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Everyone Knew Her as Nancy

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  • Nancy Miller (1784 - 1877)
    Eager genealogists have drawn a false line between this profile and Nancy Miller , who married Andrew Miller at some point in Tennessee, most likely. RESEARCH NOTES:
  • Nancy E. Bentley (1783 - 1856)
    Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook:* 3. Nancy Hamman, born November 19, 1873, Fayette Co. KY, no other information. Links*
  • Nannie Woodall (1802 - 1875)
    Nannie Tadpole was a Cherokee woman Biography Nannie Tadpole was a Cherokee who came West on the Trail of Tears with her children. Her husband, Thomas Woodall, who was white, followed soon after...
  • ᎠᏂᎩᎶᎯ anigilohi (Cherokee Long Hair Clan) by Angielina Grass, artist
    Nannie Daniel (1750 - 1838)
    Nanny Still was a Cherokee woman Biography Marmaduke Daniel an Englishman married Nannie Still a "full blood Cherokee" and had a son James, of mixed blood, who married Mary Buffington, a mixed bloo...
  • Nancy Adeline Allen (1824 - 1905)
    GEDCOM Note ===1840 - Proof of Nancy's parentage was found in the Mills River Church reco rds, pages 5, 6, & 33. And "Brief Baptist Biographies V. II", page 516 a nd in "The Heritage of Old Buncombe Co...

Her name was Magill, she called herself Lil, but Everyone Knew Her as Nancy.

Lyrics from the Beatles song Rocky Raccoon.

The Goal is to match any duplicate profiles and merge if they are in fact the same person.

This is for the profiles whose first name is Nancy or that have more that one first name or given name. There seem to be quite a few Nancys. I have found that people often have more than one or two names that they went by or nick names. There are Nancys who have been married more than once and have several married last names. I have found that many Native American women were named Nancy.

Sometimes there are two or more different profiles of the same person on and if there are any that can be merged from this Nancy project then this project can possibly be helpful.

* Please only add public profiles. There is no obligation to add profiles, this is only for those who want to add the profiles they manage and if there are possible duplicates. Any private profiles or living profiles should not be added.

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One way we can try to match Nancy profiles is to list the ones here that are similar and need to be looked at.


Add any Nancy profile you see or if she went by several names other than her first name.

Given Name NANCY

GENDER: Feminine USAGE: English PRONOUNCED: NANT-see [key]=

Meaning & History Previously a medieval diminutive of ANNIS, though since the 18th century it has been a diminutive of ANNE (1). It is now usually regarded as an independent name. During the 20th century it became very popular in the United States. A city in the Lorraine region of France bears this name, though it derives from a different source. Expand Name Links Related Names See All Relations Show Family Tree VARIANTS: Annie, Nan, Nanette, Nannie, Nanny DIMINUTIVE: Nan OTHER LANGUAGES: Quanna (African American), Agnes, Hagne (Ancient Greek), Ane, Anne (Basque), Anna, Hanna (Belarusian), Anna, Hannah (Biblical), Anna (Biblical Greek), Channah (Biblical Hebrew), Anna (Biblical Latin), Anna, Oanez, Annick (Breton), Ana, Anna (Bulgarian), Agnès, Aina, Anna, Anaïs (Catalan), Agneza, Ana, Hana, Ines, Janja, Nensi (Croatian), Anna, Hana (Czech), Agnes, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Agnete, Agnetha, Agnethe, Ane, Anika, Anita, Annette (Danish), Agnes, Anna, Anne, Annelien, Hanna, Hannah, Anika, Anita, Anke, Anneke, Annet, Annette, Annika, Anouk, Ans, Antje, Nes, Neske (Dutch), Anna, Age, Anu (Estonian), Anna, Anne, Aune, Hanna, Iines, Anita, Anneli, Anni, Anniina, Annika, Annikki, Annukka, Anu, Niina (Finnish), Agnès, Anne, Hannah, Inès, Anaïs, Annette, Anouk, Ninon (French), Ana (Georgian), Agnes, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Hannah, Anika, Anina, Annett, Annette, Annika (German), Anna (Greek), Channah, Hannah, Chanah (Hebrew), Ágnes, Anna, Hanna, Ági, Anett, Anikó, Annuska, Panna, Panni (Hungarian), Agnes, Anna, Hanna (Icelandic), Aignéis, Nainsí (Irish), Agnese, Anna, Annabella, Ines, Annetta (Italian), Agnese, Agnija, Anna, Anita (Latvian), Nes, Neske (Limburgish), Agné, Ona (Lithuanian), Anke, Antje (Low German), Agnija, Ana (Macedonian), Agnes, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Agnetha, Anita, Annette, Anniken (Norwegian), Anna, Anaïs (Occitan), Agnieszka, Anna, Hanna, Anita, Jagienka, Jagna, Jagusia (Polish), Ana, Anabela, Inês, Anita (Portuguese), Ana, Anca (Romanian), Agnessa, Anna (Russian), Annag, Nandag (Scottish), Agnija, Ana, Janja (Serbian), Agnesa, Anna, Hana (Slovak), Ana, Ines, Neža, Anica, Anika, Anita (Slovene), Ana, Anabel, Inés, Anita (Spanish), Agnes, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Agneta, Agnetha, Anita, Annette, Annika, Hannah (Swedish), Anna, Hanna (Ukrainian), Nest, Nesta (Welsh)