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Haidee Settlers Project

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The Haidee Settlers migrated in 1850 from the East Riding area of York, England aboard the ship, Haidee, and settled in a township, which they also named York near New Hanover in the Natal midlands. The group was somewhat unique because most of the 246 people knew each other and worked together, initially, to set themselves up.


The purpose of this project is to engage as many of the descendants of the Haidee Settlers to build their respective family trees in Geni. In time, this introductory page may be extended to present a summary of the information contained in the respective family trees, but for the moment, focus should be on simply establishing identifying and establishing the original immigrants.


Anyone can contribute to this project if the are descendants of one of the Haidee Settlers or have a special interest in the project. In order to keep the site in a reasonable state of order, please only add profiles that were actually on the ship. The following list may be incomplete as it appears to contain only the head of each family in most cases.

Help and Assistance

If you need some help or explanation on how to do things, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Kearney through Geni.


The image of the Haidee and the following names were obtained from Pat Smith, who has very kingly permitted the use of both for this project. You can find Pat's sites at:

The transcripts of articles obtained from the Hull Advertiser were obtained from

Settlers Names

The original settlers and their respective contributors and curators are listed below.

Allerston Family

Alfred and William were brothers; the sons of John and Elizabeth Allerston from Bridlington:

  • Allerston, Alfred
  • Allerston, William Francis

Ashton Family

  • Henry P Ashton.

Atkinson Family

  • John Atkinson

Ballan Family

  • Robert Ballan
  • Ann Ballan

Beckwith Family

  • William Beckwith

Bell Family

Bentley Family

  • George Bentley

Bilbrough Family

  • George Bilbrough

Boast Family

Henry Boast was the principal organiser of the migration, but died the day before the ship departed. His widow, Mary Boast (Smith) managed the migration programme after he died and his body was taken aboard the ship and buried at sea. Charles Bird Boast and William Boast were brothers and cousins of Henry. Elizabeth Boast (Stormer) was Charles' wife and Hannah Boast (Lofthouse) was William's wife.

The curator of this family's history is Pat Smith.

Boterill Family

Boyes Family

  • Boyes, John

Braithwaite Family

Bramwell Family

  • Bramwell, George

Brittain Family

  • Brittain, James

Brough Family

  • Brough, Richard

Brown Family

  • Brown, George B.

Brunyee Family

  • Brunyee, John

Buttery Family

  • Buttery, Thomas

Carter Family

  • Carter, William

Cass Family

Chaplin Family

  • Chaplin, William

Chatterton Family

  • Chatterton, Henry

Clark Family

  • Clark, John

Clarkson Family

Claybourne Family

  • Claybourne, Charles

Comins Family

  • Comins, Jane
  • Comins, Richard
  • Comins, Joseph
  • Comins, Robert

Cordukes Family

  • Cordukes, Samuel

Coulson Family

  • Coulson, Brian

Daddy Family

  • Daddy, John

Dolphin Family

  • Dolphin, Thomas

Dunning Family

  • Dunning, Henry

Ellerker Family

Foggitt Family

Foreman Family

  • Foreman, Jame

Fox Family

  • Fox, William

Frankish Family

  • Frankish, Mark

Garbutt Family

  • Garbutt, David
  • Garbutt, Robert

Goodwill Family

  • Goodwill, Thomas

Granger Family

  • Granger, William

Hardisty Family

  • Hardisty, Jane

Harper Family

  • Harper, William

Harp Family

  • Hart, Henry

Hayes Family

  • Hayes, John

Heslop Family

  • Heslop, John

Hesslewood Family

  • Hesslewood, George

Hill Family

  • Hill, John B.

Hogarth Family

  • Hogarth, John

Horsley Family

Humble Family

  • Humble, Peter

Hunt Family

  • Hunt, J.

Johnson Family

  • Johnson, Henry

Kelp Family

  • Kemp, William

Kirby Family

  • Kirby, John

Kirk Family

  • Kirk, Joseph

Labron Family

  • Labron, Charles

Lofthouse Family

Benjamin and John Lofthouse were brothers and also had their sister, Hannah Boast (Lofthouse) on board. Their parents were Edward Lofthouse and Ann Lund of Middleton:

Lund Family

  • Lund, Benjamin (28)
  • Lund, Benjamin (22)

Mattby Family

  • Maltby, Matthew

Mason Family

Merriweather Family

  • Merryweather, James

Moss Family

Osporne Family

  • Osborne, Ormonde

Parnaby Family

  • Parnaby, Matthew
  • Parnaby, William

Plummer Family

Porrill Family

The curators of the Porrill family are Myrtle Kearney (Porrill)

Potter Family

  • Potter, George

Robson Family

  • Robson, G.

Smarfit Family

  • Smarfit, James

Smith Family

Three Smith families came out on the Haidee:

The curator of the Smith family is Pat Smith

Stephenson Family

  • Stephenson, George

Stockil Family

  • Stockil, William

Surtees Family

  • Surtees, Robert

Tam Family

  • Tarn, Edward

Taylor Family

  • Taylor, James

Tindall Family

  • Tindall, William

Walker Family

  • Walker, John

Ward Family

  • Ward, Sarah

Warwick Family

  • Warwick, Francis
  • Warwick, Thomas

Welburn Family

  • Welburn, Robert

Westel Family

  • Westell, John

Whittaker Family

  • Whittaker, Robert

Wiles Family

  • Wiles, William

Wilkinson Family

  • Wilkinson, William

Wilson Family

  • Wilson, John

Whitridge Family

  • Whitridge, Matthew

Wright Family

  • Wright, John
  • Wright, Robert