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Otto II, duke of Swabia MP (c.987 - 1047)

Otto II (died 1047) was Count Palatine of Lotharingia (1034 – 1045), then Duke of Swabia (1045 – 1047), and all the while Count in Deutz and Auelgau (1025 – 1047). He was the son of Ezzo and Matilda ...

6/21/2008 10/13/2011

Leutharis I, duke of the Alemannians MP (c.500 - 554)


Duc d'Alémanie (537-554), Noble Franc, Edele Frank Sources Stoyan Database http://

9/7/2007 7/20/2011

Erchanger I, duke of Swabia MP (c.865 - 917)

He was a missus dominicus in Swabia, and Duke of Swabia (915-917). "The Ahalolfings or Alaholfings were a noble family of Alemannia in the Early Middle Ages. The family rose in the Carolingian Empi...

12/22/2008 5/9/2011

Conrad I, duke of Swabia MP (c.925 - 997)

"Kuno von Öhningen", "Kuno", "Cuno", "Conrad", "Cono", "Kuno von Wetterau", "de Oehningen", "Kuno Count of Ohningen"

Conrad I, Duke of Swabia Conrad I (died August 20, 997) was Duke of Swabia from 983 until 997. His appointment as duke marked the return of Conradine rule over Swabia for the first time since 948. ...

2/25/2007 12/6/2010

Herman II, duke of Swabia MP (c.965 - 1003)

"Herman II Herzog von Swabia", "Duke of Swabia"

HERMANN (-2/3 May 1003). The Annales Einsidlenses record the death in 997 of "Chuonradus dux" and the succession of "Herimannus filius eius in ducatum"[123]. The Annalista Saxo (apparently incorr...

2/27/2007 12/6/2010

Herman IV, duke of Swabia MP (c.1015 - 1038)

Herman IV, Duke of Swabia Herman IV (died 1038) was the Duke of Swabia (1030–1038). He was the second son of Ernest I and Gisela of Swabia. He was one of the Babenberg dukes of Swabia. Herman becam...

11/24/2007 12/6/2010

Liudolf, margrave of Frisia MP (1003 - 1038)

"Ludolph of Brunswick", "Markgraf von Friesland"

Count Ludolf of Brunswick - was born about 1016, lived in Brunswick, Germany and died on 23 Apr 1038 . He was the son of Count Bruno of Brunswick and Duchess Gisele of Swabia. Count Ludolf married Co...

2/25/2007 12/6/2010

Ernest I, duke of Swabia MP (c.985 - 1015)

Ernest I, Duke of Swabia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Ernest I (died March 31 or May 31, 1015) was Duke of Swabia (1012–1015). He was a younger son of Leopold...

11/24/2007 12/6/2010

9/21/2007 12/4/2010

9/21/2007 11/29/2010

Duc d'Alémanie (643-675)

2/5/2008 11/28/2010

Cunzo, duke of the Alemannians MP (575 - 613)

"Cuno", "Cunon", "Cunzo", "Cunzon", "Kuno", "d'Alémanie"

Gunzo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gunzo (also Cunzo) was a 7th century duke of the Alamanni under Frankish sovereignty. His residence was at villa Iburninga (today's Überlingen) at Lake C...

9/7/2007 11/28/2010

Leutfried I, duke of the Alemannians MP (c.545 - 587)


Duc d'Alémanie (553-587) Duc d'Alémanie (553-587) Duc d'Alémanie (553-587)

9/7/2007 11/28/2010

Uncilien, duke of the Alemannians MP (c.568 - 607)

"Uncilen", "Uncilien", "Unzelinus"

Duc d'Alémanie 555-608 Uncelin d'Alémanie = Unzelinus d'Alsace

9/7/2007 11/28/2010

Chrodebert, duke of the Alemannians MP (c.598 - 639)

"Chrodebert", "Hruotbert"

His relationship to earlier and later dukes is not known. Some sources speculate Chrodebert was son of Uncilien.

9/21/2007 11/28/2010

He might have been elected to replace Duke Gottfried. He was attacked by Pépin d'Héristal in 709 and 712, perhaps because he had displaced Gottfried's sons Lantfrid and Theudebald.

9/21/2007 11/28/2010

He was co-Duke of Alemannia (709, with his brother Theutbald). He codified the Lex Alamannorum Lanfridana in 720. From the English Wikipedia page on Lantfrid: Lantfrid (also Landfrid or Lanfred, ...

5/8/2008 11/28/2010

Emma of Alemannia, duchess of Swabia MP (726 - 783)

"Emma of Alamannia", "Imma von Swabia", "von Bayern", "Gryfin Emma d'Alémanie", "Imma der Alamannen/Alemannen; (castellano) Imma de Alemania", "Imma de Suabia; Imma/Irma/Emma", "Imma Duchess of Swabia", "Emma Of /Alemania/", "Duchess Imma /Of Swabia/", "Imma of Alemani..."

Ben M. Angel notes: There is no indication in any reliable sources that shows where Imma was born, or where she died. She is from Alamannia, which is located within Swabia (present Baden-Wurttemberg)...

4/6/2007 11/28/2010

The Frankish king Carloman, son of Charles Martel, executed all of the Alemannian nobility at a "blood court" at Cannstatt in 746. Thereafter, the Alemannians were ruled by Frankish dukes.

12/10/2007 10/22/2010

Gerold, count in Kraichgau and Anglachgau MP (c.725 - c.784)

"Gerold of Vinzgouw", "Gerold von Anglachgau", "Vintzgau", "Gerold I of Swabia", "Gerald", "Geroud", "Vinzgau", "Duke Of Allemania Gerold I or Gerald I or Childebrand or Desiderius I Of Swabia", "count of Swabia duke of Allemania"

His ancestry is unknown. Some scholars speculate on onomastic grounds that he might have been a son of Gerold of Mayenne . Gérold Ier de Vintzgau at French Wikipedia cites Pierre Riché for the su...

4/6/2007 10/22/2010

Burchard I, duke of Swabia MP (c.860 - 911)

Burchard I (died 5 or 23 November 911) was the duke of Swabia from 909 to his death and margrave of Rhaetia, as well as count in the Thurgau and Baar. Born between 855 and 860, he was the son of Ad...

7/27/2007 10/15/2010

Burchard II, duke of Swabia MP (c.883 - 926)

"Buchard", "Burkard", "Burkhard"

Burchard II (883/884 – 29 April 926) was the Hunfriding Duke of Swabia (from 917) and Count of Raetia. He was the son of Burchard I and Liutgard of Saxony. Burchard took part in the early wars ov...

7/27/2007 10/15/2010

Duc d'Alémanie (537-553)

9/21/2007 10/15/2010

3/25/2009 10/10/2010

Gotfrid, duke of the Alemannians MP (651 - 709)

"Godefried", "Godefroy", "Godfrey", "Godofredo", "Gotefredus", "Gotefried", "Gotfrid", "Gotfridus", "Gotefrid", "Gottfrid", "Gottfried", "or Gottfried", "he Agilolfing dynasty of Bavaria."

Gottfrid (?-709), Duke of the Alemannians. His parentage is speculative, but he is known to have belonged to the Agilolfings. Some sources call him the 13th Merovingian Duke of Alemannia, which see...

4/10/2007 10/10/2010

Huoching of the Alemannians MP (c.675 - c.744)

"Houching", "Huoching", "Huocin", "Houchi", "Hug", "Alemannia", "Alamannia", "d'Alémanie", "der Alamanien", "der Alamannen", "of the Alamanni", "Huoching von Alemannien", ""Duke of Allemania""

Huoching (c675-c744), an Alemannian nobleman, and a brother of Dukes Lantfrid and Theutbald . Ben M. Angel's summary Relationships: Father: Gottfrid , Duke of Alamannia (d. 709)

4/10/2007 10/10/2010

Hnabi, duke of the Alemannians MP (c.710 - c.788)

"Hnabe", "Hnabi", "Nebi", "von Alemannien", "Herzog", "Nebi (a Prophet) was Alemannic duke", "Hnabe duc de Allemania", "Count In Linzgau", ""Nebi", "Duke of Alemannia", "Count of Linzgau"

Spouse: Hereswind (Hereswintha, Hereswint) Children: 1. Ruodpert (Robert), Graf im Hegau (770-785) 2. Imma (Emma), wife of Gerald, Graf von Anglachgau (d. 784/786) Basic information...

4/10/2007 10/10/2010

Leutharis II, duke of the Alemannians MP (c.570 - 646)

"Leuthaire", "Leutharius", "d'Alémanie"

Duc d'Alémanie (613-643) Duc d'Alémanie (613-643)

8/23/2007 10/8/2010

Leudesius I, duke of Alemannia MP (c.620 - c.680)

"Lendisius; Lendifius"

Leudesius (or Liutheric) was Mayor of the Palace of Neustria (675-676) for Childérich III. He has been called Duke of Alsace, but was not. He is known to have been a son of Erchinoald, Mayor of the P...

5/8/2007 10/8/2010