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Nicholas Batt MP (1612 - 1677)

9/1/2007 7/31/2016

Richard Fitts and his brother Robert emigrated to previous to 1639. Richard settled in Newbury, near Salisbury, and both were called planters in the records. Both Richard and Robert Fitts were men of h...

7/13/2008 7/31/2016

Anne Hills MP (c.1620 - 1671)

"Hannah", "Lunt"

ID: I14175 Name: Ann (Immigrant) Sex: F Birth: ABT 1618 in probably England Note: aka Widow Lunt Sen. John Kerry and Alice Hathaway Lee, first wife of Teddy Roosevelt, are descendants...

5/12/2008 7/31/2016

Henry Lunt MP (c.1610 - c.1664)

5/17/2014 7/31/2016

Elizabeth Poss Clifford MP (c.1633 - 1667)

"Elizabeth /Richardson/"

The 1688 date is certainly erroneous. Joseph Dow, in his History of Hampton, Volume II indicates that Elizabeth Wiseman Richardson married John Clifford, Sr. of Hampton, NH on September 28, 1658. They ...

6/29/2007 6/7/2016

6/29/2007 6/7/2016

Elizabeth Morse, Witch of Newbury MP (c.1616 - 1690)

"Witch of Newbury", "Witch from Newberry"

Elizabeth Morse was accused and found guilty of being a witch. She was initially sentenced to be hanged, but the execution was never carried out and, after a year in jail in Boston, Morse was sent home...

2/20/2007 5/15/2016

William Morse MP (c.1614 - 1683)

Traveled to the Massachusetts colony in 1635 on the ship "James" with his brother Anthony, Settled in Newbury. **************************************************************************************...

2/20/2007 5/15/2016

Ann Elizabeth Morse (Cox) MP (1607 - 1679)

Smart Matches™ (3) Ann Cox Ann Cox WikiTree FREE Birth: 1618 - Marlboro, Wiltshire, ENGLAND Death: Mar 9 1680 - Newbury, MA Husband: Anthony Morse Children: Anthony Morse, Benjamin Morse A...

5/11/2007 5/15/2016

Lieut. Anthony Morse II MP (1607 - 1686)

The Pioneers of Massachusetts, 52 on the List Anthony, shoemaker, of Marlborough, Eng., came in the James April 5, 1635. Settled at Newbury. Farm. May 25, 1636. Prope.. He deposed 9 May, 1665...

7/8/2007 5/15/2016

Alice Grantham MP (c.1599 - 1649)

"Mary Alice Grantham / Alica"

Called sister Mary Webster in her brother John’s will of 1647. Probate Essex Co Probate 1:60 will John Emery Sr called “brother” in her brother Theophilus will 1663 The name of John Emery's fir...

5/19/2007 5/2/2016

Mary Emery MP (c.1606 - 1694)

"Mary (Shatswell) Webster Emery", "Emery"

• Shatswell cottage AND a funny story of relatives • Early Inhabitants of Ipswich page 11 > names Mary as "widow Webster" and conveyance of land on Nov. 30, 1646. The locale is "labor in vain creek...

5/19/2007 5/2/2016

John Cheney, II MP (1605 - 1666)

"John Cheyney", "Cheney"

Alternate data, excluded at merge on 11/3/09: Birth Location: Roxbury, Roxbury, England Birth Year: 1600 ________________ updated Cheney genealogy The Cheney genealogy LINCOLNSHIRE. The...

3/21/2007 4/13/2016

"Parker, together with his cousin Rev. James Noyes, his nephew Rev. John Woodbridge, and some others, obtained leave of the general court to remove to Quascacunquen at the mouth of the Merrimack River,...

3/18/2016 3/18/2016

John Wheeler, I MP (1591 - 1670)

John Wheeler was a barber from Salisbury, Wiltshire County, England. He was of Hampton, New Hampshire soon after settlement of the town. He received land in Salisbury, Massachusetts, in 1641. He remo...

4/27/2007 3/13/2016

David Wheeler, of Newbury MP (bef.1625 - aft.1669)

WHEELER, DAVID, Newbury, son of John, born 1625, at Salisbury, Wiltshire County, came in the Confidence of London, departed Southampton on 24 April 1638, probably betrusted to some friend (John Ludwell...

7/8/2007 3/13/2016

Eleanor Bailey MP (c.1626 - 1700)

"Helena DOB Nov 7 1624"

John Bailey was born in England about 1613. He was first a weaver, and subsquently a husbandman. He lived in Salsibury, where he afterwards lived, being one of the selectmen in 1664. He married Eleanor...

6/22/2007 3/13/2016

Daniel Cheney MP (1633 - 1694)


The Cheney genealogy LINCOLNSHIRE. The probate records contain wills of many persons by the name of Cheney and Cheyney from a remote period. Thomas Cheney of Quadring, 1520 ; Christopher Cheyney,...

6/22/2007 3/13/2016

Mary Poor MP (bef.1628 - 1713)

"Farnham", "Mary Farnum"

Birth: Jul., 1628 Rochester, England Death: Feb. 13, 1713 Andover Essex CountyMassachusetts, USA MARY FARNHAM, bp. St Nicholas, Rochester, Kent, 13 July 1628, daughter of Ralph Farnham (1603 ...

7/28/2007 3/13/2016

Daniel Poor, of Andover MP (c.1624 - 1689)

"Daniel Poore"

Daniel Poore, at age 14, came to America in 1638, with his sister Alice, age 20, and his brother Samuel, age 18. The Poores came from near Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. They embarked from Southampto...

7/28/2007 3/13/2016

Joseph Plummer MP (c.1635 - 1708)

In this work the birth is listed as 1630 and the death as 12/11/1683 "He settled on the south side of the Parker River" Likely the son of Francis Plumer, an original setller of Newbury, MA •~ J...

8/9/2008 3/13/2016

Jane Sewall MP (1628 - 1701)

from: Immigrated on the Bevis, arriving June 1638 with her parents Alice Archer and Stephen Dummer. She and her husband returned to England with her parents in 1647. They returned to England with s...

7/12/2007 3/13/2016

Anne Sewall MP (1587 - bef.1615)

"Anna", "Ellen", "Hurst"

Also show her name as Anna Hunt Sewall/Anna Hurst Sewall Also known as Ellen. Married Henry before 1614 Another profile says shes born around 1596 Info source: Add'l Info: Diary of Samuel Sewal...

8/18/2007 3/13/2016

Henry Sewell, II MP (bef.1576 - 1657)

"The Republican", "Henry Sewall", "II", "THE REPUBLICAN"

Born in Coventry England - moved to Newbury and then to Rowley. Henry was 40 at the time of his father's death ("The Death of Henry Sewall), this makes his birthdate about 1588. Henry Sewall and ...

8/18/2007 3/13/2016

Mary Miller (Ward) MP (1592 - 1664)

Hey Ben. After I wrote the following I did not see the inaccurate date of death, She died 3 March 1663 not 1637. I have corrected the profile. Essex County Probate page 437 extracted by the Essex Insti...

3/2/2007 3/13/2016

Rev. Henry Sewall MP (c.1615 - 1700)


Irma Spellman Askey bless her heart helped establish this linkage by Col John Emery Adams from there I was able through research able to get to this point. We did it! Much research is still needed but ...

4/14/2007 12/12/2015

Capt. John Cutting MP (1586 - 1659)

 Captain John CUTTING of London, ship-master of the Welcome, of Charlestown & of Newbury circa 1642, will dated 10/22/1659 probated 3/27/1660, master of ship Advent Links ___________________...

3/2/2007 10/30/2015

John Lowell, of Newbury MP (bef.1604 - 1647)


Researchers: The original Lowell and Lovell genealogies are a mess. Please read these latest works on the two families: Plantagenet Ancestry: A Study In Colonial And Medieval Families, Volume II, 2nd...

3/6/2008 8/28/2015

William Allen, of Salisbury MP (1611 - 1686)

William Allen1 M, #12492, b. circa 1613, d. 18 June 1686 William Allen All children from 1st wife. He was born circa 1613 at Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He married Ann Goodall, daughter of Richard ...

3/17/2007 7/22/2015

Nathan Parker MP (c.1650 - 1679)

On 15 Apr 1675 Mary Brown first married Nathan Parker, son of Nathan Parker (ca 1622-25 Jul 1685) & Susannah Short (-26 Aug 1651), in Newbury, MA.38 Born ca 1650 in Andover, MA. Nathan died on 6 Apr 16...

5/21/2011 12/7/2014

Anne Jacques MP (1631 - 1705)

"Anna", "Anne Jaques"

1631 May 5, 1631 Birth of Anne Romsey, Hampshire, England May 5, 1631 Baptism of Anne Ramsey, Hampshire, United Kingdom 1648 October 8, 1648 Age 17 Marriage of Anne Knight to Henery Jaques Newb...

5/28/2008 9/28/2014

Agnes Knight MP (c.1611 - 1679)

"Agnes Coffley"

Richard Knight married Agnes; 8 children. Agnes died on 29 Mar 1678/9 in Newbury, MA.14 Their children include: (infant child) Knight (Stillborn) (17 Jun 1626-17 Jun 1626) Richard Knight (Died ...

8/20/2007 9/28/2014

John Bartlett, of Newbury MP (1613 - 1679)

Arrived America from England on the ship "Mary and John" Ben M. Angel notes: Originally, this profile read that John Bartlett was buried not in Newbury, Massachusetts, where he died, but many days jo...

5/15/2008 9/28/2014

John ll Bartlett, of Newbury MP (c.1639 - c.1708)

John Bartlett Birth: 1639 - Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States Death: Jan 13 1707 - Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States Wife: Sarah Knight Son: Gideon Bartlett Links

5/22/2009 9/28/2014

Elizabeth Knight MP (c.1596 - 1645)


Elizabeth Vincent died at Newbury on 20 Mar 1644[/5]. She was a Passenger of "The James," 1635. Married (1) in Romsey, Hampshire, 29 Mar 1624, to John Knight (d 1670). Children 1. John Kn...

3/29/2008 9/28/2014

John Knight, of Romsey & Newbury MP (1594 - 1674)

"John Knight", "Sr."

Baptized in Romsey, Hampshire, 30 Jan 1594/5, son of William & Elizabeth (Carter) Knight. Tailor from Romsey, Hampshire, who came to Massachusetts Bay in 1635 on the "James" & settled in Newbury. "on o...

3/29/2008 9/28/2014

John Kelly, of Newbury MP (c.1615 - 1644)

John Kelly, of Newbury Birth: Abt 1610 in Exeter, Devonshire, England Death: 28 Dec 1644 in Newbury, Essex Co, MA family Parents unknown. Name of wife unknown. Children 1. Sarah, b....

8/20/2007 8/19/2014

Thomas Follansbee, of Newbury MP (1637 - bef.1726)

"Immigrant ancestor", "Follinsby", "Thomas Follansbee", "Sr."

The first record of the Follansbee name in the American colonies was from "Thomas Follansbee, of Newbury, to one Stephen Greenle af, Feb. 16th, 1690, half of 5 acres, it being the rate lot." It seems t...

5/26/2008 7/16/2014

James Ordway MP (1621 - 1708)

James Ordway first appeared in over, NH about 1640, where he was granted land and paid taxes as late as 1649, although he had moved to Newbury, MA a year or two before. In Newbury, his house was near...

4/10/2008 5/22/2014

Judith March MP (c.1618 - 1675)

From Sometime before 1651, HUGH MARCH took JUDITH KNIGHT (who was either a sister or a daughter of either JOHN or RICHARD KNIGHT, brothers and tailors, from ROMSEY, HAMPSHIRE, England, who came to NE...

4/13/2010 1/4/2014

Edith Brown MP (c.1619 - 1647)

Edith was the 1st wife of Richard Brown (d 1661) of Newbury. She died in Newbury 2 April 1647. Her origins are unknown. Children    1. BROWN Joseph,   b. Abt 1638,   d. Bef 1661   2. BROWN Mar...

5/21/2008 10/26/2013

George Brown, of Newbury MP (c.1613 - bef.1643)

"George Browne", "Browen"

George Brown(e) (born about 1613) came to America with his brother Richard and Richard's wife on the ship “Mary and John” which sailed from Southhampton, England 24 Mar 1633/34. His brother Michael and...

1/27/2012 10/26/2013

Richard Brown, of Newbury MP (bef.1613 - 1661)


Richard Brown(e) was born cir. 1613 in England and died 26 Apr 1661 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He married (1) Edith _(no name)__cir. 1637-38 in Newbury, MA. (POSSIBLY WAS MARRIED IN ENGLAND) OR--Possib...

5/21/2008 10/26/2013

Dr. John Dole MP (1648 - 1694)

Notes Settled in that part of Newbury which afterward became the business centre of Newburyport. Administration of his estate was granted 3 Oct 1699. He was mentioned in the will of Honour Rolfe (I...

8/17/2008 10/26/2013

Rev. Nicholas Noyes MP (1615 - 1701)

* Not to be confused with his son Rev Nicolas Noyes Jr who acted as an official in the Salem Witch trials. Emigration 24 Mar 1633/4 Southampton, Hampshire, England Find all individuals with events...

3/2/2007 10/26/2013

Capt. Cutting Noyes MP (1649 - 1734)

NEHG Register: He was made freeman, 9 Jan., 1673/4, was a cordwainer, captain-lieutenant in the militia, and deacon of the First Parish. In 1698 he preached the election sermon. About 1702 he wrote t...

3/8/2008 10/26/2013

Dr. Abraham Tappan MP (1606 - 1672)

"Tappon", "Abraham Toppan", "Topham"

Birth: before Apr 10 1606 -  Calbridge, Coverham, Yorkshire, England Baptism: Apr 10 1606 - Calbridge, Coverham, Yorkshire, England Death: Nov 5 1672 - Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts Burial: Buryi...

6/29/2008 10/26/2013

Henry Jacques, of Newbury MP (1619 - 1687)

From Appendix D: List of Grantees, and Genealogy of the First Settlers from 1635 to 1700, in Coffin, Joshua. A sketch of the history of Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury, from 1635 to 1845. (Bosto...

5/28/2008 9/4/2013

William Moody, of Newbury MP (bef.1611 - 1673)

""the immigrant"", "William Moodye"

"William Moody was a saddler and came from Ispwich, England to Ipswich, MA in 1634 sailing on the "Mary & John", Robert Sayres, Master, from Southhampton 10 Apr. with his wife Mrs. Sarah Moody and thei...

5/10/2007 4/12/2013

Hugh March MP (c.1618 - 1693)


Hugh March is considered progenitor of a large part of the March family in the United States; he was an early settler of Newbury, Essex, Mass. Tradition says that he came from Newbury, England. He sail...

4/13/2010 3/16/2013

Walter Allen, of Newbury MP (1601 - 1681)

"Walter Allen of Charlestown"

Walter Allen was born about 1601. The place of birth is likely England, given that he was married in England in about 1625 and that the Mayflower did not arrive at Plymouth until 1620.  He died on Jul ...

5/4/2008 12/11/2012

William Chandler, of Newbury MP (c.1617 - 1701)

CHANDLER, WILLIAM, Newbury, had three ws. nam. Mary, and ch. Esther, b. 28 Jan. 1652 by the first, wh. d. 29 Oct. 1666; by the sec. surnam. Lord, m. 26 Feb. 1667, had William, Dec. foll.; Joseph, 19 No...

10/15/2007 12/7/2012

Thomas Hale, Sr. MP (c.1606 - 1682)

"Hale", "Haile", "Hall", "Halle", "Hayle"

Family listed in "Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts" Hale Haile Hall Halle Hayle 177 Sergt 206 Apphia 176 181 John 154 175 176 Richard 845 Thomas 42...

8/20/2007 12/7/2012

Capt. John Pyke MP (1613 - 1688)

(From Fellows/Rhodes book) Of Newburyport, Mass. Representative 1657/8.Of Woodbridge, NJ, 1667. "President" of that town in 1670,71,72,75. Captain 1673. Member, Governors council, 1672. Here is his W...

4/12/2007 11/25/2012

Lt John Pike MP (aft.1580 - 1654)


He and his sons were men of education, though he was recorded as a laborer when he embarked in the ship "James" in 1635. Settled in Newbury, Mass. In 1636,37, he acted as attorney in the courts. Juryma...

2/26/2007 11/25/2012

Thomas Dow, of Haverhill MP (c.1601 - 1654)

Thomas Dow Birth: about 1601 - England Death: May 21 1654 - Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts Wife: Phebe Thomas Dow’s origins are not known. The information that he was born in 1613 at Runha...

7/8/2007 10/10/2012

John Merrill MP (1599 - 1673)

9. JOHN6 MERRILL (NATHANIEL5 *MERRILL, JOHN4 *MERRELL, THE YOUNGER, JOHN3 *MERYELL, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born August 16, 1599 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England, and died September 12, 1673 in Newbury, Es...

4/7/2007 9/11/2012

From John Hutchins was born in 1604/1608 in Hampshire, England. There are at least three theories as to how he arrived from England: 1) On the “Friendship” as carpenter’s mate in 1636; 2) On the “Mar...

9/11/2007 9/11/2012

Judith Coffin MP (1626 - 1705)

"Judith (Greenleaf) Somerby Coffin"


4/13/2007 9/11/2012

Elizabeth Titcomb MP (1628 - 1676)

Since the first record of her father in America was 1639/40, it is most likely that Elizabeth was born in England. Married William Stevens May 19, 1645 in Newbury, Essex, MA, USA. William Titco...

11/27/2007 9/7/2012

William Titcomb, II MP (1620 - 1676)

William came from Berkshire England, sailed from London in 1634 on ship Hercules. Settled in Newbury, MA married Joanna Bartlett 1638 Newbury, MA Links

3/14/2008 9/7/2012

Thomas Silver, Sr. MP (1622 - 1682)

"Thomas "Sulver" Silver"

Thomas SILVER was born in 1622 in Ropley, Hampshire, England. He died on 6 SEP 1682 at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. (SOURCE: Early Vital Records of Essex County, Massachusetts to 1850 for Ne...

7/21/2008 9/2/2012

Henry Travers MP (c.1611 - 1648)

According to "Ould Newbury": Historical and Biographical Sketches by John J. Currier (Boston: Damrell and Upham, 1896) page 102: "In consideration of Henry Travers receiving a house lot at the new to...

11/25/2008 9/1/2012

John Poor, of Newbury MP (1615 - 1684)

"John Poor of the Neck", "John Poar", "John Poore"

64. John Poor was born in 1615 in Wiltshire, England and died on 21 Nov 1684 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts at age 69. John married Sarah in 1635. Sarah died on 3 Dec 1702. (84) He is first known t...

3/14/2008 8/31/2012

Capt./Corp. Richard Knight MP (1666 - 1723)

Capt. Richard Knight. Born on 26 Jul 1666 in Newbury, MA.24 Richard died in Newbury, MA, on 3 Jun 1723; he was 56. Occupation: Mariner. ca 1695 Richard married Elizabeth Jaques , daughter of Henry Ja...

4/7/2007 8/23/2012

John Knight, Jr MP (1626 - 1678)

Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of the ..., Volume 4 By William Richard Cutter, William Frederick Adams PG.2631-2633

12/23/2007 8/23/2012

Tristram Coffin, II MP (1632 - 1704)

'Tristram Coffin Made freeman 29 Apr 1668. When Tristram's father left Newbury, Tristram Jr. stayed behind. He was very active in town and church affairs holding a number of positions in town gover...

4/13/2007 8/22/2012

Richard Dole MP (1622 - 1705)

A source states: "Ringworthy had been the residence of his grandfather, Richard, and his father William inherited the homestead there. Afterward, William, then living in Thornbury, indentured young Ric...

3/14/2008 8/22/2012

Richard Dummer, Sr. MP (c.1598 - 1678)

Arrived From England 1632 Made his fortune as a trader in England. Was a Puritan. Emigrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richard Dummer (c.1589 – 14 December 1679...

9/1/2007 8/19/2012

Richard Badger MP (deceased)

1/22/2007 7/15/2012

Nathaniel Badger MP (c.1612 - d.)


1/22/2007 7/15/2012

Capt. Edmund Greenleaf, Sr. MP (bef.1574 - 1671)

The Greenleaf family were originally Huguenots, who left France on account of religious persecutions and settled in England some time in the sixteenth century. Edmund settled in Newbury early in 1635. ...

1/22/2007 7/15/2012

Giles Badger MP (1610 - 1647)

from: Giles Badger, son of John and Anne, was born about 1610 in the City of Gloucester, County Gloucester, England, in the Parish of St. Mary de Lode. He was to receive an inheritance from his fat...

1/22/2007 7/15/2012

Henry Rolfe, of Newbury MP (bef.1585 - 1643)

"Henry Rolph"

Additional Curator's Notes: The Rolfe names come in various spellings including Rolfe, Rolph, Roffe, Rof and Roff. Many sources will try to make this Henry Rolfe a brother of John Rolfe, Ancient Pl...

10/24/2007 7/15/2012

John Swett of Newbury MP (1583 - 1651)

The Swett family came from Trayne in England during the time of Edward VI. They later hailed from Oxton, Devonshire, England. No particulars of his life or death are known but the NEHGR article noted b...

6/7/2007 7/9/2012

John Bailey, of Newbury MP (1613 - 1691)

Children of John 1 and Ann (Bayly) Bayly, all bp. in Bromham: ii John Bayly, bp. 19 Dec. 1613, d. Newbury Mass, before 2 March 1680/1, when his estate was inventoried 20. He m. ca. 1640 ELEANOR 2 Eme...

6/22/2007 6/29/2012

Mary Healy MP (1610 - 1655)

Mary Endoe was born 1610 in Christian Malford, Wiltshire, England.  Alternatively, her surname was Healy.   Mary died 2 Jun 1655 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Thomas Brown and his wife sailed from Southam...

2/24/2008 6/29/2012

Thomas Brown of Newbury MP (c.1606 - 1687)

Thomas Brown of Newbury, Ma. was born about 1606 (aged 72 in 1678) in Christian Malford, County Wiltshire in England and died from a fall on 08 Jan. 1687 in Newbury, Ma. He married, at Christian Malfor...

12/17/2007 6/29/2012

John Emery, III MP (1598 - 1683)

from Genealogy Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Mass., 1590-1890 by Rufus Emery John Emery, Sr, son of John and Agnes Emery of Romsey, Hants, England, was born in England,...

5/19/2007 6/27/2012

Aquila Chase, Jr., of Newbury MP (1618 - 1670)

"Aquila Benjamin Chase", "II"

Aquila Chase was born 9 April 1618 in Cornwall, Chesham, Buckingham, England and died about Dec 27, 1670 in Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts. According to Virkus he emigrated 1636 from England to Massa...

4/7/2007 6/26/2012

Edward Rawson MP (1615 - 1693)

Edward Rawson (April 16, 1615 - August 27, 1693) served as the first Secretary of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Edward Rawson was born in Dorset, England in 1615. Around 1636 he married his young wif...

6/28/2007 6/26/2012