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Image identification: Aiboland & Eibofolke

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  • Magdalena Öström (1860 - 1949)
    Öström, Magdalena b. Lindman * * 1860-11-06 / 1860-11-18* Y 1878-10-10* oo 1881-12-20* † 1949-11-25* [ ] 1949-12-04 Magdalena loved music and composed several Estonian-Swedish folk songs and chorales w...
  • Pauline Andersdotter Enggrön (1893 - 1973)
    Luks, Pauline Andersdotter * * 1893-03-22* to Väike-Pakri 1912* Y 1909-11-01 in Noarootsi * oo 1915-02-02 with Alexander Enggrön on Väike-Pakri* Widow at 1950-02-07* † 1973-03-17-----------------------...
  • Andreas Enggrön (1917 - 1997)
    Enggrön, Andreas a.k.a. Vätö-Andreas * * 1917-01-23 / 1917-02-05* † 1997-05-30Andreas sünd. 23.01.1917. a. Tallinna Soome- Rootsi Püha Mihkli kog. Список рожденных и ...; TLA.239.2.13; 1892-1919 lk. 20...
  • Harald Matsson Blomberg (1921 - 1984)
    Blomberg, Harald Matsson № 3015 in the RNHF genealogy database at the Rickul/Nuckö Hembygdsförening . Living Residence * Homestead / Farm: Blomberg* Township / Village: Roslep* State / Province: Riguldi
  • Marta Isberg (1918 - 2009)

Identifcation of people, places and objects within imagery pertaining to the eibofolke / aibofolke and the Estonian Swedes — a scope with great potential thanks to the c. 7000 archived and digitized negatives made available by Svenska Odlingens Vänner in combination with a search tool provided by the Rickul/Nuckö Hembygdsförening (Riguldi/Noarootsi Cultural & Historical Society). The digitized materials are only partially available online, but there is still quite a lot of stuff to sift through. On the whole, there is need for both identification work as well as proofreading explanatory captions to complement the database.

In short — all your efforts here would ideally extend to support the ongoing documentation of a cultural treasure while simultaneously enhance the integrity and quality of your own research and shared ancestry by combining all newly identified media within our constantly evolving tree.


To make the matching of names, places and images easier, the genealogical records—as well as the images—are often tagged with regional data. Depending on how detailed the information provided is, and how it relates to your own accumulated data, there might be some very nice surprises in store for you. So, if you manage to put a name to an unknown face—or a place—through your database endeavours: please do write a note in the forums or document the finding within this project by whatever means available. Of course, the same goes if you're doing some explorative research and are looking for input on potential relatives, familiar locations or anything connected to the topic at hand. Just go ahead and ask for help or input!


Tagged by theme: Associations & fellowships, Churches & chapels, Costume, Drawings, maps & documents, Festivities & celebrations, Habitation, Health care & funerals, Historical imagery, Landscapes, Military & miscellaneous, Music, Patterns, Portraits, Professions, School, Socializing & dancing, Sports, Transportation, Unknown, Work

Tagged by location: Estonia, other, Haapsalu, Kurkse, Vihterpalu, Naissaar & Reval, etc, Noarootsi, Pakri Islands, Riguldi, Ruhnu, Sweden, Unknown, Vormsi



Please keep in mind that these project pages and their forums are public and also indexed by search engines. Do not include your private email addy or any phone numbers in a discussion thread if you are looking for casual contacts, share your private infos by PM instead. If you have some images, information about images, or if you have come into possession of inherited imagery from a relatives estate that you want to share for posterity—but do not necessarily wish to disclose publicly, you should contact the Archival Unit of SOV, a.k.a. Arkivgruppen. All images available in the database above can be used freely under the condition that you always name and reference the source SOV:s bildarkiv, i.e. SOV's Image Archive, The Image Archive of Svenska Odlingens Vänner, etc. The genealogical records available through the search engine at Rickul/Nuckö Hembygdsförening utilize an anonymization interval spanning 25 years; which means that detailed information about living individuals and individuals who have died within said timeframe are not disclosed. The anonymized records only present the year of birth, year of death and gender in combination with any genealogical relationships.