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Wilhelm NÜTZMANN MP (1862 - d.)

Hij is een broer van Karl Johann Friedrich NÜTZMANN, Er wordt ook gevraagd naar zijn verwanten, 'De herkomst ,de voorouders de stamboom en afkomst van de , vaderskant van : Friedel NÜTZMANN. Wie ka...

11/20/2013 4/6/2016

8/11/2015 10/3/2015

Heinrich NÜTZMANN MP (1865 - d.)

11/20/2013 9/30/2015

Ancestor Langschwager MP (1550 - 1610)

Familie :Langschwager, Wurzeln in Mecklenburg , Info :Google. Please help if possible in find for any information connection relatives on family :Langschwager. Many thanks: Roy Huijer. email: r...

8/11/2015 8/11/2015

8/11/2015 8/11/2015

Christian Jacob Langschwager MP (1745 - 1794)

8/11/2015 8/11/2015

Christoph Stoffer Langschwager MP (c.1723 - 1793)

8/11/2015 8/11/2015

Peter Langschwager MP (1648 - d.)

8/11/2015 8/11/2015

Joachim Chim Langschwager MP (1614 - d.)

8/11/2015 8/11/2015

Johann Schuller von Rosenthal spend his youth in Turkey where he was the sultan’s translator. In Sighișoara he used to work for the Apafi count who later helped him become a mayor. Johann Schuller von ...

3/19/2013 4/7/2015

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Deutsch

2/19/2008 2/24/2015

Links: The Peerage Geneall

7/31/2008 2/24/2015

Die Welfen

10/24/2007 2/24/2015

Hallo ich suche verwanten von Johanna Henrike Langschwager . Eheman ist Johann Christian Theodor NÜTZMANN. NÜTZMANN und Langschwager sind verwant. Gruss:Roy Huijer.

11/20/2013 10/17/2014

Herr; Phillip von Nutz MP (1695 - d.)

Please help if possible in find for any information on Herr Phillip von Nutz,and his Ancestors. He was born 1695 in Kaeseke Demmin Lindenhof Mecklenburg Vorpommern. Also the name:Catharina Rutzki von N...

7/4/2007 9/5/2014

Altmann von Friedberg MP (c.1016 - 1078)

"Oltmann", "Olthmann"

Balog or Balogh was a medieval family or clan of Hungarian nobles which is believed to have been founded by the German knight Altmann von Friedberg, somewhat around 1046, when he settled in the Kingdom...

3/26/2010 4/11/2013

Judith von Twickel MP (deceased)

6/26/2012 6/26/2012