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Belgian - arrivals in South Australia

Belgian - arrivals in South Australia - Index

Many families and some single persons arrived in South Australia, a free settlers State in the 1850's to 1880's.

In working with these records it has been noticed that many did not stay in South Australia.

They may have gone directly to the Goldfields, many appear in Victoria Australia and Queensland. This project will list these persons and profiles may be added to it, the main purpose being to trace when they arrived, how old they were and where they may have settled.

NB. They lived in Belgium when they emigrated, but possibly may not all have been born there.

See ships lists for details and stories of the voyage... they provide, age, occupation (add to occupations projects here), deaths on board, births and a number like "148/3" which refers to the Genealogy SA searchable database. If they have a number, it is more likely they either married, gave birth to a child or remained in South Australia.

Source: The Ships List

If you have information on passengers or need help locating them on the tree, start a discussion here..

Royal Adelaide Hospital Admissions 1840-1904 Download PDF

Lname: Fname: DateAd: Age: Married: Religion: Residence: Occupation: Born: Resided: Vessel:

  • Behmann Bertha 16/09/1889 49 M Roman Catholic Grunthal Belgium 13y Benan
  • Behmann Bertha 13/01/1897 56 M Roman Catholic Queenstown Belgium 20y Benan
  • Behmann Theresa 14/04/1890 50 M Roman Catholic Hahndorf Belgium 14y Benan
  • Bib Aug 12/12/1894 33 S Roman Catholic Port Adelaide Labourer Belgium 4y Erlanga
  • Ceunewck Jacques 16/05/1890 31 S Roman Catholic Star of Austria Seaman Belgium 3m Orizaba
  • DePulle Louis 21/09/1871 31 S Catholic Port Seaman Belgium 6w Murray
  • Franks James 16/07/1886 42y M Church of England Glanville Laborer Antwerp ? ? Died: 16/07/1886
  • Husgten Richard AJ 11/07/1878 31y W Roman Catholic Mount Pleasant Laborer Belgium 3y Nicolene
  • Koppin Mary 04/10/1892 23y S Roman Catholic Portland Estate Servant Belgium 2y3m Sommerfeld
  • Ismenouse Mary 22/01/1896 26y M roman Catholic Portland Estate Belgium 6y Somerfeldt
  • Lantin Francois 19/02/1887 57y M Roman Catholic Woolindiniga Laborer Belgium 30y Ketong
  • Martin Auguste 25/11/1886 20 y S Roman Catholic Hindley St Clerk Antwerp 2 m Hohenzollern
  • Johnson Peter 03/12/1875 43y M Roman Catholic Port Sailor Antwerp 3d Vooruit
  • Mason John 11/10/1884 51 y W Roman Catholic Hindley St Bushman Belgium 32 y Pamelia Died: 26/12/1884
  • Plummer Frederick 27/02/1889 30 y S Roman Catholic Broken Hill Miner Belgium 9 y Scottish Chief
  • Smith John 27/10/1870 37 M Catholic Cockatoo Valley Ship's Carpenter Belgium 9 y Fairfield
  • Schoning Carl Henry 16/02/1866 48 M Catholic Adelaide Shoemaker Antwerp, Belgium Louisa Died: 28/2/1866
  • Smith John 03/01/1877 40 S Roman Catholic Gawler Carpenter Belgium 15 y Adelaide Bell
  • Smith John 17/03/1896 38 M Roman Catholic Dry Creek Smelter Belgium 9 y
  • Smith John 03/06/1872 40 M Catholic Gawler Plain Labourer Belgium 9 y Adelaide Bell
  • Speckton Cornelius 10/01/1873 31 S Catholic Port Adelaide Seaman Belgium 16 d Garnock
  • Steinberg Goodman 17/03/1894 40 M Jewish 75 Gouger St Hawker Belgium 15 y
  • Vandergotten Edward 26/03/1903 53 M Roman Catholic Glanville Labourer Belgium 20 y Averton
  • Vanderwelde Peter 04/03/1899 33 S Roman Catholic Ship "Amena" Engine Fitter Belgium 4 m Amena
  • Vereicken Joseph 23/01/1890 35 S Roman Catholic Dry Creek Fireman Antwerp, Belgium 5 w Port Adelaide
  • Vermas Louis 08/02/1892 52 M Roman Catholic Ship "Ben G Banks" Seaman Belgium 4 d Ben G Banks
  • Von Malborf Otto 25/09/1880 32 S Protestant Ship "Active" Seaman Belgium 2 w Active
  • Whelan Jonathon 26/07/1884 51 W Roman Catholic River Murray Bushman Belgium 31 y Pamelia

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