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Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport MP (1786 - 1867)

"Leib", "SHiR"

Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport: Austrian rabbi and scholar; born at Lemberg June 1, 1786; died at Prague Oct. 16, 1867. Thrown upon his own resources about 1817, Rapoport became cashier of the meat-tax f...

2/1/2009 11/27/2012

Regina Margareten (Horowitz) MP (1863 - 1959)

"Directory and Genealogy of the Horowitz-Margareten Family- from Generation to Generation" revised Edition 1994. -No. H123- chart no. 2-A & chart no. 26 Regina Margareten (1863-1959) According to t...

8/16/2007 1/26/2012

Ignatz Margareten MP (1860 - 1923)

"Directory and Genealogy of the Horowitz-Margareten Family- from Generation to Generation" revised Edition 1994. -No. M121- chart no. 2-A & chart no. 26 The Horowitz-Margareten Family saga began with...

8/22/2007 1/26/2012

Rabbi Dov Ber Manischewitz MP (1857 - 1914)

"Dov Behr Manischewitz (Abramson)"

Manischewitz and the Development of Machine-Made Matzah 
in the United States Days of Wine and Matzos The Manischewitz tale begins with Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz born in Lithuania. His surname in...

9/26/2008 1/26/2012

Shrage Fiesh "Baron" (Philip) Herzog MP (1843 - 1918)

"Shrage Feish Herzog", "Shraga Feish Herzog", "Shragah Feish Herzog", "Baron Herzog", "Baron Philip Herzog", "Philip Herzog"

The Herzog family ’s winemaking story begins in the early 19th century in the town of Vrbové in the Trnava Region of Slovakia, where Rabbi Menachem Herzog (c. 1750-1822) established the family’s distil...

5/29/2007 1/25/2012

D. Abraham ben Eliyahu Senior Coronel MP (1412 - 1493)

"Fernando Perez Coronel", "Fernão Perez Coronel", "Abraham Senior"

The Senior Coronel & Saraiva Family Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain, c. 1386 - See Complete Family Tree and Biography Together with I saac Abravanel, wrote the letter of objection to Isabella and Ferdi...

5/1/2008 10/17/2011

David Tebele Efrati MP (c.1850 - c.1884)

"David Efrati", "David Tefla Efrat"

David Tebele Efrati, 1850-1884, author of the genealogical work Toldot Anshei Shem, published in 1875. He was born in Merkine (Meretz). An exceptional student, he wrote books and articles from a young ...

2/7/2009 9/11/2011

Joe Dellar (Cohen) MP (1862 - 1928)

"Joe Cohn", "Joseph S. Cohen", "Joe Cohen", "Yosef ben Shlomo Cohen", "Diller"

On January 22, 2004 it was speculated by Andrew Cohen that the folks listed as Joseph O. Cohen, occupation second-hand goods, wife Sarah L. Cohen, occupation clothing, 99 W. Third in St. Paul, Minnesot...

2/19/2010 7/20/2011

Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Meislish MP (1759 - 1844)

The Meisels family was one of the respected families of Vilna, several of the family were in different times among heads of the community. The outstanding one was Rabbi Moshe Meisels who was for about ...

11/6/2008 6/29/2011

Eslanda Cardozo Robeson MP (1896 - 1965)

Eslanda ("Essie") Goode Robeson, (December 12, 1896 - December 13, 1965) the wife and business manager of Paul Robeson, was an American anthropologist, author, actor and activist. Eslanda Cardozo Goo...

4/14/2011 6/2/2011