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John Hall, of Wallingford MP (1605 - 1676)

Settler ( file thompssi1, Aug. 9, 2008: In great grandfather Frank Charles Young's notebook was written the following: "John Hall's name was on the Convernation of 1672." I believe th...

3/13/2007 8/6/2017

Edward "the baker" Hutchinson, Sr. MP (1607 - aft.1699)

From Edward Hutchinson, Sr. Edward was baptised in Alford on 20 December 1607, was educated, and like his brother Samuel, published religious treatises that showed his fluency with Latin.[20] Thoug...

3/22/2007 7/6/2017

Sarah Hutchinson MP (b. - aft.1669)

Edward (the baker) Hutchinson's wife was named Sarah, and since she was admitted to the Boston church in December 1633, she almost certainly sailed to New England with him. The couple had two children ...

10/24/2013 7/6/2017

Rev. Zechariah Symmes MP (1599 - 1671)

Reverend Zechariah Symmes was born on 5 Apr 1599 in Canterbury, Kent, England; died on 4 Feb 1671 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Immigrant from Dunstable, Bedford to Boston, MA 1634 on the Gri...

9/4/2007 3/2/2015

Ralph Earle MP (bef.1606 - 1678)

"Ralph Earle the immigrant ancestor"

1. * Ralph Earle , Jr (* Ralphe Earle1) was born 9 Feb 1605/06 in Exeter, England, and died 1678 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. He married * Joan Savage 29 Jun 1631 in England, daughter of Richard Savage ...

1/22/2007 6/10/2014

William Haynes MP (1624 - bef.1651)

William Haynes Birth: Renhold, Bedfordshire, England Death: Nov 13 1651 - of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, Parents: Walter Haynes, Mary Watford Wife: Sarah Ingersoll Children: Jonathan...

3/17/2007 3/31/2014

Capt. Edward Hutchinson MP (1613 - 1675)

"Edward Hutchinson Jr."

Edward Hutchinson (1613–1675) (sometimes referred to as junior to differentiate him from his uncle) was the oldest child of Massachusetts and Rhode Island magistrate William Hutchinson and his wife, th...

1/23/2007 3/19/2014

John Hall, III MP (1605 - aft.1665)

"John Elisha Hall"

7. John Hall, Bp 1605 Holy Trinity Ch, Wiltshire, England and died after 1665 in Newport, RI Family parents: 7th child of JOHN HALL II (b c 1570-1631) & of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire & Elizabet...

11/13/2008 3/8/2014

Matthew Allyn, of Braunton & Windsor MP (bef.1605 - 1670)

"Matthew Allen "the Emigrant""

Matthew Allyn Baptized: Apr 17 1605 - Braunton, Devon, , England Death: Feb 1 1670 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut Parents: Richard Allen, Margaret Wyatt Married: Margaret Wyott Another na...

5/26/2007 1/27/2014

William Hutchinson MP (1586 - 1642)

A BIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM HUTCHINSON, by Larry Overmire: William Hutchinson immigrated with his family in 1634 on the "Griffin," settling initially in Boston. Because of the uproar over his wife's relig...

1/25/2007 8/29/2013

Judge Samuel Lathrop MP (c.1623 - c.1700)

In 1648 Samuel went to New London, then called Pequot, where he build the second church and held positions of responsibility and honor. In 1649 the general court organized a local court at Pequot and S...

2/1/2007 12/9/2012

Edward Bates MP (c.1586 - 1644)

"Edward of Boston", "Edward Bate"

Edward Bates arrived in Boston from England September 18, 1633 onboard the Griffin. On that ship were 100 passengers, including Anne Hutchinson who would play a part in his life. Edward came as a serva...

3/6/2007 9/26/2012

Joseph Mygatt MP (1596 - 1680)

Biographical Summary: Joseph Mygatt came in the "Griffin," in 1633, with Cotton and Hooker; settled in Cambridge; freeman, Massachusetts, May 6, 1635; one of the original proprietors of Hartford; his...

8/10/2007 4/13/2012

Nicholas Danforth MP (bef.1589 - 1638)

Birth: 1 MAR 1588 in New Street Farm, Framlingham, Suffolk, England Baptism: 1 MAR 1588/89 PURITAN RES. GROTON MA 1634-DEATH Nicholas Danforth was the son of Thomas Danforth (? - April 20, 1620...

2/25/2007 2/17/2012

Cornet Robert Stetson MP (c.1620 - 1703)

"****Great Puritan Migration****arrived 1634 on "Griffin"-King Philip's War Commander"

Cornet Robert Stetson received a grant of a considerable tract of land 1634, from the Colony Court, on the North River, which constituted his farm. His house was on a beautiful plain near the river. An...

5/11/2007 9/14/2011

Elizabeth Hammond MP (c.1600 - 1640)

In 1634 Elizabeth and her children boarded the "Griffin", heading to Boston, MA. They landed on September 18, 1634. Elizabeth is the sister of Admiral Sir William Penn and also is the aunt of William P...

12/14/2010 7/1/2011

Jane Fuller MP (1614 - c.1680)


. Hannah, b. 1636/1637, married Nicholas Bonham Samuel bapt. 1637, married Anna Fuller Elizabeth b. 1640, married Joseph Taylor Sarah bapt 1641 and died 1654 Mary, bapt 1644, married Joseph...

1/25/2007 1/12/2011

Rev. John Lathropp MP (1584 - 1653)

"John Lowthrop", "John Lothropp", "Lothrop", "Lowthroppe"

=============== Reverend John Lothrop, also known as Lothropp or Lathrop , was baptized December 20, 1584 in Etton, Yorkshire, England, and died Nov. 8, 1653 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. In the re...

2/1/2007 1/12/2011