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Fama, Passengers 1643

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  • Adm. Christer Eriksson Boije af Gennäs (c.1621 - 1679)
    Visited New Sweden during a 3 year period. Arrived 1642 with Fama and returned 1644 with Fama's next voyage:*
  • Dr. Tymen Lulofsson Stiddem (1610 - 1686)
    Basic information:*Birth: c. 1610, asserted in secondary sources either to be:**Hammel, Gjern Herred, Åbosyssel, Kingdom of Denmark**Hammel, unspecified "socken" (parish), Medelpad Landskap, Kingdom of...
  • Johan Papegoja (c.1610 - 1667)
    Fourth Governor of New Sweden ödd under 1610-talet. Papegoja (även Johan Pappegoya), född cirka 1610, död 21 eller 23 mars 1667, var åren 1653–1654 den femte guvernören över Nya Sverige vid Nordamerika...

Fama 1643 - 1644

  • Sailed from Gothenburg December 29, 1643
  • Arrived in New Sweden March 11, 1644


  • Pawelsson Kabeliaw, Skipper

Passengers and Soldiers

  • Johan Papegoja
  • Jacob Cornelisen, mate, carpenter
  • Bengt Hindersson
  • Dirck (Diedrick)Jacobsson

Skipper on the sloop in the river, was taken into the company's service in New Sweden on August 10, 1646. He died about 1650 (before 1652).

  • Hans Janeke, barber-surgeon from Konigsbergh
  • Anders Jonsson

Was engaged on December 1, 1643 by the nobleman Johan Papegoja. Served as soldier until August 1653. He was executed on August 1, 1653 on a charge of treachery.

  • Knut Lilliehöök (Liljehok)

Brother of Per. Engaged as a soldier and served for four years. He returned to Sweden in the Swan, 1648

  • Per Lilliehöök (Liljehok)

Appointed commander at Upland with a salary of 25 florins a month. On May 1, 1646 he left his post and is heard of no more in connection with the colony. He probably left and returned to Sweden. It is possible that he settled in some of the neighboring colonies or died before reaching Stockholm.

  • Wolle Lohe (Walle Looer)

Was engaged by Johan Papegoja on December 1, 1643 to serve as soldier. Seems to have left the service in 1653 and returned to Sweden.

  • Jan Matzon (Johan Mattson)

Gunner at Fort Elsfsborg. Engaged as constaple on April 1, 1644 at 6 R.D. a month. On December 1, 1646, his wage was raised to 8 R.D. a month. He served as constaple until Spetember 1, 1650, when he was engaged as skipper on the sloop at 25 florins a month. From August 15, 1651, until September 1, 1653, he served again as constaple. He returned to Sweden with Governor Printz.

  • Hendrick Olofsson, the Finn

Was taken into the govenment's service in New Sweden as a soldier on September 1, 1646. He owed the company 28:32 R.D. in September 1653.

  • Sven Svensson, a boy


  • 6000 bricks
  • A ton of lime
  • Cloth, ready made clothing, shoes, stockings,
  • axes, saws, mill stones

Return voyage

departed June 20, 1644:

  • Pål Smaal (Pafvel Smal) returns who previously arrived on the Charitas in 1641.
  • Christer Boije af Gennäs ‧ Captain
  • Timon Stidden, barber-surgeon
  • Esbjorn Mårtensson originally from Stockholm