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Farnham Workhouse, Surrey, England

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The Poor are farmed in a Workhouse, built in 1791, on a good plan and stands in an excellent situation about half a mile from the town. The old Workhouse stood in the town and is said to have been a most wretched one. The contractor is allowed the use of the house and furniture, and the earnings of the Poor, and receives £1,000 a year for which he is bound to maintain the Poor of every description, but not bear the expense of removals, appeals, or other law contests. There are at present (Oct., 1795) 124 inmates, of whom 50 are old and infirm, and generally about the same in winter. There are a few out-pensioners, but the payments are very trifling, as it is more for the interest of the contractor to offer the Poor who apply for relief no alternative but the house. The infirm who can work are employed in picking wool, the children attend the carding machine, spin, etc., and are taught to read twice a day. Boys and girls, men and women sleep in different quarters of the house. The contractor says he keeps no account of expenses or earnings.

Breakfast-Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, onion pottage; other days, bread and broth. Dinner—Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. meat pudding and vegetables; other days. bread, cheese and beer. Supper—Sunday, Monday, Thursday, bread and beer; other days, bread. cheese and beer. Such women as have friends who give them tea and sugar for breakfast, have bread allowed them.

The parish is generally assessed at half rental. The rate, however, is seldom very regular, as farms are assessed at half-rental where the rent is known. Owner-occupiers are not rated at more than what the farm was let for 70 years ago. The parish is now undergoing a new survey and valuation. The sum paid to the county stock is very fluctuating. The cost of building the Workhouse was near £4,000. of which £800 has been repaid. About £100 were subscribed last winter (1794-5) to which £200 were added from the rates for selling bread to the Poor at reduced prices. The tradesmen complain that the farmers would not raise the wages of labour, but got the labourers supported by the parish, though reaping great advantages from the very cause of labourers the becoming necessitous. When the Poor are not farmed, rates were highest. and have fallen when they were farmed. The reason is obvious: a contractor's object is gain. He therefore allows little to the Poor outside the house and keeps those in it closely to work, by which means the idle, the lazy, and—it may be added—the modest Poor and old people (who decline making applications that would oblige them to quit old habitations and neighbours for perhaps more elegant apartments and profligate associates in a Workhouse), often go unrelieved.

1881 Census: Residents of Farnham Union Workhouse, Hale Road, Farnham, Surrey

Name Mar Age Sex Relation Occupation Handicap Birthplace


John Henry HORNE M 43 M Head Master Of The House (Munic) London, Middlesex

Martha HORNE M 38 F Wife Matron Of The House Moormonkton, York

Emma HORNE 7 F Daur London, Middlesex

John NIXON M 34 M Officer Porter Of The House (Munic) Ireland

Jane LEADBETTER U 45 F Officer Nurse Of The Infirmary Dorking, Surrey


Frederick ADEY M 39 M Inmate Helper House Painter (Pauper) Reading, Berkshire

John ANDERTON M 78 M Inmate (Head) Agricultural Labourer (Pauper) Crondall, Hampshire

Sarah ANDERTON M 77 F Inmate Wife (Pauper) Crondall, Hampshire

Charles ANDREWS W 64 M Inmate Helper Tailor (Pauper) Harrow, Middlesex

Ann ATTFIELD U 85 F Inmate Helper Dressmaker (Pauper) Imbecile Gosport, Hampshire

Richard ATTFIELD W 81 M Inmate Helper Agricultural Laborer (Pauper) Aldershot, Hampshire

James BARNETT M 72 M Inmate Helper Agricultural Laborer (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

John BARNETT U 50 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Mary BARTLETT W 80 F Inmate Helper Charwoman (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Ann BELDHAM 11 F Inmate Helper (Pauper) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

Jane BELDHAM U 63 F Inmate Cook Cook (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Thomas BELL M 72 M Inmate Helper Hawker (Pauper) Sheffield, York

Jonathan BENNETT W 56 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) (No Occ) Imbecile Norwich, Norfolk

Charles B. BICKNELL 4 M Inmate Helper (Pauper) Portsmouth, Hampshire

George BICKNELL M 55 M Inmate Helper Shepherd (Pauper) Kingsley, Surrey

Caroline BLAKE 3 F Casual (Daur) Child Of John (Pauper) Croydon, Surrey

Eliza BLAKE 4 F Casual (Daur) Child Of John (Pauper) Brighton, Sussex

Emma BLAKE 7 F Casual (Daur) Child Of John (Pauper) Dorking, Surrey

Henry BLAKE 9 M Casual (Son) Child Of John (Pauper) Croydon, Surrey

John BLAKE M 44 M Casual (Head) Agr Labr (Pauper) Croydon, Surrey

John BLAKE 11 M Casual (Son) Child Of John (Pauper) Croydon, Surrey

Mary BLAKE M 34 F Casual (Wife) Field Worker (Pauper) Croydon, Surrey

William BLAKE 1 M Casual (Son) Child Of John (Pauper) Croydon, Surrey

Daniel BLINKER W 62 M Inmate Helper General Laborer (Pauper) Studham, Hertford

Robert BROOKS U 64 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Newport, Monmouth

Robert BROWN 13 M Inmate Helper Baker (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

James BROWNJOHN U 54 M Inmate Helper General Laborer (Pauper) (No Occ) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

Esther BULLEN W 66 F Inmate Needlewoman (Pauper) Ash, Surrey

Sarah BUTCHER M 40 F Inmate Housemaid (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

John BUTLER W 80 M Inmate Helper Cab Driver (Pauper) Clapham, Surrey

Mabel E. BYRES 1 F Inmate Helper (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

John BYRNE U 39 M Inmate House Painter (Pauper) Ireland

Maria CALCUTT M 78 F Inmate Charwoman (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Richard CALLAGHAN U 26 M Inmate Confectioner (Pauper) London, Middlesex

James CARTER U 34 M Inmate Ag Lab (Pauper) Froyle, Hampshire

Henry CHAMPION U 26 M Inmate Ag Lab (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Louisa CHAPLIN W 61 F Inmate Needlewoman (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Louisa CHAPMAN U 39 F Inmate Cook (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Charlotte CHUTER U 44 F Inmate Helper (Pauper) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

William CLARKE W 78 M Inmate Baker (Pauper) Bristol, Gloucester

Richard CLEAR U 75 M Inmate Agricultural Laborer (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

John CONNELL W 61 M Inmate Shoemaker (Pauper) Ireland

William COOPER U 66 M Inmate Ag Lab (Pauper) Binstead, Surrey

Emma CRANHAM U 37 F Inmate (Head) Laundress (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Sarah CRANHAM 2 F Inmate (Daur) Child Of Emma (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

George CRUMPLIN W 64 M Inmate Plasterers Lab (Pauper) Dockenfield, Surrey

Jane CRUMPLIN U 25 F Inmate (Head) Charwoman (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Mary J.C. CRUMPLIN 4 F Inmate (Daur) Child Of Jane (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Joseph CULL M 62 M Inmate Carpenter (Pauper) Northampton, Northampton

William DAWSON U 43 M Inmate Chimney Sweep (Pauper) Dartford, Kent

Andrew DENISON U 18 M Inmate House Painter (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Mary EDMEADS U 42 F Inmate Needlewoman (Pauper) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

Frank EDWARDS U 26 M Inmate Ag Lab (Pauper) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

Jane ELLIS M 63 F Inmate Housemaid (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Petworth, Sussex

William EWINGS W 80 M Inmate Ag Lab (Pauper) Blind Ash, Surrey

Mary J. EXLEY U 17 F Inmate Housemaid (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Aldershot, Hampshire

Harriet FISHER M 63 F Inmate Charwoman (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Henry FLOWERS U 39 M Inmate Baker (Pauper) Staines, Middlesex

Denis FOLEY 3 M Inmate (Son) Child Of Denis (Pauper) Aldershot, Hampshire

Denis FOLEY W 37 M Inmate (Head) General Laborer (Pauper) Ireland

David FOSTER W 52 M Inmate Tailor (Pauper) Carlisle, Northumberland

Harriett FOSTER U 76 F Inmate Housemaid (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

Louisa GARDINER 5 F Inmate Child Of Caroline (Pauper) Aldershot, Hampshire

Mary GARDINER W 88 F Inmate Needlewoman (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Thomas GATCUM U 69 M Inmate Bricklayers Lab (Pauper) (No Occ) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

Charlotte GILES M 51 F Inmate (Wife) Wife Of James (Pauper) Putney, Surrey

James GILES M 62 M Inmate (Head) Agr Lab (Pauper) Pyrford, Surrey

Anthony GILLIGAN U 51 M Inmate Hawker (Pauper) Ireland

William GREEN M 47 M Casual Agr Labr (Pauper) Dogmersfield, Hampshire

James GUNNER W 45 M Inmate Wheelwright (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Stephen HARVEY W 78 M Inmate Bricklayer (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Hannah HUDSON W 81 F Inmate Needlewoman (Pauper) Kersey, Suffolk

Susan HUGHES M 36 F Inmate Needlewoman (Pauper) Islington, Middlesex

Thomas INSTONE W 72 M Inmate Helper Blacksmith (Pauper) Rye, Sussex

Harriet JETTEN U 21 F Inmate Housemaid (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

William JOY U 67 M Inmate Shoemaker (Pauper) Bridport, Dorset

Catherine KERR W 38 F Inmate Hawker (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Ann KIRCHER M 65 F Inmate (Wife) Wife Of John (Pauper) Wigton, Cumberland

John KIRCHER M 65 M Inmate (Head) Agr Laborer (Pauper) Odiham, Hampshire

John LAMB U 69 M Inmate Hawker (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Mary LAWES U 32 F Inmate Charwoman (Pauper) Frimley, Surrey

John LAWRENCE U 34 M Casual Agr Labr (Pauper) Winchester, Hampshire

Henry LEGG W 62 M Inmate General Laborer (Pauper) Kingsley, Surrey

Thomas LUCAS U 57 M Inmate Groom (Domestic Serv) (Pauper) London, Middlesex

William MADGWICK U 34 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) (No Occ) Imbecile Farnham, Surrey

Kate MANSFIELD W 78 F Inmate Charwoman (Pauper) Ireland

William MARINER W 75 M Inmate Bricklayers Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

William MARINER U 54 M Inmate Drover (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

James MARSHALL W 78 M Inmate Agr Lab (Pauper) Ash, Surrey

Thomas MARSHALL U 68 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) (No Occ) Binstead, Surrey

Charlotte MARTER W 44 F Inmate Teacher Of Music (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Joseph MILLER W 78 M Inmate Auctioneer (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Edward MILTON U 24 M Inmate Helper General Laborer (Pauper) Gosport, Hampshire

William MOORE W 74 M Inmate Cotton Spinner (Pauper) Salisbury, Wiltshire

Robert NASH U 47 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Richard NEWELL W 80 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Eliza NORTH U 48 F Inmate Charwoman (Pauper) Imbecile Frimley, Surrey

Joseph ORTON U 72 M Inmate Helper Clerk (Pauper) London, Middlesex

William PARKER U 21 M Inmate Helper Baker (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Eliza PEARCE M 65 F Inmate Hawker (Pauper) Bray, Berkshire

Edward PHARO W 79 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Normandy, Surrey

John PHARO U 74 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Ash, Surrey

Thomas PRESTON W 58 M Inmate Tailor (Pauper) Horton, Dorset

James PUNTER U 57 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Guildford, Surrey

Robert PYTHERS U 64 M Inmate Tailor (Pauper) Guildford, Surrey

Phoebie RANSOM W 64 F Inmate Charwoman (Pauper) Chemsford, Essex

George RENSLEY U 67 M Inmate Helper Coachman Domestic Servt (Pauper) Woolwich, Kent

Henry RUTSON U 67 M Inmate Helper Brickmaker (Pauper) Ware, Hereford

James SHEARS U 75 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Tarspin, Cheshire

Elizabeth SHERMAN W 79 F Inmate Charwoman (Pauper) Waltham Abbey, Essex

Lucy SHERRIN 3 F Inmate (Son) (Pauper) Ash, Surrey

Henry SIMMONS W 83 M Inmate Wheelwright (Pauper) Clapham, Surrey

George SMITH W 56 M Inmate Genl Labr (Pauper) Winchester, Hampshire

James SMITH U 49 M Inmate Shoemaker (Pauper) Swindon, Wiltshire

John SMITH U 36 M Inmate Shoemaker (Pauper) Ireland

Thomas SMITH U 66 M Inmate Potman (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) London, Middlesex

Thomas SPENCER W 71 M Inmate Millwright (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

George SPREADBOROUGH U 24 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Harriett STACEY 7 F Inmate (Daur) Child Of William (Pauper) Beaconsfield, Buckingham

Henry STACEY 9 M Inmate (Son) Child Of William (Pauper) Beaconsfield, Buckingham

William STACEY W 43 M Inmate (Head) Genl Labr (Pauper) Kingston On Thames, Surrey

Louisa STILLWELL U 42 F Inmate Servt Housemaid (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Odiham, Hampshire

Mary STUART U 67 F Inmate Cook (Domestic Servt) (Pauper) Ireland

Amelia H. SWIRES U 23 F Inmate Silk Weaver (Throwster) (Pauper) Macclesfield, Cheshire

Thomas B. SWIRES 1m M Inmate Child Of Amelia Henrietta (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Josephine THOMAS 10m F Inmate Child Of Josephine (Pauper) Blind From Birth Farnham, Surrey

Elizabeth TILMAN M 54 F Inmate Laundress (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Thomas VARNDELL W 73 M Inmate Bricklayer (Pauper) Crondall, Hampshire

Kathleen WARD W 56 F Inmate Needlewoman (Pauper) Saxony

Thomas WAREHAM U 68 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Bentley, Hampshire

William WARNER W 75 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

John WELLS U 66 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Hannah WEST U 70 F Inmate Helper Charwoman (Pauper) Churt, Surrey

George WOOD U 67 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Great Waltham, Essex

Thomas WOODS W 73 M Inmate Agr Labr (Pauper) Farnham, Surrey

Frank WRIGHT U 45 M Inmate Sawyer (Pauper) Dorking, Surrey

Joseph WRIGHT M 44 M Inmate (Head) Agr Labr (Pauper) Idbury, Oxford

Sarah WRIGHT M 35 F Inmate (Wife) Wife Of Joseph (Pauper) Barham, Berkshire

William WRIGHT W 48 M Inmate Helper House Painter (Pauper) Wandsworth, Surrey

George YOUNG W 70 M Inmate Helper Butler Domestic Servant (Pauper) Frimley, Surrey