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Jewish Families from or connected to Trzemeszno Tremessen Poland (Prussia)

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This Project is for Trzemeszno that lies near Gniezno (Gnesen), some distance East of Poznan, in the former area of Prussia, in Poland, in the Posen area. Nearby are the towns of Mogilno, Witkowo, Pakość (Pakosch) and villages:Gębice, Rogowo.

This project is NOT for a town with a similar name: Trzemeszno Lubuskie (historic Polish Czarnomyśl or Szaromyśl , German Schermeisel [2] ) - a village in Poland located in the Lubuskie voivodship , in the Sulęciński poviat , in the Sulęcin commune . formerly a city . In the years 1975–1998 the town administratively belonged to the Gorzów Province .

The number of Jewish people in this small area of this project was low. In 1834 and 1835 the naturalization of Jews totaled 16 in Trzemeszno (Tremessen), among others: Joel Paradies (1834), Izaac Marcus Basinski (1835), Jacob Flaum Pflaum (1834), Abraham Gutter. Source: "The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835", Revised Edition, Compiled by Edward David Luft, Published by Avotaynu, 2004

This community was the most numerous in the mid-nineteenth century. For example: in 1843 - 413 Jews lived in Tremessen, in 1857(with 6 villages) - 420 (82 families), in 1885/87 - 350, in 1889 - 400, in 1895/1899 - 174, in 1903 -150 .

As rabbis and leaders are mentioned: Israel Münchenberg (around 1834 and 1849 second time), Israel Gabrielewitz (around 1849), Samuel Willner (1859-1862), M. Borchadt, I.I. Abraham (around 1870). The first synagogue was built in 1810 and burned down in 1885. The new synagogue was built in thi place and it survived until World War II. It was destroyed by the Nazis in 1939. In 1858 the heads of the Jewish community were: H. Citron, M. Wreschinski and A. Süskind. And the representatives of the Jewish community were:E. Strelitz, M. Süskind, S. Jacob, B. Salomon, L. Pariser, I. Libermann, L. Engelmann and W. Rogowski. In 1913 they became members of the board: Zucker, Speldoch and dr Jasse. The Jewish teachers were: W [ollf] Auerbach (1887), I. Arndt and L. Lewin.

Source: Heppner Aaron, Herzberg Isaak, "Aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Juden und der jued. Gemeinden in den Posener Landen; nach gedruckten und ungedruckten Quellen", Koźmin- Bydgoszcz 1909, p. 992-993.

Due to such a large outflow of inhabitants, at the beginning of the 1920s it was planned to liquidate the Jewish community in Trzemeszno. There were difficulties with selecting nine members of this corporation and with maintaining the synagogue located at today's Konopnicka Street and the cemetery located on the road to Orchowo. The Jews, however, did not agree to the liquidation of the kehilla, despite the insistence of the town hall in Tremessen. It was also impossible to join the Jewish community in Mogilno, because it was also in danger of liquidation. Finally, in 1922, the voivode decided to maintain the activity of the Jewish community and ordered the appointment of a three-person board from among those entitled to vote. The community was supervised by the rabbi, Dr. Lewin, who was in Inowrocław. In 1933, the number of Jews in Trzemeszno decreased to just 19 and remained at a similar level to 1939. In October 1939, the German occupiers in Kocin near Cytrynów shot and killed Itzig Abraham Haase and Leo Haase. At the behest of the central government of the Reich and the so-called governor In the Warta Country by Arthur Greiser, in order to clear small towns in Greater Poland from Jews, in the following weeks: Dawid Hirsch and his daughter Flora Anna Hirsch, David's wife - Hedwig (Johanna) Hirsch, Willy Schwersenzer and his wife Regina Schwersenzer, Jakub Rachwalski (Ruchwalski) and his wife Hanna Rachwalska, Ilse Zucker, Aurelie Zucker, Anna Haase, Teresa Haase, Siegismund Abraham, Regina Ajsik and her 4 children - Issak, Mendel, Małka, Helene - were deported to unknown place on October in 1939 and next they came to ghetto in Piotrków Trybunalski on December 13,1939.

During the war, the Germans also destroyed the Jewish cemetery in Trzemeszno, i.e. the Jewish cemetery, which was located opposite the Evangelical cemetery at Orchowska Street. Tombstones were used, among others for the construction of curbs.

In 2004 the book of Ester - Megilat Ester has been found in one of the houses in Trzemeszno. It is in the collection of the Regional Museum in Trzemeszno.

The Cemetery of the town of Trzemeszno was destroyed over time. Complete details are here:
and here:

More information about the Tremesssen Jews and current efforts to commemorate them is here:'''

Some excerpts of the details:

"TRZEMESZNO (German: Tremessen) The Jewish community cemetery in Trzemeszno is located about 1 km south-west of the town center, within the boundaries of the village of Ziele, on a small hill on the eastern side of ul. Orchowska, opposite the Evangelical cemetery (coordinates 52.550784, 17.816699).

There is no information about the exact date of its foundation, the cemetery was established in the 19th century.

The facility has undergone far-reaching devastation. As a result of the destruction, only the brick and concrete base of the tombstone has survived to this day. During the visit to the cemetery in 1989, a sandstone headstone was also found there, without an inscription, with the Star of David on the top. The area is unfenced, the borders are unreadable. The cemetery is overgrown with deciduous forest with dense undergrowth. No form of commemoration of any kind.

In 1999, during the renovation of the street, fragments of tombstones used as curbs were discovered.

The cemetery is entered in the municipal and provincial register of monuments, it is not entered in the register of immovable monuments of the Wielkopolska Province."

Names of the deportations and victims of the Holocaust who were born in Tremessen:

Abraham Anna Alma (30.01.1878), Abraham Felix (03.01.1901), Alexander Georg (29.08.1884), Alexander Hertha (02.08.1898), Auerbach Moritz (30.11.1883), Berghold Selma (10.02.1884), Blaustein Johanna Hannchen (21.12.1868), Blaustein Paula (08.01.1869), Bleiweiss Selma Helene (07.04.1884), Casper Doris (27.10.1885), Chaim Benno (13.09.1868), Citron Saul Sally (31.03.1863), Cohn Gertrud (17.08.1886), Cohn Selma (10.04.1887), Dietrich Marta Martha (19.11.1893), Eilenberg Doris Dora (24.10.1888), Ettlinger Sophie Sofie (20.03.1885), Freuthal Johanna (04.02.1877), Friedmann Herbert (01.11.1886), Friedmann Hugo (11.02.1883) Fuchs Paula (16.10.1865), Fuchs Siegbert (23.09.1895), Goetz Richard (31.08.1890), Gretz Irene (25.11.1891), Gutter Regina Regine Riska (13.06.1890), Haase Max (02.04.1888), Haase Oskar (11.11.1899), Haase Paul (04.04.1890), Happ Albert (20.08.1897), Happ Bianca (09.06.1895), Happ Diana (09.06.1896), Harczyk Franziska (24.01.1859), Hirsch Sally (16.05.1894), Hirsch Stella (14.11.1897), Jacob Paula Pauline (10.09.1870), Karmelek Rosa Rose (26.11.1904) Kattkitzki Anna Anni (14.08.1884), Keil Berl Bruno (18.01.1903), Keil Herbert (31.08.1904), Kempe Hermann (03.06.1875), Kempe Sally (11.04.1890), Kerschauer Heinz (17.12.1903), Kleczewski Cäcilie Cecilie Caecilie (11.07.1879), Krisch Friedrich (22.12.1888), Lazarus Jenny (27.04.1874), Levin Hermann (08.02.1874), Lewin Auguste (04.05.1877), Lubinski Hedwig Else (13.07.1887), Magnus Martha (13.12.1890), Mailich Meyer Meier Meir Max (16.12.1888), Mailich Samuel (29.03.1885), Mandel Anna Johanna (28.11.1866), Marcus Sigismund Siegesmund (14.04.1882), Markus Rosa (05.04.1876), Mendel Anna (11.08.1890), Mendel Wilhelm (17.03.1874), Mensor Toni (13.03.1881), Munderstein Clara (27.05.1868), Ohnstein Lucie Margarete (09.11.1903), Opet Margarete (26.02.1892), Pflaum Christoph David (14.04.1874), Pflaum Siegmund Sigismund (07.06.1892), Rothmann Gabriel Gustav (05.12.1866), Saalfeld Ida (10.01.1877), Schachtel Arno (27.03.1878), Schallamach Florentine Franziska (24.07.1876), Schlesinger Arthur (08.10.1890), Schlesinger Flora (20.11.1868), Schwersenzer Max (16.07.1880), Simon Vera Renate (01.07.1910), Sperling Dorothea (28.11.1899), Spieldoch Arnold (04.10.1879), Springer Hulda (16.12.1889), Taschynski James (18.06.1907), Wagner Henriette (09.06.1892), Warschauer Heinz Joseph (17.12.1903), Wiener Gertrud (29.03.1901), Wohlgemuth Bertha (10.10.1903), Wolff Martin (29.01.1881), Wreschinski Erich Erik Elia Elias (18.10.1891), Wreszynski Julius (08.05.1869) Wreszynski Paul (17.07.1902), Wreszynski Rose Rosa (31.12.1895), Zachert Selma (06.09.1892)

Source: Gedenbuch Victims of the Nazi Terror at

The database of Jewish Family names at Accessed March 7, 2021.

ABRAHAM, Boruch (* March 12th, 1844 in Tremessen, + March 12th, 1844 in Tremessen), ABRAHAM, Felix (* January 3rd, 1891 in Tremessen), ALEXANDER, Martin (* October 12th, 1895 in Tremessen), ALEXANDER, Max (* March 15th, 1901 in Tremessen), ARZT, Heymann Chaim (* January 5th . 1866 in Tremessen), AUERBACH, Gertrud (* December 21st, 1889 in Tremessen, + July 20th, 1890 in Tremessen), AUERBACH, Hugo (* November 7th, 1877 in Tremessen), AUERBACH, Teofil(* February 1st, 1886 in Tremessen, + August 6th, 1890 in Tremessen), BAER, Wolff (* February 19th. 1857 in Tremessen), BERNSTEIN, Siegmund (* 04.10.1841 in Tremessen, + 03.11.1885 in Posen), BLEY, Marcus (* around 1848 in Tremessen), BRILLING, Bernhard (* 03.06.1906 in Tremessen, + 07.07.1987 in Münster iW), CHAIM, Benno (* 13.09.1868 in Tremessen), CHAPP, Hermann (* 30.03.1866 in Tremessen), CITRON, Francisca (* 24.01.1859 in Tremessen), CITRON, Max Moritz (* um 1847 in Tremessen, + 27.10.1940 in Berlin-Schmargendorf), ENGELMANN, Bernhard Baruch (* 03.09.1852 in Tremessen, + before 14.01.1936), FRIEDMANN, Hugo (* 11.02.1883 in Tremessen), FRIEDMANN, Ludwig (* 30.09.1889 in Tremessen), GUTTER, Adeline (* 03/15/1844 in Tremessen), ISRAEL, Selma Salemes (* 09/02/1862 in Tremessen), JACOB, Hertha Ilse (* 01/29/1893 in Tremessen), JACOB, Heymann (* 31.01.1853 in Tremessen), JACOB, Jonas Jakob (* 23.03.1851 in Tremessen), KAPLAN, (?) (* 04.10.1874 in Tremessen, + 04.10.1874 in Tremessen), KAPLAN, Marie (* 21.07.1868 in Tremessen), KEMPE, Anna (* 27.09.1882 in Tremessen), KEMPE, Auguste (* 07.05.1877 in Tremessen), KEMPE, Sally (* 11.04.1890 in Tremessen), LACHMANN, Bernhard (* 1853 in Tremessen, + 06.03.1935 in Frankfurt am Main), LACHMANN, Bertha (* 1833 in Tremessen, + 11.10. 1896 in Willenberg), LEVY, Jacob (* March 13th, 1889 in Tremessen), LIPPMANN, Dore (* August 3rd, 1866 in Tremessen), LOEWENTHAL, Flora (* 25.11.1868 in Tremessen), LOEWENTHAL, Jenny (* 27.04.1874 in Tremessen), MANNES, Isaac (* 26.12.1852 in Tremessen), MENDELSOHN, Marie (* 01.09.1853 in Tremessen), MICHEL, Hannchen (* 21.12.1868 in Tremessen), PARADIES, Leopold (* 22.08.1835 in Tremessen), PARISER, Joseph (* May 1st, 1849 in Tremessen), PFLAUM, Heymann (* April 7th, 1863 in Tremessen), PFLAUM, Martha (* December 13th, 1890 in Tremessen), ROTHMANN, Clara (* May 17th, 1868 in Tremessen), ROTHMANN, Emma (* February 15th, 1872 in Tremessen), SALOMON, Ralchen (* March 27, 1857 in Tremessen), SCHLESINGER, Jakob (* May 10th, 1857 in Tremessen), SCHWERSENZER, Willy (* December 20th, 1874 in Tremessen), SIMONSOHN, Mine (* May 27th, 1846 in Tremessen), STOLZMANN, Amalie (* December 8th, 1854 in Tremessen), SÜSSKIND, Bertha (* 1820 in Tremessen, + January 9th, 1895 in Tremessen), SÜSSKIND, Simon (* 1838 in Tremessen, + 23.06.1895 in Tremessen), SÜßKIND, Sarah (* 01.04.1863 in Tremessen), TASCHYMKI, Betty (* 09.07.1902 in Tremessen), TWARDYGROSZ, Itzig (* 08.03.1853 in Tremessen), WITTKOWSKI, Süsskind (* around 1810 in Tremessen), WOLFF (* June 1st, 1855 in Tremessen, + November 17th, 1874 in Tremessen), WOLFSOHN, Johanna (* 1840 in Tremessen, + 10.02.1900 in Berlin), WRESCHINSKI, Marie (* 20.10.1843 in Tremessen), WRESZYNSKA, Sarah (* 15.06.1865 in Tremessen), WRESZYNSKI, Gertrud Trudi Debora (* 29.03.1901 in Tremessen), WRESZYNSKI, Hertha Anna (* 03.10.1899), WRESZYNSKI, Pauline (* January 20th, 1867 in Tremessen), WRESZYNSKI, Salomon Sally (* 03.1893 in Tremessen, + December 8th, 1897 in Tremessen), ZUCKER, Michaelis (* 03.1874 in Tremessen, + December 10th, 1874 in Tremessen)

The Jewish Records Indexing Poland project at offers data on microfilms on many towns. Some towns have been adopted by researchers that can review the films, extract the genealogical data and publish it on JRI-Poland. There are films for the Town of Tremessen. Here is a summary of the files:

LDS (Mormon Microfilms) More Info Location Years Available Type Film# 719242 1832 - 1847 BMD Polish State Archives (Some years may also be in LDS films) More Info Location Years Available Type Archive 7 Fond 113 1832 M Archive 7 Fond 113 1832 - 1847 B Archive 7 Fond 113 1832 D Archive 7 Fond 113 1837 - 1847 M Archive 7 Fond 113 1837 - 1847 D Archive 7 Fond 63 1838 - 1841 B Archive 7 Fond 63 1838 - 1845 D Archive 7 Fond 63 1838 - 1841 M

Update on FamilySearch microfilms, as of September 2021: FamilySearch has completed digitizing 2.4 million rolls of microfilm which contains information on more than 11.5 billion individuals. It is available for free on It can be searched at and although you need an account to access digitized records, access is completely FREE.

In Germany in 1939, the Census recorded and classed Jewish people. This data is available on site.