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John Drake, of the Mass Bay Colony MP (c.1595 - aft.1630)

Son of Philippa Dennys & William Drake of Southleigh. Emigrated on the Mary and John, 1630. No known children. Not the same as John Drake, Sr., of Windsor Savage's: JOHN, Dorchester, or Boston, cam...

6/12/2017 6/12/2017

Jane Lambert MP (1600 - 1659)

'Ancestry of Nathan Dane Dodge and of his wife Sarah (Shepherd) Dodge, with notes (1896) LAMBERT. From Early Settlers in Rowley. ' Francis,1 freeman (in Rowley) 1640 ; had a two acre ...

8/24/2008 5/24/2017

Frances Williams, of Dorchester MP (c.1615 - 1645)


5/18/2017 5/18/2017

Roger Williams, of Dorchester MP (bef.1610 - aft.1650)

Roger Williams, his parents unknown, was born by about 1610, based on Freeman status. He came to Massachusetts Bay in 1630 on the "Mary & John" with his wife. First settled in Dorchester; moved to Wind...

7/20/2012 5/18/2017

Susanna Pelton MP (c.1632 - 1706)


"A" List Our "A" List of those who were CERTAIN or HIGHLY PROBABLE passengers aboard the ship the Mary and John 1630. However, we have attempted to compile a new list of possible passengers and then ...

7/23/2007 3/10/2017

George Way MP (c.1620 - 1690)

There is a discussion on Henry Way, George Way in Great Migrations within the NEHGS online site. Still awaiting the URL for this discussion to verify that Henry Way should be disconnected from George W...

3/10/2007 3/10/2017

Hannah Wilkins MP (1615 - 1701)

Bray Wilkins married by about 1636, Hannah Way, daughter of HENRY WAY. She was living on 26 January 1701/2 when she received joint executorship of her late husband's will. They had 7 children: Samuel...

5/19/2008 3/10/2017

Richard Way MP (1624 - 1697)

NEHGR 1851 page 401 History of the Town of Dorchester, Massachusetts. (2017). Google Books. Retrieved 11 March 2017, from page 91

3/13/2008 3/10/2017

Mary Pond MP (c.1620 - 1711)


3. Mary Dyer (George1) was born about 1636 / 1620 (if passenger of the Mary & John, 1630) in England and died on 16 Feb 1710/11 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Ma about age 75. Mary married William Pond 18 a...

1/30/2009 4/2/2015

Elizabeth Trescott MP (1625 - 1699)

General Notes: In 1685, Elizabeth, an "ancient woman" at the time, was riding over t he Neck in Dorchester. She was caught by a high tide and her horse drowned. She was barely saved and at first there ...

10/26/2008 4/2/2015

George Dyer, of Dorchester MP (c.1584 - 1672)

George Dyer Abt 1579 in England Died: 30 Dec 1671 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts General Notes: George Dyer came from England on the "Mary & John", which set sail from Pl ymouth, England ...

2/27/2007 4/2/2015

John "the Miller" Smith MP (1595 - 1669)

John Smith Sr. was born in 1595, probably in England, and carried on the grist mill business. He joined Roger Williams in Dorchester, Massachusetts (with four others) to make the first settlement at Pr...

8/12/2007 3/11/2015

Alice Bradford MP (1627 - 1671)

Alice Richards Birth: June 16 1627 -  Keynsham,England Parents: Thomas Richards, Wealthean Loring Immigration: MARY & JOHN arrived 1633 Dorchester, Middlesex Co., MA Marriage: Apr 23 1650 - P...

2/19/2007 1/13/2015

John Richards MP (c.1625 - 1694)

Because John Richards was wealthy, and had no children, his will identifies many of his nieces and nephews, and is extremely useful genealogically.

8/8/2009 1/13/2015

Mary Hinkley MP (1620 - 1659)

"Mary Hinckley"

Her parents have been given as Mary Richards daughter of Thomas of Weymouth and dau. of Richard and Welthian (Loring) Richards of Weymouth, Mass and daughter of THOMAS RICHARDS and WELTHIAN [RICHARDS]....

2/1/2007 1/13/2015

Anna Hunt (Richards) MP (c.1626 - 1653)

Anna Richards Hunt Birth: Nov. 1, 1626 Death: unknown Anna was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Anna died about 1650, probably in Weymouth, Suffolk, Massachusetts Bay Colony. H...

1/24/2008 1/13/2015

Thomas Richards, II MP (1596 - 1651)

Thomas Richards M, #58425, b. 15 April 1596, d. 28 January 1651 Father Thomas Richards b. c 1572 Thomas Richards was born on 15 April 1596 at Pitminster, Somersetshire, England. He married Weathe...

7/2/2007 1/13/2015

Wealthean Richards (Loring), Accused Witch MP (c.1600 - 1679)

"Welthian Loring", "Wealthian Loring"

Weathean Loring F, #58664, b. circa 1595, d. 3 July 1679 Father Thomas Loring b. c 1574, d. 4 Apr 1661 Mother Jane Newton b. 21 Apr 1571, d. 25 Aug 1672 Weathean Loring was born circa 1595 at o...

7/2/2007 1/13/2015

Susanna Wales MP (c.1620 - 1661)

SUSANNAH, 6th known child of John & Mary Greenway, was born say 1620. She married by 1650 Nathaniel Wales (her father names her ahead of sister Katherine, and the provisional bequest "to her children, ...

12/4/2007 6/29/2014

Catherine Daniel MP (c.1626 - 1680)

KATHERINE, 7th & last known child of John & Mary Greenway, was born say 1626. She married by 1646 William Daniel (eldest child bp. Dorchester 18 October 1646 [James Harrison Daniels Jr., The Daniels Fa...

7/3/2008 6/29/2014

Mary Greenway MP (c.1576 - 1658)


Our first family members in America were John and Mary Greenoway of Wiltshire, England1. They were members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony who settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630. Little is kn...

6/29/2007 6/28/2014

John Greenway MP (c.1576 - bef.1652)

John Greenway Birth: about 1576 according to the Great Migration Project Death: Died between 5 February 1650/1 and 6 May 1652 (his deed acknowledged by witnesses) in Dorchester, Massachusetts W...

6/29/2007 6/28/2014

Thomas Lombard MP (1582 - 1662)

"Lombard", "Lumbert", "Lumbard", "Lambert"

No. 55 Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogy, Eastham and Orleans Historical Papers by Josiah Paine of Harwich, C.W. Swift Publishers, Yarmouthport 1914 "Thomas Lumbert, the ancester came over ...

3/3/2008 6/14/2014

Thomas Holcombe MP (1605 - 1657)


Thomas lived in Connecticut from 1634 until his death. Thomas Holcomb, the immigrant ancestor, was a freeman in Dorchester, Mass., 14 May 1634. Sold property there in 1665, although he removed to Win...

7/28/2007 12/4/2013

Joanna Clapp MP (c.1617 - 1695)

Birth: 1617 Bridport Dorset, England Death: Jun. 28, 1695 She was baptized June 8, 1617 at Bridport, Co.Dorset, England. She arrived in New England with her parents in 1630 aboard the "Mary and John"...

2/12/2007 8/8/2013

Mary Cook MP (1612 - 1649)

"Miriam Ford Cook", "Miriam Cooke"

Aaron Cook Jr served in King Philip's War. He commanded the garrison at Westfield in 1675. His first wife was Mary Ford Cook, daughter of Thomas Ford and Joane Waye Ford. Mary died in 1649 at Windsor...

12/4/2007 8/8/2013

Maj. Aaron Cook MP (1614 - 1690)


He was baptized at Bridport,Co.Dorset Mar 20, 1613/4. Aaron Cook Jr served in King Philip's War. He commanded the garrison at Westfield in 1675. His first wife was Mary Ford Cook, daughter of Thoma...

10/9/2007 8/8/2013

Hepzibah Marsh MP (bef.1625 - 1683)

"Hepzibah Lyman"

(f/g) Hepzibah Ford Birth: May 15, 1625, Dorchester, Dorset, England Death: Apr. 11, 1683, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA Family links: Parents: Thomas Ford (1587 - 1676) ...

3/13/2007 8/7/2013

Abigail Strong MP (1619 - 1688)

From: Find A Grave Memorial# 11179437 ; Abigail Ford Strong Birth: Oct. 8, 1619 Bridport, Dorset, England Death: Jul. 6, 1688 Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA Gone but not fo...

5/27/2007 8/7/2013

John Hayden, of Dorchester & Braintree MP (bef.1609 - bef.1681)

"John Haden", "John Heiden Snr. of Braintree"

John Hayden of Dorchester and Braintree. Parents unknown. NOT the brother of William Hayden of Connecticut (d 1669). Married Susanna; 9 children. NOT the son of Gideon Hayden of St. Ottery David accord...

4/20/2007 4/24/2013

Dorothy Upsall MP (c.1603 - 1675)

Dorothy CAPEN was born about 1603 in Dorchester, Dorset, England. She died on 18 Sep 1675 in Dorchester MA. "Dorothy Capen -- Born a. 1603, Dorchester, Dorset, England. Died 18 Sept. 1675, Dorchester, ...

1/8/2008 4/5/2013

Nicholas Upsall MP (c.1596 - 1666)

Although Nicholas Upsall did not suffer the fate of Mary Dyer (who was hanged in Boston), he was a Quaker in Boston during the height of the persecution of the Quakers by the Puritans, and he received ...

7/4/2008 4/5/2013

Thomas Tolman, Jr MP (1608 - 1690)

Pioneer of Dorchester BIRTH & BAPTISM Thomas was born in 1608/9 in England[2,3] and baptized in Salcombe Regis, Dorsetshire, England on 9 December 1608. DEATH He died in Dorchester, Suffolk co., ...

2/4/2008 3/28/2013

Ens. John Holman MP (1602 - bef.1653)

John Holman, son of Morgan Holman and Alice Odberre, died Betw 10 Jun 1652 and 18 Mar 1652/53 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Married:  Anna Bishop, daughter of Thomas Bishop and Avis Abbott, di...

3/14/2009 3/28/2013

William Barsham of Watertown MP (1610 - 1684)

"William Burcham", "William Bossom", "William Bosson"

About William Barsham from Came in The Winthrop Fleet in 1630, likely on the Mary and John. Probably married about 1635. Made Freeman on 9 March 1636/37. Wrote codicil to original will on 15 Ap...

7/3/2008 3/23/2013

Elizabeth Gaylord MP (c.1625 - 1680)

immigrated on 30 May 1630 on the ship Mary & John to Nantasket Bay, Plymouth Co., MA; Elizabeth HULL (George3, Thomas2, Richard1). Born bef 16 Oct 1625 in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England. At ...

8/23/2007 2/11/2013

George Hull MP (1590 - bef.1659)

'The Hull family was founded in America by George Hull, who sailed from Plymouth, England, 30 March 1629 in the ‘Mary and John’ and settled first at Dorchester, Massachusetts, where he filled several o...

3/10/2007 1/30/2013

Thomasine Hull MP (1599 - bef.1654)

"Thomasene", "Thomasine", "Tamsin", "Thamzen"

Thomasine Mitchell aka Michell Born 1589 in Exeter, Devon, England Daughter of Robert Michell and [mother unknown] Sister of Sibil Mitchell and Thamzen (Michell) Hull Wife of Hugh Crocker — married Jan...

3/10/2007 1/30/2013

Aaron Way, Sr. MP (1613 - 1695)


(Last modified 2 May 2017 | Last edit: 15 Apr 2017) 'Aaron Way Family Tree Born 2 September 1613 - Allington, Bridport, Dorset, England Deceased 26 September 1695 - Salem, Essex Co., ...

7/16/2008 1/5/2013

Henry Way, IV MP (c.1618 - c.1630)

"A" List Our "A" List of those who were CERTAIN or HIGHLY PROBABLE passengers aboard the ship the Mary and John 1630. However, we have attempted to compile a new list of possible passengers and then ...

9/29/2008 1/5/2013

Henry "The Puritan" Way, III MP (1573 - 1667)

Henry Way is the Way, Emigrant, who came from England on the good ship "Mary and John", in 1630. Henry was born in 1583 and died in 1667. He married Elizabeth B ........... One record says they had one...

7/23/2007 1/5/2013

Elizabeth Way MP (c.1581 - 1665)

"Bachler", "Batchelar", "Batchelir", "Batchelder", "Bachiler"

"A" List Our "A" List of those who were CERTAIN or HIGHLY PROBABLE passengers aboard the ship the Mary and John 1630. However, we have attempted to compile a new list of possible passengers and then ...

7/23/2007 1/5/2013

John Benham, I MP (1605 - 1661)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 186 John Benham came to Dorchester, Mass., in the ship MARY & JOHN, 1630. He removed to New Haven, Conn., thence to Wallingford in 1670, when ...

12/18/2007 12/5/2012

Deacon John Moore, of Windsor MP (c.1603 - 1677)

from Dorchester fenceviewer, 24 May 1634 and 16 January 1636/7 and selectman, 8 November 1637 (Dorch TR). He and Thomas Moore, likely his brother, served as witnesses to the noncuperative will of Joh...

7/5/2007 10/21/2012

Elizabeth Weldon Bond Phillips MP (1591 - 1681)

"Elizabeth (Widow) Weldon"

Elizabeth ____, prob. the widow of Capt. Robert Weldon, d. 27 Jun 1681 AKA: Mrs. Elizabeth Weldon, probably the widow of Capt. Robert Weldon. The Will of Elizabeth Weldon Phillips, Dated Oct. 20th ...

11/20/2008 9/8/2012

Sarah Greenleaf MP (1599 - c.1673)

"Sarah Soutere", "Sarah Hill"

she was alive as late as 19 April 1671, but was probably dead by 1 February 1673/4 [TAG 43:17 The American Genealogist, Volume 9 to present (1932+)] Family daughter of Ignatius Jourdaine of Exete...

9/6/2008 8/13/2012

William Hill, of Dorchester MP (c.1594 - c.1649)

Note: came to America in the "William and Francis" (Other sources say he came on the "Mary & John" in 1630.) landing (2) 10th founder of Windsor, Connecticut. Occupation: was a merchant. (3) Note: ...

9/6/2008 8/12/2012

Richard Silvester MP (1608 - 1663)

"Richard Sylvester Sr."

RICHARD Sylvester,1 b. in England, came to Weymouth, where he asked admission as freemen Oct. 19, 1630; m. about 1632, Naomi Torrey, probably sister of Capt. William Torrey. In 1642 they moved to Scitu...

6/23/2008 7/25/2012

James "Bonesetter" Sweet MP (1622 - 1698)

James Sweet, probably born in Wales, 1622, came to America about 1630 with his parents, was a resident of Portsmouth, 1681; Coweset, Warwick, 1683, and Kingstown, 1686. He was progenitor of the celebra...

4/21/2010 7/10/2012

Mary Holliman MP (c.1600 - c.1681)

"Widow Sweet", "Margaret Hone Periam"

Name: Mary Westcott? Sex: F ALIA: Margaret Hone /Periam/ Birth: ABT. 1605 in Wales or Modbury, Devon County, England Death: 1681 in Salem MA Immigration: 1631 Salem Ma. with her 3 children Fami...

5/7/2011 7/9/2012

John Sweet, of Salem MP (c.1579 - 1637)

"John AKA Isaac Sweet", "John Swete", "John Swett"

Married Mary Westcott who married Ezekiel Holliman 2nd. Probably came to America about 1620; lived in Salem, MA. In 1637 he received a grant of land near Providence, RI moved there and died the sam...

7/2/2007 7/9/2012

Thomas Horton Birth: about 1602, Mowsley Leicestershire, England Death: 1641 Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts Burial site is probably in or near Springfield, Hampden County, Massach...

3/11/2008 6/2/2012

Richard Phelps MP (1609 - 1635)

Richard Phelps bpt. 26 Dec. 1619, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. He possibly died in England. There was a Richard Phelps on the Mary & John in 1630, but it is unknown if he was the one bpt. in 1...

7/3/2008 4/16/2012

Thomas Gunn MP (c.1605 - 1681)

Date of birth has also been erroneously reported to be circa March 6, 1665. Date of death has also been (erroneously?) reported to be February 26, 1680. Place of death has also been (erroneously?) ...

10/11/2007 3/9/2012

Thomas Pope MP (1608 - bef.1683)

Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Thomas Pope by Robert Charles Anderson, New England Historic Genealogy Society Birth: Thomas Pope was born about 1612, based on the date of his first marriage. Deat...

3/15/2007 2/29/2012

Ignatius Hill MP (c.1626 - c.1675)

"Ynatius Hill"

iv IGNATIUS, b. say 1626; d. by 12 January 1675/6, when the inventory on his estate was presented by his brother Sgt. James Hill [SPR 5:315]; apparently unmarried. (Great Migration) Edmund Greenleaf ...

1/17/2012 1/17/2012

Thomas Hoskins MP (c.1610 - 1666)

3/8/2008 12/6/2011

Ann Hoskins MP (1600 - 1662)

"Anne Fyler Hoskins", "Anne Fyler"

Findagrave Mary and John (1630) Ann's mother is said to have died in 1600, so perhaps then Ann must have lost her mother because of her birth. Also: Some report that Ann's mother died on the Amer...

5/28/2008 12/6/2011

John Hoskins, Sr. MP (1598 - 1648)

John Hoskins came over on the ship "The Mary and John" in 1630. He was middle aged at the time. Hoskins was born 1598 in Swyre, Dorsetshire and christened Nov. 25, 1599 at Holy Trinity Church in Dorc...

5/28/2008 12/6/2011

Robert Demerel Pope, Jr. MP (c.1584 - c.1634)

Robert Pope was born 1584 in Yorkshire, England. His will dated 10 sept 1666 was probated 27 April 1667. Notes came to US with family in 1634 to Salem MA on ship "Mary and John" recorded church...

6/24/2008 11/9/2011

John Rockwell, III MP (1614 - 1673)

Left Plymouth, England on 20 Mar 1630 and Arrived 30 May at Boston on the "Mary and John". Travelled by foot from Boston to found Dorchester Moved to Windsor in 1637 Married Sarah Ensign in 1651,...

1/22/2007 10/13/2011

Joan Ingram (Rockwell) MP (c.1625 - 1665)

Joan Baker Rockwell is the sister of Ruth Rockwell who was the wife of Christopher Huntington. Had five children by her first husband between 1644 and 1655.

3/10/2008 10/13/2011

Susanna Grant MP (1602 - 1666)

"Susannah Chapin", "Susanna Chaplin", "Rockwell"

Arrived 30 May 1630 on the "Mary and John". Travelled by foot from Boston to found Dorchester Moved to Windsor in 1637 Married Matthew Grant in 1645 They had 5 children: Joan Baker Ingram, John...

1/22/2007 10/12/2011

Deacon William Rockwell MP (c.1591 - 1640)

Departed Plymonth 20 Mar 1630 and Arrived Plymouth 30 May 1630 on the "Mary and John". Travelled by foot from Boston to found Dorchester Deacon in Dorchester Moved to Windsor in 1637 "WILLIAM R...

1/22/2007 10/12/2011

Priscilla Grant MP (1601 - 1644)

"not Grey"

Sorry that's NEHGR VOL 102 P 59 Open and read Profile Photo image. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE PHOTO. It proves Priscilla is not the immigrant wife of Mathew Priscilla was NOT Daughter of Earl of Kent Rever...

5/21/2011 9/30/2011

Stephen Terry MP (1608 - 1668)

Stephen probably immigrated in 1630 on the "Mary and John." He returned to England in 1633 and married Jane Hardy, bringing her to New England in 1634 on the "Recovery." He settled in Dorchester, Winds...

7/16/2007 9/28/2011

William Hayden, of Hartford MP (bef.1608 - 1669)

William Hayden, original proprietor of the Hartford Colony. Parents unknown. Possibly the brother of John Hayden , of Dorchester & Braintree. NOT the son of Gideon Hayden , Esq., of Ebford & Cadhay. ...

7/4/2008 9/11/2011

Elizabeth Ford MP (1589 - 1643)

"Lizzie Charde Cooke"

Elizabeth's findagrave memorial Summary Two Marriages" 1) Aaron Cooke {only one child lived to adulthood 2) Thomas Ford {five children} Elizabeth (Charde) Ford (1587-1643) Birth: 1587 in ...

3/13/2007 8/23/2011

William Hurlburt, of Windsor & Northampton MP (c.1604 - 1694)

"Hulburt", "Hulberd", "Hulbert", "Hulbird", "Hurlbut", "Hulburd", "Holbert"

came to Dorchester on the Mary & John in 1630 From Hale-House and Related Lines (Jacobus) Samuel Allen's widow Ann married William Hulbert of Windsor, who had come probably in the Mary and John, 16...

5/19/2008 7/24/2011

Samuel ALLEN-382 was born in 1588 in Braintree, Essex County, England. He died on 24 Apr 1648 in S. Windsor, Hartford County, Ct, Usa. He was buried on 28 Apr 1648 in S. Windsor, Hartford County, Ct, U...

1/27/2007 6/15/2011

Thomas Ford MP (c.1588 - 1676)

Birth: 1587 Bridport Dorset, England Death: Nov. 28, 1676 Northampton Hampshire County Massachusetts, USA He and his wife Elizabeth arrived in New England on the "Mary and John" in 1630. His first ...

3/13/2007 5/26/2011

Nathaniel Gillette MP (c.1610 - 1689)

"Nathan", "Gillette", "Gylette"

Pequot War "GlI,LETT, NATHAN--Service mentioned. (C. R,, Vol. II,p. 161) Enlisted from Windsor. ('l'arhox, Tuttle, Bodge and Stiles' Win.) He was a brother of Jonathan Gillett and was of Dorchester, ...

4/26/2008 4/25/2011

Jonathan Gillette MP (1609 - 1677)

"Jonathan Gylette"

grave Overview: Jonathan Gillet - born about 1610 at Chaffcombe, Somerset, England - died August 23, 1677, in Windsor, Connecticut about 67 years old - although he came to America in 1630 he returned...

6/4/2007 4/25/2011

Elizabeth (Cogan) Gibson Endicott MP (c.1606 - 1676)

"Elizabeth Gibson"

Marriage as John Endicott's second wife recorded in Torrey's New England Marriages prior to 1700 From Ted Sanford: She was born Elizabeth Cogan, one of the daughters of Philobert Cogan (1563-1641...

7/31/2008 4/25/2011

Elizabeth Rossiter MP (1613 - 1669)

From: Douglas Richardson Subject: Rev. John Alsop, of East Chinnock and Crewkerne, Somerset Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 09:04:54 -0700 (PDT) References: In-Reply-To: Dear Newsgroup ~ As a followup to my...

5/9/2008 4/25/2011

Nicholas Rossiter MP (c.1608 - 1650)

Nicholas, son of Edward, probably the oldest, is thought to have been in America from about 1630 to 1635. Despite various traditions that include the Gilberts in the passenger list of the 'Mary and Joh...

4/11/2011 4/25/2011

Reverend John Maverick MP (bef.1578 - 1636)

Clerk. Matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford Oct. 24, 1595. Received his degree of Bachelor of Sats in 1599 & that of Master of Arts in 1603 having already been ordained as a deacon & priest. March 16...

12/18/2007 4/25/2011

Capt. Roger Clapp MP (c.1609 - 1691)

"Roger Clap"

Note headstone says died February 2, 1690 at 82 years, but cemetery records show 1691. Came to America in "Mary Jane". [Mary & John] Captain Squeb sailed from Plymouht, England 3/20 1630. Arrived at ...

2/12/2007 4/25/2011

Rev. John Warham MP (bef.1595 - 1670)

John Wareham , the son of Richard and Agnes (Cook alias Howper) Warham, was baptized in Crewkerne, Somersetshire on 9 October 1595. He died in Windsor, Connecticut Colony, on 1 April 1670. Oxford gra...

7/9/2007 4/25/2011

William Gaylord, Sr. MP (1585 - 1673)

Biographical Summary #1: "... William Gaylord (1585-1673) .The name of Gaylard or Gaylord or other variants was to be found widely spread throughout Somersetshire and some of the name dwelt in the ad...

4/14/2007 4/25/2011

Richard Bidwell MP (1587 - 1647)

Richard "Goodman" Bidwell is the first generation in the book "Genealogy to the Seventh Generation of the Bidwell Family in America" by Edwin M Bidwell (1884)available in its entirety at Google Books ...

4/3/2007 4/24/2011

Joseph Phelps, of Simsbury MP (1628 - 1684)

Joseph Phelps emigrated to America on the Mary & John in 1630 with his Father,Mother & siblings. Joseph - bap. Nov. 13, 1628, Crewkerne, Somerset, England; d. 1683-4, Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT; ...

3/18/2008 4/24/2011

Nathaniel I Phelps, I MP (1624 - 1702)

"Deacon Nathaniel Phelps"

Nathaniel Phelps arrived in America on the Mary & John May 30 1630 with father William and stepmother Ann (Dover) , brothers William Jr., Samuel, & Joseph. Deacon Nathaniel Phelps of Dorchester, Conn...

2/27/2007 4/24/2011

Samuel Phelps MP (c.1621 - 1669)

Samuel Phelps b. a. 1623, England. m. Sarah Griswold, 10 Nov. 1650, Windsor, dau. of Edward Griswold (emigrant) of Kenilworth. England. She m. (2) Nathaniel Pinney. 1670 (Pinney 2). Samuel d. 15 May 16...

7/28/2007 4/24/2011

Anne Phelps MP (c.1601 - 1689)

Anne Dover Phelps Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share Learn about upgrading this memorial... Birth: unknown Somerset, England Death: Aug. 30, 1689 Windsor Hartford County Connecticut, USA Anne DOVER...

12/31/2007 4/24/2011

Joan (Jane) Hart MP (1616 - 1691)


Married Nicholas Hart, who was early of Taunton, MA, but removed to Warwick, Rhode Island. He is stated by Austin to have died around 1654. Upon petition to the Massachusetts Court in 1675 she received...

3/9/2008 4/24/2011

Hugh Rossiter MP (c.1615 - d.)

See which lists as PROBABLE passengers on the Mary and John (1630): Edward Rossiter, age 55 wife of Edward Rossiter, age 53 Nicholas Rossiter, son of Edward, 31 Ann, wife of Nicholas, age 29 ...

4/11/2011 4/24/2011

Bryan 'Bray' Rossiter MP (c.1610 - 1672)


See which lists as PROBABLE passengers on the Mary and John (1630): Edward Rossiter, age 55 wife of Edward Rossiter, age 53 Nicholas Rossiter, son of Edward, 31 Ann, wife of Nicholas, age 29 ...

5/9/2008 4/24/2011

Edward Rossiter MP (c.1575 - 1630)


See which lists as PROBABLE passengers on the Mary and John (1630): Edward Rossiter, age 55 wife of Edward Rossiter, age 53 Nicholas Rossiter, son of Edward, 31 Ann, wife of Nicholas, age 29 ...

2/2/2008 4/24/2011

John Gallup, ll MP (c.1596 - 1650)

"Captain John Gallop"

Source: Gallup Genealogy 2009 Volume 1 for John Gallop birth date, birth place, death date. John GALLUP - b. about 1590 in Bridport, Dorset, England; d. Jan. 11, 1649/50, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Joh...

7/13/2007 4/24/2011

1st wife, Mary, died before 1626. 2nd wife, Anne Dover, married 14 Nov 1626, Crewkerne, Somerset, England. William Phelps, son of William and Dorothy Phelps (Parentage contested.) "Phelps Famil...

6/22/2007 4/22/2011