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Kalmer Nyckel, Passengers 1637

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  • Arendt van Curlaer (1620 - 1667)
    Came to New York in 1638 Founded Schendectady.He was an agent for his great uncle Killaen van Rensselaer of Amsterdam, a diamod merchant.He befriended the Mohawk indians and was drowned in Lake Champla...
  • Governor Pieter Minuit (1580 - 1638)
    Peter Minuit was the Third Director-General of New Netherland. He is credited with purchasing the Island of Manhattan from the Lenape indians on May 24, 1626In 1631 Governor Minuit was recalled to Holl...

Kalmar Nyckel 1637-1638

(Calmer Sleutel-Dutch, Key of Kalmar-English)

  • Left Gothenburg beginning of November
  • Sailed from the Texel December 29, 1637
  • Arrived at New Amsterdam March, 1638
  • Destination: South River, New Sweden


  • Jan Hendrixsz van der WATER ‧ Captain
  • Michel SYMONSSEN ‧ first mate ‧
  • Jacob Evertssen SANDELIN ‧ second mate
  • Peter JOHANSSON ‧ upper boats-wain ‧ Scotchman ‧
  • Johan JOCHIMSON ‧ gunner ‧
  • Herman ANDERSSON ‧ sailor ‧ SW-Stockholm ‧
  • Johan SVENSSON ‧ sailor ‧ SW-Stockholm ‧
  • Sander CLERCK ‧ sailor ‧ SW? ‧
  • ... other crewmembers known?

x) It has been said that there were no Swedish sailors along on the first voyage, but Andersson and Swensson were Swedes and probably Clerk also. They were dead in 1640 and their widows, who lived in Stockholm, were paid a small amount of money by the company.

Passengers & Soldiers

Persons sailing to the Delaware River Area:

  • Pieter Minuit, Commander under the Crown of Sweden
  • Hendrick Huygen, commissioner To take the place of Peter Minuit in his absence.
  • Reorus Torkillus, reverend from East Gothland, lergyman
  • Andres Lucassen, interpreter
  • Måns Nilsson Kling, cartograph

Surveyed the land upon arrival in New Sweden and made a map of the whole river area. This map is in the Royal Archives of Sweden.

  • 23 Men under the command of Måns Kling

6 Persons to the Colony of Rensselaerswyck:

  1. Arent van CURLER~COORLER ‧ Nijkerk-Gld-NL 1619-1667 Lake Champlain-northern New York-USA ‧ drowned ‧ neef v. Kiiaen van RENSSELAER ‧ & Antonia SLAAGHBOOM ‧ settled near Fort Orange ‧ founder Schenectady on land of the Mohawks ‧
  2. Claes JANSZN. ‧ NL-Gld-Nijkerk ‧ Appears in New Sweden as a freeman March 1, 1648 ‧ ‧ •
  3. Elbert ELBERTSZN. ‧ NL-Gld-Nijkerk ‧ •
  4. Gerrit HENDRICKSZN. ‧ NL-Gld-Nijkerk ‧
  5. Gijsbert ADRIAENSZN. ‧ NL-Utr-Bunnik ‧
  6. Jacob AERTSZ ‧ NL-Utr-Utrecht ‧ •


Supplies sent with the ship

  • Several thousand yards of duffels and other cloth
  • Several hundred axes, hatchets and adzes
  • several hundred knives
  • Dozens of tobacco pipes, mirrors and looking-glasses
  • Gilded chains and finger-rings, combs, ear-rings and other ornaments for the Indians
  • Spades, hoes and other implements for use in the country

For the Rensselaerswyck Colony:

  • An old mates chest containing 30 Hainault scythes,
  • 14 scythes and 12 iron spades.
  • One barrel of pitch, well hooped
  • 2 barrels of tar
  • 2 barrels of salt
  • 5 packing boxes, contents according to manifest
  • 3 wooden boxes, contents according to manifest
  • A large wicker hamper with wooden utensils
  • 5 winnowing baskets tied together; a small barrel with grapevines for the Commander.
  • A long box with firelocks; herewith, a keg with 50 lb of fine gunpowder.

Return voyage

Sailed from New Sweden 15 June 1638