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Jewish Ancestry Research Guide

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  • Eslanda Cardozo Robeson (1896 - 1965)
    Eslanda ("Essie") Goode Robeson, (December 12, 1896 - December 13, 1965) the wife and business manager of Paul Robeson, was an American anthropologist, author, actor and activist. Eslanda Cardozo Goo...
  • Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Meislish (1759 - 1844)
    The Meisels family was one of the respected families of Vilna, several of the family were in different times among heads of the community. The outstanding one was Rabbi Moshe Meisels who was for about ...
  • Joe Dellar (Cohen) (1862 - 1928)
    On January 22, 2004 it was speculated by Andrew Cohen that the folks listed as Joseph O. Cohen, occupation second-hand goods, wife Sarah L. Cohen, occupation clothing, 99 W. Third in St. Paul, Minnesot...
  • D. Abraham ben Eliyahu Senior Coronel (1412 - 1493)
    The Senior Coronel & Saraiva Family Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain, c. 1386 - See Complete Family Tree and Biography Together with I saac Abravanel, wrote the letter of objection to Isabella and Ferdi...
  • Shrage Fiesh "Baron" (Philip) Shraga Feish Herzog (1843 - 1918)
    The Herzog family ’s winemaking story begins in the early 19th century in the town of Vrbové in the Trnava Region of Slovakia, where Rabbi Menachem Herzog (c. 1750-1822) established the family’s distil...

Jewish Ancestry Research Guide

This Directory is an overview of Jewish themed projects on Geni. We hope you will find what you are seeking. For another comprehensive directory, please also see Jewish Genealogy Portal: A Guide to Jewish Projects and Resources on Geni.

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Bible Tree - Torah Scholars - Dynasties - Research Projects

  1. *Abravanel - Abrabanel Family
  2. *ADMOR of Sanz - Halberstam - Hasidic dynasties (and family members)
  3. *Alexander Rebbe dynasties
  4. *Anne Frank
  5. * Biblical Judges & Kings of the Land of Israel
  6. *יהודי-בילורוסיה - Belarusian Jews
  7. *Biblical Tree
  8. *Brody, Lvov
  9. *CHABAD ADMORS - Schneerson - dynasty & family members
  10. *Carlebach Family
  11. *Chacham Tzvi dynasty
  12. *Cohanim & Katz descendants
  13. *The Cohen Project
  14. *Born on Ellis Island
  15. *Estonian Jews Эстонские-Евреи
  16. *Exilarchs (רשי גלותא)
  17. *Franz Kafka Tree
  18. *Genealogy Specialists on Geni
  19. *Global Chabad Community
  20. *Gur "Ger" Rebbe Dynasty
  21. *Heroes of the Holocaust - The Courageous Fighters against Hitler's Nazi Regime
  22. * Herzl Family
  23. *Holocaust Survivors
  24. *Israel Portal
  25. * Israeli Heads of State and State Authorities
  26. * Israeli all Knesset members
  27. *Jewish Dynasties Geni Wiki
  28. *Jews in Colonial America
  29. * Jews of Europe in the 20th Century - Family Perspective
  30. *Jews from Wronke near Posen
  31. *Geni's Big Tree: A Retrospective
  32. *MAHARAL of Prague - Loew - Dynasties
  33. *Memorial to European Rabbis that Perished in the Holocaust
  34. *Misnagdim
  35. *Noahs Ark
  36. *The Paradox of Passover
  37. *Revered Rabbis, Kabbalists, Sages, and Scholarly Female Guides of Renown
  38. *THE RASHI LEGACY (Tzarfati, Kalonymos, Treves, Luria and Sapiro Families)
  39. *Tanaim, Amoraim, and Geonim
  40. *The Jewish French Connection
  41. *The Legendary Katzenellenbogen Family
  42. * Jewish population of Kujawy Region
  43. *The Levitical Horowitz Rabbinical Family Alliances Project
  44. *Twersky Rabbinic Dynasty
  45. *The Unbroken Chain, by Neil Rosenstein
  46. *United Kingdom & Commonwealth Chief Rabbis and Famous British Jewish Leaders
  47. *Prophets - נביאים


  1. *Where are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?
  2. *Al-Andalus
  3. *Sephardic Luminaries
  4. *Sephardic Families Who Settled in Europe after 1492
  5. *The Golden Age of Jews in Sepharad 13th - 15th Centuries
  6. *The Exilarchs - רשי-גלותא
  7. *Biblical Judges & Kings of Israel, Canaan, Judea-Israel



  1. *Jewish Dynasties Wiki Page
  2. *Geni Curator Projects Guide


Jewish Ancestry Family Trees

  • Please note, if a link doesn't work, please just type the name into the Project Search Box.
  1. *Alperovich-Heilbrunn-Heilbrun-Heilbronner-Heilprin-Halpern Family Trees
  2. *Diego Arias (Isaac Abenazar) & Elivra Gonzales de Avila from 1400's Descendants
  4. *Avraham Family
  5. *The Bejerano Family Project
  6. *Beshenkovichi, Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus
  7. *Bleshman Family
  8. *Blum Family
  9. *BOHRER-BLUMENFELD-SILBER Families from Lezajsk Poland Region
  10. *Brown Family
  11. *Bruckheimers
  12. *Butensky Family
  13. *Canetti / Kanetti / Kaneti Family
  14. *The Chaikin/Haykin/Hayken Project
  15. *Cirulnik Family
  16. *Citron/Czitron/Citroen ציטרון-ציטרוס Family
  17. *Cohen de Lara
  18. *Davidov Family
  19. *Descendants of Rebbe Nussen Nutteh of Sieniawa Poland + Domnitz Family
  20. *Deutscher Family
  21. *De Vidas: Sephardic Family with roots in Turkey
  22. *Hirsz Donejgier & Descendants
  23. *FACHER surname related through Rebecca Bayla Facher
  24. *The Fainshtein Family
  25. *FRANCO FAMILY: Sephardi Family with roots in the port town of Chania, on the Greek Isle of Crete
  26. *Friediin Family
  27. *FROST FAMILY: An Ashkenazic Jewish Family with Galician Roots in Poland
  28. *Frankel & Margolis Families
  29. *Frenkel Family
  30. *Glauberg Family
  31. *Golden Family
  32. *Goldschmidt/Goldshmidt Family
  33. *Gordon Family from Poland
  34. *Guggenheim Family
  35. *Herman Family & Starr Family Vilnius
  36. *Heymann
  37. *Descendants of Don Abraham Senior Coronel
  38. *Descendants of Aaron Jacobowitz
  39. *Jakubovics or Jacobowitz Family
  40. *Jutkowitz family tree
  41. *Katz Family from the Greater Vilnius Area and Smorgon
  42. *Kellman Family
  43. *Klein Family Tree
  44. *Krein Family - Jewish
  45. *Kreingold Family
  46. *Kreinik Family
  47. *Lehmann/Lehman family in Wisconsin and Germany
  48. *Leibmans from Lublin Poland Pre WWll
  49. *Margolin Family
  50. *Margolis and Frankel Families
  51. *Meisels Family
  52. *NEMON FAMILY: An Ashkenazic Jewish Family with roots in the Ukrainian Gologory Region
  53. *Neugroschi Family
  54. *Reichbart Family
  55. *Remsik Family
  56. *Rosenberger Family
  57. *Jewish Rothman Family
  58. *Schmalberg Family
  59. *Shergrotski Family
  61. *The Spiegel family of Lagow, Poland and connected families
  62. *Schochet (Telshe) Family
  63. *Seigrist Family
  64. *Seinhart Felix Family
  65. *Sephardic Descendants of Diego Arias (Isaac Abenazar) & Elivra Gonzales de Avila 1400's
  66. *Silberberg De Abadi Family
  67. *Spivak Family
  68. *Starr Family Vilnius
  69. *Struma
  70. *TAUB family
  71. *Trup Diaspora
  72. *Turyn Family Dna Project
  73. *Wallner Family
  74. *Wallerstein Family
  75. *Wegmaister - Wegmajster - Kupervaser
  76. *Volodymrets - Vladimirets families UKR
  77. *Alanna Wilson Family
  78. *Yachia - Yahia - Jachia Family

Hebrew Projects can be linked via Related Projects on right - click view all.

  1. *משפחת קרדוניס-קורדוני -וויטהkardonis-kordoni -vita family
  2. *קיבוץ סעד
  3. *שלום-רוזנפלד
  4. *לנציאנו-Family
  5. *זאקריה -Family


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