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  • Pauline Keiler (1835 - 1914)
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  • Benno Brandt (1852 - 1912)
  • Pauline Dresel (1843 - 1905)
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  • Ludwig Neustadt (1801 - 1887)
  • Irena Degler (1920 - 2008)

Poznań’s Jewish community was one of the earliest to be established on Polish soil; the first reference to Jews living in the town comes from 1379. Tradition dates the town’s synagogue to 1367, and the cemetery 1438. In the second half of the fifteenth century saw the establishment of Poznań’s famed yeshiva, known as Lomde Pozna.

Tracing Jewish ancestors from Posen Province is a challenge for many reasons.  First, the region changed hands several times since the mid 18th century: from Polish sovereignty, to Prussian, to Napoleonic France, back to Prussian (eventually German), and then back to Polish sovereignty at the end of World War I. Source

In the course of centuries numbers of German Jews fled to Poland; in 1474, emigrants went from Bamberg to Posen. Poznań’s Jewish community began to flourish in the mid-sixteenth century and became a center for learning and publishing.

Poznań’s Jewish clergy not only led the renown local yeshiva but also acted as chief rabbis of Great Poland; among them were outstanding scholars including Yehudah Leib ben Betsal’el (Maharal of Prague), Mordekhai ben Avraham Yafeh (Jaffe) and R' Samuel Marogioth of Posen who was confirmed chief rabbi of Great Poland 1527.

One of the greatest 19th Century Torah scholars was Rabbi Akiva Eger, Chief rabbi in Posen (also known as the Gaon of Posen). An English language biography of Rabbi Eger contains many drawings and photos of Jewish life in 19th and early 20th century Posen, including Posen Synagogues: The Alte Betschule on Dominikanska Strasse, the Alte Betschule on Wroniecka Strasse, and Die Neue Betschule opened in 1907.

Famous personalities

  1. Kurt Lewin. A major German World War I hero and later a Weimar Republic President,
  2. Paul von Hindenburg was born in Posen (1847).
  3. Rabbi Akiva Eiger, the great Talmudic scholar was Posen’s rabbi and died there (1837).
  4. Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Kalischer (1795-1874), born in Lissa and later moved to Torun (Thorn) in the Posen province; he advocated to settle the land of Israel. The famous historian
  5. Heinrich (Zvi) Graetz (1817-1891), the famous historian and author of the monumental work The History of the Jews (11 volumes), was born in Xions, Posen.
  6. Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943), an economist and sociologist who later became a important Zionist thinker and leader, was born in Rawicz, Posen.
  7. Rabbi Leo Baeck, a philosopher and leader of German Jewry was born in the town of Lissa in 1873.
  8. Juilus Furst of Zerkowo, historian
  9. Moritz Lazarus of Filehne, philosopher
  10. Eduard Lasker of Jarotschin, politician
  11. Louis Lewandowski composer, of Wreschen province Posen


List of Geni Profiles


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  2. The Posen Years Gidron Ancestry
  3. Resources for Jewish Genealogical Research Posen (Poznań, Poland)
  4. Posen Jewish Encyclopedia
  5. Kehilalinks: Jews of Posen


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  • The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835, Revised Edition, Compiled by Edward David Luft, published 2004 by Avotaynu. This is an Alphabetical List of Jews Naturalized in the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835 as published in 1836 by Isidor Hirschberg in Bromberg. Available from the publisher Avotaynu. Copyright 1986, 1987 by Edward David Luft, All Rights Reserved. For a complete list of Luft source materials see this site: .


Rabbis holding Posen pulpits:

  1. Pechno (mentioned 1389-93)
  2. Moses Mariel (c1455)
  3. Moses b. Isaac Minz (1474-1508)
  4. Yitzchak Klauber, (b.1475 - c. 1530)
  5. Shimshon Spira (b. c1480)
  6. Yehiel Michel Spira (c. b.1540 - d. 1598)
  7. Chaim Spira (c. b.1580)
  8. Mahem Mendel Frank
  9. Mose (1516)
  10. Samuel Margolioth ( c. 1527-51)
  11. Schachn (1544)
  12. Solomon b. Judah Loebisch Liebermann (c. 1551-57)
  13. Aaron (157)
  14. Eliezer Ashkenazi (1580)
  15. Solomon ben Judah Lobisch ll (c 1581)
  16. Judah Low ben Bezaleel (1585-88, 1592)
  17. Mordecai Jaffe (c. 1599-1612)
  18. Aaron Benjamin ben Hayyim Morawczyk (c. 1623-31)
  19. Simon Wolf b. David Tebele Auerbach (c.1625-29)
  20. Hayyim b. Isaac ha-Kohen (1630-35)
  21. Mosen b. Isaiah Menahem, called Moses Rabbi Mendels (1635-41)
  22. Sheftel b. Isaiah Horowit (1641-58)
  23. Isaac b. Abraham (1667-85)
  24. Isaiah b. Sheftel Horowtiz (1688-89)
  25. Naphtali Kohen (1690-1704)
  26. Jacob b. Isaac (1714-29)
  27. Jacob Mordecai b. Naphtali Kohen (1732-1736)
  28. Raphael Kohen (1774-76)
  29. Joseph Zevi Hirsch Janow b. Abraham (1776-77)
  30. Joseph (h-Zaddik) b. Phinehas (1780-1801)
  31. Moses Samuel b. Phinehas (1802-6)
  32. Akiva Eger (1815-37)
  33. Solomon Eger (1839-52)
  34. Moritz Goldsein (preacher, 1848-53)
  35. Joseph Perles (at the Brudergemeinde, 1862-71)
  36. Wolf Feilchenfeld (after 1872)
  37. Philipp Bloch (at the Brudergemeinde from 1871 - 1905+). . . More
  38. [Rabbi Yisrael Moshe Schwartzman](around 1915-1929)
  39. [Rabbi Zev Schwartzman] (around 1870-?)

Residents & Families

  1. Elisheva Jeannette Loewenberg
  2. Johanna Alexander
  3. Emanuel Alexander
  4. George Alexander
  5. Sarah Lichtenstein

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