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Ansprand, duke of Spoleto MP (c.649 - c.749)


Agiprand of Spoleto Agiprand was briefly the Duke of Spoleto between 742 and 744.In late 741, Thrasimund II refused to return to Pope Gregory III those cities he had promised him and Gregory's successo...

9/18/2008 7/6/2022

Lupus, duke of Spoleto MP (c.665 - 752)

Lupus of SpoletoLupus ruled the Duchy of Spoleto from 745 to 752 relatively independent of royal authority in the reigns following that of Liutprand.He made many donations to the Abbey of Farfa and had...

9/18/2008 7/6/2022

Hildeprand, duke of Spoleto MP (b. - aft.788)

Hildeprand was the Duke of Spoleto from 774 to 789. When Theodicius of Spoleto died fighting at the Siege of Pavia in 774, the Lombards of the Duchy of Spoleto elected Hildeprand their duke and quickl...

5/15/2008 7/6/2022

Theodic, duke of Spoleto MP (b. - bef.776)

Theodicius was the Duke of Spoleto from 763 to 773. Though it is often stated that he died at the Siege of Pavia (774), he was still alive on 9 June 776, when Charlemagne confirmed the properties of th...

9/18/2008 7/6/2022