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         6)   * Nathaniel Hays b. 1756   (John1, John2)   m. Elizabeth Gillespie 1792 
                                Had Children:

1. Charles Hays Greene CO. TN. 2. Patsy Hays 3. Nathaniel Hays 4. Jane Hays Greene CO.,TN.

Information on Nathaniel Hays and his neighbor to the south Samuel Hays and his  neighbor to the north  Hugh Hays. Jackson ended up with the entire 640-acre preemption NC Land Grants of Nathaniel and Hugh  Hays and a section of Samuel Hays' 640-ac preemption NC Land Grant 

as well, where the Hermitage is now. His houses, including the famous Hermitage Mansion, the Hermitage Church, and Andrew Jackson Donelson's Tulip Grove Mansion, is all located on Nathaniel Hays' original land Grant. I've been able to determine through research and land deeds, that Hugh Hays was living in Greene County, TN when he sold his 640-acres land grant to William Donelson & Andrew Jackson in 1795-96. (They bought it for William's brother and Andrew' business partner Samuel Donelson--Rachel Jackson's Brother, to Move to so he could be closer to the family —NOTE: The evidence proves that Andrew Jackson Built the original log Hermitage "from scratch" in The summer of 1804, Nevertheless, it is proven by land deeds, that the Hays family owned the land that became the Hermitage is very important to my project and the story completion.

     7)       Henry Hays 1757 d. 1820   (John1, John2) no records of henry – possible deceased    
      8)      *Col. Robert Hays  - BEF 1758     (John1, John2)   Col. Robert Hays   m.  Jane Donelson
Col.  Robert M. Hays    A LT. in the North Carolina Infantry in the American   Revolutionary War 1776, LT. Robert Hays in N.  Carolina Infantry of Amer. Rev He was a brother-in-law to Andrew Jackson –The plantation that Jackson named Hermitage was ideally located 2 miles from The Cumberland and Stone Rivers; the land was originally settled by John Hays (John1, John2) and then son Robert.  Other brothers and nephews moved into the area and purchased land alongside Robert’s property.  Robert was the grandfather to legendary Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays, Campbell Hays  and Confederate General Harry Thompson Hays and both grew up in his home in TENN.   Jackson and his wife Rachel, moved into an existing two-story log cabin - built to resist Indian attacks. After Jackson built the main house, they moved in. Later there was a fire and during the remodeling, Jackson turned it into the Mansion it is today.  The log house was disassembled and rebuilt from a two story to a one-story building used as slave quarters; a part of it still stands behind The Hermitage.[4] Initially Jackson operated the cotton farm with nine African slaves, but this number gradually grew to 44 slaves by 1820 as the farm expanded to 1,000 acres. Campbell Hays who served in the Civil War m. Ellen in Carroll CO. AR. Colonel Robert Hays erected the Fort Haysboro in Wilson CO., VA. –just a few miles from Memphis Tenn.  (son of John and Rebecca) A LT. in the North Carolina Infantry in the American Revolutionary War,. 
Col. Robert HAYS m. Jane DONELSON   Grandson of Son of John Hays and Rebecca)21 Jan 1786, in TN: source-1 and one other undocumented site said that Col. Robert Hays & Jane Donelson were the grandparents of John Coffey Hays, known as Capt. Jack Hays, one of the first Texas Rangers. ( Jack  Hays grew up in Robert and Jane’s home but he was not his Grandfather as it is proven to be the son of Rachel Maxwell Hays and John Hays.)  Also, there was a Campbell HAYS who served in the War of 1812. His record shows he married Ellen Unknown 14 Dec 1863 in Carroll Co., AR.  a letter written to Col. Robert Hays in 1819, signed by H. A. Hays - listing the three children he had at that time. The writer of the letter was without a doubt the father of Col. Jack Hays. Then, in the papers of the very lengthy lawsuit, Hays v. Drake, in the Sumner Co., TN loose papers the proof was found. On page 2271 is a letter written by Harmon A. Hays and the signature of that letter is without a doubt the same as the one on the 1819 letter. Thus, it is certain that Harmon A. Hays did write the letter naming his son John Coffee, namesake of General John Coffee and he is the same Harmon A. Hays of Wilson County, Tennessee, the family of Col. Robert Hays has been added to Page 2. Will Pittsylvania Co. VA d. 1819 There is a lot of confusion between Robert and Jane Donelson and Robert Hays and wife Jane Collier – it is important to follow the land deeds and Wills to get the true linage correct. The Hermitage Samuel, William and Nathaniel are brothers to Col. Robert Hays and Samuels children: Campbell/Huge/Charles and Thomas. 
         .Jane Donelson m Robert Hays – their Daughter Rachel Donelson Hays 
                                                        1767 m Stockley had daughter Rachel Stockley who m.  Andrew Jackson 
                                                          (President)  Aunt and Uncle of Jack Coffee Hays
                                                          of  Little Cedar Lick Wilson   County, Tennessee. 

Robert HAYS, who was apparently a very active land broker in a large area encompassing Nashville as well as "Hays Country" Other HAYS mentioned in the records for the Hermitage Area are Samuel, Hugh, Nathaniel, James and William Hays". Hugh HAYS, Samuel HAYS and Nathaniel HAYS each received grants of 640ac in Davidson County surveyed June 1785, registered 1788 & 1789 (Land Deed Genealogy of Davidson County TN 1783-1792 Vol. I). These grants were adjacent and located between the Cumberland River and Stones Creek. They were within 3 miles west of the present day Wilson/Davidson County, TN lines 1. *Rachel Donelson HAYS m. Stockley had eight children – one was a daughter:

  • * Rachel Stockley - Married Andrew Jackson – President of the US.
1)   *Rachel Stockley -– Rachel married young Andrew before her divorce was finalized from Lewis Rabords – married first time in 1791 and Bought Poplar Grove farm in Davidson County; sold in October 1792 –
  • Robert Hays – married the young couple in his home and later willed the land to Rachel and Andrew.* They married the second time 1794. Adopted a son 1808 - namesake name given -Andrew Jackson, was born son of Severn and Elizabeth Rucker Donelson; adopted by The Jacksons – after the Battle of New Orleans Rachel and Andrew took young Jackson with them to Washington 1815, they returned to Tenn. and a dear friend died, John Hutchings, who had a young five year old son, named Andrew Jackson Hutchings, and Rachel and Andrew were named as his Ward (their Charge) and he moved to Hermitage with them. In November 1828, Jackson was elected 7th President of the United States; Rachel died after he was elected President but before inauguration.
They had Rachel Jackson, a granddaughter born 1832 after Rachel Jackson’s death, and Andrew Jackson III, grandson was born 1834. Andrew Jackson never got over Rachel’s death – died 1845 and buried beside Rachel on the property of Heritage House.

2) Stockley Donelson HAYS b. 1788 d. 1831 m. Lydia Butler

  *** Stokely spent much of his time growing up on his uncle’s   
  Property Haysboro and the Hermitage plantation of his Aunt and  
  Uncle Andrew Jackson, prior property of Nathaniel Hays. *
                                                                                   HAYS, Stokley D. Col., register of the Land Office in Clinton, MS, 
                                                                                           died at Jackson, TN on the 18th inst. National Banner (Mon. 12 Sep

3) Richard Jackson Hays – named after father’s friend Andrew Jackson - who Nicknamed him Hickory Hays by: AJ

        4)     Sarah Jane Hays
                                                                                        5)     Martha Thompson HAYS b. 1790 d. 1857
                                                                                        6)     Narcissa HAYS b. c1795
                                                                                        7)     Mary S. HAYS b. 1798 d. 1815
                                                                                        8)     Samuel HAYS b. 1800 d. 1866 m Francis 
                                                                                        Pinckey Middleton  

8) Elizabeth HAYS3 (ROBERT2) b. 1805 d. 1841

                                                                                10)     Harmon Hays 

8) Catherine Hays 1722 (John1) 9) Rebecca Hays 1725 m William Richardson of Smyth CO.,VA. (John1)

10)           Janette Hays 1726   (John1) not mentioned in will – possible twin - deceased (John1)
           11)          Joan Hays 1726 (John1) not mentioned in will – possible twin -deceased (John1)
              12)          Janette Hays possible died at birth?  –  no other records on census (John1)
       13)           James  Hays  b. 1738 ( John1)              *** Our Direct Linage ***

James Hays 1738 (John and Rebecca Hays ) 1) m. Rebecca m Sara Knowles - Smith Hays 1817: James Hayes related to Col Robert Hays, Maj. William Hays, Lt. Samuel Hays, Lt. John Hays and Maj. Emphriam, officers of many battles in Virginia, Carolina’s and Tenn. He moved to Davidson TN after the Indian Upheavals in Rockbridge Co., VA. and married Rebecca 1817 of TN. – had 10 children and moved to Lincoln CO. KY to protect his family – due to the British fighting the colonies ( Rev. War) and Rebecca died in child birth, he remarried Sara (Knowles) Smith-Hays and relocated to Montgomery CO. MO. Purchased 800 acres land – this was also the arrival date of some James’s brothers in 1830,to live in MO., they along with 5 of their children and their respective families, lived on James land in Montgomery CO. MO. – this was after the British fighting ( Rev. War) he had his brothers and families move together in MO. to avoid more battles. On his lands, James and wife Sarah, lived the rest of their lives and died in MO. Some of James Hays children moved back to TN and to Texas, to live and many stayed in the colonies and fought in the Civil War *****

           Printed from   Wiki Tree Genealogy – verified through Will and Testament records of
           Rockbridge  County Courthouse.
           James and Sara Hays   m. 1817  Had 4 known children:

1) James Hays Jr. deeded land in Grandfather – John Hays

James’ Jr. parents and family, had moved to MO. Prior to John Hays
                                                          Will and Testament to dividing of land Deeds to family in VA.
                                                          James HAYS 1832 will book 10 #32;

2) Rebecca Hays 3) Martha Hays

                                             4)      John Hayes  m.1)  Mary Hendrick d. 1828  Had 4 children:
      ** 2 sets of twins died at birth and Mary Died during childbirth
        m. 2) Isabelle of  MO. Had son Thomas and 5 other children:
                            1) William Thomas  Hayes ( Son of John and Isabelle) – 1822 m. Nancy  
                                       Robertson of  MO. moved to Wood Texas
                                                 Had 9 children:

1) Alsey O Hayes (1848 - ) 2) John Cox Hayes (1849-1894 )m. Delena Hopper 3) Silas B. Hayes ( Aug. 11,1853-1833 )m. Susan Webb 4) Elizabeth Hayes ( 1855-1936) 5) Thomas L. Hayes ( 1858-1901) m. Mariah Reneau 6. 6) Susan Hays (1863 - )

7)     Robert Charles Hays   (December 13, 1863 - February 25, 
        1948) m. Luvena Norris

7. 8) Madison Cotton Hays (1864 - December 9, 1931) m. Mary Leach 8. 9) William Robert Hayes (Dec. 25, 1859 – 1938) Tippah Miss. m. Mollie O.

       Harvey Jan. 11, 1882 Wood Texas 
                                                                Had 9 Children:

1) Bettie Hayes (November 24, 1882 - August 17, 1885) 2) Robert Lee Hayes (December 10, 1885 - May 12, 1966) m. Jessie McElyea 3) Frankie Cleveland Hayes (April 19, 1888 - November 3, 1892) 4) John Thomas Hayes (November 22, 1892 - September 14,

      D. 1986) m. Beulah Bradshaw
                                                                         Had 7 Children:
1) Mamie Lee Hayes   (1912 - December 12, 1934)
                                                                           2) W T Hayes     (December 23, 1913 - 1995) m. Violet Bishop
                                                                                Had 2 Children:

1) Lynda Gail (Hayes) m. Stoffel--Burilson ( - ) Had 3 Children: 1) Jeffery Keith (Stoffel--Burilson) Burilson

                2)   Sharon deAnn (Stoffel--Burilson) Swyear    
                   3)    Timothy Paul Stoffel--Burilson   ( - )

2) Ronald Alan Hayes ( - ) m. Mary Miles m. Stella Taylor 5) James Allan Hayes (December 23, 1960 - March 1, 1961)

6)     Jimmy B Hayes   (August 22, 1914 - February 16,  
        1990) m. Mildred Bass

7) Henry Nathan Hayes (January 18, 1918 - April 28, 1987)

  [private great-granddaughter (1920's - 1970's)]

8) Melvin Franklin Hayes (November 29, 1923 - July 20,

        2002)  Rita Marie Barry 1947 Riverside, CA.
                                                                             Had 1 Son:
                                                                             1) Michael Timothy Hayes ( 2,.22,1949 - )
                                                                                 m. Angela Rohner – Div. 1976
                                                                                 Had 2 children:
                                                                                 1) Shawn Michael Hayes ( Nov. 2, 1969 - ) 
                                                                                 m. Frankie Grizz 2013 settled in Long Island NY
                                                                                 2) Shannon Noelani Hayes ( July 1975                                 
                                                                                 m. John H. Ewell of H.B. CA. 1998 -moved to Settle WA.
                                                                                 Had 4 Children:
                                                                                 1) Tucker John Ewell ( Sept.21, 1998.
                                                                                 2)  Dixie Lee Ewell ( March 13, 2000- 
                                                                                 3) Daisy Mae Ewell ( Nov.17 2001 - )               
                                                                                 4)Harley  Belle Ewell ( May 22 2002
                                                                 Cont. Michael T. Hayes m. Carroll Vann Hayes .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Had 2 Children:

1) Matthew Timothy Hayes (Sept.25, 1979-) Relationship with Bethany Dahlstrom:

1 Child:  Elliott Dahlstrom ( Aug. 19, 2010- )
    m.  Sara Marie DeVore Aug. 7,2012
         1) Ryan Matthew Hayes ( April 3,2013 -
             2) Bradley Ray Hayes ( Jan.13,1986 - )
                                                                               Relationship with Amber Murphy:

1Child: Logan Nathaniel Hayes (Jul.28-2011 – July

                                                                                       Had Children:

                                                 Cont. Melvin Hayes second Marriage to Joan King Hayes                        
                                                  Had 2 Children:

1) Colin Franklin Hayes ( April 21, 1966-) m.

                                                           Had Children:
       2)    Megan K. Hayes (   - ) m.  Brandon  Smith
             Had 2 Children:
             1)    Drew Hayes ( Dec. 22, 1989 - )
             2)    Sarah Kathryn Hayes ( Dec. 6,1991
                                  9.  Ova Nell (Hayes) Cashen   (July 14, 1927 - December 14, 2001)


Information on James Hays: