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Captain Cook's Family Tree

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  • (No Name) (deceased)
    Goodman, Judith (Ed): ‘Coal & Calico, Letters & Papers of the Bennett & Leach Families of Merton & Wandworth’, 2008, Wimbledon, Merton Historical Society. Queries: Tony Leach In 1762, James Cook marrie...
  • (No Name) (deceased)
    In 1762, James Cook married Elizabeth Batts at Barking, just to the east of London. Traditionally, information about Elizabeth's origins has been limited and sketchy. She was known to be the daughter o...
  • Elizabeth Cook (1742 - 1835)
    Elizabeth Batts Cook was the wife and widow of Captain James Cook.She was the daughter of Samuel Batts who was keeper of the Bell Inn, Wapping and one of her husband's mentors.She married James Cook at...
  • By Nathaniel Dance-Holland - from the National Maritime Museum, United Kingdom, Public Domain,
    Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779)
    Captain James Cook FRS = Fellowship of the Royal Society. This is an award granted by the judges of the Royal Society of London to Captain James who made a "substantial contribution to the improvement ...
  • John Cook (1727 - 1750)
    Capt Cook's Family Tree John Cook Born: Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland x 19 Jan 1693, Ednam Jean Duncan Born: Smailholm > b1 James Cook Born:4 Mar 1694, Ednam? Baptised:12 Mar 1694, Ednam Died: 1 A...

A project to create a working template for Captain Cook's family tree. All welcome to collaborate and research.

Capt Cook's Family Tree

Early life and family
James was born on 7 November [O.S. 27 October] 1728 in the village of Marton in the North Riding of Yorkshire and baptised on 14 November (N.S.) in the parish church of St Cuthbert, where his name can be seen in the church register. He was the second of eight children of James Cook (1693–1779), a Scottish farm labourer from Ednam in Roxburghshire, and his locally born wife, Grace Pace (1702–1765), from Thornaby-on-Tees. In 1736, his family moved to Airey Holme farm at Great Ayton, where his father's employer, Thomas Skottowe, paid for him to attend the local school. In 1741, after five years' schooling, he began work for his father, who had been promoted to farm manager. Despite not being formally educated, he became capable in mathematics, astronomy and charting by the time of his Endeavour voyage.

In 1745, when he was 16, Cook moved 20 miles (32 km) to the fishing village of Staithes, to be apprenticed as a shop boy to grocer and haberdasher William Sanderson. After 18 months, not proving suited for shop work, Cook travelled to the nearby port town of Whitby to be introduced to Sanderson's friends John and Henry Walker. The Walkers, who were Quakers, were prominent local ship-owners in the coal trade. Cook was taken on as a merchant navy apprentice in their small fleet of vessels, plying coal along the English coast. His first assignment was aboard the collier Freelove, and he spent several years on this and various other coasters, sailing between the Tyne and London. As part of his apprenticeship, Cook applied himself to the study of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, navigation and astronomy – all skills he would need one day to command his own ship.

His three-year apprenticeship completed, Cook began working on trading ships in the Baltic Sea. After passing his examinations in 1752, he soon progressed through the merchant navy ranks, starting with his promotion in that year to mate aboard the collier brig Friendship. In 1755, within a month of being offered command of this vessel, he volunteered for service in the Royal Navy, when Britain was re-arming for what was to become the Seven Years' War. Despite the need to start back at the bottom of the naval hierarchy, Cook realised his career would advance more quickly in military service and entered the Navy at Wapping on 17 June 1755.

Cook married Elizabeth Batts , the daughter of Samuel Batts, keeper of the Bell Inn in Wapping and one of his mentors, on 21 December 1762 at St Margaret's Church, Barking, Essex. The couple had six children: James (1763–1794), Nathaniel (1764–1780, lost aboard HMS Thunderer which foundered with all hands in a hurricane in the West Indies), Elizabeth (1767–1771), Joseph (1768–1768), George (1772–1772) and Hugh (1776–1793, who died of scarlet fever while a student at Christ's College, Cambridge). When not at sea, Cook lived in the East End of London. He attended St Paul's Church, Shadwell, where his son James was baptised. Cook has no direct descendants – all of his children died before having children of their own.''

Family Tree
John Cook Born: Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland
x 19 Jan 1693, Ednam Jean Duncan Born: Smailholm

b1 James Cook Born:4 Mar 1694, Ednam? Baptised:12 Mar 1694, Ednam Died: 1 Apr 1779, Redcar, North Yorkshire Buried:1 Apr 1779, St Germain's, Marske-by-Sea
x10 Oct 1725, St Peter and St Paul, Stainton in Cleveland Grace Pace of Thornaby Born:1702 Died: 15 Feb 1765 Buried: All Saints, Great Ayton

b1c1 John Baptised: 10 Jan 1727/8, Ormesby Died: 20 Sep 1749 Buried: Great Ayton
b1c2 James Born: 27 Oct 1728, Marton Baptised: St. Cuthbert's Died: 14 Feb 1779, Hawaii Buried: Hawaii
by William Hodges

x 21 Dec 1762, St Margaret's, Barking, Essex Elizabeth Batts
by William Henderson

b1c2d1 James Born: 13 Oct 1763, Shadwell, London Baptised: St Pauls, Shadwell Died: 25 Jan 1794 Appointed Jan 1794 Commander of Sloop Spitfire Lost in an open boat, Poole Harbour off Isle of Wight Buried: St-Andrew-the-Great, Cambridge dsp
b1c2d2 Nathaniel Born: 14 Dec 1764, Mile End Old Town, London Baptised: St Pauls, Shadwell Died: 5 Oct 1780 Midshipman in Thunderer, lost with all hands at sea in a hurricane off West Indies dsp
b1c2d3 Elizabeth Born: 1767 Died 9 Apr 1771 Buried: St-Andrew-the-Great, Cambridge dsp
b1c2d4 Joseph Born: 26 Aug 1768 Died: 13 Sep 1768 Buried: St-Andrew-the-Great, Cambridge dsp
b1c2d5 George Born: 8 Jul 1772 Died: 1 Oct 1772 Buried: St-Andrew-the-Great, Cambridge dsp
b1c2d6 Hugh Born: 23 May 1776 Died: 21 Dec 1793 of scarlet fever whilst a student at Christ College, Cambridge Buried: St-Andrew-the-Great, Cambridge dsp

b1c3 Christiana Baptised 31 Jan 1731/2, Ormesby Died:1795
x NN Cocker

b1c3d1 NN daughter Died: Asdown
b1c3d2 NN daughter
x NN Tree

b1c3d2e1 Ann Tree Born:1765 Died: 1867
x Wm Rumsey

b1c3d2e1f1 James Rumsey No known children

b1c4 Mary Baptised: 13 May 1733, Marton Died: 30 Jun 1737, Great Ayton Buried: 1 Jul 1737
b1c5 Jane Baptised: 21 May 1738 Died: 12 May 1742, Great Ayton
b1c6 Mary Baptised: 7 Dec 1740 Died:17 Jun 1741, Great Ayton Buried: July 1741
b1c7 Margaret Baptised: 20 Jul 1742 Buried: 17 Oct 1804
x 4 Sep 1764, All Saints, Great Ayton, James Fleck Born: 14 Feb 1739, Redcar Died: 1817

b1c7d1 James Baptised: 12 Jun 1765 Died: 1828
x 4 Feb 1794, Kirby Margaret Rowntree Known children
b1c7d2 Margaret Baptised: 18 Apr 1767 Died: 15 Dec 1800
x 15 Mar 1795, Marske Palister Thompson Known children
b1c7d3 Grace Baptised: 17 June 1770
x 21 Aug 1787, Marske John Carter Known children
b1c7d4 Mary Baptised: 21 Aug 1772
x 9 Sep 1794, Easington George Duck Known children
b1c7d5 Thomas Henry Baptised: 23 May 1775 Died: 1817, Boston, Lincs.
x 9 May 1799, Marske Hannah Potts Known children
b1c7d6 William Baptised: 2 Apr 1777 Died: 14 Apr 1777, Marske
b1c7d7 John Baptised: 9 Mar 1779 Died: 9 Oct 1835
x 30 Jan 1819, Monkwearmouth Isabella Cropton No known children
xx Isabella Black Known children
b1c7d8 Christiana Baptised: 31 Jul 1781 Buried: Naval almshouses, Deptford, London
x Thomas Hustler No known children

b1c8 William Born: 12 Jan 1745 Baptised: 26 Feb 1745 Died: 29 Jan 1748, Great Ayton Buried: 30 Jan 1748