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  • Laurits Paulsson Tafjord (1617 - d.)
    Y-DNA: Might have belonged to haplogroup G - a descendant has tested at 23andMe
  • Mogens Larsen Catz - Bager (c.1649 - 1726)
    Manntallet Røros 1701 - Mogens Larsen Catz, 52 år. Mogens Larsen Catz-Bager är hyttknekt 1685, dag/pliktsarbetare 1701, i Røros tingbok 1705 kallas han för Moens Bager. Släkten är sannolikt av dans...
  • Rasmus Arnesson Nordbrekke (1645 - 1709)
    Rasmus Arnesson Nordbrekke (Brekke) Skifte Rasmus Arnesen Nordbrekke Stryn 212 4b 1709-1711: datert 24. september 1709, enke Mallene Knudsdatter, barn Arne Rasmussen, 21 år, som hadde fått sin mors...
  • Elling Gundersson Eidsvik (c.1585 - c.1635)
    Elling eller Ellend er første kjente bruker i Eidsvik. Brukar av 7 mellag i Eidsvik 1615-1628, -1632 Y-DNA - genetic genealogy It is likely that Elling belonged to Y-haplogroup G2a3b, G-L42. In...
  • Knut Ellingsson Rønneberg (1660 - d.)
    YDNA = G2a3b1a2a (L42+) with DYS388=13 from test on Rolf H. Langland (b 1956, Minneapolis, Minn), the sixth great-grandson of Knut Ellingsson Rønneberg. It is believed that there are no living descenda...

This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup G2a3b1a2a (L42/S146) and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants.

Defining Mutations

  • L42/S146

G2a3b1a2a men will be positive for other genetic markers:

  • G (M201), about 17,000 years ago
  • G2 (P287), about 15,000 years ago
  • G2a (P15), about 15,000 years ago
  • G2a3 (U8 or S126 or L30), about 10,000 years ago
  • G2a3b (L141), about 10,000 years ago
  • G2a3b1 (P303 or S135), about 9,300 years ago
  • G2a3b1a (L140), about 3,500 years ago
  • G2a3b1a2 (L43 or S147), about 3,000 years ago
  • G2a3b1a2a (L42 or S146), about 2,400 years ago

(Haplogroup G Categories; Haplogroup G Origins & Dating.)


The origin of haplogroup G is controversial. The most recent study (2010) estimates the common ancestor of all men in haplogroup G lived in Asia about 17,000 years ago, and the ancestor of the G2 subgroup lived about 15,000 years ago.


Men with the haplogroup G marker moved into Europe in Neolithic times. It is one of the least common haplogroups in Europe. Haplogroup G2a might have been the main Neolithic link that ties the farmers that went north across the Balkans to Central Europe, and those that followed the western, maritime route to the Western Mediterranean. See Dienekes Anthropology Blog, Y-chromosome, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA from Treilles (5,000 years ago, Neolithic France).

The oldest skeleton confirmed by DNA testing as carrying haplogroup G was found at the Neolithic cemetery of Derenburg Meerenstieg II in north central Germany. Burial artifacts in the cemetery belong to the Linear Pottery culture. This skeleton could not be dated by radiocarbon dating, but other skeletons there were dated to between 5,100 and 6,100 years old. This skeleton's DNA was found to belong to subgroup G2a3. (Origins of Haplogroup G.)

G2a3b1a2a (L43+/S147+, L42+/S146+)

The L42 mutation perhaps originated among the Rhaetian population north of the Alps, where it appears in a higher concentration than elsewhere.

Skeleton 244E, uncovered in archaeological excavations at a Merovingian-era graveyard in Ergolding, Germany, apparently belongs to the L42/S146 group. (, Comparative y-DNA Results.)

About a fourth of DYS388=13 men have this L42/S146 mutation. Swiss G2a3b1a men are more likely than average to belong to this subgroup. L42/S146 could be nearly as old as the DYS388=13 mutation (over 2,500 yrs.) based on the number of value differences seen in 67-marker STR samples.

The SNP that characterizes G2a3b1a2a was first identified in a sample from Justin Swanström tested at 23andMe. It was independently developed as a separate test by both Family Tree DNA as L42 and by Ethnoancestry as S146. The technical specifications for this SNP are as follows:....position on Y chromosome is 15170153.....forward primer is CTCACAATAGGCAGCATCCCCTCAG.....reverse primer is CAGAAAAAGGGAGCATATGACCAAGG.....the mutation involves a change from C to A.

Subclades of G

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