdorp















Casualties of the Krugersdorp Concentration Camp




  • Cause of death – Senile Decay




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