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Fe del Mundo MP (1909 - 2011)

Fe del Mundo was a Filipina pediatrician. The first woman admitted as a student of the Harvard Medical School, she founded the first pediatric hospital in the Philippines. Her pioneering work in pediat...

7/14/2015 10/25/2015

Jose Novicio Luna MP (1861 - 1917)

Luna, the fourth in a brood of seven children, was born in Manila on 28 June 1861. He took up his Bachelor of Arts degree at the Ateneo de Manila and medicine at the University of Santo Tomas where he ...

2/20/2010 7/12/2015

Emmanuel Mendoza Almeda MP (1926 - 2004)

Dr. Emmanuel Mendoza Almeda was among the founding staff of the UP Department of Opthalmology, which he led in 1966. He also founded the Phlippine Eye and Ear Infirmary in the same year. He served as t...

6/3/2013 12/29/2014

Jose Militante Ebro MP (1895 - d.)

Dr. Jose M. Ebro, Sr. graduated with a medical degree from the College of Medicine and Surgery of the University of the Philippines. He joined the Health Service after graduation and was subsequently a...

6/3/2013 6/20/2014

Paulo C. Campos MP (1921 - 2007)

Paulo C. Campos was a Filipino physician and educator noted for his promotion of wider community health care and his achievements in the field of nuclear medicine for which he was dubbed as "The Father...

3/3/2014 3/3/2014

Benito Salvador Valdes MP (1860 - 1935)

Benito Salvador Valdes was a physician and the first director of the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Reference "Benito Valdes". Wikipilipinas. . Date accessed: 18 March 2013.

1/23/2009 3/17/2013

Filomena Francisco MP (deceased)

Filomen Francisco topped the Pharmacy Board examination in 1908, making her the first licensed pharmacist. Reference Ingles, Raul Rafael. "1908". Quezon City: UP Press, 2008. Page 205.

3/12/2013 3/12/2013

Alejandro Roces Legarda MP (1902 - 1993)

Dr. Alejandro Roces Legarda was a leading OB-GYN in his time. He was the President of the Philippines Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1964.

9/14/2008 3/1/2013

Antonio Novicio Luna MP (1866 - 1899)

Antonio Luna was a Filipino reformist and revolutionary. While studying pharmacy at the Central University of Madrid, he wrote for "La Solidaridad" under the pseudonym "Taga-ilog". He was among those...

2/20/2010 2/13/2013

Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez MP (1896 - 1980)

Jose Rodriguez invented methods of controlling leprosy M.D. University of the Philippines, 1920 CPH Johns Hopkins University, 1932 MPH Johns Hopkins University, 1948 Year elected as Academi...

8/4/2008 12/25/2012

Gregorio Y. Zara MP (1902 - 1978)

Dr. Gregorio Y. Zara is a renowned Filipino aeronautic engineer, physicist and inventor. In his youth, he was King Consort to Miss Philippines at the 1939 Manila Carnival. He was named National Scienti...

2/24/2011 6/9/2012

Emmanuel Gomez Almeda MP (deceased)

Emmanuel Gomez Almeda was a pharmacist by occupation, and was known for his formula for the relief of asthma. His eldest daughter Natividad was said to have assisted him in preparing this medicine, and...

1/11/2010 5/6/2012

Nicanor Escobar Padilla MP (1851 - 1936)

A member of the initial batch of physicians graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, Dr. Nicanor Escobar Padilla was also a colonel and Chief of the Medical Corps in the army of General Antonio Lu...

9/28/2010 5/4/2012

Aristeo Rizal Ubaldo MP (c.1886 - 1954)

Dr. Aristeo Rizal Ubaldo was a nephew of Jose Rizal. As a young man, he would write letters to his expatriated uncle, telling him of his progress at the Ateneo de Manila. A pioneering specialist in opt...

8/14/2009 4/13/2012

Maximo Sison Viola MP (1857 - 1933)

Once upon a time, a struggling patriotic man named Jose Rizal developed friendship with a kind doctor whose name was Maximo S. Viola who would later become the patron of Rizal’s first novel- the Noli M...

4/9/2008 4/13/2012

Dr. Jose Rizal MP (1861 - 1896)


Jose Protacio "Pepe" Mercado Rizal is the Philippine national hero, whose writings inspired the Filipino movement for freedom from Spanish rule. More here: . During his stay in Spain, Rizal became th...

7/31/2008 4/13/2012

Manuel Calleja Fernandez (1916 – 2000) was born in Libon, Albay, Philippines to Bartolome Seda Fernandez and Pilar Maronilla Calleja. He was a medical practitioner, specializing in dermatology — having...

2/2/2009 4/13/2012

Eduardo A. Quisumbing, Sr. MP (1895 - 1986)

Eduardo Quisumbing was a noted expert in the medicinal plants of the Philippines. He was author of more than 129 scientific articles. many on orchids. Eduardo Quisumbing served as the Director of the N...

9/29/2008 7/27/2011

Eugenio K. Hernando MP (c.1877 - 1958)

Eugenio Hernando was a doctor in the Spanish Army, loyal to the Filipino revolutionary cause. In 1938, he was named Director of the Bureau of Public Health by Pres. Manuel L. Quezon. A sub-species of P...

2/15/2011 7/11/2011

Anacleto Sales Del Rosario MP (1860 - 1895)

Anacleto Sales Del Rosario was a leading Filipino chemist during the Spanish Period and was considered the Father of Philippine Laboratory Science. He founded the Botica San Fernando in Binondo and the...

2/25/2011 2/25/2011