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Ishmael . MP (-1966 - -1829)

"Hazrat Ismael", "Ishmael", "ישמעאל", "إسماعيل"

Genesis 16:1-16 - The story of his birth. Genesis 17:1-27 - G-d blesses Abraham and commands him to circumcise. Ishmael is circumcised at the age of 13. Genesis 21:1-21 - Ishmael and Hagar sent awa...

2/26/2007 4/21/2016

Prophet Muhammad of Islam (PBUH) MP (570 - 632)

"Rasulullah", "Abu Qasim", "Ahmad", "محمد", "Mohammed", "Mohammad", "M'Hammud", "Muhammed", "حضرت محمد", "Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim"

Muhammad was the founder of the religion of Islam and is regarded by Muslims as a messenger and prophet of God, the final law-bearer in a series of Islamic prophets as taught by the Qur'an (33:40–40). ...

9/18/2007 10/11/2011

Zerubbabel 3rd Exilarch / זרובבל MP (c.-566 - c.-510)

"Sheshbatzar", "Zerobavel", "Zerubabel", "Zerubavel", "Zorobabel", "Hatarashta"

1 Chron 3:19, Prince of Judah, Governor of Judah, Exilarch of Judah Ibn Ezra (Shemot 2:10, Haggai 1:1) says that Zerubavel was the son of Pediyah, based on a verse in Divrei haYamim. Zerubavel is gen...

2/20/2007 10/11/2011

Jesus MP (c.-4 - c.33)

"Christ", "Emmanuel", "Gesù Cristo", "ha-Notzri", "Isa", "Jesus bar Joseph", "Jesus Christ", "Yeshu ben Pantera", "Yeshua bar Yosef", "Yehoshua", "Yoshuea", "عيسى", "ישו", "Mesjasz"

Parents, marriage and other relations: Jesus . Genealogy of Jesus . More resources at the bottom. For speculative genealogies of Jesus, please see the project: Jesus of Nazareth- Speculative ...

2/26/2007 10/11/2011

Patriarch Abraham / אברהם אבינו MP (-1972 - -1637)

"Abraham", "Abram", "Avraham", "Ibrahim", "Abre", "አብርሃም", "Avraham Aveinu", "Abram / Avraham / Abraham son of Terah / Friend of God."

Genesis 11:26-32 Birth of Abram. Genesis 16:15-16 Birth of son Ishmael. Genesis 21:1-5 Birth of son Isaac. Genesis 21:1-4 Marriage to Keturah and birth of her 6 sons. Wikipedia: Abraham , אברהם...

2/26/2007 10/11/2011

Noah . MP (-2704 - -1754)

"Noah", "Nuh", "נח", "نوح", "Gabriel", "Noah /ˈnoʊ.ə/", "or Noé or Noach", "Hebrew: נֹחַ", "‎ נוֹחַ", "Modern Noaẖ", "Tiberian Nōăḥ; Syriac: ܢܘܚ‎ Nukh; Arabic: نُوح‎ Nūḥ; Ancient Greek: Νῶε"

Genesis 5:28-32 Wikipedia: Noah and נח Also See - Sons of Noah. Islamic view of Noah & Nuh (sura). Don't mix with Noah / Magi

2/26/2007 10/11/2011

Adam of Eden MP (-3760 - -2830)

"Red Man of Eden", "Hazrat Adam", "Adão", "Esimene Inimene", "Atum"

Genesis 1:26-31 Genesis 2:7-25 Quran 2:29-38 . Quran 3:59 . Wikipedia: Adam & אדם וחוה Generations of Adam

1/17/2007 10/11/2011

Hagar . MP (deceased)

"Hatsheb-Iset", "Hajra", "Agar", "the Egyptian", "Pharaoh's Daughter"

Genesis 16:1-16. Genesis 21:9-21. Wikipedia: Hagar & הגר Was an Egyptian handmaiden of Sarah, wife of Abraham. At Sarah's suggestion, she became Abraham's second wife. Her story is reported in ...

2/26/2007 10/11/2011