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Archival NATAL Sources, documents -NAB-South Africa

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  • William Pigg (1831 - 1902)
    Marriage Death certificate
  • Johannes Albertus Stephanus Basson (1893 - 1925)
    GGSA (Genealogical Society of South Africa - Bapstism records of the NG KERK, Upington - Johannes Albertus Stefanus BASSON (142/x), ∗ 17.03.1893, ≈ NG Kerk, Upington 13.08.1893 »≈ gedoop deur: doop get...
  • Dorothea Maria Uys (1828 - 1897)
    Name Dorothea Maria Uys Maiden Name Vermaak Event Type Burial Event Place Volksrust, Eastvaal District Council, Mpumalanga, South Africa Cemetery Wakkerstroom Heritage Cemetery Latitude -27.3...
  • Gerhardus Marthinus Rudolph, b1c1d6 (1828 - 1906)

NAB - Natal Archives

icn_favorite.gif As promised we will be doing sub projects for the individual archives in South Africa icn_favorite.gif


icn_favorite.gif The aim of this project is to help users to get to know how and where to look for death notices, etc.icn_favorite.gif

icn_favorite.gifIt will also be a place to park your sources

icn_favorite.gif The question have been asked a lot of times on how too obtain them, this will give you an ideaicn_favorite.gif.

  • icn_favorite.gif If still uncertain please feel free to ask any of the SA curators for help in explaining the procedure and symbols.icn_favorite.gif

icn_favorite.gif Here you can add your SOURCES of theNatal Province icn_favorite.gif -

icn_favorite.gif These will be all sources you get in the NAB NAAIRS Archival Centre, or other retrieval centre in the Natal anywhere.

icn_favorite.gif We will explain to you how the Archive works and what road or roads to take to get information on your ancestor.

// Profiles in the Body of this project pleaseicn_favorite.gif //

icn_favorite.gif How to use the projecticn_favorite.gif

  1. Add the document to the profile.
  2. Put the reference and information in the about section
  3. Be sure to tick the relevant boxes in the source block that will appear.
  4. Add the source to the project if it falls under this jurisdiction.
  5. Be sure to always give atttribution to the person or society where you received it from.
  6. very important - read the condition on the website you used- what attribution they want you to use. - This is just to keep you safe and won't take anything away from you and your research.
  7. If you need or would like a copy of the original photo of the document, feel free to ask the person who added it, to e-mail it to you.

How to search for Estates • 1st go to -

1. Click on Search 2. Click on NAB 3. A screen will come on that you can search. 4. National Archives of South Africa (NASA)

icn_favorite.gif Help for structuring queries. icn_favorite.gif

5. In block 1 add the surname e.g.Marais 6. In the case of a woman rather put in the maiden name to limit the amount of strikes. 7. In block 2 type all names – e.g. Johannes and click search. 8. You will see a number of documents were located. 9. Click on “Result Summary” on top – which gives you sources.

  • TPD ( Letters etc.) - Not to easy unless you are very familiar with this type of files.
  • WLD –Divorces - No photo's are can be taken as it is court cases.
  • MSCE- These are the ones you select by ticking the little box on the left.]

10. Then click the boxes MSCE and then Multible Documents on the top. 11. In this case there are 57 and it each document gives you the following: DEPOT VAB SOURCE MSCE

Type            LEER                                                   SYSTEM    01                                                                     REFERENCE   5868/1920                                                         PART      1                                                                      DESCRIPTION     MARAIS, JOHANNES HENDRIK.                                                  STARTING  1920                                                       ENDING    1920                                                            .      •You will need the Source, Reference number, Description, Start and ending dates to research or retrieve this record. •E.g. MSCE 5868/1920 Marais Johannes Hendrik 1900-1920 - '''This is the date of death'''

You now have two choices. 1.Contact the Archive by e-mail or phone, giving this information, asking whether they can get you the information or suggest a registered researcher at the archives. 2.Contact and request photo’s of the estate/s. Both options attract a fee. •The wife’s name and maiden name establish whether the entry is the correct one.

You can also search – if a paid member of eGGSA, using this link -
icn_favorite.gif If you are not a member you can contact eGGSA and order the document. Not all documents are there. Members can download it from the site or get it by ordering on the Site

icn_favorite.gif Otherwise you can search on the LDS site or specific in this link being VAB -

  • Just remember this don't have all the dates.
  • Normally included in an Estate file are the Full names and surname of the deceased.
  • The place of birth, date of death which will give you a calculated date of birth, Names of the parents - in most cases the mothers maiden names is also given. The wife or wives names and maiden names and, if lucky, their estate files numbers. Date of death, pace of death, Children, spouses of the female children and sometimes if a child died before the parent and left issue, the grand children’s names.
  • Also included will be a will, liquidation and distribution list where all children and farms, houses, inventory will be included.
  • Sometimes marriage certificates of the children, ID cards, Letter of administration.
  • If you make use of a researcher, always be sure to include which photos you would like to have.

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