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Waccho, king of the Lombards MP (c.490 - c.539)

"Wacchon", "Wacho", "Waccho", "Wacchon Lenthingi", "re dei Longobardi"

alternate birth location from May Alta: Lething, Lombardy, Italy - a) WACHO (-540). From the Lething clan. The Origo Gentis Langobardorum names "Wacho filius Unichis", specifying in a later passag...

2/8/2007 11/17/2013

Austrigusa of the Gepids MP (deceased)

"Austigusa", "Austrecuse", "Austreusa", "Austricuse", "Austrigosa", "Austrigusa", "Austrisa", "Ostrogotha", "Austrigusa of the Gepidae", "Gepidae Ostrogoths"

Austrigusa was a Gepid princess, but her father is unknown. The power struggles among the leading Gepid families make it difficult to speculate about her father. She might have been a daughter of Elemu...

2/8/2007 11/17/2013

Elemund, King of the Gepids MP (c.460 - 548)

There is no evidence Elemund was the son of Ardaric . The connection is unlikely. Elemund seems to have overthrown the Ardariking dynasty, the line of Gepid kings descended from king Ardaric. There is ...

12/18/2007 11/17/2013

Ardaric, king of the Gepids MP (c.425 - c.460)

"Ardarik des Gepidae", "des Gépides"

Ardaric (died around 460) was the most renowned king of the Gepids. He was "famed for his loyalty and wisdom", one of the most trusted adherents of Attila the Hun , who "prized him above all the other ...

12/18/2007 11/17/2013

Escama of the Huns MP (c.440 - c.476)

"Acama", "Akama", "Ascama", "Escam", "Escama"

By tradition an unnamed daughter (or perhaps granddaughter) of Attila the Hun married his lieutenant Ardaric, king of the Gepids . The source for her name Escama ( Escam , Ascama ) is not known.The rel...

12/18/2007 11/17/2013

Attila the Hun, "Scourge of God", King of the Huns MP (c.395 - 453)

"Attila huneren"

Attila ( fl. c. 406–453), frequently called Attila the Hun , was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453. He was also the leader of a tribal empire consisting of Huns, Ostrogoth...

12/18/2007 11/17/2013