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  • Guri Bendiksdatter Kjemphol (1664 - d.)
    Guri Bendiksdatter Kjemphol f.1664 d.1736. I skiftebuet etter Guri Bendiksdatter var m.a. ein Brochmanns huspostil og tre andre bøker. Gardssoga for Sykkylven Bind.1 s.338. Brochmanns huspostil er skre...
  • Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) (1304 - 1374)
    Francesco Petrarch Francesco Petrarca (July 20, 1304 – July 19, 1374), known in English as Petrarch , was an Italian scholar, poet and one of the earliest Renaissance humanists. Petrarch is often cal...

For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup J or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested.

Defining Mutations

  • Coding mutations 489, 10398, 12612, 13708
  • HVR mutations 295 and 16069


Haplogroup J has an estimated age of about 45,000 years. In his popular book The Seven Daughters of Eve, Bryan Sykes named the originator of this mtDNA haplogroup Jasmine.


Haplogroup J (along with ‘T’) is associated with the spread of farming and herding in Europe during the Neolithic Era (8,000-10,000 yrs ago).

The average frequency of J Haplogroup as a whole is highest in the Near East (12%) followed by Europe (11%), Caucasus (8%) and North Africa (6%).

Subclades of J

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To participate in this project, join or follow the project, add your oldest known ancestor who belonged to this haplogroup. The profile must be set to public in order to add it.