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Jourdan / Jordaan Genealogy of South Africa

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  • Johanna Jordaan, a3b1 SM (1702 - c.1748)
    PLEASE READ Booyens, Harry Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and Pierre Jourdan de Belle Etoile on Jourdaan is die dogter van Hugenoot Pierre Jourdaan.Sy is op 6 Februarie 1718 getroud met Adriaan de Necker....
  • Pierre Jourdan, de Belle Etoile SV/PROG 2 (c.1663 - d.)
    Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and the other man - How history confused two different menby Harry Booyens at /cliffwoodfogge/Pierre.htm: On 20 March 1688 the Dutch East India Ship China set sail from Goer...
  • Johanna Jordaan (c.1698 - 1756)
    Baptism = Drakenstein (Paarl) Baptism Record (first entry of 1699)Transcription:1699Le 18 janvierLannee 1699Janne fille de izabeau Longue Veuve du defunct jean jourdan pour temoins Jacque Mallant Et Ha...
  • Louis Jordaan (bef.1697 - 1762)
    Baptism Drakenstein (Paarl) Baptism Record (top of right-hand page) Transcription: du 15 julliet Lannee 1697 Louis fils de jean jourdan & de Elizabet Longue le temoins Et Louis barret Et Marie ...
  • Paul Jourdaan (bef.1695 - c.1742)
    Baptism = Drakenstein (Paarl) Baptism Record (3rd entry on left-hand page)Transcription:le 25.Septembre 1695. Paul fils de jean jourdan Et á Elizabet - Longue. Le temoins paul roux Lecteur Et Ellizabet...

This project is designed to collect Research Information, Discussions, Queries etc on the Jourdan / Jordaan family of South Africa.

Core profiles

Overview of Family History

Jourdans who arrive in the Cape
It is around the middle of August 1687 that the Belle Etoile Jourdan family and Cabrières Jourdans flee the Luberon. The only Jourdans who survive the journey to the Cape are: Jean Jourdan, de Belle Etoile SV/PROG I; his brother Pierre Jourdan, de Belle Etoile SV/PROG 2; their two orphaned nieces, Marie Rousse and Marguerite Rous Viret SM/PROG; and the completely unrelated, Pierre Jourdan, de Cabrières SV/PROG 3 .

Two Pierre Jourdans

On 20 March 1688 the Dutch East India Ship China set sail from Goeree for the distant Cape of Good Hope with two men on board who happened to have identical names. Both were Pierre Jourdan; both came not only from Provence, but from the same tiny district of Provence - the Luberon. In fact, they came from two villages within walking distance of each other, namely Cabrières d'Aigues and the hamlet of Belle Etoile some 500 yards outside St. Martin de la Brasque. The two men - Pierre Jourdan, de Cabrières & Pierre Jourdan, de Belle Etoile were wholly unrelated going back at least four generations.

Once at the Cape, Suzanne, daughter of Pierre de Cabrières, married Jean, son of the brother of Pierre Jourdan de Belle Etoile. However, the histories at the Cape managed to confuse the two immigrants and merged their children under the name of only one man. In reality Pierre de Cabrières lived in the very French Drakenstein district and was a strong Protestant churchman. Pierre de Belle Etoile lived in Cape Town, where his daughter married Mochamat Dayan, the son of the Rajah of Tambora and his wife, the daughter of Sheik Yussuf. Mochamat had converted to Christianty soon before and had been baptised David Sultania.

...Harry Booyens at

Booyen's Corrected Cape Jourdan ancestry

CODE: * : born ; » : baptised ; x : married ; † : died

I. Belle Etoile

Pierre Jourdan “Carretier” de Belle Etoile, Provence, France †28.2.1677 x 1646 Jehane Marque *ca 1628, †1688 on the ship China, daughter of David and Marie Grange. Pierre was the son of Barthélemy Jourdan †before 1624 x St. Martin de la Brasque 1601 Jehane Lautier. Pierre had a brother named Pol.

i. Magdalene *ca. 1647, x Daniel Roux.

ii. Marie *ca.1647, x Jean Roux †before 23.10.1685. We conclude Marie and Magdalene were twins

iii. Barthélemy †22.05.1680 x 28.4.1676 Jeanne Brette

iv. Catherine who died young on 2.6.1676
v.Jean Jourdan de Belle Etoile; *Luberon 1660. Arrived at the Cape on the ship China on 4 August 1688.Later owner of the farm “La Motte” in Franschhoek. † Between March 1698 and Jan 1699 x Isabeau Long of La Motte d'Aigues in Provence

vi. Pierre Jourdan de Belle Etoile; *Luberon 1664. Arrived at the Cape on the ship “China” on 4 August1688. Property owner in Table Valley. † Before Dec 1716 x Cape Town 16.10.1701 Johanna Adriana Junius

II. Cabrières d'Aigues:

Pierre Jourdan “Cavalier” de La Roque d'Antheron; *ca.1620 La Roque d'Antheron x Susanna Pascal *ca.1637. The couple lived in Cabrières d'Aigues in Provence, France by 1661.

i. Pierre Jourdan de Cabrière d'Aigues; *Cabrières d'Aigues 1661; Arrived on the ship “China” on 4 August 1688. Later owner of the farm Cabrière, church deacon, †28.10.1723.x Anna Fauche (Fouché), †1713 xx Maria Verdot, daughter of Hercule Verdot of La Roque d'Antheron,

ii. Anthoine *1669. Our best information is that he remained with his parents in France in 1687.

Additional Descendants for Jean Jourdaan & Susanna Jourdan:

Jean Jourdan de Belle Etoile; *Luberon 1660. Arrived at the Cape on the ship China on 4 August 1688.Later owner of the farm “La Motte” in Franschhoek. † Between March 1698 and Jan 1699 x Isabeau Long of La Motte d'Aigues in Provence

  • b1 Pieter x 25.2.1725 Susanna Delport
  • b2 Jean x 19.3.1724 Susanna Jourdan, daughter of Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières
    • c1 Johannes gedoop: 8 Jul 1725, burger Stellenbosch, getroud: 19 Dec 1749 Sophia van Heerden
    • c2 Anna gedoop: 6 Apr 1727, getroud: Jacobus van Heerden
    • c3 Elisabeth gedoop: 2 Jul 1729, getroud: Andries Nolte
    • c4 Susanna gedoop: 7 Aug 1731, getroud: F. de Nicker
    • c5 Pieter gedoop: 19 Jul 1733, getroud: 28 Aug 1763 Elsie van der Merwe
      • d1 Gerrit gedoop: 20 May 1764, burger Swellendam, getroud: 20 Jun 1784 Susanna Elisabeth Coetzer
      • d2 Anna Susanna gedoop: 12 Apr 1767, getroud: P.W. Coetzer
      • d3 Jacoba gedoop: 20 Nov 1768, getroud: W.C. Coetzer
      • d4 Magdalena Elisabeth gedoop: 19 Apr 1772, getroud: J.J. Coetzer
      • d5 Johannes Petrus gedoop: 3 Mar 1776, burger Graaff-Reinet en later Stellenbosch, getroud: 21 Feb 1796 Anna Maria de Lange; hertroud: 3 Feb 1799 Martha Sophia Marais; opnuut hertroud: 11 Apr 1802 Elisabeth Catharina Botha
        • e1 Anna Johanna Maria gedoop: 30 Apr 1797
        • e2 Petrus Johannes gedoop: 5 Feb 1799
        • e3 Johannes Petrus gedoop: 10 Nov 1801
        • e4 Elsie Magdalena gedoop: omtrent 1803
        • e5 Hester Jacomina gedoop: 28 Mar 1808
        • e6 Rudolph Philippus * 20.12.1810 = Graaff-Reinet 7.4.1811 x Cradock 6.7.1828 Anna Sophia ERASMUS xx Cradock 5.9.1830 Elizabeth Helena VAN HEERDEN
        • e7 Jacoba Alberta Sophia * 20.10.1812 = Graaff-Reinet 7.2.1813 x Cradock 6.7.1828 Wilhelmus Johannes COETZER s.v. Wenzel Christoffel Coetzer en Jacoba Jordaan
        • e8 Anna Maria Wesselina * 18.7.1814 = Graaff-Reinet 28.8.1814
        • e9 Ruben Jacobus Hosea * 4.9.1816 = Graaff-Reinet 7.10.1816 x Cradock 2.9.1838 Martha Margaretha SCHMIDT
        • e10 Gert Benjamin * 6.9.1818 = Cradock 15.11.1818 x Cradock 28.5.1837 Elsje Petronella Johanna Margaretha BOTHA
        • e11 Louis Daniel * 13.9.1820 = Cradock 2.10.1820 x Cradock 17.6.1838 Jacoba Susanna Johanna Petronella COETZER xx Cradock 1.5.1882 Cornelia Christina VAN DER MERWE wed. Pollard
        • e12 Jan Hendrik * 16.9.1823 = Cradock 20.10.1823
        • e13 Jacobus Josua * 30.12.1825 = Cradock 5.2.1826
        • e14 Wilhelm Helm Johan * 30.1.1828 = Cradock 20.4.1828
        • e15 Anna Susanna Francina * 14.7.1830 = Cradock 17.10.1830
        • e16 Margrita Aletta Elisabeth * 23.9.1832 = Cradock 8.10.1832
      • d6 Pieter Johannes gedoop: 18 Apr 1779, burger Graaff-Reinet, getroud: 20 Jan 1799 Maria Catha[rina Snyman
      • d7 Elsie Maria gedoop: 28 Apr 1782, getroud: G. Coetzer
    • c6 Magdalena gedoop: 7 Oct 1736
    • c7 Joseph gedoop: 6 Nov 1740
    • c8 Louis gedoop: 16 Sep 1743, burger Stellenbosch, getroud: 10 May 1772 Hester Pienaar
  • b3 Paul »25.9.1695 x Rachel Nel
  • b4 Louis »15.7.1697, burgher Drakenstein, x 11.4.1728 Petronella van Staden; xx 18.10.1739 Maria Guillaumet of Languedoc
  • b5 Janne (Jeanne/”Johanna”) » 18.1.1699, x Daniel Krynauw; xx 31.10.1734 Andries Hesselbaart, of Halle in Saxony


  • 'Pierre de Cabrières and Pierre de Belle Etoile' by Harry Booyens - uploaded to project under documents
  • Harry Booysen's 'God Bless the Good Ship China' - uploaded to project under documents

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