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Jonet Cunningham of Galbraith MP (c.1430 - 1477)

Chiefs of Clan Buchanan 11th – Sir Walter Buchanan,[69][70] (Guthrie Smith identifies him as 5th Chief and Buchanan of Auchmar identifies him as 11th Chief) married Margaret and had three sons (Wal...

6/30/2007 1/13/2015

Isabella Cunyngham MP (c.1480 - d.)

Isabella Cunyngham Alexander Cunningham, 1st Earl of Glencairn (d Sauchieburn 11.06.1488) m. Margaret Hepburn (dau of Adam Hepburn, Master of Hailes) 1. Robert Cunningham, 2nd Earl of Glencairn...

1/13/2015 1/13/2015

John Cunningham of Glengarnock MP (1514 - 1596)

"Cunningham", "Cuninghame", "Cunynghame"

Citations [S400] Sir Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire, 28th edition (London, U.K.: Harrison and Sons, 1866), page 891. Herei...

8/11/2008 9/22/2013

Ebenezer John Cunningham MP (1768 - 1812)

Note: Believed to have been a Presbyterian Minister Links

3/14/2010 8/30/2012

from From the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Feb. 22, 1908. By Selden Nelson "CUNNINGHAM BUILT E.T. & V. RAILWAY"         "In 1837 the subject of railroads was agitated throughout East Tennessee.  One pl...

4/17/2010 8/30/2012

Margaret Cunningham, of Glengarnock MP (1560 - 1595)

"Lady Margaret"

Margaret Cunningham from F, #467335 Last Edited=29 Mar 2011   Margaret Cunningham is the daughter of John Cunningham of Glengarnock.1 married Malcolm Crawfurd of Kilb...

5/27/2007 7/10/2012

Margaret Mary Houston (Cunningham) MP (1703 - 1754)


Notes Margaret Cunningham (daughter of Hugh Cunningham)167 was born 1703 in Ireland1 ( ) Father: Robert CUNNINGHAM b: 2 MAY 1656 in Kilbarchan,Renfrew,Scotland Mother: Jean ANDERSON b: 22 FEB 166...

6/23/2007 10/6/2011

Lucian V. Cunningham MP (1887 - 1957)

7/2/2010 2/10/2011

John Cunningham MP (1754 - 1832)

2/11/2009 1/8/2011

Phoebe Cunningham MP (1779 - 1859)

Phoebe Fine was born circa 1779 in Shenandoah County Virginia and died before 1859. Parents: daughter of Vinett and Effa (McElwain) Fine, Married: to Joseph Cunningham, son of Christopher and M...

1/27/2009 1/8/2011

David Cunningham MP (1780 - 1848)

2/11/2009 12/22/2010

Issobell Cunynghame MP (b. - 1634)

ISSOBELL CUNYNGHAME is the wife of James Reid of Wester Kittochside (floruit 1600-41), in the former Lanarkshire parish of Kilbride, now East Kilbride. She died at Kittochside in September 1634. Is...

2/7/2010 12/14/2010

Anna Cunningham MP (deceased)

12/12/2010 12/13/2010

Daughter Wallace Heiress of Caprington MP (deceased)


Miss Wallace (Katherine? Wallace of Sundrum) is supposedly a daughter of Sir Duncan Wallace of Sundrum, but Duncan died a rather elderly man abt 1373 and Sundrum Castle passed on to his nephew Alan de ...

12/16/2008 12/13/2010

8/2/2008 12/12/2010

John Cunninghame, 4th of Caprington MP (c.1485 - 1564)

"Cunningham;Cuninghame;", "Cunynghame;Cunningham;"

12/7/2007 12/12/2010

Agnes Cunningham MP (c.1516 - 1557)

12/7/2007 12/12/2010

John Cunningham MP (deceased)

Married to Lettice (Cunningham?) and had a daughter, Fanny Cunningham. Appraised the estate of James Ewing, a neighbor who died in 1796.

12/12/2010 12/12/2010

Angeline Cunningham MP (deceased)

7/31/2008 12/12/2010

Alexander Hamilton of Cambuskeith MP (c.1475 - 1513)

"de Cambuskeith"

ALEXANDER HAMILTON OF CAMBUSKEITH is the son of John Hamilton of Cambuskeith. He was served heir to his father in 1489 [G. Harvey Johnston, FSA (Scot)., The Heraldry of the Hamiltons with Notes on al...

8/2/2008 12/12/2010

Robert Cunningham, Lord of Kilmaurs, 2nd Earl of Glencairn MP (1451 - 1490)


Robert Cunningham, 2nd Lord of Kilmaurs1,2 M, #39757, d. circa 1490 Father Alexander Cunningham, 1st Earl of Glencairn1 b. a 1425, d. 11 Jun 1488 Mother Margaret Hepburn2 Robert Cunningham, 2nd...

7/7/2008 12/12/2010

Christian Lindsay MP (c.1430 - 1491)

"Cunningham", "Cuninghame", "Cunynghame"

Christian Lindsay was the daughter of John Lindsay, 1st Lord Lindsay of the Byres and Agnes Stewart.2,3 She married, firstly, John Seton, Master of Seton, son of George Seton, 1st Lord Seton and Marg...

8/23/2008 12/12/2010

William Cunningham, 4th Earl of Glencairn MP (1493 - 1547)

"William Cuninghame", "William Cunynghame"

William Cunningham, 4th Earl of Glencairn; born about 1493;He was the son of Cuthbert Cuninghame, 3rd Earl of Glencairn and Lady Marion Douglas.2 He married (1) before 10 Jul 1509 to Katherine Borthwic...

1/25/2008 12/12/2010

Marion Douglas of Angus MP (1469 - 1542)

"Marion Mariot Douglas"

Marion Douglas1,2 F, #49525, d. after July 1511 Father Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl Angus b. c 1454, d. bt 29 Nov 1513 - 31 Jan 1514 Mother Elizabeth Boyd1 d. b 21 Feb 1497 A contract for the ma...

1/25/2008 12/12/2010

David Cunningham, Jr. MP (c.1750 - c.1810)

Likely married to a daughter of Samuel Steele (a neighbor). Died between 1810 and 1820

12/10/2010 12/12/2010

Sir Cuthbert Cunningham, 3rd Earl of Glencairn MP (c.1476 - c.1541)

"Cuninghame", "Cunynghame"

Cuthbert Cunningham, 2nd Earl of Glencairn, 3rd Lord of Kilmaurs1,2 M, #39753, d. between 23 May 1540 and May 1541 Father Robert Cunningham, 2nd Lord of Kilmaurs3 d. c 1490 Mother Christian Linds...

1/25/2008 12/12/2010

Mary Cunningham MP (c.1503 - d.)

7/31/2008 12/12/2010

Alexander Cunningham MP (1498 - 1579)

Wife: Mary Robinson Children: Alexander Cunningham, Helen Cunninghame, John Cunningham, Joseph Cunningham, David Cunningham ancestry July 2014 From Geni member David Erin Patrick: The Clan ...

7/31/2008 12/12/2010

Rachel Cunningham MP (c.1633 - d.)

7/6/2007 12/12/2010

Elizabeth Cunningham MP (1721 - 1799)

7/31/2008 12/12/2010

Joseph Cunningham MP (1721 - 1801)

Alexander's sons were the progenitors of many of the early Cunningham families of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. All these sons came to America in 1752, except Joseph. He held a trust...

7/31/2008 12/12/2010

12/11/2010 12/12/2010

Mary Fontaine MP (c.1835 - c.1890)

12/10/2010 12/12/2010

John Coningham (Cunningham) MP (c.1825 - 1884)

He is likely Scottish. His name could be Cunningham. Died around age 60

12/10/2010 12/12/2010
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Hugh B Cunningham MP (1708 - 1782)

7/6/2007 12/12/2010

Mary "Rebecca" Cunningham MP (1668 - 1749)

"Mary; Rachel; Rebekah"

Mary Rebecca Burns Born 1668 in Scotlandmap Daughter of John Burns and Margaret Patterson Sister of Archibald Burns and James Burns Wife of Alexander Cunningham — married 1701 in Leinster, Dublin, Irel...

7/6/2007 12/12/2010

David Cunningham MP (1607 - 1691)

7/6/2007 12/12/2010

Joseph Cunningham MP (1568 - 1637)

Millennium File about Joseph Cunningham Name: Joseph Cunningham Spouse: , Nancy Blessington Birth Date: 1568 Birth Country: Ireland Death Date: 1637 Death State: Ire Death Country...

7/6/2007 12/12/2010

Alexander O Cunningham MP (c.1663 - 1749)

Alexander's sons were the progenitors of many of the early Cunningham families of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. All these sons came to America in 1752, except Joseph. He held a trust...

7/6/2007 12/12/2010

David Cunningham MP (1721 - 1778)

Lived in Virginia before and during the US War of Independence

7/31/2008 12/12/2010

Charles Cunningham MP (1796 - 1848)

He or his son moved back to England

12/10/2010 12/10/2010

William CUNNINGHAM MP (c.1812 - d.)

7/31/2008 12/2/2010

Mary of Scotland, Countess of Angus MP (c.1378 - 1457)

"Princess", "Lady Mary Stewart", "Mary Stewart", "Countess of Arran", "Countess of Angus"

PRINCESS MARY STEWART Marriage to Sir James Kennedy of Dunure 27 January 1405: Charter by King Robert III. to James Kennedy and Mary Stewart his wife (daughter of the King) in liferent, and the hei...

6/15/2007 11/6/2010

Eleanor de Bruce MP (c.1333 - 1368)

"Cunningham", "Cuninghame", "Cunynghame"

NO CHILDREN by marriage to Sir William Cunningham. She was apparently his second wife (assuming she really did exist, which has been questioned). Lady Eleanor Bruce1 F, #639924 Last Edited=2 Ju...

12/16/2008 11/6/2010

Hugh Cuninghame1 M, #207690 Last Edited=9 Jul 2011 Hugh Cuninghame is the son of Sir Robert de Cuninghame of Kilmaurs.1 He was also known as Hugh Cunynghame.2 Child of Hugh Cuninghame 1.W...

10/23/2008 11/6/2010

Cunningham History The name Cunningham, which according to some may signify “courage in battle,” could have come from “Cunedda” who was a king of the “Gododdin,” a Celtic branch of Britons known by...

10/23/2008 11/6/2010

Gilbert de Cunynghame MP (c.1270 - 1292)

"Gilbert de Cunyghame"

An alternative descent is provided in Burke's Extinct Peerage, a work of lesser reliability than the Scots Peerage: 1. Vernebald 2. Robert fitz Vernebald; married Richenda, daughter of Sir Humphr...

7/3/2008 11/6/2010

Sir Robert de Cunynghame of Kilmaurs, of Kilmaurs MP (c.1300 - c.1335)

"Cuninghame", "Cunningham"

Sir Robert de Cuninghame of Kilmaurs; swore fealty to Edward I (probably 1296) but later supported Robert I The Bruce who granted him as tentant-in-chief of the Crown the lands of Lambrachtoun and Grug...

12/16/2008 11/6/2010

William Cunynghame of Kilmaurs, Earl of Carrick MP (c.1330 - c.1396)

"William de Cunningham of Kilmaurs", "William de Cuninghame of Kilmaurs"

Sir William Cunningham, Earl of Carrick, Sheriff of Ayr1,2,3,4,5 M, #39750, d. between December 1396 and July 1399 Father Hugh Cunningham6 d. a 4 Jul 1328 Sir William Cunningham, Earl of Carrick,...

10/23/2008 11/6/2010

Thomas Cunninghame of Caprington MP (c.1352 - 1407)


12/22/2008 11/6/2010

Adam Cunninghame of Capringtoun, Laird of Caprington MP (c.1410 - c.1460)


12/16/2008 11/6/2010

Marion Hamilton (Cuninghame) MP (c.1488 - c.1504)

"Marion Cuninghame", "Cunningham"

8/2/2008 11/6/2010

John Hamilton of Cambuskeith MP (1504 - 1547)

JOHN HAMILTON OF CAMBUSKEITH Death John Hamilton of Cambuskeith died on 12 September 1547. His testament was confirmed on 22 January 1548 [John Anderson, Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the ...

10/20/2008 11/6/2010

DAR Ancestor #: A050054 Find A Grave Memorial Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757 – July 12, 1804) was the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, a Founding Father, economist, and po...

8/20/2007 11/5/2010

Rebecca Cunningham MP (1655 - d.)

10/20/2008 11/5/2010

Mary Cunningham MP (1738 - 1809)

"Morgan or Musgrave"

Mary Musgrove was born 1738 in Fairfax County, Virginia (2) and died 1809 in Washington County, Tennessee. She has been also known as Mary Musgrave, Mary Mesgroves, and seems to be erroneously listed o...

8/29/2007 11/2/2010

Joseph Cunningham MP (1768 - 1858)

Joseph Cunningham (son of Christopher Cunningham and Mary Musgrove) was born 03 Nov 1767 in Tennessee, and died 21 May 1858 in Sweetwater, Monroe County, Tennessee. He married (1) Phoebe Fine. He marri...

1/27/2009 11/2/2010

Annie Cunningham MP (deceased)

Annie Knox. She was married to Joseph CUNNINGHAM on 29 Nov 1817 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. (825) No proof that this is our Joseph.

7/26/2010 11/2/2010

Christopher Columbus Cunningham, Sr. was born in 1710 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. He died on 11 Nov 1782 in Washington County, Tennessee. He was buried in family plot near Milleton College, Johns...

8/29/2007 11/2/2010

Adam Cunningham, I MP (1714 - 1797)

Adam Cunningham was born in Shankill Parish, Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland, 1713/1714. He and his brother Walter moved to Orange County, Virginia around 1740. He died 1797 in Harrison, VA (now Ritchie...

11/15/2008 11/2/2010

Edward Cunningham MP (1746 - 1804)

Edward Cunningham (c 1749-1804) Parents: Adam Cunningham and Catherine. Edward married Sarah Price on 15 Jun 1770 in VA. (Sarah Price died on 24 Dec 1800.) Children: 1. Joseph (1770-?) m. Marga...

7/31/2008 11/2/2010

Nutter Webb MP (1730 - 1797)

Adam Cunningham II * Marriage: Rachel Morgan Adam Cunningham is named in the Revolutionary War pension application of his brother, Walter. Supposedly, Adam gave an affidavit in support of Walter's ...

7/31/2008 11/1/2010

Edward Cunningham MP (1778 - 1851)

7/31/2008 11/1/2010