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Jewish Families from Kirrweiler (Rheinland-Pfalz), Germany

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This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Kirrweiler (Rheinland-Pfalz), Germany, located about 110 km Southwest of Frankfort. A nearby town is Landau.

JewishGen-Kirrweiler (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Book available at the Leo Baeck Institute: Kirrweiler

   Title: Der juedische Friedhof in Kirrweiler : Begraebnisplatz fuer Kirrweiler, Maikammer und Diedesfeld
   Author: Bernhard Kukatzki
   Publication Date: 1995
   Comments: at Leo Baeck Institute, call no. GT 3250 K5 K8

International Jewish Cemetery Project:

KIRRWEILER PDF Print E-mail KIRRWEILER: 67489 Rhineland-Palatinate (also see Essing) (Gerz, Peters) Gewann Neustadterweg; ab 1979 in christl. Privatbesik. names: {10373} 550 sqm in size: renovated in 1975. Located at the north edge of the city, on Neustadter Way, but best reached on Jahnstrasse. 46 names were totally illegible Source: Bernhard Kukatzki, Laurentiusstrasse 28, 67 105 Schifferstadt, Germany Der juedische Friedhof in Kirrweiler by Bernhard Kukatzki; Begraebnisplatz fuer Kirrweiler, Maikammer und Diedesfeld. Laundau, 1995-34s See Essing for description of early history and names of those buried in Essing. Source: Bernhard Kukatzki, Laurentiusstrasse 28, 67 105 Schifferstadt, Germany Owned and maintained by Rheinpfalz. Plat Nr. 5762. Size: 623 sq. meters; opened 1869. Source: Ernest B. Nathan with permission from Juedische Kultusgemeinde der Rheinpfalz.

Secondary cemetery data from IJCP for Essing where some Kirrweiler burials occurred.

ESSING PDF Print E-mail ESSING: 93343 Bavaria (Landkreis Suedliche Weinstr./Regierungsbezirk Rheinhessen-Pfalz) There were burials here from Kirrweiler, Maikammer, and Kiedesfeld. The cemetery, beginning in the 1700s, was used by almost 50 surrounding towns and villages The cemetery no longer exists but is known because of a sign "Jewish Cemetery." A book was discovered that contains a list of burials, showing location, but no date of death. The burials were from the following towns: Boechingen, Burrweiler, Boebingen, Bellheim, Billigheim, Blieskastel, Deidesheim, Duerkheim, Duttweiler, Diedesfeld, Edenkoben, Edesheim, Essingen, Fischlingen, Flemlingen, Freimersheim, Freisbach, Germersheim, Godramstein, Geinsheim, Gommersheim, Harthausen, Hayna, Hessheim, Hambach, Herxheim, Hochstadt, Isheim, Ingenheim, Kirchheim/Eck, Kirrweiler, Landau, Lustadt, Lauterburg, Leimersheim, Lingenfeld, Maikammer, Mannheim, Metz, Mussbach, Neustadt, Offenbach, Ottersheim, Philippsburg, Queichheim, Rheinzabern, Ruelzheim und Venningen. The list showed the names of those from Kirrweiler, Maikammer and Diedesfeld. Source: Bernhard Kukatzki, Laurentiusstrasse 28, 67 105, Schifferstadt, Germany

August 2021, communication from the town of Kirrweiler outreach office: "Last year, Günter Schäfer and Martina Stöckl published a local family book. They captured all the inhabitants of Kirrweiler between 1618 - 1925/1945. I're been wondering if I'm finding your ancestors there. In fact, Moritz (born Moses) and Rosa Süß lived in Schlosstraße 4. I scanned the excerpt from the family book for you and attached it to this mail. I'll also send you a local plan. The Schloßstraße still exists today. The local family book also contains pictures of the houses in Schloßstraße. I also scanned these for you and hung them in this mail.

I hope I was able to help you further.

Beautiful greetings from Kirrweiler Christine Dawson-Erasmy"