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  • Olive Delano (c.1795 - d.)
    Olive Delano, dau. of Columbus Delano, was 2nd wife of GUY CARLTON BALDWIN , son of Benjamin Baldwin and Ruth Paddock. He was born in Dorset, Vermont. They wed on Mar. 16, 1813 in Shoreham, Vermont. .H...
  • Elizabeth Ames (1839 - 1904)
    Elizabeth Ames Delano, dau. of Columbus Delano and Elizabeth Leavenworth, was born in Ohio in 1639.*1850 census: Elizabeth Delano (11, b OH); in Mt. Vernon, Ohio w parents and brother John (8, b OH). F...
  • Elizabeth Delano (1812 - 1897)
    Elizabeth Leavenworth, dau. of Martin Leavenworth and Clara Sherman, was born on Aug. 7, 1812 in Woodbury, Connecticut; she married on July 14, 1834 in Knox Co., Ohio with W. COLUMBUS DELANO , son of J...
  • John Sherman Delano (1841 - 1896)
    John Sherman Delano, son of Columbus Delano and Elizabeth Leavenworth, was born in Ohio in 1841; married with ELLA E. HURD , dau. of Rollin C. Hurd and Mary Banning Norton. She was born 1842 in Knox Co...
  • Harmon Boute Delano (1863 - 1873)
    Harmon B. Delano, son of John Sherman Delano and Ella E. Hurd, qas born 1883 in Knox Co., Ohio; died there 1873; buried at Mound View Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio.*1870 census: Harmon B. Dela...

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To create a single, accurate and well documented family tree for the Delano family.


French by ancestry, Dutch by birth, and English by association, Philippe de Lanoy, just nineteen years old, embarked for America on the ship "Fortune" landing in Plymouth in 1621. He lived with his uncle, Francis Cooke who had arrived a year earlier on the "Mayflower."

In America, the "de Lanoy" surname was anglicized to DELANO. Philippe married twice and had nine children which the DELANO KINDRED refers to as the American lines. His first marriage to Hester Dewsbury in 1634 produced nine children (Mary, Esther, Philip Jr., Doctor Thomas, John, James, Lieutenant Jonathan, and Rebecca). After his first wife's death he married Mary Pontus in 1657 and produced one son (Samuel).

You may have noticed that Philippe's last name, "de Lanoy", is also often spelled "de Lannoy" or "de la Noye". The correct spelling was a puzzle for many years until Dr. Jeremy Bangs, on behalf of our European Research Project, discovered Phillipe's baptismal record. On that record was the the name of Phillipe's grandfather, Guilbert (Gysbert) de Lanoy, which confirmed the correct spelling as "de Lanoy." In addition, Philippe's signature on the first recorded private land sale in Plymouth Colony shows that he spelled his name with one "N".

Thus far, incontrovertible documentation substantiates that Philippe de Lanoy was the son of Jan de Lanoy (from Tourcoing) and Marie le Mahieu (from Lille) who moved from Flanders, in the Spanish Netherlands, to England and then to Leyden, Holland. By 1585 thousands of Huguenots had fled from the southern provinces of what is now Belgium, collectively known as Wallonia, land of the Walloons, to escape religious persecution. (Tourcoing and Lille were formerly a part of Walloon Flanders, now located in northern France.) Jan and Marie married in Leiden and their son, Philippe, was baptized in the Walloon Church called the Vrouwekerk. He subsequently became a member of the Leiden Pilgrim Separatist congregation led by Pastor John Robinson. Thus, he became affiliated with the Pilgrims who came to America on the "Mayflower."


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  • Book: "Captain Paul Delano: The founder of the Delano family in Chile",

author: Jorge Andres Delano