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Jewish Families from Wielkie Oczy

This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Wielkie Oczy, Poland

Location: Coordinates: 50°1′22″N 23°9′44″E Wielkie Oczy [%CB%88v%CA%B2%C9%9Blk%CA%B2%C9%9B ˈɔt͡ʂɨ] (Ukrainian: Великі Очі, Velyki Ochi; literally Big Eyes) is a village (town until 1935) in Lubaczów County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland, close to the border with Ukraine. It is the seat of the gmina (administrative district) called Gmina Wielkie Oczy. It lies approximately 17 kilometres (11 mi) south of Lubaczów and 83 km (52 mi) east of the regional capital Rzeszów.[1]

The village has a population of 880.

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Wielkie Oczy Inhabitants (those on geni in blue, those not yet entered in black) :


Rabbis of "BIG EYES" Wielkie Oczy רבני וייעלקאצי

It is not easy today to gather information about wielkoockich rabbis, although most of them belonged to the well-known rabbinic dynasty Teomim, derived from the roots of his famous rabbi Jeszaja Halevi, living in the Czech Republic in the early fifteenth century.

The following list is certainly still incomplete and in some cases contains only names, sometimes giving the main dates. It is an attempt to chronological ranking of these undisputed spiritual leaders wielkoockiej Jewish community, together with the basic information about their life and work.

Mordechai Ben Shmuel - מרדכי בן שמואל

Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel's son, is the first known of the name, while the most prominent of wielkoockich rabbis. He was born in Kutno about 1715. His father was a respected member of the local Jewish community. Mordechai already distinguished himself as a youth mental acuity, godliness and love to study the scriptures. He was known for strict adherence to the strict regulations of the Jewish religion.
Mordechai grew up in the company of eminent sages and rabbis of the Polish lands. He married the daughter of a prominent and wealthy rabbi. The young couple lived with his father in law, who cared for the material meet the needs of a young man so that he could fully give up the study of the Torah and other holy books.
Soon, his teachings became known in the Jewish world, and his fame has also reached the "Great Eye" Wielkie Oczy. The community invited him to cover the vacant position of rabbi in 1735. The rabbi clarified and implemented many religious laws.
Mordechai ben Shmuel was the author of the book "bard of peace" [Dover Shalom] and the writings of the comments on the Book of Psalms and the Book of Prophets. Unfortunately, none of these works has not survived to our times. He became famous, however, repeatedly reissued theological treatise " The Royal Gate "[Sha'ar Hamelech], which is a collection of thirteen theological and moral discourses related to various terms and holidays of the Jewish calendar. The first edition was published in 1762 in Zolkiew, and the last in 1997 in Canada.
We do not know the date of death of Mordechai ben Shmuel, whereby it was certainly after 1772. Survived by two sons, David and younger older Shmuel.

Mordechai Hertz Teomim - מרדכי הירץ תאומים

Rabbi Mordechai Teomim Herc was the rabbi of the "Great Eye" 1821.

Meir Teomim - מאיר תאומים

Rabbi Meir was the son in law of Rabbi Arye Teomim , chief rabbi Jaworowa. The rabbi of the "Great Eye" after 1821.

Mordechai Hercig - מרדכי הרציג

Rabbi Mordechai Hercig born about 1820, the son of Rabbi Joseph Herciga, Chief Rabbi of Sanok county. He married the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Albojma of Lizhensk. The rabbi of the "Great Eye" in the mid-nineteenth century after it held the office of his son Naftali Menachem. He died in 1880.

Naftali Menachem Hercig - נפתלי מנחם הרציג

Rabbi Naftali Menachem Hercig born around 1840. Son of Mordechai Hercig. He married the daughter of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Glanc, Chief Rabbi of Sieniawa. The rabbi of the "Great Eye" before 1860. Embraced function after his father. He died before 1912, leaving two children, Moshe and Sara.

Yakov Teomim - יעקב תאומים

Rabbi Yakov Teomim was born in 1833. Son of Ephraim Teomim, Chief Rabbi Krystynopola. He started his career many years rabbi in "Great Eyes", where he was elected rabbi in 1860 and served in this capacity until at least December 1866.
Subsequently, he was a rabbi Tarnogrod in the Russian zone. On the advice of recognized authority, Joshua Rokeach of Belz, did not accept the job offered to him in the rabbinate Apt. After its release in 1888, an order to leave Russia by foreign subjects returned to Galicia and in 1891 was admitted to the rabbi Kołomyja. He died in old age May 1, 1908.

Yitzhak Teomim - יצחק תאומים

Rabbi Yitzhak Teomim was born in 1837, son of Ephraim Teomim, Chief Rabbi Krystynopola, and the younger brother Yakov. He began his career in the rabbinate in Sniatyn in 1854, and in 1865 became the chief rabbi of this community, the rabbi of the "Great Eye" of the year 1871 to 1879, when it took over after the death of his father as chief rabbi Krystynopola that he was 33 years Capability He held a rabbi district. He died in 1912.

Naftali Herz Teomim - נפתלי הירץ תאומים

Rabbi Naftali Hertz Teomim was born in 1851. Son of Esther and Moses Teomim brother Yakov and Yitzhak Teomim, chief rabbi Jaworowa and Horodenki. Around 1871 he married Fajga, only daughter Rabbi Menachem Manes Lieberman of aluminate, where he lived.
Finally, in 1877 admitted to the rabbinate Delatyn. After 16 months left Delatyn because his wife objected to his stay there because of the great distance from her parents. The multi-annual rabbi of the Great Eye in the years 1879 to 1916. When in 1888 his father died he was a candidate to take the place of Horodenka him, but the local community preferred to his son in law, Rabbi Elimelech.
Wrote a book "The Gate of Naphtali", presented in written by his father's book "The third teaching" (it was published in Lviv in 1880). In addition, two more volumes created deliberations on all four of the "Shulchan Aruch". Naftali Hertz Teomim died in 1916.
He had six sons:

1. Josef Teomim (b. 1874 Gliniany), married the daughter of rabbi Rozwadów. In 1912, he moved to the United States, where he briefly served as a rabbi in New York synagogue immigrants from the Great Eye, and the 48 years he was a rabbi in the synagogue Galician in Detroit. He died in 1962;
2. Berel Teomim, son-in-Chaim Tzvi Ashkenazi, Rabbi Przeworska;
3. Teomim Abraham, son in law of Rabbi Ephraim Zalman Margaliot, Rabbi Meadows;
4. Ephraim Teomim (born 1880 in Great Eyes), son-in-Tzvi Elimelech Teitelbaum, Rabbi Kołaczyce ;
5. Jon Teomim (born 1885 in Great Eyes), the successor to his father in wielkoockim rabbinate;
6. Menachem Manes Teomim (born 1887 in Great Eyes), son in law of Rabbi Chaim Poperusza, Rabbi Ternopil.

Jon Teomim - יונה תאומים

Rabbi Jona Teomim was born in 1885 in Great Eyes as one of the six sons of Rabbi Naftali Hertz Teomim and Fajga, Rabbi Menachem only daughter of Manes Lieberman of aluminate. Took the position after the death of his father in 1916, and served it between the two world wars until 1943, when he was murdered by the Nazis along with other Jews of the town.
He was one of the Belz Hasidim. He carried the honorary title of Eretz Israel Gabaj, which is responsible for collecting donations to settlement activity in the then Palestine. He married Chaya, the daughter of Arie Israel Ashkenazi, rabbi of the Siret, Bukovina. Jon and Chaya Teomim had three sons:

1. Joel Sznicel Teomim married in 1932 Chaya Tile, daughter of Rabbi Issachar Dov Berish Rabbi Halperin Biecz and went to London, making it survived the war; died June 25, 1984. His religious rulings are quoted in the book "Wisdom of the Heart" by his brother, Naftali-Hertz, and a set of "crown of glory";
2. Naftali Hertz Teomim (b. 1921), married Rechczę, daughter of Simcha Goldberg of Sanok. By the book "Wisdom of the Heart" dedicated to issues of Talmud, published in Biłgoraju, in the printing of Israel Chaim Weinberg in 1938. Was killed by the Nazis murdered his wife in 1943;
3. Israel Arye Teomim whose religious rulings are quoted in the book "Wisdom of the Heart". He was murdered by the Germans in 1943.