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  • Waccho, king of the Lombards (c.490 - 540)
    (23 languages) Wacho (also Waccho ; probably from Waldchis) was king of the Lombards before they entered Italy from an unknown date (perhaps c. 510) until his death in 539. His father was Unichis. ...
  • Austrigusa of the Gepids (deceased)
    Austrigusa was a Gepid princess, but her father is unknown. The power struggles among the leading Gepid families make it difficult to speculate about her father. She might have been a daughter of Elemu...
  • Elemund, King of the Gepids (c.460 - 548)
    There is no evidence Elemund was the son of Ardaric . The connection is unlikely. Elemund seems to have overthrown the Ardariking dynasty, the line of Gepid kings descended from king Ardaric. There is ...
  • Ardaric, king of the Gepids (c.425 - c.460)
    Ardaric (died around 460) was the most renowned king of the Gepids. He was "famed for his loyalty and wisdom", one of the most trusted adherents of Attila the Hun , who "prized him above all the other ...
  • Escama of the Huns (c.440 - c.476)
    By tradition an unnamed daughter (or perhaps granddaughter) of Attila the Hun married his lieutenant Ardaric, king of the Gepids . The source for her name Escama ( Escam , Ascama ) is not known.The rel...

There are no proven descents from Attila the Hun to modern Europe.

Attila to the Gepidae

The following claim is common in Internet genealogies, but is not possible.

  1. Attila the Hun (406-453), married Justa Grata Honoria.
    1. A daughter of Attila (sometimes called Escam), married Ardaric, king of the Gepidae.
      1. Elemund, king of the Gepidae.
        1. Austrigusa of the Gepids, married Waccho, king of the Lombards, who was an ancestor of Charlemagne.

This genealogy has a number of problems:

  • Attila did not marry Justa Grata Honoria, and did not have children with her.
  • Ardaric might have married a daughter or granddaughter of Attila, but her name is not known.
  • Elemund cannot have been a son of Ardaric. He overthrew the descendants of Ardaric and began a new dynasty.
  • Austrigusa was a Gepid princess, but her father is unknown.