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Ayliffe family of South Australia - Ayliffe -Ayloffe -Ayloff - Ilive - Iliffe - Ilyffe - Iliva

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The mystery surrounding the parents of our most esteemed pioneer family Ayliffe has confounded most family researchers for several hundred years. South Australian family will be added to this project, and any family we know, or find to be related.

The children were orphaned it seems at a young age and their fate was in the hands of George O'Brian Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont

The Ayliffe's became valuable colonial members of the South Australian society, contributing much, including bringing the first Hereford cattle to the State. Robin Rhodes Millhouse QC. own mother was an Ayliffe, and it is for his memory, (d. 2017) and with the utmost respect, this project is dedicated. He was a highly moral man, he stood for social justrice and was progressive for the State of South Australia. He was as un assuming in his career, as he was in the train carriage we shared for many years. Mr. Millhouse was a man who did not take center stage in politics, but, he was the strength behind many who did. Salute

The discussions will include links of many Ayliffe's that may be related, and links on the page here will be provided as the story is told.

Dr. Thomas Hamilton Ayliffe, M.D (1774 – 28 May 1852) was born into a wealthy and well connected family whose details are somewhat obscure, but around the age of 12 was orphaned and was, with a brother and two sisters, placed in the guardianship of George O'Brian Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont (18 December 1751 – 11 November 1837) who was said to be executor of their father's will, and their surnames were changed to the earlier form of "Ilive".

This John Ayliffe was orphaned at about age 11 after the execution of his father.

The Earl went through a form of marriage in Europe with Thomas's eldest sister Elizabeth ( – 30 December 1822), who had several (6) children by him, the eldest being George Wyndham (5 June 1787 – 18 March 1869), later to become Colonel Wyndham, then Lord Leconfield. Thomas was sent to St John's College, Cambridge to study medicine.

On 5 April 1796, before he had completed his course, Thomas, who had resumed the surname Ayliffe, married Hester Jinks. She was two years his senior, a Catholic and of unassuming parentage. The union was deemed unsuitable by the Earl, who withdrew Ayliffe from the university in disgrace and cut him out of his father's will. By the terms of the will this was within his rights until Thomas turned 28.

Thomas and (presumably) Hester with their three sons and families emigrated to South Australia on the Pestonjee Bomanjee, arriving in October 1838. Governor Gawler, who came out on the same boat, became a family friend. They arrived in October 1838 and camped at Glenelg, near the site of the present Town Hall. Also on Pestonjee Bomanjee were Henry Sanders and his wife Sarah née Knott, parents of George Ayliffe's wife Elizabeth (1810–1844) and Dr. Henry Ayliffe's future wife Esther Sanders (c. 1815–18). Other Sanders family members on the ship had been engaged by the Ayliffes as servants or employees. Among their staff was head groom Henry Ayers, later Sir Henry. They had brought with them some livestock including brood mares and a stallion. They settled on their foothills property, dubbed "Wyndham Farm", their first residence being a prefabricated wooden structure, a "Manning's portable cottage" or similar, and a substantial house was completed soon after.

There are many versions of the truth that appear on various sites, and, I am sure the family will be glad of any evidence that will prove, beyond a doubt, their illustrious past or, unfortunate heritage, whichever, the truth will rest...

The Abraham Ilive, Tobaconist or Printer - scenario

Some have Abraham Iliva as the father, with a mother Celia. These hailed in London, and, so far I have found one of his supposed 3 wives:

  • 1. Eleanor Onion , was indicted for marrying George Soley , in the Parish of St. Brides, January 6. 1727. And afterwards, viz. on the 4th of June, 1732 , for marrying Abram Iliva , in the Parish of St. Martin's Ludgate , her former Husband being then alive . Acquitted . Old Bailey Proceedings Online (, version 8.0, 02 September 2018), April 1738, trial of Eleanor Onion (t17380412-55).

Abraham (1706-1777) was the son of Thomas (1644-1724) and Elizabeth/Jane James (1699-1733) who was the son of Isaac (-1699). Jane was the great granddaughter of the famous librarian Thomas James B.A.D.D. who with permission from the strict Sir Thomas Bodley, was able to marry Ann Underhill in about 1602. Thomas was born about 1573 at Newport, Isle of Wight.

Thomas, a printer of Aldgate St. London and Elizabeth James (1669-1733) had another son, Jacob (1705-1763), who was in prison (3 years hard labour) for printing blasphemy. He was said to be "not quite right in the head". Their third son, Isaac was also a printer. Elizabeth's father, Thomas James, was a printer and possibly how their association occurred. Elizabeth encouraged Jacob in his writings, so much so that in her will she insisted he publish. These works were also encouraging promiscuity and the worship so to speak of the natural, and the theory of duality.

On first glance, I would expect that the relation/association, if any to the Wyndhams, may be through Elizabeth. There is also the possibility that she acted on the notions she encouraged her son to write on.

Abraham, Elizabeth James son, and possible father of our Ayliffes' was very ill, he wrote a plee for money to assist his wife and four children. There is evidence that one child is Francis, who pleads the release of her 13 year old sister Maria who had been transferred due to her mother being in the workhouse, and Thomas, who in his apothecary papers, both mention father as Abraham Iliffe. No where has been mention of the mothers name, yet till now, a recipient by the name of Celia Iliffe, of a pension from the printers I quote from the Masters Family, who have done incredible work and research on this subject:

Cecilia Ilive quarterly pension from the Worshipful Company of Stationers 24 June 1777

"Cecilia Ilive received 'The Company of Stationers Quarterly Gift to the Poor of their Company', as a 'Bye Pensioner', between 24 June 1777 (around five months after Abraham Ilive's death in January 1777) and 20 March 1800. Abraham had been a member of the Worshipful Company of Stationers. The only Ilive men who were members of the Company were Thomas Ilive (who died in around 1725 and left a widow Jane), Isaac Ilive (who died before 1755 and left a widow Susanna), Jacob Ilive (who died in 1765) and Abraham. It therefore appears likely that Cecilia was Abraham's widow. Thomas Hamilton Ayliffe had a daughter named Cecilia Maria Ayliffe (later Cecilia Maria Marten) and granddaughters named Cecilia Hester Marten, Cecilia Ayliffe (later Cecilia Hamilton Wyndham Hill) and Ellen Esther Cecilia Ayliffe."

This case seems solid to me, I would only like to see Elizabeth referred to in some connection here.

A Printer died in ….. Thomas James, possibly Elizabeth's father.

There was another printer in London, Archibald Hamilton who had two locations in 1779, Fleet Street and Falcon Court.

Reverend Iliffe, sold children - scenario

  • a beneficed clergyman of Surrey, Vicar of Bramley, as suggested by Percy Wyndham in 1913. (Children sold)

Elizabeth Ilive was the daughter of Reverend unknown Iliffe.^ She married George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont, son of Charles Wyndham, 2nd Earl of Egremont and Hon. Alicia Maria Carpenter, on 16 July 1801. She died on 30 December 1822. Elizabeth Ilive was styled as Countess of Egremont on 16 July 1801. From 16 July 1801, her married name became Wyndham.

Children of Elizabeth Ilive and George O'Brien Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont

  • George Wyndham, 1st Baron Leconfield of Leconfield b. 5 Jun 1787, d. 18 Mar 1869
  • Frances Wyndham b. 1789, d. 28 Sep 1848
  • General Sir Henry Wyndham1 b. 12 May 1790, d. 3 Aug 1860
  • Charlotte Wyndham b. 1795, d. 1870
  • Colonel Charles Wyndham b. 1796, d. 18 Feb 1866
  • Lady Elizabeth Wyndham3 b. c 1803, d. 1803

^ Burkes Peerage 2003

George [Wyndham], 1st Baron Leconfield 1st illegit. son of George O'Brien [Wyndham], 3rd Earl of Egremont, by his mistress later wife Elizabeth Iliffe, dau. of Rev ..... Iliffe, Master of Westminster School

Nevil Maskelyne was the brother of Margaret Clive he attended Westminster school.

Thomas Ayliffe and Frances Needham - Cenario England or Ireland?

  • Thomas Iiliffe / Ayliffe, Frances Illive / Iiliffe / Ayliffe (born Needham.)

Ayliffe OBrien and Frances Hamilton, Ireland - scenario

More about the George O'Brian Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont

  • He was said to have had upwards of 40 illegitimate children, he had two wives, one "our" Elizabeth, the other Elizabeth Fox. He also kept a mistress Catherine-Rosalie Gerard Duthé (1748–1830, alt: Duthe or Du The) a celebrated French courtesan. A companion of French kings and European nobility, she has been called "the first officially recorded dumb blonde.

Wyndham and Fox connections?

John Ayliffe Esq, Late of London - executed for fraud 19 Nov 1759 (my scenario)

John Ayliffe, Esq , of Blandford Forum, in the county of Dorset, Esquire who was a Steward.

This was a long and sad affair, all John wanted was to be with his beloved wife Sarah and little son John again. Honourable Henry Fox, his benefactor and William Clewer , Esq, charged him with defrauding papers re some real estate. I believe Fox's wife was Lady C.... (need to check her name from the transcripts). The property was Rusley Park in the parish of Bishopstone in the county of Wills. His wife was Sarah who was born in Redbourn, Hartfordshire, England. There is much to read in this case, accusations of being set up, having previously been swindled, and other cases brought to light. In all cases, poor John was not pardoned, merely chastised for his ungrateful accusations and behavior to Mr. Fox, who, kindly paid for a guard so John would not have to wear leg irons.

City of London Sessions : Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents SL | PS, 10th August 1759
to be an Indenture of Lease from the Right Honourable Henry Fox to the said John Ayliffe of a Farm and Lands in the said County of Witts called Russley Parke.

In 1541 the Crown granted the manor to John Ayliffe (knighted 1549, d. 1556) and his wife Elizabeth (fl. 1560). From the Ayliffes it passed in the direct male line to John (fn. 125) (d. 1579), John (fn. 126) (d. 1631), Sir George (fn. 127) (d. 1643), John (d. 1645), and George (fn. 128) (d. 1713). The manor passed with Foxley manor from George to his relict Judith (d. 1716), (fn. 129) to their son John (d. 1722), and to their daughter Judith (d. 1737), to Susanna Horner (d. 1758), and to Henry Fox. (fn. 130) From Henry Fox (cr. Baron Holland 1763, d. 1774) the manor passed from father to son with the Holland title to Stephen Fox (d. 1774), Henry Fox (d. 1840), who took the surname Vassall in 1800, and Henry Fox (d. 1859). The manor, c. 1,761 a. c. 1840, (fn. 131) passed with Foxley to Mary, Lady Holland (d. 1889), Leopold Fox-Powys (d. 1893), and Thomas Powys, Baron Lilford, (fn. 132) who sold it in 1895 to George Llewellen Palmer. (fn. 133) In the earlier 20th century Palmer sold the c. 11 farms of the manor separately, and each has descended separately. (fn. 134)

Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland of Foxley

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  • The famous John Ayliffe LL.D John Ayliffe, LL.D. (1676–1732) was an English jurist, expelled from the University of Oxford in a high-profile controversy. Ayliffe was born at Pember, Hampshire, in 1676. He was educated at Winchester College and New College, Oxford, where he matriculated February 1690, became B.A. 1699, M.A. 1703, LL.B. and LL.D. 1710. Up to 1710 he practised as a proctor in the chancellor's court. But his Whig political opinions stood in the way of advancement.

Of Brinkworth

Of Gretenham

  • Sir John Aylef was an eminent Surgeon and probably born about 1490. Diligent search has been made for his parentage, but without success. In his will he refers to seven "poor" people "being of my kynn dwelling in Grenewiche," and from the fact that he had a grant of arms instead of inheriting a paternal coat, as also the silence of his immediate descendants when registering the pedigrees at the Heralds' Visitations (who must have known but did not care to register Sir John's father), it may be assumed that he was of humble origin. He was admitted to the freedom of the Barbers prior to 1522 and served the office of Warden 1530, 1532 and 1535, being chosen Master 1538. At this time he was Surgeon to Henry VIII and had cured him of a fistula, for which the king granted him the manor of Gryttenham in Wiltshire, part of the lands of the Abbey of Malmesbury. Henry also bequeathed by his will 100 marks to Aylef.
  • John Ayliffe of Grittenham Com. Wilts esq died in Langley, Kingston St. Michael, Wiltshire, England on 13th Aug 1630. Daughter Isabella/Elizabeth married Thomas Smith of Cossam Com Wilts.
  • Sir George Ayliffe of Gretenham, Wiltshire, England, married Martha Blount, he was also known as George Ayloff. References to him being the father of Isabella/Elizabeth who married Thomas Smith vary from "of Rabson" and "of Gretenham".

Of London

  • John Ayleffe married Jane Fox 29 Oct 1705 with daughter Mary Ayliffe m. Ralph Brendishe.

Ayloffe baronets Wikipedia

Could they be children of the previous marriage of Dame Margaret Ayloffe and when Sir Joseph Ayloffe, 6th Baronet died, they became without title due to him having no heirs?

(so as not to confuse the documents of the project)