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Johanna Foster Wyszynski (1819 - 1895)

Lived through the great Chicago Fire of 1871 along with her husband, daughter and five grandchildren

11/22/2008 12/6/2018

Baron Eustace Wyszynski (c.1810 - 1891)


Eustuchie Wgazynski was an artist of note and was educated in a Russian government school. Baron Eustace Wyszynski of Warsaw, who had been exiled by the Russians after the failed insurrection of 1830-1...

11/22/2008 12/6/2018

Adeline Hensley (1869 - d.)

As a baby, she, her mother and 4 siblings survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

11/26/2008 12/6/2018

Julia Lemos (1867 - d.)

She, her mother and siblings lived through the great Chicago Fire

11/26/2008 12/6/2018

Nicholas Lemos (1865 - 1924)

He and his mother and siblings lived through the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

11/26/2008 12/6/2018

Josephine Reichmann (1864 - 1938)

Her mother and siblings lived through the great Chicago Fire of 1871

11/22/2008 12/6/2018

William Lemos (1861 - 1942)


William, was a naïve still life, landscape, and mural painter. As a young boy in New York, he would wander the streets, earning money for the family, by “painting on request.” At age 26, William moved ...

11/26/2008 12/6/2018

Julia Lemos (1842 - 1923)

In 1860, Julia married Nicholas Lemos when she was 16 years old. The couple lived in Brooklyn Ward 9, District 1 in Kings, New York until approximately 1863. They had five children together, two boys a...

11/22/2008 12/6/2018

Frances Fairchild (1846 - 1925)

GRAVE The Great Peshtigo Fire News of the disaster did not immediately reach the outside world. Isaac Stephenson, the Marinette lumber baron, on learning of Peshtigo's fate, had an emissary sent to ...

4/11/2010 1/6/2018

Horace Tenney was commissioned as an officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War in the U.S. Volunteers Paymaster's Dept Infantry Regiment on 14 Jul 1862. Mustered out on 11 Jun 1864. MAJ...

7/17/2016 7/17/2016

Anna Elizabeth Higginson (1822 - 1881)

Her account of the great fire of 1871 grave

8/21/2014 10/18/2015

Roswell B Mason (1805 - 1892)

Chicago Mayor. Roswell B. Mason was the mayor of Chicago when the Great Fire of 1871 befell the city. He was sixty-six years old and was completing a two-year term as mayor. As a teenager in his native...

12/22/2013 10/14/2015

Joseph Medill (1823 - 1899)


Joseph Medill (April 6, 1823 – March 16, 1899) was an American newspaper editor and publisher, and politician. He was co-owner and managing editor of the Chicago Tribune, and was Mayor of Chicago. ...

2/15/2007 10/14/2015

Find-a-Grave Memorial #949, located in Section 2, Site S-1 ---------------------------------------------------- (Reference: ) Philip Henry Sheridan was a career United States Army officer and a Unio...

8/26/2007 10/14/2015

Lucius Fairchild (December 27, 1831 – May 23, 1896) was an American politician, Union Army general, and diplomat. He served as the tenth Governor of Wisconsin and represented the United States as Mi...

4/11/2010 10/9/2015

Cassius Milton Wicker (1844 - 1913)

Cassius Milton Wicker (born August 25, 1846; died 1913) was a railroad manager and banker. The Railroads Wicker began his railroad career at twenty-one as a check clerk for the Star-Union Line in E...

10/6/2013 10/8/2015

Heimerik Bosch (1843 - 1911)

"DR Bosch and Heimerik"

birth Henry married Hannah on the same day as Henry's younger sister married her first husband. Since their father was deceased, Henry's new father-in-law signed both documents. Link to grave

3/16/2008 9/26/2015

Hannah Bosch (Renskers) (1849 - 1914)

"Hannah Reusker Bosch"

Link to find a grave tombstone photo Zeeland Record, November 20, 1914 DEATH OF MRS HANNAH BOSCH Mrs. Hannah Bosch, widow of the late Henry Bosch of Zutphen died at her home in Grand Rapids Monday...

3/16/2008 9/26/2015