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Deaf and hearing-impaired persons

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  • Kitty Linn O'Neil (1946 - 2018)
    From IMDb: Kitty Linn O'Neil's mother, Patsy Linn Compton, was a Native American Cherokee Indian and her father, John R. O'Neil, an oil wildcatter, was Irish. They were married on October 20, 1940 in...
  • Ruth Madeline Myers (1928 - 1993)
    Ruth Madeline Myers was never married she was a deaf mute. This was from fall down stairs I was told. My aunt Madaline Myers was a deaf mute who was reported to raise most of her brother and sist...
  • Samuel Jones Boyles, Civil War veteran (1835 - 1901)
    Samuel was the grandson of Samuel Jones and Rebecca Lewellen Jones. His mother was Sarah E. "Sally" Jones who married 1st Joshua Boyles. This picture is thanks to Patrick Boyles. Samuel was born Jan. 2...
  • James Ernst Gallagher (1858 - 1914)
    Author of Representative deaf persons of the United States of America (1898) and Best Lincoln Stories Tersely Told (1898)
  • George H. Allen (deceased)
    From Representative deaf persons of the United States of America by James Ernst Gallagher Mr. Allen became deaf at the age of six years; entered school at Faribault, Minn., November 25, 1873, and remai...

This project will include people featured in (but is not limited to) James Ernst Gallagher's book Representative deaf persons of the United States of America (1898).

Other deaf and hearing impaired people may be added to the project. If known, please identify the cause and age of hearing loss in the individual, as this information may help to identify genetic hearing loss in family trees.

Notable deaf or hearing impaired people

People featured in Representative deaf persons of the United States of America

  • Adams, Albert F., Cataloguer and Instructor DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA age 12 (cerebro-spinal meningitis)
  • Alexander, Jacques, Artist NEW YORK
  • Allen, George H., Editor IOWA age 6 (unknown cause)
  • Atwood, Ralph H.. Teacher OHIO
  • Balis, James C, Teacher WISCONSIN
  • Balis, Sylvia Chapin, Teacher ILLINOIS
  • Bangs, Frank B., Insurance IOWA
  • Barnes, A. A., Postoffice Clerk NEW YORK
  • Barrett, John W., Teacher IOWA
  • Benoit, J. B. A., Bicycles, etc MINNESOTA
  • Benson, Harry G., Foreman of Printing MARYLAND
  • Bingham, Ernst, Supt. Buildings and Grounds NORTH CAROLINA
  • Blanchard, A. M., Artist MASSACHUSETTS
  • Blount, William J., Teacher KENTUCKY
  • Booth, Edmund
  • Bowden, Mrs. Perris, Teacher MASSACHUSETTS
  • Boyle, Cornelius, Jr., Foreman Printing Office ILLINOIS
  • Bradley, Joe G.. Printer . TEXAS
  • Branch. W. R.. Register of Deeds TENNESSEE
  • Brown, Philip H., Teacher LOUISIANA
  • Brunson, A. W., Editor MISSISSIPPI
  • Bryant, Arthur D., Drawing Teacher DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
  • Buchan, Champion L., Postoffice Clerk ILLINOIS
  • Cartwright, Joseph H., Foreman Shoe Shop KANSAS
  • Chambers, Cyrus, Clerk War Department DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
  • Charles, Clarence W., Foreman Printing Office OHIO
  • Cloud, James H, Minister MISSOURI
  • Convin, Sadie J., Teacher MISSOURI
  • Cook, Wailace, Printer NEW JERSEY
  • Crave, John E., Teacher CONNECTICUT
  • Deem, Charles S., Teacher and Editor MISSISSIPPI
  • Dougherty, George T., Chemist ILLINOIS
  • Draper, Amos G., Professor DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
  • Dudley, W. E. , Mechanical Engineer RHODE ISLAND
  • Eddy, Jonathan H., Teacher NEW YORK
  • Fischer, Mrs. Angie Fuller, Poetess NEBRASKA
  • Fischer, G. E., Manager Distributing Agency NEBRASKA
  • Fisher, Mrs. Angelia H., Writer and Painter MASSACHUSETTS
  • Flint, F. H, Editor MICHIGAN
  • Fosdick, Chas. P., Foreman of Garden KENTUCKY
  • Fox, Thomas S. F., Teacher and Librarian NEW YORK
  • Frankenheim, S. F., Photography NEW YORK
  • Freeman, S. M., Teacher GEORGIA
  • Gallagher, James Ernst Author ILLINOIS age 7 (spotted fever)
  • George, D. Webster, Teacher ILLINOIS
  • Gibson, Frank P., Bookkeeper ILLINOIS
  • Gilkey, Benjamin T., Teacher MISSOURI
  • Grady, Theodore, Teacher and Lawyer CALIFORNIA
  • Goodwin, James, Teacher LOUISIANA
  • Gray, Frank R., Scientific Instruments PENNSYLVANIA
  • Greener, A. B., Teacher OHIO
  • Griswold. Mary E., Teacher ILLINOIS
  • Gross, Henry, Teacher MISSOURI
  • Gumaer, Charles A., Typesetting Machine Operator MICHIGAN
  • Hanson, Alof, Architect MINNESOTA
  • Hart, Harry R.. Credit Man ILLINOIS
  • Hasenstab, Philip J., Minister ILLINOIS
  • Havard, Jay Cooke, Investment Broker MINNESOTA
  • Heyman, Moses, Cigar Manufacturer NEW YORK
  • Hildebrand, H. L., Instructor Shoemaking INDIANA
  • Hill, William L. Editor MASSACHUSETTS
  • Hodgson, E. A., Editor NEW YORK
  • Holloway, Frank C IOWA
  • Hotchkiss, John B., Professor DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
  • Howard, William H., Engraver WISCONSIN
  • Hurt, Alvis, Editor KANSAS
  • Jennings, Miss Alice C, Poet and Writer MASSACHUSETTS
  • Jewell, Thomas H., Teacher NEW YORK
  • Jones, W. G., Teacher NEW YORK
  • Jutt, August, Teacher INDIANA
  • Kent, Albert G., Traveling Salesman MICHIGAN
  • Kent, Alfred L., Foreman Printing Office FLORIDA
  • Kiene, Arnold Business Man IOWA
  • King, Robert H., Insurance Agent KENTUCKY
  • Koehler, J. M., Minister PENNSYLVANIA
  • Lamoreaux, Alfred J., Contractor COLORADO
  • Larson, Lars M., Superintendent WISCONSIN
  • Larson, Nephi UTAH
  • Leake, H. C, Shoe Dealer and Manufacturer MISSOURI
  • Le Clercq, Charles J., Artist NEW YORK
  • Le Fevre, H. L., Clerk Treasury Department DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
  • Lloyd, Rowland B., Teacher NEW JERSEY
  • Loew, Jacques, Leather Goods Manufacturer NEW YORK
  • Logan, James H., Microscopist PENNSYLVANIA
  • Long, J. Schuyler, Teacher WISCONSIN
  • Long, M. T., Teacher KENTUCKY
  • Lounsbury, Theo. L, Printer NEW YORK
  • Lowman, Alto M., Teacher MARYLAND
  • Lunsford, Miss Belle, Teacher KENTUCKY
  • Mann, A. W., Minister OHIO
  • Marcosson, Max N., Teacher KENTUCKY
  • Marr, Thomas S., Jr., Architect TENNESSEE
  • McClure, Geo. M., Teacher and Editor KENTUCKY
  • McCook, Matthew, Publisher IOWA
  • McGregor, Robert P., Teacher OHIO
  • Michels, John W., Teacher ARKANSAS
  • Minor, Louis C, Printer MISSOURI
  • Moore, H. Humphrey, Artist CONNECTICUT
  • Morrow, N. Field, Teacher INDIANA
  • Moylan, D. E., Teacher and Missionary MARYLAND
  • Murdy, Clarence A., Artist ILLINOIS
  • Overstreet, J. W., General Merchandise KENTUCKY
  • Pach, Alexander L., Photographer NEW YORK
  • Palmer, L. Arthur, Newspaper Man TENNESSEE
  • Parkinson, Joseph G., Lawyer ILLINOIS
  • Patterson, Robert, Principal OHIO
  • Plunkett, Henry B., Clerk WISCONSIN
  • Porter, Geo. E., Publisher NEW JERSEY
  • Porter, Mrs. Frances. Teacher NEW JERSEY
  • Pound, Lester W., Foreman Shoe Shop IOWA
  • Reed, Charles, Postmaster WISCONSIN
  • Regensburg, O. H., Printer ILLINOIS
  • Rives, Robert M., Teacher TEXAS
  • Roberts, Marshall O., Clerk Pension Office DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
  • Robinson, Warren, Teacher WISCONSIN
  • Rogers, David S., Teacher KANSAS
  • Round, B. F., Editor IOWA
  • Sansom, James I.. Postoffice Clerk ILLINOIS
  • Saxton, Gordon, Artist NEW YORK
  • Schoolfield, Geo. T., Teacher KENTUCKY
  • Schory, A. H., Teacher OHIO
  • Schroeder, Anton, Manufacturer MINNESOTA
  • Searing, Mrs. L. R., Poetess CALIFORNIA
  • Smith, J. L., Teacher and Editor MINNESOTA
  • Souweine, Emanuel, Engraver NEW YORK
  • Spear, A. R., Manufacturer MINNESOTA
  • Steinwender, Chas. E. , Abstract Clerk INDIANA
  • Stevens, Harry E., Architect NEW JERSEY
  • Stiles, Archibald, Contractor and Builder KENTUCKY
  • Teegarden, Geo. M., Teacher PENNSYLVANIA
  • Thompson, Z. B., Foreman Printing Office IOWA
  • Thornberry, W. M., Teacher TEXAS
  • Thurnith, Charles W., Designer MASSACHUSETTS
  • Tilden, Douglas, Sculptor CALIFORNIA
  • Tiegel, Miss Agatha M., Teacher MINNESOTA
  • Tillinghast, David R., Teacher NORTH CAROLINA
  • Tillinghast, John T.. Real Estate and Insurance MASSACHUSETTS
  • Tracy, H. Lorraine, Teacher and Editor LOUISIANA
  • Tripp, George F., Foreman Cabinet Shop MISSISSIPPI
  • Turner, Job, Minister VIRGINIA
  • Ugarte, E., City Market Master TEXAS
  • Van Allen, Harry, Missionary NEW YORK
  • Veditz, Geo. W., Teacher COLORADO
  • Waring, E. S., Editor and Printer IOWA
  • Washburn, C. L., Artist MINNESOTA
  • Way, Daisy M., Bookkeeper MISSOURI
  • Weeks, William H CONNECTICUT
  • Zorn, W. H., Teacher OHIO


people with known inherited hearing loss

dominant gene

recessive gene