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Uriel (Gabriel) da Costa MP (1585 - 1640)

"Gabriel da Costa"

Uriel da Costa (c. 1585 – April 1640) or Uriel Acosta (from the Latin form of his Portuguese surname, Costa, or da Costa) was a philosopher and skeptic from Portugal. Some sources give his year of birt...

6/12/2008 8/5/2012

Isaac Balthazar Abraham Alvares Orobio de Castro (1617 - 1687)

"Dr Isaac Orobio de Castro", "Isaac Orobio de Castro"

website Joods Historisch Museum Balthazar (Isaac) Orobio de Castro (c.1617 – November 7, 1687), was a Jewish philosopher, physician and apologist, born at Bragança, Portugal.While still a child, he was...

2/22/2010 11/3/2011

Joost van den Vondel MP (1587 - 1679)

Joost van den Vondel was a famous Dutch poet. Zie Wikipedia... His portrait was on a Dutch 5-guilder banknote

10/20/2010 11/3/2011

Adam van Boreel beoefende Godgeleerdheid, Grieksche en Hebreeuwsche talen . * Zie Wikipedia...

9/29/2011 9/29/2011

Lubbert Gerritsz Yserman (1534 - 1612)

Lubbert Gerritsz (official family name Yserman), a Dutch Mennonite leader in the second half of the 16th century, characterized by his tolerance, the good friend and co-worker of Hans de Ries, with who...

9/22/2011 9/22/2011

Jacobus Arminius MP (1560 - 1609)

Nederlands protestants godgeleerde. Was hoogleraar theologie in Leiden. Zijn volgelingen werden ook wel arminianen, rekkelijken of remonstranten genoemd. Jacobus Arminius werd predikant van de Oude Ker...

8/22/2011 9/17/2011

Baruch Spinoza MP (1632 - 1677)

Baruch Spinoza (Hebrew: ברוך שפינוזה‎ Baruch Shpinoza, Portuguese: Bento de Espinosa, Latin: Benedictus de Spinoza) (November 24, 1632 – February 21, 1677) was a Jewish Philosopher of Dutch origin. Rev...

11/25/2010 9/17/2011