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The Clan Shaw Project

This project is for users researching the Scottish clan Shaw, its history, and descendants.

Clan Shaw

  • Current Chief: John Charles Shaw of Tordarroch, 22nd Chief
  • Gaelic Name: Na Siach, or Mhic Sheaghd
  • Crest Badge: A dexter arm, the hand holding the dagger in pale proper
  • Plant Badge: Red Whortleberry or Boxwood (By old tradition, also a sprig of fir)
  • Motto: Fide et fortitudine (English: By faithfulness and fortitude)
  • War Cry: "Na Bean Ris A Chat" (English: Touch not the cat)
  • Lands: Rothiemurchus, Strathnairn, Upper Glengairn, Deeside, Nr. Crathie, Glenshee and Glenisla, Harris, and Jura


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Origin of the Name

The name of the Scottish clan is derived from the Gaelic personal name Sitheach meaning "wolf".

In England the name is a topographic name for someone who lived by a copse or thicket. This name is derived from the Middle English s(c)hage, s(c)hawe, from the Old English sceaga meaning "dweller by the wood". The name can also be a habitational name derived from places named after these words.

Names Associated with Clan Shaw

  • Name Variations: Saythe Scaith Scayth Schau Schaw Schawe Scheoch Scheok Schiach Schioch Schioche Seah Seath Seith Seth Sha Shau Shaw Shawe Shay Sheach Sheath Sheehan Sheoch Shiach Siache Sith Sithach Sithech Sithig Skaith Sythach Sythag Sythock
  • Septs:
  • Other Names: Adamson Adamsone Ademson Ademsoun Ademsoune Aesone Aison Aissone Aissoun Aissoune Asson Assone Aue Ave Ay Aye Ayesone Ayson Aysone Aysoun Ayssoun Eason Easone Easson Esson Ison Isone MacAy Tordarroch

Clan History and Origins

The Shaws were members of the Clan Chattan Confederation. Their original home was Rothiemurchus. They claimed descent from Shaw, a great grandson of the 6th chief of Mackintosh. This Shaw is said to have commanded the Clan Chattan at the Battle of the North Inch of Perth in 1396. The Shaws lost Rothiemurchus to the Comyns in the 15th century. They regained possession at a later date, but by the 16th century the lands had again passed out of their possession. The Shaws of Todarroch owned their lands from the 15th century and were known as Clain Aidh.

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