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Sarah Price MP (1653 - 1691)

Parents Matthew Price and Elizabeth ---- . Born 1653. Died 24 Mar 1691, apparently as a result of complications of childbirth since her last child was born March 1691. She married William Jameson on ...

1/1/2009 7/29/2017

Abraham Hill, III MP (1643 - 1713)

Admitted to the church 6 Sep 1702. For more information about his land and estate, see source: THE GENEALOGIES AND ESTATES OF CHARLESTOWN, IN THE COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX AND Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ...

12/28/2008 7/24/2017

William Johnson MP (1609 - 1677)

Additional helpful information is found at WeRelate .

3/5/2007 7/24/2017

Isaac Johnson MP (1649 - 1711)

On 22 November 1671 at Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Isaac married Mary Stone, daughter of Nicholas Stone and Hannah (?) Isaac Johnson was a lock and gunsmith. He joined the church on 1...

10/14/2008 7/24/2017

Mary Gould MP (1636 - 1708)

Mary GOULD was born in 1636/7 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA and was baptized there on 29d:11m(January):1636/7[2]. She died died February 4, 1708. Parents: John Gould and his second wife Mary. ...

6/19/2008 6/13/2017

John Smith, of Charlestown MP (bef.1619 - 1673)

Marriage Sarah Converse b: BEF 17 APR 1621 Children John Smith James Smith Josiah Smith Elizabeth Smith Sarah Smith Mary Smith John Smith, in Savage, James. A Genealogic...

7/5/2014 3/14/2016

William Learned MP (1590 - 1646)

William Learned of Woburn, MA Born before 1588, possibly as early as 1581. Died March 1, 1645/6, in Woburn, Middlesex Co, Mass, age 55-60. William Learned was married to Goodith Gilman in St. Olave P...

1/17/2008 10/14/2015

Elizabeth James MP (1606 - d.)

2/5/2010 8/16/2015

Rev. Thomas Shepard, II MP (1635 - 1677)


Info from Thomas SHEPHARD ;[Reverend] View Tree Gender Male Birth 5 April 1635 London, London, England Christening February 1636 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Death 22 December 167...

6/8/2007 7/24/2014

Rear Admiral Thomas Graves MP (1605 - 1653)

Often confused with: THomas Graves, engineer, married Sarah Whiting Thomas Graves and Thomas Graves of Hatfield, married Sarah Scott Thomas Graves, of Hatfield Thomas, son of John, was born at Ratcli...

6/23/2009 6/1/2014

Thomas Richardson, lll, of Standon MP (1567 - 1633)

"Thomas R Richardson"

Thomas Richardson was born in 1567 in of Standon, Hertfordshire, England and was buried on 8 Jan 1633 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England 1, 2, 3, 4 Parents: 8th child of Thomas Richardson (b.1523 - ...

3/9/2007 5/19/2014

Thomas Pierce MP (c.1583 - 1666)

"Thomas Pierce", "Thomas Pearce"

Not a known child of Richard Pierce & Marguerite Pierce Thomas Pierce came from England in 1633 or 1634 with his wife Elizabeth and settled in Charlestown Massachusetts. His wife Elizabeth was admitt...

6/8/2007 3/27/2014

Francis Norton of Charlestown MP (bef.1602 - 1667)

Warning Please don't conflate Francis Norton of Charlestown with Francis Norton of Weathersfield and Milford Parents and Origins See The English Origins of Captain Francis Norton of Charlestown, ...

3/20/2014 3/20/2014

Elizabeth Phipps MP (bef.1620 - 1688)

Elizabeth Wood baptized October 22, 1620 in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England died November 01, 1688 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts Parents: Edward Wood, Ruth Lee Husband: Solomon P...

10/8/2008 2/5/2014

Ruth Wood MP (c.1602 - 1642)

"Ruth Mousall"

Ruth Lee Birth: Circa 1602 - Norwich, Norfolk, England Death: Aug 29 1642 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts Parents: unknown Lee [unconfirmed] Ward of: Ralph Mousall Husband: Edward Woo...

11/8/2007 2/5/2014

Edward Wood MP (1598 - 1642)

Edward Wood, son of Lewis and Margaret (Holmes) Wood, was born at Nuneaton, Warwickshire, baptized 29 Oct. 1598, and died at Charlestown MA 27 Nov.(9 mo.) 1642; married at Nuneaton 2 Feb. 1619-20 Ruth ...

7/20/2007 2/5/2014

E. L. Goodwin's Ancestry and History indicates that Christopher Goodwin arrived in Mass. in 1633 and that he married Mary. Her maiden name is unknown. They were probably married after his arrival as th...

10/1/2008 11/15/2013

Elizabeth Pierce MP (c.1595 - 1666)

Immigration; 8 Jun 1637, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. 7344 "ROSE" of Yarmouth, William Andrews, Jr., Master. Set sail from Ipswich, England and arrived at Boston, MA Church membership; 10 Nov 1634...

6/8/2007 4/19/2013

Martha Mellowes MP (1572 - 1639)

Martha Bulkeley, married, about 1568, Abraham Mellowes, of Odell, Bedfordshire and Boston, Lincolnshire. He was born about 1570. They had three sons, Oliver, Abraham and Edward. They also had three dau...

10/11/2007 4/16/2013

Increase Nowell MP (1603 - 1655)

Increase Nowell He was a member of the Massachusetts Bay Company, and came over as secretary to Governor Winthrop in 1630 in the "Arbella." He settled in Charlestown and with his wife joined the firs...

7/3/2008 3/18/2013

Parnell Parker MP (c.1602 - 1687)


Sources Nichols, Elaine C., Genealogical Notes: Myles of Sutton, Suffolk NEHGR, 138:39, Jan 1984. Citing Sutton parish register Joslyn, Roger D. Vital records of Charlestown, Massachusetts to...

7/3/2008 3/18/2013

Hon. Richard Russell MP (1611 - 1676)

"Honorable Richard Russell"

Speaker General Court Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1654-56 Note: "Rev. John Eliot's Records of the First Church in Roxbury, Mass.," Communicated by William B. Trask, Esq., of Boston; NEHGR, July 1879, V...

8/14/2007 3/18/2013

John Greenland MP (c.1602 - 1691)

Carpenter and Constable in Charlestown MA 1641. He petitioned Charlestown to give him a house. Denied, he bought 5 acres within Charlestown on Mystic side near to Thomas Moulton and widow Prudence Wi...

3/16/2013 3/16/2013

Elizabeth Hall MP (bef.1621 - 1683)

"Elizabeth Larnard", "Elizabeth Cornwall"

Elizabeth Learned was born before 25 March 1621 in Bermondsey, Surrey, England.1 She was baptized on 25 March 1621 in Bermondsey, Surrey, England. She died 1683 in Dover, Stratford, New Hampshire. ...

6/7/2007 3/16/2013

Bethiah Hall MP (1612 - 1683)

Bethia Farmer Birth: 1611 - Ansley, Barnstable, ENGLAND Death: Feb 1 1683 - Barnstable, MA Parents: John Farmer, Isabella Barbage Husband: John Hall of Yarmouth John Hall married either a...

6/7/2007 3/16/2013

Walter Allen, of Newbury MP (1601 - 1681)

"Walter Allen of Charlestown"

Walter Allen was born about 1601. The place of birth is likely England, given that he was married in England in about 1625 and that the Mayflower did not arrive at Plymouth until 1620.  He died on Jul ...

5/4/2008 3/16/2013

John Stedman MP (1601 - 1693)

3/2/2012 3/16/2013

Richard Sprague MP (1604 - 1668)

Richard Sprague Birth: Circa 1605 - Upwey, Dorsetshire, England Death: Nov 25 1668 - Charlestown, Suffolk County, MA Parents: Edward Sprague, Christian possibly Holland "The Sprague Family:...

10/17/2008 3/16/2013

Joanna Converse MP (c.1603 - 1680)

"Joannah Convers widow to Edward deceased sometimes wife of Lieutenant Ralph Sprague", "Johane", "Joan"

Ralph Sprague married in Fordington St. George, Dorsetshire, 15 August 1623 Johane/Joan Warren, daughter of Thomas Warren. Joan Sprague was admitted to Boston church as member #103, immediately after h...

4/9/2007 3/16/2013

Mary Sprague MP (c.1605 - bef.1674)

from The Sprague Project Some have reported Richard's wife to be Mary Sharp. "The Migration Begins" does not support that fact (page 1734). (Ancestral File - Ver. 4.11) Mary Sharp (AFN:GVLW-F3) ...

10/17/2008 3/16/2013

Rev. John Harvard MP (bef.1607 - 1638)

John Harvard (26 November 1607 – 14 September 1638) was an English minister in America whose deathbed bequest to the "schoale or Colledge" recently authorized by the Massachusetts Bay Colony was so gra...

12/17/2008 3/16/2013

Feb 20, 2016: Almost everything written below this line conflates data from eight different John Halls who came to New England before 1640! Please ignore it until it can be cleaned up. Savage and Pop...

6/7/2007 3/16/2013

William Sprague of Hingham MP (1609 - 1675)

A Founder of Charlestown, MA, Constable, Collector of towns rates. William Sprague (October 26, 1609 – October 26, 1675) left England on the ship Lyon's Whelp for Plymouth/Salem Massachusetts. He was...

2/19/2007 3/16/2013

Grace Palmer MP (1587 - 1660)

5/23/2008 3/16/2013

Dr. Richard Palgrave of Barnham Broom and Charlestown MP (c.1593 - bef.1651)

"Richard Palsgrave"

Please don't confuse Richard Palgrave of Great Yarmouth with Dr. Richard Palgrave of Barnham Broom and Charlestown . Richard Palgrave of Great Yarmouth (1597-1630) married Joane (Harris) [Palgrave] You...

6/23/2007 3/16/2013

Ann Palgrave MP (c.1597 - 1669)

"Joanna Palsgrave"

Disambiguation This should be the profile of Anne (Unknown) Palgrave who died 17 MAR 1668 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Her parents and origins are unknown. She probably came from the area near...

6/23/2007 3/16/2013

Isaac Wheeler of Charlestown MP (1607 - c.1647)

Isaac Wheeler of Charlestown was born about 1607 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England and was baptized there on 13 September 1607. He died say 1647 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, which is now Cambridge....

9/8/2007 3/16/2013

Elias Stone MP (c.1660 - 1734)

10/14/2008 3/16/2013

Thomas "the Blacksmith" Carter, of Charlestown MP (c.1588 - 1652)

"Thomas "Blacksmith" Carter"

Thomas "the Blacksmith" Carter, of Charlestown Birth: circa May 8, 1588 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England Death: June 25, 1652 (60-68) Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts Place of Buria...

5/12/2007 3/15/2013

Rev. Thomas Allen, of Norwich & Charlestown MP (bef.1608 - 1673)

"Thomas Allyn"

Allen, Thomas, a non-conformist clergyman of Norwich, was born in that city in 1608, and educated at Caius college, Cambridge. He appears to have been minister of St. Edmund’s, Norwich, where he was si...

1/12/2009 3/15/2013

Capt. Allen was very involved in town and Mass. Bay affairs as well as concerning land claims in present-day Maine. He was a wealthy merchant involved in shipping between England, America and the West ...

7/20/2008 3/15/2013

Abraham Palmer MP (1583 - 1661)

Not a known child of John Palmer, Knight See

9/8/2007 3/15/2013

James Brown MP (1604 - 1676)

James BROWN of Charlestown until circa 1660, Newbury and of Salem as early as 1672, glazier born circa 1605, died in Salem 11/13/1676; he married (1) Judith Cutting (2) Sarah Cutting (sister of Judith)...

6/5/2008 3/15/2013

Dea. Ralph Mousall MP (c.1596 - 1657)

"Ralph Mowsall"

Probably from London. Recorded as freeman 18 May 1631 as ‘Ralfe Mushell’.38, Vol. 1, pgs. 80, 366 Deposed 1663, aged 67 (b. 1596). Died 27 March 1665. Ralph Mousall, a carpenter, was born in England ...

6/24/2007 3/15/2013

Sarah Graves MP (1644 - 1729)

"Brackett Alcock"

5/28/2008 3/15/2013

Lt. Ralph Sprague MP (bef.1599 - 1650)

From "Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs ...", Volume 3 edited by William Richard Cutter pp 860-861 The record of the completed allotment of Charlestown inhabitants Ralph...

4/9/2007 3/15/2013

Rebecca Graves Adams MP (c.1630 - 1664)

4/22/2007 3/15/2013

Captain Samuel Adams MP (1618 - 1688)

"Capt. Samuel Henry Adams"

Captain Samuel, married First Mary Egglesfield, daughter of Emmanuel & Susanna (Gray) Egglesfield; then her cousin Rebecca, daughter of Thomas & Katherine (Gray) Graves & married (last) Esther, daugh...

4/22/2007 3/15/2013

Amy Stowers MP (c.1598 - 1668)

5/1/2007 3/15/2013

Nicholas Stowers MP (bef.1585 - 1646)

Nicholas Stowers was herdsman for the Charlestown settlement. His duties were "to drive the herd forth to their food (to the Cow Commons) in the main every morning and to bring them into town every eve...

5/1/2007 3/15/2013

'Goodwife' Susanna Brooks MP (c.1610 - 1681)

"Susanna (Bradford?) Richardson Brooks"

Please see for details. Her parents are not known. Christopher Brooks comments: "Many secondary sources superficially dismiss Susanna Brooks with the passing reference that she was "an ancient an...

3/9/2007 3/15/2013

William Frothingham MP (1603 - 1651)

2/4/2008 3/15/2013

Alice Mousall MP (1607 - bef.1675)

None of the four “daughters” named by Ralph Mousall in his will was born to him and his wife Alice; two of them, Elizabeth Mousall and Mary Mousall, were his daughters-in-law, married to his sons John ...

5/11/2008 3/15/2013

Thomas L. Minor, IV MP (1608 - 1690)

"Lieutenant Thomas Miner", "Thomas (The Immigrant) Mynor", "(As Baptized in England) Minor", "(Spelled On Arrival in America) Miner", "Lietenant"

Thomas Miner or Minor (23 April 1608 – 23 October 1690) was a founder of New London and Stonington, Connecticut, USA, and an early New England diarist. Miner was born in Chew Magna, England, on April...

1/22/2007 3/15/2013

Rev. Thomas James, Sr. MP (1595 - 1683)

THOMAS JAMES ORIGIN: Lincolnshire MIGRATION: 1632 FIRST RESIDENCE: Charlestown REMOVES: Providence 1637, New Haven 1639, Virginia 1642, New Haven RETURN TRIPS: Returned to England permanently in 16...

7/16/2008 3/15/2013

Margaret Pope Hutchinson MP (1582 - c.1600)

Date of Death Since her son Nathaniel is said to have been born 9 Aug 1633 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, Margaret Pope Hutchinson could not have died before that date. One profile for her s...

3/3/2013 3/15/2013

George Eleazer Hutchinson MP (1593 - 1660)

One of the first covenanters of the Charlestown church, along with his wife Margaret. George and his wife Margaret were passengers on the Arebella (part of the Winthrop fleet) in 1630.

4/24/2010 3/15/2013

Thomas Walford MP (c.1590 - 1667)

CHARLESTOWN, MA: Thomas and Jane Walford were the original English settlers of Mishawaum (later Charlestown); they settled there in 1625. They were given a grant by Sir Robert Gorges, with whom they ...

6/1/2009 3/15/2013

Jane Walford MP (c.1598 - 1681)

CHARLESTOWN, MA: Thomas and Jane Walford were the original English settlers of Mishawaum (later Charlestown); they settled there in 1625. They were given a grant by Sir Robert Gorges, with whom they ...

6/1/2009 3/15/2013

Anna Frothingham MP (1607 - 1674)

2/4/2008 3/15/2013

Joanna Jacob MP (c.1617 - 1679)

"Joanna (---) Hale", "Jacob", "Jane", "Cutler", "Joanna", "Cutter"

Joanna Birth: abt 1617 - England Married: Robert Hale, Richard Jacob Death: Nov 28 1679 - Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts Children with Robert Hale Rev.John b: 3 JUN 1636 in Charlestown, ...

10/7/2007 3/15/2013

Dea. Robert Hale MP (c.1606 - 1659)

Robert Hale Born: 1606, Canterbury, Kent, England. married: Jane or Joanna UNKNOWN, Joanna CUTLER (or CUTTER) Died: 16 July 1659, Charlestown, Ma., U.S.A Robert Hale is identified alternate...

10/7/2007 3/15/2013

John Hall, of Yarmouth MP (1610 - 1696)

"Deacon John Elisha Hall"

Savage and Wyman suggest that this John Hall came from Coventry in England, but there is no evidence for this whatsoever. Banks offers St. Mary Whitechapel, London, as an origin for this man, but cites...

6/7/2007 3/15/2013

Henry Harwood, Sr. MP (c.1605 - c.1637)

THE SALEM," MASSACHUSETTS, FAMILY. Descended from Henry Harwood and Elizabeth, his wife, who came from England with Governor Winthrop, in 1630. Thev lived for a little time in Boston, and were members ...

1/2/2009 3/15/2013

Sarah Converse MP (c.1592 - 1625)


Douglas Richardson NEHGR 1999 153:89; NEHGR 141:131; GMB 459; NEHGR 146:130; The Essex Genealogist 16:228; She married at Great Burstead, 29 June 1614, as his first wife, EDWARD1 CONVERSE (or Combers),...

7/12/2007 3/15/2013

Arrold Cole MP (c.1587 - 1662)

"Arnalda Phipps"

Arrald Dunnington was baptized at Great Bowden, Co. Leicestershire, England on Sep 21,1587 and died at Charlestown between 20 December 1661 (date of will) and 26 December 1661 (date of probate). Pare...

7/9/2007 3/15/2013

Ryse Cole MP (1589 - 1646)

"Rice/rhyce Cole", "Ryce Cole", "Rice Cole"

Rice Cole Birth: 1587, England Death: Mar. 15, 1646 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA Born by about 1587 based on date of marriage. Came from Great Bowden, Leicestershire, to Mass...

7/9/2007 3/15/2013

Smart match from MyHeritage Family Trees, Koyle Web Site, managed by Ardell J Koyle

3/30/2008 3/15/2013

Dea. John Wright MP (bef.1601 - 1688)

from "Historic homes and places and genealogical and personal memoirs ...", Volume 1 pp 112-113 By William Richard Cutter ...was born in England in 160i. He was one of the earliest settlers in Wobu...

7/12/2007 3/15/2013

Deacon Edward Converse MP (1588 - 1663)

Biographical Sketch From all that has been ascertained respecting the religious character of Edward Converse, we readily infer that he was a man of strongly marked idiosyncrasies. Prompt, clear-heade...

7/12/2007 3/15/2013

Sgt. John Tidd, of Woburn MP (1594 - 1657)

"Tead", "Teed", "Ted", "Tedd", "Tydd"

SGT. JOHN TIDD (1594 - 1656) of Woburn - John Tidd, son of John Tidd (born circa 1563) and Anna (Agnes) Dane (born circa 1563), was christened on 18 October 1594 at Hertford, Hertfordshire, England. He...

6/26/2007 3/15/2013

Thomas Richardson, of Woburn MP (bef.1608 - 1651)

"Thomas IV Richardson"

From: ; Find A Grave Memorial# 59943874 Thomas Richardson Birth:  Jul. 3, 1608 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England Death:   Aug. 28, 1651 in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA • He ...

7/12/2007 3/15/2013

Samuel Richardson, of Woburn MP (bef.1604 - 1658)

Samuel Richardson Birth: Dec 22 1604 / ca 1601 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England, Death: Mar 23 1658 - Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts Parents: Thomas Richardson, Katherine Duxford Married...

8/8/2007 3/15/2013

Dea. John Mousall MP (1596 - 1665)

He was the founder and much honored citizen of Woburn. He was the erector of one of the first houses. See documentation concerning John in "The New England historical and genealogical register, Volum...

5/29/2008 3/15/2013

Edward Winn MP (c.1604 - 1682)

"Wynne", "Wyn"

Edward Winn Birth: 1599 Ipswich, Suffolk, England Death: Sep. 5, 1682 Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA Edward Winn (1599-1682) was born in Ipswich, ENGLAND, the son of Edward Wynne ...

10/11/2007 3/15/2013

Ezekiel Richardson (Immigrant) MP (bef.1606 - 1647)

"Ezekial Richarson"

Descendants of Ezekiel Richardson of Woburn There were other Richardsons in the First Generation of New England people, besides those who settled in Woburn. We find John Richardson, a proprietor in W...

3/9/2007 3/15/2013

From an unknown source; "Captain Edward Johnson was born in 1599, and before emigrating to New England, resided at Herne Hill, near Canterbury, County of Kent, England. His Will indicates that he was...

10/11/2007 3/15/2013