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Hello! My name is Michael Ragonesi! I made this as a written version of the Geni world family tree. I want to try and piece everyone's trees together. i will have a big list of documents on the documents page everytime we piece someone's tree together that shows the descendants/ancestors of the two people we pieced together. ANYONE feel free o help and build a HUGE family tree. Also, you may add photos, documents, and videos as you wish as long as they are not inappropriate.


  • No Vulgar language
  • No Spamming/taking over the discussions
  • No Advertising (sharing links that are helpful and not advertising products is allowed)
  • No attacks against someone's race, religion, gender, or political view (everyone is allowed!)
  • No making fun of other websites
  • Respect Everyone (The chat is not only about you)
  • Do not annoy other people (Respect their opinions, ideas, points of view, or information)
  • Do not reveal your or other people's personal information without permission. This could result in stalking or harassment.
  • No threats (suicide, self harm, physical harm)
  • Report to me any inappropriate posts or images/discussions
  • No inappropriate documents
  • No posts regarding surveys or research studies without the creator's permission to use that material.
  • If you are a medical professional, no recommending your medical advice in a discussion.

Things you should do:

  • Add documents relevant to discussions
  • Add appropriate pictures/videos/discussions
  • Ask questions about brick walls/connecting two trees
  • Check open discussions before creating your own, your question might have been answered before.
  • Ignore bothersome members of the group. Do not get agitated or angry.
  • Report posts that violate the rules
  • Don't be afraid to share
  • Welcome new members
  • Use descriptive titles for a new discussion. Avoid "generic" post subjects like "Help" or "Question". You will receive a better response to your posts by making your title more descriptive about the content of your post.
  • Try to stay on topic, if the discussion starts to get off topic, create a new one.
  • Keep posts family friendly

Also, please do not stop people from doing what they love. In the discussion, someone sent me a very hurtful message basically saying what I am doing is useless. He has posted it on multiple discussions of mine on other projects. I have reported him. Please do not do this because I know firsthand that is very rude and hurtful.

Thanks! Michael